İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

power plants   (enerji santralleri)

The first gas, water, and power plants were built.

In 1951, their power plants were converted to oil.

There is a programme to build hydro power plants.

flowering plants   (çiçekli bitkiler)

Linaceae Linaceae is a family of flowering plants.

Arecales Arecales is an order of flowering plants.

is the name of a defunct family of flowering plants.

plants and animals   (bitkiler ve hayvanlar)

The park hosts 329 species of plants and animals.

Some are omnivores, eating both plants and animals.

A wide variety of rare plants and animals are found here.

other plants   (diğer bitkiler)

It also has allelopathic effects on other plants.

Arabidopsis, unlike other plants’ genomes (e.g.

These include bacteria, fungi, other plants, and animals.

species of plants

There are over 359 species of plants in the area.

The park hosts 329 species of plants and animals.

Around 370 species of plants grow in the reserve.

plants such

Nitrogen fixing plants such as legumes led to sustainable increased yields.

Around her are various other plants such as fuchsias, pelargoniums, and ferns.

It is often found in the company of other epiphytic plants such as Spanish moss.

nuclear power plants   (nükleer enerji santralleri)

There are no nuclear power plants in Namibia.

The future of fantastical nuclear power plants is then explained.

It is decommissioning Isar 1 and Unterweser nuclear power plants.

native plants

It involved burning various native plants to produce smoke.

A garden that consists of native plants is much easier to maintain.

The exact number of the remaining native plants is currently unknown.

host plants

The host plants of this species are unknown.

Here are a list of host plants used by the dainty sulphur:

treatment plants   (arıtma tesisleri)

By 2001, over 6,000 UV water treatment plants were operating in Europe.

To reduce the impact on wells or water treatment plants, several options exist.

The plan involves the construction of 180 new wastewater treatment plants across the country.

manufacturing plants

In 1919-20 the manufacturing plants were demolished.

New manufacturing plants were opened in Racine in 1902 and 1905.

, Cristal Global has eight manufacturing plants in 6 countries and on 5 continents.

genus of plants

Rourea Rourea is a genus of plants from the family Connaraceae.

Agalmyla Agalmyla is a genus of plants in the family Gesneriaceae.

Agelaea (plant) Agelaea is a genus of plants in the family Connaraceae.

medicinal plants   (şifalı Bitkiler)

One such implication is the loss of medicinal plants.

Dhanvantarivana features many medicinal plants.

The area is also known for medicinal plants.

animals and plants

Several species of animals and plants can be found in the park.

This enzyme may also present in animals and plants, including mouse.

which were approved as national and key protected animals and plants.

vascular plants   (damarlı Bitkiler)

Over 400 species of vascular plants grow in Lauca National Park.

The fourth volume also includes critical taxa of vascular plants, i.e.

Some vascular plants e.g.

food plants

Hardwick has authored several papers on native food plants.

are the favorite food plants of sangai.

The defenseless nymphs crawl up food plants to collect at the top.

aquatic plants   (su bitkileri)

Includes the only known aquatic plants.

The reserve supports a diverse range of heathland, bog and aquatic plants.

Hobbyists use aquatic plants for aquascaping, of several aesthetic styles.

several plants

Candicine also occurs in several plants of genus "Citrus".

He is honoured in the binomials of several plants named after him.

Eugenol naturally occurs in several plants, including the following:

plants include

Aquatic varieties of plants include floating club-rush.

Host plants include "Eucalyptus deglupta".

Host plants include "Alseodaphne" species.

herbaceous plants   (otsu bitkiler)

The larvae feed on various herbaceous plants.

The order includes trees, bushes, lianas, and herbaceous plants.

During the wet season, this vegetation is augmented by herbaceous plants.

ornamental plants   (süs bitkisi)

"Eucomis" species are cultivated as ornamental plants.

They are grown as ornamental plants and, locally, for food.

Many varieties and cultivars are grown in Japan as ornamental plants.

processing plants

These include processing plants in Dornum, Emden and Etzel.

The company has processing plants at Kolsnes, Kårstø, Mongstad and Tjeldbergodden.

Other industries include processing plants for beer, juices, soft drinks and tobacco.

industrial plants

Today it is one of the largest industrial plants in Lithuania.

In the lower areas and north of the city the so-called PIP, where industrial plants are located.

Attacks began in April 1943 on heavily fortified key industrial plants in Bremen and Recklinghausen.

many plants

They also feed on seedlings, fruit, or seeds of many plants.

Parthenogenesis occurs naturally in many plants, invertebrates (e.g.

The site supports many plants which are scarce at a national or county level.

new plants

In addition, new plants can be started by seeds.

Either new plants are used or planted to replace the old plants.

Many new plants evolved: 95% of modern seed plants evolved in the mid-Miocene.

rare plants   (nadir bitkiler)

There are several rare plants and invertebrates.

