Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

point of view   (punto de vista)

He also stated, "I understand their point of view.

This leads by no means to a single point of view.

This is a very common point of view in chemistry.

highest point   (punto mas alto)

The view from the UK's highest point is extensive.

The highest point was measured at above sea level.

Cato Island is the highest point in the Territory.

starting point   (punto de partida)

NTS is the starting point for UK gas distribution.

There is no clear starting point of their dominance.

It is also the starting point of Italia Avenue.

turning point   (punto de retorno)

This turned out to be the turning point in the War.

This signaled a turning point in Turkish history.

That would be a turning point in Lorković's life.

focal point   (punto focal)

The pond provides the focal point within the park.

It served as the focal point of Hyde Park social life.

The building provides a focal point for Thibault Square.

point guard   (punto de guardia)

Standing at , she plays at the point guard position.

Standing at , he plays the point guard position.

high point   (punto álgido)

The game's audio was also a high point for reviewers.

The high point of the range is an unnamed peak at at .

It was the high point for me; a happy time."

single point   (punto único)

This total was measured at a single point in time.

This leads by no means to a single point of view.

the sections intersect at that single point).

extra point   (punto extra)

With the extra point, Nevada took the lead, 7–6.

He also converted 35 of 36 extra point attempts.

The extra point was missed, and the Bearcats led 6–0.

point in time   (punto en el tiempo)

This total was measured at a single point in time.

It could have literally fallen over at any point in time."

At a point in time, he was a co- host to the Upside Down Show.

point during   (punto durante)

The plane caught fire at some point during the sequence.

At one point during the shot, Petricca plays the keytar.

Hops may be added at more than one point during the boil.

point between   (punto entre)

A coin is placed at some point between the layers.

It was closed at some point between 1948-55.

At some point between 1336 and 1348 he moved to Kilkenny.

lowest point   (punto más bajo)

The Black Sea coast is the country's lowest point.

The lowest point is the English Channel (sea level).

The lowest point has height from the sea level.

melting point   (punto de fusion)

The melting point is roughly estimated as 2000 °C.

Its melting point is above the range of metal forges.

As expected for a boride, it has a high melting point.

each point   (cada punto)

At each point, a potential leader position is simulated.

The velocity of the air at each point defines a vector field.

Then each point in "X" can be identified with an evaluation function on "C".

fixed point   (punto fijo)

A contraction mapping has at most one fixed point.

We exclude the origin, which is a fixed point in "H".

Points in this straight line run into the fixed point.

boiling point   (punto de ebullición)

The element with the lowest boiling point is helium.

Thus, the boiling point is dependent on the pressure.

Cryogenic fluids with their boiling point in kelvins.

meeting point   (punto de encuentro)

The meeting point is known as Azhimokam in Malayalam.

It is considered a typical meeting point for the locals.

When Kate reaches the meeting point, she finds no one there.

reference point   (punto de referencia)

This reference point naturally takes the name earth or ground.

There was just no reference point in the culture to compare it."

The melting point of gallium is used as a temperature reference point.

vantage point   (punto de vista)

One can enjoy the panoramic views of the landscape from this vantage point.

The highest man-made vantage point sits 555 metres up on the 148th floor of Burj Khalifa.

It acts as a superb vantage point for, and backdrop to, views across Thirlmere reservoir.

floating point   (punto flotante)

No floating point support is provided.

Each processor will have two thread units and a floating point unit.

These may process data using fixed-point arithmetic or floating point.

entry point   (punto de entrada)

Ringo directs Hilda and Cedric to find an entry point.

Fox Bay is also a customs entry point for West Falkland.

Melli is the main entry point for West and South Sikkim districts.

point when   (punto cuando)

It was at this point when a now-infamous incident took place.

I consider real power the point when you're not afraid to fail...

She stated: "There was a point when I asked myself if I really had a future here.

every point   (cada punto)

The identity function has degree one at every point.

For every point scored a team moves forward one square.

Then almost every point of "A" returns to "A" infinitely often.

access point   (punto de acceso)

The most common access point is from the northern end.

