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following players   (theo dõi người chơi)

The following players represented the Netherlands.

The following players represented Yugoslavia.

The following players represented Australia.

players received   (người chơi nhận được)

List of teams whose players received yellow and/or red cards.

Several other worldclass players received the same suspension.

The following players received wild cards into the main draw senior events.

following players received   (những người chơi sau đã nhận được)

The following players received wild cards into the main draw senior events.

The following players received varsity letters for their participation on the defensive unit of the 1969 Michigan football team.

The following players received wildcards into the singles main draw: The following players received entry from the qualifying draw:

other players   (người chơi khác)

Players can sanction other players with some gold.

The other players could also bid these contracts.

"I don't think the other players saw Joe glare at him.

players received entry   (người chơi đã nhận được mục)

The following players received wildcards into the singles main draw: The following players received entry from the qualifying draw:

football players

His father and brother were also football players.

McMichael wrestled two football players in 1997.

The family has a history of professional football players.

players such

Despite mixed results, players such as Ivan Franjic.

Other harp players such as Big Walter Horton were also influential.

Notable club retirees include players such as Dick Blanchfield and Ted Carroll.

best players

He was considered to be one of Irapuato's best players.

The best players may take a ball round a full circuit in one turn.

Doolan will go down as one of the Raiders best players of all time.

players received wildcards

The following players received wildcards into the singles main draw: The following players received entry from the qualifying draw:

all players

Later, all players competed for the entire half-hour.

Complete stats are tracked for all players and teams.

Jackson led all players with his .375 average.

young players

This has facilitated the growth of many young players.

However, his best work may be in nurturing young players.

As an assistant coach, he was responsible for scouting young players.

key players   (Cầu thủ chính)

Both clubs had lost key players to the tour of New Zealand.

Baker had two key players injured during and prior to the game.

new players

In 2009 the club unveiled the new players strip.

A quickstart booklet for new players accompanied it.

The club also signed several new players.

both players

Either both players win, or both players lose.

If both players pass, the game is played as "Ramsch", i.e.

number of players   (số lượng người chơi)

Any number of players can share in this struggle.

Any specific card game imposes restrictions on the number of players.

The number of dice needed to roll is determined by the number of players.

allows players

This mode allows players to split into two teams.

The portable medkit allows players to heal Duke at will.

The game allows players to create a party with up to four characters.

former players

"For details of current and former players, see ."

"For all former players with a Wikipedia article see "

USF has had 2 former players selected for the Pro Bowl.

many players

Slovakia has had many players in the NHL.

In 2000 the club went bankrupt and many players left the club.

The Canadian Tour has sent many players on to PGA Tour success.

foreign players

Each team can sign up to three foreign players.

Since then, Real Sociedad have had many foreign players.

Each team can sign maximum 3 foreign players in the squad.

several players

The Olympics and trials helped the draft stock of several players.

He convinced several players from the USFL to come to New Orleans.

At the end of the 1930–31 season, several players left Southampton.

top players

Two of Stanford's top players did not play in the game.

Eighteen top players were selected to compete in these tournaments.

Harris was rated among the top players in the nation by ESPNU100 (No.

players were selected

Five Stanford players were selected in the 1971 NFL Draft

The following players were selected in the 2005 NFL Draft.

The following players were selected in the 2004 NFL Draft.

tennis players

Fancutt is the son of two former tennis players.

1 tennis players John McEnroe and Jimmy Connors.

Choi's parents were both table tennis players.

basketball players   (cầu thủ bóng rổ)

Beugnot's sons, Éric and Grég, were also professional basketball players.

The Indian basketball players have also won several trophies for their country.

A disproportionate number of the great basketball players in America are black.

professional players

All the tourists were professional players.

The 1897 Latrobe team was composed entirely of professional players.

At least four professional players travelled on board the "Titanic".

players selected

In the draft, Alabama had seven players selected.

Cincinnati had six players selected in the draft.

The ACC had 5 players selected in the 2018 WNBA draft.

baseball players

By 1974, 27% of baseball players were African American.

These baseball players were born in or lived in the city:

Some of his subjects have included Negro League baseball players.

players to play   (người chơi để chơi)

Other songs attempt to inspire players to play better.

He was one of seven players to play for all five championship teams.

This approach allows for players to play a wide variety of non-human species.

hockey players

There are National Team hockey players from Rajshahi.

