Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

began playing   (comenzó a jugar)

Thompson began playing camogie for Milford aged 6.

In 1987 she began playing bridge with Steve Lodge.

It was in Hanau where Mawae began playing football.

playing career   (jugando carrera)

During his playing career, his nickname was Chewy.

He won a total of $709 during his playing career.

He then began his playing career at AS Carcassonne.

currently playing   (reproduciendo)

The team is currently playing at Đồng Nai Stadium.

He is currently playing for Västra Frölunda IF.

They are currently playing in the Dutch Derde Divisie.

started playing   (comenzó a jugar)

He started playing handball at the age of fifteen.

Stein started playing with the boys' team of F.C.

She started playing in national games since 2010.

playing time

The playing time of the sonata is about twenty minutes.

That injury would hinder his playing time for 12 months.

Adams earned more playing time in the first team at Bury.

playing football   (jugando al fútbol)

It was in Hanau where Mawae began playing football.

Athavanad has a long history of playing football.

Thomas started playing football at the age of 9.

known for playing   (conocido por jugar)

He is best known for playing Michael Myers in "Halloween II".

He is also known for playing the Grandson in "The Princess Bride".

He was known for playing Captain Peacock in "Are You Being Served?"

playing the role   (jugando el papel)

He is playing the role of 'Villain' in this film.

I was playing the role of myself, which I really enjoyed."

Buddy Ebsen wound up playing the role of Joshua Cabe instead.

playing field

The game is made up of a 16x10 grid playing field.

In 1911 it had a church, dispensary and playing field.

The playing field was oriented north-south.

career playing

He started his career playing as a right winger.

He ended his career playing again at Fostiras.

Guastavino started his career playing for Sud América.

playing against   (jugando contra)

Nakubuwai made his test debut in 1994, playing against France.

The next year he made his test debut for France, playing against Fiji.

Baker made his Test debut on 11 December, playing against New Zealand.

before playing

Four African teams withdrew before playing any match.

Four teams though withdrew before playing any matches.

He left football, however, before playing a game for the team.

playing guitar

", playing guitar on the song "Come On – Go Off".

I've been playing guitar for more than 30 years.

Scenes also show him playing guitar in the bar.

playing fields

Moreover, Eton had no playing fields at the time.

Crouch End playing fields opened in 1892.

His father worked as a park ranger at the Bone Hill playing fields.

team playing   (equipo jugando)

FC Midtjylland is a football team playing in the Danish Superliga.

Each team playing each other once.

Oliveirense, at that time a team playing in the Portuguese First Division.

season playing

He spent the 1969–70 season playing in the reserves.

Watts finished the season playing twenty matches in total.

Freeman also spent a season playing for English club Castleford.

playing cards

He finds Beatty playing cards with the other firemen.

Chinese dominoes are also available as playing cards.

The two men were playing cards and argued.

playing music

Her hobbies include writing and playing music.

He thoroughly enjoyed the traveling and playing music.

After Cowboy's breakup, Boyer continued playing music.

up playing

She grew up playing the piano and reading books.

Marlowe grew up playing volleyball on the beach.

He grew up playing soccer, kickball, and basketball.

teams playing

The league comprises 19 teams playing in two divisions.

In 2014 and 2016 the tournament featured 45 teams playing in two divisions.

Among the teams playing 2017–2018 in the Derde Klasse is DWOW Wieringerwerf.

when playing   (cuando juega)

This path is more suited when playing with allies.

Many musicians use open tunings when playing slide guitar.

The device was used to improve the odds when playing roulette.

guitar playing

Carl's guitar playing [was] a key ingredient."

His guitar playing in the song attracted a lot of attention.

She goes over to the guitar playing clown and dances with it.

not playing

I'm not playing it that she's a 'nutter'.

The prospect of not playing basketball persuaded her to eat.

One of his biggest regrets was not playing for the national team.

playing style

Hawes' playing style developed in the early 1950s.

He is best known for his agitating playing style.

This resulted in change in playing style and equipment.

well as playing   (bien como jugar)

Marshals", as well as playing the title character in Othello. produced the song as well as playing the bass, keys and drum programming.

As well as playing for City, Walsh also made guest appearances for Oldham Athletic, Rochdale and Manchester United.

playing days

During his playing days, he stood tall, weighing .

During his playing days he won two All-Star awards.

When his playing days were over he turned to refereeing.

band playing

The video was shot in Wimbledon and shows the band playing the song.

In 1957 Ostanek formed his own band playing Slovenian-style polka music.

The following tour saw the band playing their first shows in North America.

continued playing

He continued playing after that in minor matches.

She continued playing on the LPGA Tour for 13 seasons.

