İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

plastic surgery   (plastik cerrahi)

She underwent several plastic surgery operations.

Agents have suggested plastic surgery to some models.

He also co-authored the first concise book on plastic surgery.

plastic bags   (plastik poşetler)

Recently many countries have banned the use of plastic bags.

And if there aren't sufficient coffins, there will be plastic bags".

In July 2018, Albania became the first country in Europe to ban lightweight plastic bags.

plastic bag   (naylon poşet)

Police found the bomb in a plastic bag under one of the seats.

Its head is shaped like a plastic bag.

The retail version of the game was originally wrapped only in a plastic bag.

plastic surgeon   (plastik cerrah)

In 2007, she married plastic surgeon Li Jinliang.

Carter married plastic surgeon Douglas Harrison in June 2010.

Alma Dea Morani Alma Dea Morani (1907–2001) was a plastic surgeon.

plastic bottles   (plastik şişeler)

Cans, glass and plastic bottles are collected on a weekly basis.

The cola is sold in 355 ml cans, 330 ml bottles, and 1.5 liter plastic bottles.

In the 1980s some re-usable and durable plastic bottles were included in the deposit system.

made of plastic

They may be made of plastic, silicone, or rubber.

Simpler inlays are often made of plastic or painted.

the mancala game "Badari") made of plastic.

clear plastic   (şeffaf plastik)

The game is enclosed in clear plastic to keep the balls from flying out.

They are packaged with clear plastic protective covers and stored in briefcases.

It had fabric-covered control surfaces and a clear plastic canopy covering the pilot and passenger/student positions.

plastic deformation   (plastik bozulma)

These materials do show plastic deformation.

It causes plastic deformation of the individual crystals, and thus the material itself.

Slip lines are the directions of maximum shear stress in the body undergoing plastic deformation.

black plastic

The mine uses a single black plastic UANU-1 fuze.

The main exterior change was a new radiator grille in black plastic.

Police found the dismembered bodies of Luna and Huge in a black plastic bag.

plastic arts

The "Galeria Virtual" of the IPV is a space for the presentation and dissemination of plastic arts.

Since 1984 an annual exhibit of plastic arts is organized, open to the public with no admission fee.

Sponsored activities include workshops in theater, literature, crafts, music, ballet-dance, and plastic arts.

plastic waste   (plastik atık)

In 2020 China published its plan to cut 30% of plastic waste in 5 years.

The trade in plastic waste has been identified as "a main culprit" of marine litter.

About 60% of the plastic waste in the ocean comes from the following top 5 countries.