In those days ice hockey players played the whole game.

Four ice hockey players left the team.

players including

He is known for being the teacher of many strong players including Norimoto Yoda.

Enniskillen Rangers have several notable former players including Sandy Fulton and Jim Cleary.

The opening day lineup for the Cubs contained five new players including center fielder Dexter Fowler.

team players   (cầu thủ đội)

Reading played two different teams composed of first team players in either half.

However he could not play at all in the match in the club with many Japan national team players.

At this club, he played many Japan national team players Motoo Tatsuhara, Tadao Horie and so on.

players during

Gray's Inn actually had a company of players during the revels.

New Saints manager George Kay also signed three players during the summer.

Jimmy Dugan is the coach of a team of female baseball players during World War II.

allow players

Warp points allow players to travel across the universe.

Night vision goggles allow players to see enemies in the dark.

The game will allow players to see the game world through a smartphone.

more players

Clubs with 5 or more players represented are listed.

A Battle Royale is where three or more players play.

The club sold two more players in the new year.

younger players

that other, younger players will be preferred for the time being.

Many younger players have attended Paul Sculthorpe's training camps.

He retired from active competition in 1893, in part to encourage younger players.

international players

52 international players were successfully produced by the college.

The team included a mix of local, regional, and international players.

56 international players were drafted and comprised mostly Australian and Pakistani players.

allowing players

Some IGMs even allowed "mischievous" game play, almost allowing players to cheat.

Capture the flag-like objects have been added, allowing players and clans to set up a CTF match seamlessly.

The game has no inventory system, allowing players to only carry five health and energy packs but nothing else.

notable players

Other notable players are Ardian Đokaj and Sanibal Orahovac.

Other notable players from Venezuela:

At this time, notable players of the team started their migration to the other clubs.

star players

The team had many star players, including Carolina Morace.

He was one of the star players sold to the St. Louis Browns before the 1899 season.

VG.Flash struggled as one of its star players YuanZhang "Attacker" Sheng was injured.

players were named

His players were named SEC player of the week 46 times.

Eighteen players were named All-SEC freshman.

The following players were named to the All-Tournament Team.

players and coaches

The collapse left twelve Cowboys players and coaches injured.

Some players and coaches left the sidelines and yelled at the officials.

The player's lounge also contains video equipment that allows players and coaches to watch film.

only players   (chỉ người chơi)

The only players to defeat Borg in a Grand Slam final were fellow World No.

The trio were the only players to reach a double figure of tries scored on the tour.

Larsson and Stokes are the only players who have scored hat-tricks in consecutive matches.

list of players

Below is the list of players in the top 20.

Below is a list of players who have featured in the series.

chess players   (người chơi cờ)

The cartoon featured a room with Wayte and other leading chess players.

In the 1970s she was one of the leading Australian women's chess players.

Sargsyan "is known for enthusiastically supporting Armenian chess players."

league players

(See List of cricket and rugby league players)

He signed 31 major league players, including Hall of Famers Bob Feller and Bob Lemon.

Two future big league players played on the Schenectady team: Jim Barbieri and Billy Connors.

few players

He is one of the few players in history to win three U.S.

He saw the game like few players see it.

He was one of the few players to have defeated Wong in competitions.

different players

Twenty-one different players featured for Reading.

During the 1995–96 season, United used 30 different players.

The pizzicato style varies between different players and genres.

players represented

The following players represented the Netherlands.

Clubs with 5 or more players represented are listed.

The following players represented Yugoslavia.

players include

Notable players include: Season-by-season results.

Prominent Samoan players include Pat Lam and Brian Lima.

Notable former players include George Aiton and Gil Britton.

experienced players   (người chơi có kinh nghiệm)

There is also a Catch-up mode to help less experienced players.

Lennon also signed several experienced players on free transfers.

The tournament featured several high level programs with experienced players.

greatest players

Bowlen called Atwater one of the Broncos' "greatest players".

He is remembered one of the greatest players to ever play at Georgia Tech.

He is widely considered one of the greatest players in Dutch football history.

players played

In those days ice hockey players played the whole game.

Many MLB players played with the Trappers.

None of these players played in the playoffs for St. Louis.

youth players

There are also awards for youth players and club staff.

These were all youth players.

He was one of 10 youth players to turn professional with the club in May 2018.

players of all

All teams are open to players of all abilities.