"Qafa e Gurit" () is the local access point to the lake.

The ferry terminal is the access point to Enggano Island.

low point   (punto bajo)

1973 was the low point for March in Formula One.

1997 was the low point of Agassi's career.

A low point was reached in July when only nine cars started the race.

no point   (No tiene sentido)

There is no point in closing our eyes about such things".

However, no point releases will be made.

At no point was there a question who was in operational control while on patrol.

central point   (punto central)

Himo is a central point town of the Kilimanjaro district.

In a radial structure, main roads converge on a central point.

Only the central point is left vacant in the beginning of the game.

certain point   (cierto punto)

"I would lift my voice at a certain point so what I said could not be cut.

At a certain point every month, her appearance changes to a different person.

For every bracket of marks a student gets, a certain point score is allocated.

crossing point   (punto de cruce)

Hamzabeyli crossing point is mainly aimed for commercial traffic (e.g.

It is the last public crossing point before the Thames reaches the sea.

Hamzabeyli border crossing point was previously in use in Ottoman times.

critical point   (punto crítico)

The critical point is 7.38 MPa at 31.1 °C.

The boiling point cannot be increased beyond the critical point.

The critical point of the mixture lies at "T" = 411 K and "P" ≈ 15000 kPa.

point behind   (apuntar hacia atrás)

Donovan agreed, saying there was "a valid moral point behind it."

At Zurich he finished fourth at 11½, a half point behind Euwe and Flohr.

At the 'Politiken' event of 2008, he finished just a half point behind the leaders.

first point   (primer punto)

The first point of her NCAA career came on October 29, 2011.

Hartford would hold on for the 1-1 draw, the first point in club history.

The first point of the theory must state the social location of the authority.

same point   (mismo punto)

Don Lavoie makes the same point in reverse.

Causing three deaths at the same point in a matter of months.

The same point system is used.

point system   (sistema de puntos)

The point system changed over the years.

The dance point system, which determines grade, remains unchanged.

The same point system is used.

northernmost point   (punto más septentrional)

West of the Plöckenstein is Austria's northernmost point.

The northernmost point administered by India lies in Ladakh.

This district contains the northernmost point of Northeast India.

southernmost point   (punto más al sur)

Gedser Odde is the southernmost point in Denmark.

The southernmost point in mainland Italy lies in Palizzi.

It is located near the southernmost point of mainland Alaska.

halfway point   (punto medio)

SR 520 passes under a directional sign at its halfway point.

Klatt broke a bone in his foot at the halfway point of the series.

The halfway point of the NWWR is approximately at Goodsoil, Saskatchewan.

grade point   (punto de grado)

Consider also the grade point average.

In 1955, he graduated with the third-highest grade point average in his class of 73.

Students must earn at least a 2.0 grade point average overall and a 2.0 in their major.

point of contact   (punto de contacto)

In physical terms, a shock wave originates from the point of contact.

In Connecticut, there is a point of contact for a JRB in each city and town.

The Alumni Relations Office (ARO) serves as the point of contact for IMU alumni.

until that point   (hasta ese punto)

For five years until that point she had been bedridden.

Subaru sales had been declining up until that point in North American market.

Up until that point the official Christian presence in the region was Greek Orthodox.

point average   (punto medio)

Consider also the grade point average.

In 1955, he graduated with the third-highest grade point average in his class of 73.

Students must earn at least a 2.0 grade point average overall and a 2.0 in their major.

given point   (Punto dado)

At any given point the parade took 13 to 15 minutes to pass.

A key constraint applies to the set of tuples in a table at any given point in time.

So the isometries that fix a given point form a group isomorphic to the orthogonal group.

breaking point   (punto de ruptura)

The year 2003 is a breaking point in the DUT Racing philosophy.

When she belted, her wide vibrato wobbled to the breaking point.

The murder of James Emma was considered the breaking point for Gerard.

bonus point   (punto extra)

Unions can also win their side a respectable bonus point.

A bonus point is awarded for wiping out the entire other team.