Joey Villa continued playing as a solo artist.

playing the full

winning 3-0 and playing the full match.

Marítimo at the Estádio do Dragão, playing the full 90 minutes.

The match ended in a 1–1 draw, with Blind playing the full 90 minutes.

retired from playing   (retirado de jugar)

He retired from playing, becoming a referee.

He retired from playing at age 41, with 1086 games played.

Parker retired from playing in June 2017.

time playing

He then spent some time playing in South Africa.

Frankly, I'm spending a lot of time playing it".

He also spent time playing in local golf tournaments.

footballer currently playing

Rafael Pollack Rafael Pollack (born October 28, 1988) is an Austrian footballer currently playing for Wiener SK.

Koki Kazama His younger brother Koya is also a professional footballer currently playing for J2 League side F.C.

Hemayat Komekov Hemaýat Kömekow (born 3 May 1991) is a Turkmenistan footballer currently playing for HTTU Asgabat.

playing the piano   (tocando el piano)

Ang Li began playing the piano by ear at age one.

She grew up playing the piano and reading books.

He began playing the piano at the age of four.

playing professionally

Jáuregui began playing professionally for Blooming in 2002.

He retired from playing professionally at the end of the season.

He spent eight years playing professionally in the United States.

still playing   (sigue jugando)

Regardless, Agriculture is still playing a big part.

The great Fuller Pilch was still playing for Norfolk.

In 1882, and CUAFC were still playing on Parker's Piece.

playing drums

Dancing and playing drums accompanies Bhadu.

He started playing drums at the age of ten.

He began playing drums at the age of three.

playing only   (jugando solo)

Green insisted on playing only new material and none he had written.

He was lured to in 1959 playing only a few league matches in his two years.

After playing only one season in Breda, he moved on to ADO Den Haag in 2008.

years playing

Later, he learned guitar and spent years playing in rock bands.

He spent six years playing in Japan.

After that he spent five years playing for Sliema Wanderers F.C.

playing basketball   (jugando al baloncesto)

He stopped playing basketball after his mother died.

Kolbeinn started playing basketball at the age of 14.

The prospect of not playing basketball persuaded her to eat.

playing all

Moore played with the Leland Giants in 1907, playing all positions for three seasons.

A phonograph was a prized possession; the family loved playing all types of records on it.

Over the winter, the side had been settled, with Norman Cowans and Chris Cowdrey playing all five Tests.

playing surface

The playing surface for a 7-foot table is by .

The playing surface is Sportexe Momentum artificial turf.

The playing surface is the same as the one at Awalt Field.

debut playing

Her debut playing for the Chico Outlaws was on May 29, 2010.

Reith made his Major League debut playing for the Cincinnati Reds in 2001.

2006 was their debut playing in the AFC Cup and the AFC Cup 2010 withdrew.

playing bass

He started playing bass at the age of fourteen.

Benny Clark is playing bass in a group named Parlour.

He has a progressive style of playing bass.

continue playing

It became reckless to continue playing".

His teammates intervened and convinced him to continue playing.

In February 2019 he said he wished to continue playing for a further year.

playing the game

Modern Iraqis continue to enjoy playing the game.

She first started playing the game in 1979.

The game tracks how much time has been spent playing the game.

playing piano

Lorković started playing piano when he was seven.

Aslanian started playing piano from an early age.

Kadel began playing piano at the age of seven.

playing rugby

He started playing rugby at 10 years of age at Marist College Ashgrove.

The club is always seeking women interested in learning and playing rugby.

Gaffney began playing rugby at the age of four, when he joined Galwegians.

began playing football

It was in Hanau where Mawae began playing football.

Borazancı began playing football at a very young age.

She began playing football at primary school, in a boys' team.

playing alongside

He will be playing alongside former PBA player, TY Tang.

Returning to Lazio and playing alongside Pia Sundhage, she lifted the Cup again in 1985.

Paglino was a cast member on reality TV show Secret Story 2, playing alongside Alexandra.

started playing football

Thomas started playing football at the age of 9.

He started playing football at the age of 15.

He started playing football in Dolny Kubín.

playing together

After playing together for a while, the three decided to start a more serious band.

They are playing together for more than ten years, ever since they were schoolmates.

"This year has been amazing for me and Lukas, the first year we're playing together.

addition to playing   (Además de jugar)

In addition to playing football, he was also an active skier.

In addition to playing for the Stars, he coached the team from 1971 to 1973.

In addition to playing guitar on the record, Mercury also played guitar in concert.

playing each

The two counties resumed playing each other the following season.

Each team playing each other once.

After playing each other once the group winner advances to the semi-finals.

capable of playing

Together, they are capable of playing 48 chords.

