Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

home plate   (plato casero)

This would have placed it at an estimated from home plate.

The left field fence was apparently quite close to home plate.

The distance from the home plate to the extreme center field is .

license plate   (placa)

"21" manifested on the demonic car's license plate.

The car in the film also has the license plate OA 5599.

The letters are written in white on a red license plate.

plate appearances   (apariencias)

Maxwell went hitless in nine plate appearances for the Red Sox in 1950.

He also had four hits and two walks in his eleven career plate appearances.

In five plate appearances he went 1-for-4 (a single) with a walk and had two runs batted in.

plate tectonics   (placas tectónicas)

The resulting process is known as plate tectonics.

This may have required plate tectonics.

Pangaea was surrounded by massive subduction plate tectonics.

steel plate   (placa de acero)

The steel plate name Ardfinnan House remains on the building.

The station's coal bunkers were steel plate and girder constructions.

To protect the pilot in the future, a steel plate was added to the back of the seat.

metal plate

The target is an unmovable feather or metal plate on the ground, instead of a small ball.

The engraver spreads a thin sheet of wax over the metal plate and uses ink to draw the details.

The first press was a wooden table-shaped press, a heavy metal plate laid on the paper undergoing the printing operation.

number plate   (número de placa)

It was registered with number plate DXE-66.

In "Return" Templar drives an XJ-S with the number plate "ST 1".

However, Coys mistakenly included the personalised number plate (TAC 1).

plate glass

But, Blake saw his own reflection in the plate glass.

At the front of the shop were the first plate glass windows ever installed in Lynchburg.

The Oriental Room has enormous plate glass windows, gilded arches, highly ornamental walls, ceilings and chandeliers.

copper plate

Following a drawing on the Bodleian copper plate (ca.

The earliest Malayalam text is the Vazhappally copper plate (9th century).

Bismuth oxide can be used instead; this is forcibly fused with a copper plate.

plate umpire   (árbitro de placas)

He was the plate umpire for the 2012 Triple-A All-Star Game.

Home plate umpire Bill Klem later said Doyle had failed to touch home plate after sliding in.

So NL plate umpire Cy Pfirman called "no pitch," touching off a vociferous argument with the Cardinals they couldn't win.

tectonic plate   (placa tectonica)

Geologically it is a part of the same tectonic plate as Australia.

Manus Plate The Manus Plate is a tiny tectonic plate located northeast of New Guinea.

This layer of rock was pushed up and over sedimentary rocks during tectonic plate movement.

plate boundary

Precursory tremors are often associated with slow slip along a plate boundary.

It is the result of a convergent plate boundary between the Nazca Plate and the South American Plate.

It is considered to be the actual plate boundary of the South American Plate disconnecting it from the North Andes Block.

behind the plate   (detrás del plato)

In September, he split time behind the plate with Marv Foley.

Larsen's perfect game was also the last game that umpire Babe Pinelli called behind the plate.

By September, Geovany Soto became the full-time starter behind the plate, replacing the veteran Kendall.

plate appearance

An at bat is different from a plate appearance.

In his first plate appearance, Shearer struck out against Johnny Antonelli.

His first plate appearance, a groundout, came the next day as a pinch-hitter.

home plate umpire   (árbitro de home plate)

Alomar set off a firestorm in September when he spat into home plate umpire John Hirschbeck's face during an argument in Toronto.

On May 3, Jones was ejected for the first time in his career, by the home plate umpire, Sam Holbrook, for arguing balls and strikes.

Rays manager Joe Maddon was ejected from the game in the seventh inning for arguing a called strike with the home plate umpire Rob Drake.

plate number   (número de placa)

He gave the license plate number."

Single plates have been exhibited for two weeks at a time in plate number order.

The plate number is connected to Orville Ingleson, whose home the detectives visit.

glass plate

Refractive index close to that of the glass plate.

The koalas are only separated from the visitors by this glass plate.

The silver gelatin glass plate negatives are the only known remaining Ulmann negatives.

silver plate

Then they left, taking some silver plate.

By 1274, he was given a silver plate to wear with an image of a tiger on it.

The second form was an ordinary cross carved onto a round or oblong silver plate.

armor plate   (placa de armadura)

The secondary guns were protected with of armor plate.

She had iron armor plate and an over -thick wooden hull.

The development of high-explosive shells made the use of iron armor plate on warships necessary.

flat plate

They consist of a flat plate suspended from the top so that the wind deflects the plate.

It has a bell-mouth shape and its salient feature is a flat plate deflector near the mouth.

They too suffer from "flat plate" frequencies, but at a higher frequencies than MLS diffusors.

plate armour   (armadura de placas)

It was sometimes more expensive than plate armour.

The more correct term is "plate armour".

The Persians used mail armour as well as mail and plate armour.