The Club is looking for new players of all ages and abilities.

It hosts music groups and ensembles for players of all abilities.

ten players

She defeated two more top ten players in No.

If less than ten players are created, the computer provides the rest.

The Raiders placed ten players on the preseason all-Patriot League team.

players take

Two players take turns moving troops across the board.

Two players take turns moving until no moves are possible.

During the course of the game, players take turns selecting one of their worms.

players left

Many players left the club and went to play abroad.

In the winter of 1999 most players left the club.

In 2000 the club went bankrupt and many players left the club.

allowed players

The game allowed players to skip these dance-oriented sections.

Two days later, the AAF allowed players to leave their contracts to sign with NFL teams.

"Magic words" such as "Mint Julep", "Gumbo", and so on allowed players to order food and drink.

senior players

"Even practicing with senior players has been a great experience."

The competition featured 14 events: seven for senior players and seven for under-21 players.

In 2011–12 football season, Athletic saw a rise in players go from 21 senior players to 46 players.

most players   (hầu hết người chơi)

In the winter of 1999 most players left the club.

Like most players from Oliveirense, she went to F.C.

When playing, he is more passive than most players in defence.

seeded players

King was 31–15 .674 against seeded players.

Along the way, he beat 5 seeded players.

The following are the seeded players.

leading players

He was one of the leading players in the world in the late 1980s.

He was regarded by Haygarth as one of the leading players of his era.

He was one of the world's leading players in the 1970s and early 1980s.

talented players   (cầu thủ tài năng)

Richardson was certainly one of the most talented players of his time.

She is considered to be one of the most talented players never to have won a Grand Slam tournament.

As the decade continued, a number of talented players made their debuts and established themselves in the team.

between players

A pass is a method of moving the ball between players.

Most games have some form of asymmetry between players.

"At that time it did not extend to the audience, still between players.

players included

Key players included Ollie Cline and Joe Whisler.

His team's players included Al Harrington and Kenyon Martin.

Notable players included Alex Chan.

black players

By 2007, black players made up less than 9% of the major leagues.

Brown later added other black players to the team, including Horace Gillom and Len Ford.

The Browns, in fact, had roughly a third of the black players in the NFL on their roster.

all the players

Ramsey remarked that "of all the players to lose, we had to lose him."

If one player is sanctioned, he/she can be attacked by all the players.

Once all the players have completed their hands, it is the dealer's turn.

players made

Several players made boys' or men's teams at school.

CDJs are high quality digital media players made for DJing.

By 2007, black players made up less than 9% of the major leagues.

amateur players

France with B team composed of amateur players.

The event was open to amateur players only.

At this time, the organization only oversaw amateur players.

local players

Seven of which were local players.

107 local players were drafted.

In 1971, Belsize Park RFC was re-established by a group of local players.

soccer players

Her uncles were soccer players Erling Maartmann and Rolf Maartmann.

It is reputed to be where the best soccer players in the country tend to be from.

made a brief cameo in the movie "Nurse no Oshigoto The Movie" as three soccer players.

major players   (Những người chơi chính)

In Lahore, as in Delhi, the Marathas were now major players.

Now it is one of the major players in the transformer industry.

Profiles of all the major players in the X Prize saga are included in the book.

players play   (người chơi)

A Battle Royale is where three or more players play.

The competition is what makes the game fun and the players play their best.

If both players play perfectly, the game continues endlessly with no winner.

active players

In total there are 300 active players within the club.

For the list of Maribor's active players, see current members of the club.

Only Derek Jeter (20) and Albert Pujols (18) among active players have more.

group of players

The club was formed in 1982 by a group of players that included former Kiwi Ken Stirling.

Online chess has opened amateur and professional competition to a wide and varied group of players.

He is also one of a small group of players to have scored four goals in a match for the "Bully Wee".

rugby players

The remaining rugby players are controlled by the computer.

There are 3,026 Bulgarian rugby players.

In July 2006, 35 rugby players and 5 staff completed a rugby tour of Australia.

players use

Some slide players use a so-called Dobro guitar.

The two players use stones of the same color.

Five-string banjo players use many tunings.

guitar players

Many notable guitar players have used this effect over the years.

They used to have some pretty heavy cats, some heavy guitar players."

