İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

collection of poems   (şiir koleksiyonu)

"Fish Souls" is Berssenbrugge's first published collection of poems.

When she was 20, she published a collection of poems "Kaeru" privately.

In 2004 Sabine Wichert published a collection of poems titled "Taganrog".

book of poems   (şiirler kitabı)

Oscar Wilde published his first book of poems.

His first book of poems was published later that year.

In 1883 his first book of poems entitled "Whispering Pines" was published.

poems written   (yazılı şiirler)

Faludy published poems written jointly with his wife.

"Silloi" are poems written in hexameter.

He thanked the day of the experience in one of his poems written at the age of 30.

wrote poems

He wrote poems to go with the drawings last minute.

His father wrote poems in Hebrew and Yiddish.

In addition, she wrote poems and prose for children and plays.

other poems   (diğer şiirler)

His other poems included "For the people", "Amangeldi", "Aydos biy", and "Ernazar biy".

Landry points out that seven other poems, sonnets 27, 37, 43, 61, 98, 99, and 113, connect separation with images of shadows.

William Walton Hoskins (1856-1919) admits to the readers of his "Atlantis and other poems" (Cleveland OH, 1881), that he is only 24.

poems were published

A number of her poems were published in "Harper's Magazine".

Several of his poems were published in "Gentleman's Magazine".

In March 1916 her first poems were published in "Nash's Magazine".

many poems

As many poems as you like.

He composed many poems on the lives of Rama and Krishna while managing the shop.

Sakowicz was the author of many poems, theological treaties, and political treaties.

several poems

He was also the author of several poems in Persian.

Delia is also the addressee of several poems by Alcuin.

He wrote several poems, published under the title "Poetical Scraps".

stories and poems

McCutcheon has also written many short stories and poems.

She published many stories and poems.

He also published novels, plays, children's books, short stories and poems.

first poems

He wrote his first poems in 1902 and they were well received.

In March 1916 her first poems were published in "Nash's Magazine".

His first poems were published in a volume entitled "Zeitstimmen" in 1841.

love poems   (Aşk şiirleri)

His love poems are very emotional and ardent, and we can relate to them even today.

Tenzin Dickyi compared his collection of love poems "Butterfly's Wings", with those of the 6th Dalai Lama.

Nonetheless, her love poems made her famous and inspired a later generation of female poets like Izumi Shikibu or Ono no Komachi.

writing poems

As a high school student, he started writing poems.

He began writing poems and short stories.

Parameswaran began writing poems and stories as a university student.

published poems

Faludy published poems written jointly with his wife.

She later published poems and another novel, "Man of Letters".

His first published poems appeared in the university's student magazine in 1930.

epic poems   (destansı şiirler)

Kidung are epic poems in Javanese metres.

In Serbian ten syllable lines were used in long epic poems.

The gusle is used mainly to recite epic poems in a usually dramatic tone.

poems published

Her second collection of poems published was "Once More Out of Darkness."

Trick was an amateur poet who had several poems published in local papers.

In the early 2000s, Berry had several short poems published in "Ladybug" magazine.

volume of poems

He published his first volume of poems in 1938.

Bogan published her first volume of poems, "Body of This Death", in 1923.

His first volume of poems was published under the title of "Knospen" (Buds, 1810).

number of poems   (şiir sayısı)

As a boy he knew Virgil by heart and composed a number of poems in Italian and Latin.

He also published a number of poems and a poetic handbook "On the Science of Poetry" (1762).

Shelley developed a very strong affection towards Jane and addressed a number of poems to her.

short poems

Surendra excelled in muktaks (short poems).

Notably, both names are featured in two short poems by Jan Kochanowski.

Other short poems merely address the facts of life in Iași or Bucharest.

collections of poems

Rigdol is also the author of three collections of poems.

He has to his credit three published collections of poems – , and .

He has written several collections of poems as well as crime fiction.

poems and songs

In poems and songs he is depicted as a legendary dare-devil.

It contained 500 poems and songs.

The participants are allowed to share recipes, jokes, poems and songs.

poems such

He authored poems such as "Al Damují" and "Un incrédulo de mis versos" in 1843.

This process resulted in concrete poems such as his most famous Between [Między] in 1977 in Galerry Foksal in Warsaw.

The compositions were re-workings of famous Poe poems such as "The Bells", but which reflected a new, positive outlook.

poems have appeared

Her poems have appeared in many literary journals including "The Georgia Review", "Great River Review", "The Laurel Review", "Ploughshares", "Poetry", "Shenandoah", and "TriQuarterly".

She started writing at the age of 7 and her short stories and poems have appeared in publications such as: "The Stockholm Review of Literature", "The Rising Phoenix Review" and "The MacGuffin".

Dimitrov's poems have appeared in "The New Yorker", "The New York Times", "The Paris Review", "Poetry", "The Yale Review", "The Kenyon Review"," American Poetry Review", "Slate", "Tin House", "Boston Review", "Poetry Daily", "Verse Daily", and other publications.

poems appeared

His poems appeared in numerous anthologies and journals.

Two of his poems appeared in 1928 in the "Globe" (Sofia).

His first published poems appeared in the university's student magazine in 1930.

early poems

Though he disliked these early poems, Williams loved the exuberance in Ginsberg's letter.

Poe boasted that these early poems were superior to most other examples in American poetry.

Most of these early poems were rhymed and metered and included archaic pronouns like "thee."

own poems

YouTube has numerous videos of Crew reading his own poems.

Wilmer’s own poems have been translated into Hungarian, Italian and Spanish.

She read one of her own poems, "Waiting for the Tide", at Vassar's 1871 graduation ceremony.

poems and short

Rivera has also written poems and short stories.

He began writing poems and short stories.

She met Sophie Mereau in Jena, where she published poems and short stories in modern journals.