If the team batting second wins the match in 40 overs, it gains a bonus point.

main point   (Punto principal)

The main point of criticism was the unoriginality of the film.

The main point of contention was wind.

More important, such a selection would obscure the main point.

match point   (punto decisivo)

Davydenko converted his second match point to win at 7–4.

Astralis got to match point at 15-9 heading into the 25th round.

Astralis took two rounds, FaZe took one, and then Astralis got to match point.

point of contention   (punto de contención)

One major point of contention had to do with land use rights.

The main point of contention was wind.

The term's connotation is a point of contention within the LGBT community.

grade point average   (promedio de calificaciones)

Consider also the grade point average.

In 1955, he graduated with the third-highest grade point average in his class of 73.

Students must earn at least a 2.0 grade point average overall and a 2.0 in their major.

point total   (punto total)

His point total was the highest in NBA history by a player in a five-game series.

Basic strategy is based upon a player's point total and the dealer's visible card.

The team with the highest point total following the final round wins the competition.

made a point   (hacer un punto)

He also made a point of meeting "little Eduardo" weeks later.

When he built his first steel plant, he made a point of naming it after Thomson.

During a deposition, Ewing was reported to have made a point of avoiding a handshake with Clinton.

widest point   (punto más ancho)

It is north-south and east-west at its widest point.

It is about long and across at its widest point.

The headstone is wide (at its widest point) and high.

just one point   (solo un punto)

I want to emphasize just one point, which should interest you particularly as students.

The Honey Bear is finally just one point away from the relegation zone of the Liga 2 East Region.

Lewis Hamilton won by just one point in 2008, with Jenson Button winning the following year, in 2009.

point before   (punto antes)

At some point before 1730, this monument fell into disrepair.

He had become estranged from his wife at some point before his trial.

It is the last public crossing point before the Thames reaches the sea.

point near   (punto cerca)

Its average width is 1.7 miles (2.7 km), and it is at its widest point near Aurora.

The expanding gasses would drive the piston up the tube until the reached a point near the top.

After noon, the Midlanders and Royal Grenadiers moved forward again, to a point near the Batoche Cemetery.

point ahead   (apuntar hacia adelante)

They finished half a point ahead of a field that included three former World Champions.

A year later, Pescadores narrowly lost the title to Agrária, who finished a point ahead.

However, Juventus still managed to win the league, one point ahead of second-placed Hellas.

important point   (punto importante)

The most important point for sightseeing is the village belfry.

It an important point in the trade routes passing between Peshawar and Swat.

This collection of buildings is representative of that important point in time."

freezing point   (punto de congelación)

Temperatures often fall near freezing point in December and January .

By the end of November, temperatures usually range around the freezing point.

Work by others showed that water boils about 180 degrees above its freezing point.

end point   (punto final)

The route network has no implied start or end point.

Endpoint An endpoint, end-point or end point may refer to:

This includes the northern end point of the Cooloola Great Walk.

stopping point   (punto de parada)

The Microphones was completed, or at least at a good stopping point.

It is also now a well known stopping point for visiting pleasure craft.

The island was also a stopping point during monsoon season for ship repair.

point forward   (apuntar hacia adelante)

Its sturdy tusks are curved out and point forward.

She primarily worked in radiography and radiotherapy from this point forward.

From that point forward, preparations continued at a highly accelerated, almost frenzied pace.

point of reference   (punto de referencia)

"Time" once used the park as point of reference for the city of Chicago.

The dilemma is a basic point of reference in technology assessment debates.

Lucas also used Humphrey Bogart as a point of reference in his development notes.

key point   (punto clave)

Residency criterion is the key point for the taxes.

A further key point was Marx's theory of alienation.

It takes away attention from the key point.

another point   (Otro punto)

A rare historic Jewish cemetery is another point of interest.

The low win rate of ACC teams in general was another point of interest.

Let "C" be another point, also satisfying the ratio and lying on segment "AB".

code point   (punto de código)

In Unicode, the code point for "bicycle" is 0x1F6B2.

Unicode provides the Fahrenheit symbol at code point .