It was capable of playing the organ.

He is a right sided winger, who is also capable of playing as a forward.

without playing

However he left the club end of 2006 season without playing J1.

In October, he was dropped from the Test squad without playing a Test.

However he retired end of 1996 season without playing in J1 at the club.

footballer playing

Sinagra is now a footballer playing in Italy.

His nephew Arturo Juan Pérez-Reverte is a professional footballer playing for FC Cartagena.

Gourgopal Ghosh Gourgopal Ghosh was an Indian footballer playing for Mohan Bagan club of Kolkata.

playing live

In 2009 he guested with Breathing Space, playing live with them.

After concentrating on playing live shows, the band released "40oz.

I can start playing live shows!"

playing the lead   (jugando el papel principal)

He is known for playing the lead role of the 2005 version of "Lassie".

Music video was directed by Vít Karas, with Petr Lexa playing the lead.

He is most notable for playing the lead role in the 2004 film "Ae Fond Kiss...".

playing professional

After playing professional basketball, she earned a J.D.

At some stage he was in Canada playing professional football.

On 25 November 2018, Pérez retired from playing professional football.

playing tennis

Trail began playing tennis at the age of 4.

She started playing tennis at the age of 7.

Buxton began playing tennis at a young age.

playing in all

He made the Ravens 53-man roster, playing in all 16 games.

He collected three sacks his rookie year, playing in all 16 games.

He then appeared for Fiji at the 1995 World Cup, playing in all three matches.

playing the guitar

Casswell started playing the guitar from the age of 11.

He began playing the guitar at age seven.

At the early age of three, Minick started playing the guitar.

playing games

By March he was playing games for the Academy side.

He grew up playing games on Nintendo's Famicom console.

In 1926, "DGF" took up football, playing games at the "Tivoliplatz".

retirement from playing   (retiro de jugar)

Since his retirement from playing he works as a pundit.

Following her retirement from playing she settled in Rome.

After his retirement from playing, Fandi worked as a coach.

seen playing

A DJ is seen playing their album, "Uncle B".

Students can be seen playing various sports or lounging in the sun.

Villagers can be seen playing cards in chaupal (village common area).

playing the part

I had never imagined playing the part of Birdy.

At the ball, and Phoebe is still playing the part of Miss Livvy.

One painting at least depicts an actress playing the part of Circe.

retiring from playing   (retirarse de jugar)

After retiring from playing he coached in Indonesia.

After retiring from playing, Olmstead attempted coaching.

After retiring from playing, Redpath took on coaching roles.

whilst playing   (mientras juega)

There have had 8 players selected for the All Blacks whilst playing for King Country.

Blair later admitted she was surprised at her rise popularity whilst playing Carmella.

There have been six players selected for the All Blacks whilst playing for Poverty Bay.

playing college

On September 9, 2015, Xavier Simpson committed to playing college basketball for Michigan.

Nelson elected to pursue netball instead of playing college basketball in the United States.

He decided against playing college football and signed with the Angels for 3,472,900 dollars.

only playing   (solo jugando)

Despite only playing 11 games for the Dons, Smith joined Plymouth Argyle.

Feng Jiu said that they were only playing just as Cha Cha brought Dong Hua over.

Three further shows follow in October/November (with Clarke only playing the first).

now playing

Marçal is now playing again at FC Porto, since 2006/07.

Ralph Meeker is now playing the role."

They are now playing in V.League 2.

role playing   (juego de rol)

Neil Diamond has a cameo role playing himself.

For example, character-based role playing can be seen in improvisational theatre.

Barrel dice are a more recent design, used most often by players of role playing games and wargames.

each team playing   (cada equipo jugando)

A foursomes match is contested with two members from each team playing alternate shots.

The competition consists of 27 rounds, with each team playing every other team three times.

The championship took the format of a league of 5 teams, with each team playing the other twice.

playing both

He made the Junior Kiwis in 2002, playing both games.

He is playing both guard positions.

O'Hanlon began playing both Gaelic football and netball at an early age.

playing each other   (jugando entre ellos)

The two counties resumed playing each other the following season.

Each team playing each other once.

After playing each other once the group winner advances to the semi-finals.

player currently playing   (jugador jugando actualmente)

Jani Bäckman Jani Bäckman (born 20 March 1988) is a Finnish football player currently playing for HIFK.

Yuta Omine His younger brother Shota is also a professional baseball player currently playing for Marines.

Radek Špiláček Radek Špiláček (born 10 January 1980) is a Czech football player currently playing for SSV Jeddeloh.

playing a game

He left football, however, before playing a game for the team.

"Playtime" Live action with children narrating while playing a game.