Some rare plants are found on the island, e.g.

A wide variety of rare plants and animals are found here.

nuclear plants

Funding comes from the companies which run 10 nuclear plants in the UK.

The government also plans to build 19 more nuclear plants by the year 2020.

Planned nuclear plants were cancelled and existing plants eventually shut down.

variety of plants

There is a rich variety of plants and Costa Rican wildlife.

Candicine occurs in a variety of plants, notably the cacti.

Riparian areas support a wide variety of plants and animals.

wild plants

Ohira is a dish with simmered vegetables as well as wild plants and chicken.

The earliest people of the Great Plains mixed hunting and gathering wild plants.

Kings Gap Environmental Education Center has a wide variety of wild plants and animals.

woody plants   (odunsu bitkiler)

All gymnosperms and many angiosperms are woody plants.

It is associated with numerous woody plants including oaks.

The dwarf willow is one of the smallest woody plants in the world.

plants grow   (bitkiler büyür)

The plants grow up to about high and in diameter.

Around 370 species of plants grow in the reserve.

"Myrmecodia" plants grow in tree branches and on trunks.

plants including

It is associated with numerous woody plants including oaks.

The campus has a variety of plants including those with medicinal properties.

On the south side plants including Juncus bufonius, Juncus supinus and Peplis portula.

exotic plants   (egzotik bitkiler)

His wife, Emma, was notable as a collector of exotic plants.

It contains more than 8000 species of native and exotic plants.

In the moist and mild climate, tender and exotic plants flourish.

land plants   (Kara bitkileri)

These biochemical strategies are unique to land plants.

Hence, the land plants are referred to as the Embryophytes.

Their host organisms are commonly known as the green algae and land plants.

plants and coppice

Young plants and coppice regrowth have stems that are square in cross-section with wings on the corners.

Young plants and coppice regrowth have dull bluish, lance-shaped to egg-shaped leaves that are long and wide.

Young plants and coppice regrowth have bluish to glaucous, linear to lance-shaped leaves that are long and wide.

various plants

The larvae feed on various plants, including "Silene maritima" and grasses.

He also conducted studies on cow's milk and various plants for cattle fodder.

The butterflies feed on nectar from various plants as their primary food source.

production plants

As of 1998, there were over 200 towel production plants in the city.

The first Talalay production plants were built in England, Canada and the United States.

The monument was erected between 1968 and 1971 for donations of Kuybyshev workers and other staff members of production plants.

chemical plants

Typical process plants include oil refineries, paper mills, and chemical plants.

The role of the chemical engineer was the design of these chemical plants and processes.

hydroelectric plants

There are more than 40 hydroelectric plants along the course of the Aare.

Like other hydroelectric plants, it also has excellent black start capability.

Much of the country's limited electrical supply is provided by hydroelectric plants located in Boali.

plants and trees

Many of these plants and trees are located around Kikko Park.

It has an outdoor auditorium and indigenous plants and trees.

In the Peruvian Amazon one can find a variety of medicinal plants and trees.

tropical plants

It served as a greenhouse for an exhibition of tropical plants from the Philippines.

Close to the National Museum are also the botanical gardens, with tropical plants and trees.

The West Side holds the Garfield Park Conservatory, one of the largest collections of tropical plants in any U.S. city.

plants found

Sometimes, the plants found in North America are classified as "A. schoenoprasum" var.

Common plants found in these areas include pistachio, almond, walnut, apple, juniper, and sagebrush.

Bursera excelsa Bursera excelsa, the copal, is a species of plants found along the Pacific coast of Mexico.

plants growing

They are herbaceous corm-bearing plants growing to 30–45 cm tall.

Parsnip Swamp was so named on account of parsnip-like plants growing in it.

The plants growing on Kas plateau are typically of herbaceous nature of like grasses.

young plants

Hares damage young plants, and birds eat the fruits.

The leaves on young plants are elliptic in shape, long and wide.

The young plants are globular, then columnar up to 1m tall, 12 cm diameter and about 30 ribs.

wastewater treatment plants   (atıksu arıtma tesisleri)

The plan involves the construction of 180 new wastewater treatment plants across the country.

Formaldehyde is also highly toxic to aquatic life and can be difficult for wastewater treatment plants to dispose of safely.

ACTEW Corporation owns Canberra's two wastewater treatment plants, located at Fyshwick and on the lower reaches of the Molonglo River.

carnivorous plants   (Etçil bitkiler)

Several types of carnivorous plants and over 75 species of birds have been sighted.

Along the border with Venezuela lies Monte Roraima, home to many carnivorous plants.

The gardens house collections that include bromeliads, orchids, carnivorous plants, and cacti.

different plants   (farklı bitkiler)

It is a generalist, collects pollen from many different plants.