73, encoded by Unicode at code point U+1233A).

point of sale   (punto de venta)

at point of sale only).

EFTPOS (electronic fund transfer at point of sale) in New Zealand is highly popular.

They may be connected to computerized point of sale networks using any type of protocol.

plot point   (punto de trama)

More recently, Reinach's suicide is a plot point in Eric Zencey's novel "Panama".

Van Spall and TWoP also noted the plot point of the T-888's mission to kill the governor of California.

The 1950 Broadway musical "Guys and Dolls" features a major plot point revolving around a floating craps game.

point of departure   (punto de partida)

This fact represents the point of departure of the ESS.

This work served as the point of departure for 'Kinopravda' ".

The Lowry model provided a point of departure for work in a number of places.

point along   (señalar a lo largo)

Decisions were made to install a toll point along that road in 2007.

The culmination also refers to the highest point along any geologic structure.

Passengers board and alight at any point along the route by notifying the driver.

only one point   (solo un punto)

So, there can be only one point, and that's to spend it.

He got sacked on 28 October 2019, after winning only one point of the possible nine in three games.

a 3–0 defeat away to Dunfermline meant United had picked up only one point in their opening two league matches.

selling point   (punto de venta)

One particular selling point was the availability of homesteads.

One major selling point of the Galaxy and S-MAX is the "FoldFlatSystem".

Another major selling point of these materials is their lack of need for paint.

strong point   (punto fuerte)

A strong point of the game was its models.

Plot and dialogue was not a strong point of DeMille's films.

His biggest strong point was his uncanny ability to score goals.

transfer point   (punto de transferencia)

Instead, it served as a transfer point between U6 and several lines.

Beginning in 1862 Fort Monroe was also used as a transfer point for mail exchange.

North Hawthorne remained a transfer point to the Hawthorne trolley line until 1926, when the line was abandoned.

rallying point   (Punto de reunión)

The accessible goal set forth in the “Call” quickly became a popular rallying point.

Its demolition became an early rallying point for the conservation movement in Sydney.

The newspaper was a rallying point for representatives of various petty-bourgeois parties.

price point   (punto de precio)

With a large library of games and a low price point, the 2600 continued to sell into the late 1980s.

mouse has a lower price point than the Intelliscope despite possessing 32kb of onboard memory and Macro A.I.

By the 2000s high-quality printers of this sort had fallen under the $100 price point and became commonplace.

point blank   (Punto en blanco)

An 8-year-old girl was shot in the head at point blank range.

He shot point blank at Mackenzie but the pistol misfired and the rebel leader was unharmed.

Mella's wounds were made from point blank range, and neither Modotti or Vidali were injured.

percentage point   (punto porcentual)

Turnout rose by a percentage point on the previous year, to 37.2%.

Turnout fell by a percentage point on the previous year, to 36.6%.

This is akin to the difference between percentage and percentage point.

westernmost point   (punto más occidental)

Heiligensee has the westernmost point of Reinickendorf.

Highway 5 has its westernmost point on the shores of the lake.

Near the westernmost point of Achill, Achill Head, is Keem Bay.

point of interest   (punto de interés)

The DS touch screen was a primary point of interest.

A rare historic Jewish cemetery is another point of interest.

The low win rate of ACC teams in general was another point of interest.

until this point   (hasta este punto)

It reads "Work of Praülos until this point".

She is smiling, which was never seen by the show's audiences until this point.

Up until this point facsimile machines were very expensive and hard to operate.

major point   (punto principal)

One major point of contention had to do with land use rights.

The concept of ecosystem collapse is still a major point of debate.

The Arts District in downtown is also expected to become a major point of growth.

transit point   (punto de tránsito)

Malaysia discovered that militants were using Sabah as a transit point.

It is an important transit point for all kinds of goods, as the numerous lorries at the border well illustrate.

The port of Kronstadt is currently serving as a transit point for the import in Russia of radioactive waste through the Baltic Sea.

particular point   (punto particular)

Unlike some other of his works, it did not seek to prove any particular point.