Over the years the band has had different drummers and rhythm guitar players.

fellow players   (đồng nghiệp)

75 by his fellow players on the NFL Top 100 Players of 2012.

36 by his fellow players on the NFL Top 100 Players of 2011.

He was the brother of fellow players Ces Mountford and Bill Mountford.

only two players   (chỉ có hai người chơi)

There were usually only two players.

He and Nick Holmes are the only two players to have played in two Cup Finals for Southampton.

along with Sachin Tendulkar one of only two players, at the time, to do so in both forms of the game.

defensive players

Te'o is one of the most decorated defensive players in college football history.

In his sophomore season, Clark developed into one of the top defensive players in the AAC.

He also delivered a pre-game speech and stood on the sidelines exulting Dallas' defensive players.

players each

Each team consist of 5 or 7 players each.

There are two teams with two players each, a referee and five Go sets.

In each leg, the 24 players are divided into 8 groups having 3 players each.

female players   (người chơi nữ)

Some female players have become internationally recognised.

Slovakia has 288 female players in 2011.

At 16 she was the youngest amongst that year's inaugural intake of female players.

players are listed

Two players are listed as citizens of more than one country:

The seeded players are listed below.

college players

Several new college players were signed to the team.

The program has produced over 70 Division I, IAA, or II college players.

Concannon's 15 touchdown passes tied for the most among NCAA major college players.

players who played

Below are the most famous players who played for Sherdor

Famous players who played for the Welland Pirates included Tim Wakefield.

Several players who played in the match were severely affected by the news.

players playing

He's very thorough in his methods and he's got the players playing as he wants us to.""

Prior to the partition of India, players playing for Pakistan competed for the Indian side.

He played 49 games in the 2012–13 campaign, with only two players playing more games for the "Sky Blues" that season.

players control   (kiểm soát người chơi)

In the game, players control Dante from a third-person perspective.

In "Aegis Defenders", players control a team of up to 4 characters.

In a three-player game, all players control either one or two sets of pieces each.

individual players

Coverage is available for the team or individual players.

string, brass woodwind, some percussion), choir (SATB) and individual players.

There is no evidence that fielding abilities correspond to individual players.

opposing players

They gave up few chances to opposing players.

As a senior, Macura received the nickname "Dennis the Menace” due to taunting opposing players.

In the 1970s, "blue-seaters" would heckle opposing players, and also heckle the "red-seaters", down below.

players chosen

The following list represented the District 7 players chosen to the list.

Willis was one of seven Browns players chosen for the first-ever Pro Bowl that year.

He only made the trip after a 3–2 majority vote by a medical panel, despite being one of the first players chosen by the selectors on cricketing merit.

players compete

During such a contest, players compete in individual minigames.

Both players compete to complete "stories" by winning "success tokens".

The players compete against each other to be named "The King of the House".

players were called

The following players were called up for the 2018 Algarve Cup.

The following 23 players were called up for the 2019 AFC U-19 Women's Championship.

The following 21 players were called up to the squad for 2018 AFC U-19 Championship


The players – starting at the right of the dealer – choose any stack as their hand.

Four players – Herbert Coates, Bill Fraser, Bert Jepson and Johnny McIlwaine – scored seven goals in the league.

Haldeman's accusations eventually gained traction, and four players – Devlin, Craver, Al Nichols, and George Hall – were found to have thrown games.

media players

CDJs are high quality digital media players made for DJing.

The growth in fantasy sports revenue attracted larger media players.

This causes decoder-to-file-splitter mismatch resulting in playback failure on media players.

following players represented

The following players represented the Netherlands.

The following players represented Yugoslavia.

The following players represented Australia.

remaining players

The two remaining players are the winners.

The remaining players may be substituted in any combination.

In Episode 7, the remaining players were paired into teams of two.

first players

Hajrizi was one of the first players of Kosovo.

The Swedish royal family, noblemen and diplomats were the first players.

The first players signed were outfielder Dan Rootenberg and pitcher Adam Crabb.

important players

In the 2009 season, he was one of the most important players of Jun Suzuki's team.

Nimzowitsch is considered one of the most important players and writers in chess history.

Since then, he has become one of the most important players of the team led by Matjaž Kek.

bass players

They select drummers and bass players for live shows.

Many upright bass players have contributed to the evolution of jazz.

For a longer list, see the "List of contemporary classical double bass players".