Pepperwort Pepperwort is a common name for two different plants:

This name was used by Dioscorides for a number of different plants.

trees and plants

Prof Kristo Pienaar a botanist and prevouis a mayor of Bellville selected the trees and plants for the park.

The semi-tropical climate of Bermuda allowed settlers to introduce many species of trees and plants to the island.

Fossils of subtropical and even tropical trees and plants from the Eocene also have been found in Greenland and Alaska.

hydroelectric power plants

The state also holds many hydroelectric power plants, including Furnas dam.

Between 1906 and 1919 Norsk Hydro built two hydroelectric power plants in Notodden and Rjukan.

The Ministry also claims that current projects for hydroelectric power plants total around US$2.4 billion.

perennial plants

California's native grasses are perennial plants.

Agriculture includes both seasonal and perennial plants.

Most of the species are herbaceous perennial plants, but some are annuals.

water treatment plants   (Su arıtma tesisleri)

By 2001, over 6,000 UV water treatment plants were operating in Europe.

To reduce the impact on wells or water treatment plants, several options exist.

Alternatively, in engineering applications, such as swimming pool water treatment plants, they may be cleaned by backwashing.

assembly plants   (montaj tesisleri)

All local General Motors assembly plants in New Zealand closed by 1990.

To counteract this, the city used eminent domain to build two large new auto assembly plants in the city.

List of Honda assembly plants Honda Motor Company, Ltd. operates plants worldwide for the manufacture of their products.

higher plants

They are not found in higher plants.

Phytohormones are found not only in higher plants, but in algae, too.

Basal sequence is formed by TTTAGGG like in majority of higher plants.

garden plants

Some of the garden plants remain growing in the woodland.

At least three species are cultivated as ornamental garden plants.

The Hardy Plant Society is concerned about the conservation of garden plants.

invasive plants   (istilacı bitkiler)

Consequently, some invasive plants have filled these deserted and disturbed lands.

The animals who rely on native plants for food and habitat are also at risk by invasive plants.

The reasons for the decrease in population size include invasive plants, cut flower harvesting, and land transformation.

individual plants

The individual plants are either all male or all female (dioecious).

Taylor was able to find only eight individual plants of the owl’s-clover.

Injection of herbicide into individual plants has been found to be more precise and effective.

thermal power plants

Mechanical engineers maintain performance of the thermal power plants while keeping the plants in operation.

However Bornholm also generates its own electricity at small thermal power plants and especially wind turbines.

This law is particularly pertinent to thermal power plants which derive their energy from the combustion of a fuel source.

sewage treatment plants   (kanalizasyon arıtma tesisleri)

In June 2010, there were 1,519 sewage treatment plants in China and 18 plants were added each week.

There are also several smaller sewage treatment plants around the emirate operated by private operators to serve specific districts or neighbourhoods.

Imhoff provided not only significant technical innovations, but also design rules derived from experience in the operation of sewage treatment plants.

number of plants   (bitki sayısı)

There is a significant range of species, and a number of plants which are uncommon.

Cyanides are produced by certain bacteria, fungi, and algae and are found in a number of plants.

Points are scored by stamping on animals, and a bonus is earned at the end of each level based on the number of plants remaining.

plants used

The first power plants used water power or coal.

Here are a list of host plants used by the dainty sulphur:

Monkey grass Monkey grass is a common name for several plants used in landscaping and may refer to:

between plants

Ethnobotany is the study of the relationships between plants and people.

Modern systematics aims to reflect and discover phylogenetic relationships between plants.

Most organisms share element needs, but there are a few differences between plants and animals.

water plants

India has eight heavy water plants, of which seven are in operation.

Furthermore, its peg-like teeth may have been used for eating soft water plants.

& water plants.

plants produce   (bitkiler üretmek)

Moderately grazed plants produce new shoots regularly.

However, severely grazed plants produce very few new shoots.

Thermal power plants produce much of the country's electricity.

range of plants

The drainage ditches support a separate range of plants.

The larvae feed on a wide range of plants.

The larvae feed on a wide range of plants, including Asteraceae species.

cultivated plants

Among cultivated plants are wisteria and camellia.

They discourage wanton destruction of nature including of wild and cultivated plants.

Indigenous sorts of cultivated plants and breeds of domesticated animals are also numerous.

crop plants

and also many crop plants like "Artocarpus" and "Mangifera".

The Asparagales include many important crop plants and ornamental plants.

Most commercialised GMOs are insect resistant or herbicide tolerant crop plants.

plants native

Following graduation, he travelled to his parents' home near Zagreb, and on the journey, conducted studies of Alpine flora and plants native to the Adriatic coast.

Some KwaZulu-Natal farmers will use certain foliage and plants native to the land to help elevate the amount of reproduction the Zulu sheep will have during breeding.

A wildscape garden was installed around the visitors' center in 2004, with a trickling fountain and trees, shrubs, and flowering plants native to the Chihuahuan Desert.