At any distance along the adjacent side, a line perpendicular to it intersects the hypotenuse at a particular point.

A fundamental key to conventional Warfare is the concentration of force at a particular point (the [der] Schwerpunkt).

deepest point   (punto mas profundo)

At its deepest point the cave is above sea level.

It is approximately at its deepest point.

At its deepest point the tunnel is 400 feet below ground level.

point of time   (punto de tiempo)

I was looking at predominately my film at that point of time.

This was the point of time where his life started to turn around.

PVP is planning to release Tamil version at a later point of time."

major turning point   (punto de inflexión importante)

The film remains as a major turning point in his career.

The contest was a major turning point for female bodybuilding.

The sack of Constantinople is a major turning point in medieval history.

point above   (punto arriba)

At the time Gateshead were 19th in the table, one point above the relegation zone.

trains travel way back in point above the Tomorrowland Speedway before turning south.

The highest point above sea level is the Mount Inhaca on the north-eastern shoreline.

dew point   (punto de rocío)

Membrane air dryers depress the incoming dew point.

Most dryers have a challenge air dew point and pressure specification.

The dew point is a temperature at which a vapor condenses into a liquid.

point process   (proceso puntual)

Binomial process A binomial process is a special point process in probability theory.

Simple point process A simple point process is a special type of point process in probability theory.

point source   (punto de partida)

They also are a point source of light.

The wavefront of electromagnetic waves emitted from a point source (such as a light bulb) is a sphere.

They determined that the point source was a solitary star being magnified more than 2,000 times by gravitational lensing.

official starting point   (punto de partida oficial)

The Carlins chose Montreal, Quebec, Canada, as the official starting point of their circumnavigation attempt.

Shin-Totsukawa Station Shin-Totsukawa Station is the terminus of the Sasshō Line from , and is situated 76.5 km from the official starting point of the line at .

She had a mixture of experienced crew and teams of disadvantaged youth on board, including: The first leg took just over two weeks to reach Gibraltar, the official starting point for the Blue Water Round the World Rally.

point onwards   (apuntar hacia adelante)

From this point onwards a trail should be visible.

From this point onwards Podge was joined by his brother Rodge.

From this point onwards Marianka was managed by the local diocese.

easternmost point   (punto más oriental)

Rose Atoll is the easternmost point of the territory.

The easternmost point is Cape Spear, Newfoundland (47°31′N, 52°37′W) .

At longitude 55°37'15" W, it is the easternmost point of continental North America.

weak point   (punto débil)

The weak point remains and the anodic corrosion is ongoing.

Its only weak point proved to be, not unlike Chimera, having a spear flung down its throat.

The weak point of a CIT is that it demands that all user interactions be logged into the system.

point of origin   (punto de origen)

Jasta 45 disbanded on 26 November 1918 at its point of origin.

The Sertoli cells are the point of origin for anti-Müllerian hormone.

The value of the coordinates depends on the choice of the initial point of origin.

tipping point   (punto de inflexión)

The tipping point came on 12 May 1860.

The colliery's proposed closure was a tipping point in the 1984-85 miner's strike.

The tipping point came in 1967 with the appointment of Bob Howsam as general manager.

point just   (señalar solo)

The railway tunnel passes under the River Severn from a point just south of New Passage.

At the point just before the girl and the valet are about to kill the count, Boconnion halts the play.

From there the river used to continue flowing southerly, at one point just edging the area where Plaza del Caribe now stands.

starting point guard   (punto de partida)

But then, he was promoted as the team's starting point guard when former no.

Blake continued as the starting point guard with Telfair coming off the bench.

Cole is the starting point guard for the University of North Carolina Tar Heels.

later point   (punto posterior)

PVP is planning to release Tamil version at a later point of time."

At some later point in medieval Europe celery displaced alexanders.

They constructed this new house at some later point, likely around 1910.

point within   (señalar dentro)

The pond provides the focal point within the park.

The state of the system can be represented as a point within that space.

Margery Hill is the highest marked point within the boundaries of Sheffield.