However, he left VMI before ever playing a game to be with his grandfather.

singing and playing

The album is Dara's debut at singing and playing guitar.

Soon he was singing and playing the guitar wherever he could find an audience.

He hosted a radio show in Los Angeles in the 1930s, singing and playing ukulele.

playing the character

Haywood called playing the character "an amazing experience".

At this point he ceased playing the character named for himself.

He starred in the E4 television series "PhoneShop", playing the character 'Christopher'.

playing baseball

He spent two years playing baseball professionally, never reaching the majors.

He attended the Georgia Institute of Technology, playing baseball and football.

Henry also enjoys playing baseball simulations, including "Out of the Park Baseball".

seasons playing

McKellar spent five seasons playing with Richmond.

He spent two seasons playing in the Premier League Malaysia.

He spent two seasons playing for the Colts before leaving football.

during his playing

He won a total of $709 during his playing career.

He generally played as a midfielder during his playing days.

Hendricks also recovered 12 fumbles during his playing career.

playing the song

The video was shot in Wimbledon and shows the band playing the song.

Lea sang "Grenade" by Bruno Mars while Gerard was at the piano playing the song.

The cars race forward with the band still playing the song on the bonnets of the cars.

start playing

I cannot wait to start playing this material live."

Goodwin didn't start playing football until the age of 18.

Phua did not start playing Texas hold 'em until he was in his 40s.

stopped playing

After Lewis had stopped playing he became a coach.

He stopped playing basketball after his mother died.

While others continued to perform, he stopped playing in public.

club playing

The season runs from August to May, with each club playing 34 matches.

Zmiiv has one soccer club playing in the Kharkiv Oblast Premier League, "Mayak".

She made three appearances as a player for the club playing a total of 128 minutes.

playing off

Instead, the dancers may dance in turns, playing off the energy of the other.

Instead, the dancers may dance in turns, playing off of the energy of the other.

He has seldom made appearances as a supporting striker, playing off the main striker.

playing cricket   (jugando cricket)

He retired from playing cricket to concentrate on his career as a dentist.

Like many of his family, he began playing cricket for Burnley Cricket Club.

A back injury in March 2010 prevented Onions from playing cricket until 2011.

despite playing   (a pesar de jugar)

Beltré's decision not to wear a cup despite playing third base has been well-documented.

Unusually, both Baggio and Maradona wore the number 10 shirt, despite playing on the same team.

Perreault was named to the All Tournament Team, despite playing in only four of Canada's seven games.

more playing

Adams earned more playing time in the first team at Bury.

After the injury of Bubba Franks, Lee gained more playing time.

In the latter part of the season Vagnoman saw slightly more playing time.

playing shows

Originally a five-member band they started playing shows in March 2010.

Chris and Scott began playing shows stateside at college bars and frat parties.

Dobson adds, "We were just playing shows and coming together as our schedules went along.

playing golf

Blackwelder started playing golf when she was 13.

She started playing golf at the age of six.

She first started playing golf at the age of 6 years old.

playing a role   (jugando un papel)

This caused other groups to sense favouritism as playing a role in the debate.

"I think I was just playing a role on that tour, I was playing Bob Dylan and the Band were playing the Band.

This leads to the hypothesis that microorganisms may be playing a role in the initial stages of Kyrle disease.

piano playing

His piano playing was an integral part of the Pumpkins' performance.

Piano pedagogy Piano pedagogy is the study of the teaching of piano playing.

Lea sang "Grenade" by Bruno Mars while Gerard was at the piano playing the song.

playing soccer

He grew up playing soccer, kickball, and basketball.

Born in Ulan Bator, Murun began playing soccer at age 12.

He continues to enjoy playing soccer in the fields of Princeton.

playing career ended

After his playing career ended, Lane turned to coaching.

After his playing career ended, he went into sports radio.

He was a minor league manager after his playing career ended.

grew up playing

She grew up playing the piano and reading books.

Marlowe grew up playing volleyball on the beach.

He grew up playing soccer, kickball, and basketball.

enjoyed playing

Leonard and Buchan enjoyed playing golf.

In addition, Thompson stated he enjoyed playing for the club.

She enjoyed playing tennis, squash, and farming in her spare time.

then playing

At Blackpool, then playing in the First Division, he played in midfield alongside Alan Ball.

In June 1931, he was persuaded by George Kay to join Southampton, then playing in Division Two.

In 2005, he moved to the French side US Boulogne, then playing in Ligue 2, and was handed the number 10 shirt.

playing more

He explained in a 1967 interview, "I am playing more smoothly now.

Persson retired from hockey in 2018 after playing more than 600 SHL games.

He was pulled from playing more than once for his lack of defense during the preseason.