points per   (あたりのポイント)

She averaged 14.3 minutes and 3.8 points per game.

Hudson averaged 7.7 points per game as a freshman.

His senior season, he averaged 25 points per game.

points per game   (ゲームあたりのポイント)

She averaged 14.3 minutes and 3.8 points per game.

Hudson averaged 7.7 points per game as a freshman.

His senior season, he averaged 25 points per game.

most points   (ほとんどのポイント)

Whichever team got the most points won the game.

The winner is the player with the most points.

The team with most points has been declared champions.

points behind   (後ろのポイント)

In overtime Michigan, come from three points behind.

He fell just .057 percentage points behind Lionel Ruhr.

He finished 67 points behind the champion.

number of points   (点数)

When an egg is dropped, a number of points are lost.

Alternatively it can be played for a fixed number of points.

Let "n" be the number of points and "d" the number of dimensions.

points scored

With 185 points scored in a frame, they set a new record.

He is second on the all-time points scored list with 202.

Buffalo's 160 points scored was the third-worst in the NFL.

more points

Purdue added 10 more points in the fourth quarter.

The faster this is done, the more points are earned.

Smaller asteroids are also worth more points.

points ahead   (先を指す)

Divisjon 20 points ahead of their closest rivals.

They finished 220 points ahead of California.

They are now four points ahead of Liverpool.

various points

Northern Arizona has various points of interest.

Stabilizers are mounted at various points on the bow.

They were built to cross the canal at various points in Bangkok.

points against   (反対点)

He had 27 points against Seton Hall on January 20.

Mikeal Hopkins also contributed 10 points against Towson.

He scored 34 points against Coppin State and Morgan State.

percentage points   (パーセントポイント)

Pipkin defeated Baker by 24 percentage points.

Obama went on to win the state by 4 percentage points.

It was more than just a few percentage points.

points of view   (視点)

It is an important road from many points of view.

These two points of view can be reconciled, i.e.

McGuire often had guests with opposing points of view on the show.

match points

The final rankings were determined by match points.

Teams were ranked according to the match points won in every round.

Sum of the match points of the opponents, excluding the lowest one.

points during

He scored a total of 44 points during the season.

Kearns lost the tip-off but scored 11 points during the game.

He scored two points during his professional basketball career.

no points

Defeats by more than 12 points yielded no points.

The player in 13th position gets no points.

points were awarded

Two points were awarded for a win and one for a draw.

No points were awarded, and no victor was proclaimed.

Two points were awarded for a victory, one for a loss.

different points

From the Pole, we draw lines to different points on the Mohr circle.

There are different points about the numeration of the days of the month.

At one time, men worked at 48 different points along the length of the tunnel.

ten points

Sydney won by ten points: 14.7 (91) to 11.15 (81).

Carper defeated Roth by over ten points.

They eventually posted a 4–7–2 record in December for only ten points.

total points   (合計点)

Each team is placed on their total points received.

He also finished second in total points that season.

Teams are ranked by total points, then point difference.

extra points   (追加ポイント)

He also punted and kicked extra points.

No extra points were awarded to the pole-sitter in the race 2.

He also went 2-for-2 on extra points.

points of interest

Northern Arizona has various points of interest.

Among points of interest there are: Sieciechów

Other points of interest include the following:

all points

Regardless, these were all points that Milton later took pride in.

At this point, the Roman lines began to advance forward at all points.

The track consisted of a one mile dirt oval 65 feet wide at all points.

points classification   (ポイント分類)

The second classification was the points classification.

Nibali also moved into the lead in the points classification.

bonus points   (ボーナスポイント)

Further pods collected provide bonus points.

Shots can be chained into combos for bonus points as well.

Points were awarded as follows: Win: 10 points + bonus points.

access points   (アクセスポイント)

bring the total freeway access points to a total of four.

Two former access points to Goose Island have been removed.

There are efforts to support Debian on wireless access points.

championship points

As Gonda was a guest driver, he was ineligible for championship points.

As Aleshin was a guest driver, he was ineligible for championship points.

Various systems for awarding championship points have been used since 1950.

many points

It is an important road from many points of view.

As a music theorist he held original opinions on many points.

The expansion of the organization had been stalled at many points.

experience points

Players level-up by collecting experience points.

Remaining experience points are spent on spells.

As players complete missions, they gain loots and experience points (XP).

points along

At one time, men worked at 48 different points along the length of the tunnel.

The "Spray" set course for Guilford and was seen at various points along the route.

Before stopping places developed, caches were set up at stopping points along the way.

score points

Normally players score points after each hand.

The goal of the offense is, most generally, to score points.

Holland went on to score points in two out of the three rounds.

points clear   (明確なポイント)

They finished 5 points clear of Chapman's Arsenal.

They finished 17th, two points clear of relegation.

Wills finished 82 points clear of Paul Dumbrell.

several points

New locomotives were substituted at several points.

Historically, there have been several points systems.

Tensions ran high at several points during the preparation stages.

highest points

The King has the highest points followed by the Queen.

They did however finish with the highest points difference.

The highest points in the range are Duncolm () and Fynloch ().

points are awarded

3 points are awarded for a win and 1 for a draw.

Two points are awarded for a win, and one for a draw.

Three points are awarded for a win and one for a draw.

other points   (他のポイント)

This heading is inextricably linked with the other points above.

At other points, constructive interference maximises the power transferred.

Key organizers in the march were criticized for not including other points of view.

points system

It was the first season this points system was used.

In tournaments with two or more races, a points system is used.

The points system is as follows.

first points

Debrecen finally obtained their first points in the Europa League.

Nick Novak made good a 27-yard kick for the first points in the game.

Cole Tracy kicked a 24-yard field goal for the first points of the game.

data points

If all data points lie on a straight line, this line is called an isochron.

Consider any matrix formula_1 consisting of formula_2 formula_3-dimensional data points.

The better the fit of the data points to a line, the more reliable the resulting age estimate.

points decision   (ポイント決定)

McAllister walked away with a points decision over Kellet.

He won a points decision over 12 rounds.

Cook outboxed Bennett to claim a close but unanimous points decision.

career points

Stringer scored 1,365 career points for the Tigers.

Kicker John Kasay is the team's career points leader.

His 1,533 career points is twelfth highest in Butler history.

unanswered points

The Knights then scored 21 unanswered points.

In the second quarter, UCF scored 20 unanswered points.

The Patriots erased a 17–3 gap, scoring 38 unanswered points.

set of points

Let formula_8 intuitively represent a set of points in time.

The set of points "w" in the open disk with exactly "n" preimages is open.

Examples include a closed interval, a rectangle, or a finite set of points.

high points

Buzzard Rock and Panther Knob are dominant high points.

Its high points are as good as anything the trumpeter has ever done."

It is, at the least, one of the high points of modernist legal theory.

points awarded

These are the points awarded for each race.

As extra words are revealed to help, the points awarded diminishes.

points each

Lowry and Siakam led Toronto with 26 points each.

Michigan was led by Brazdeikis and Poole with 16 points each.

Yoshinobu Kanemaru and Taichi qualified by scoring four points each.

key points

The key points of resistance were Gura humora and Kimpulung.

This work was a publication of the key points of his doctoral thesis.

He was also a key points contributor in Stanford's NCAA national team championship in 1967.

certain points   (特定のポイント)

Some people seemed to agree on certain points.

Męczykowski wrote that Grabowski contradicted himself on certain points.

Even faithful and simple Sancho is forced to deceive him at certain points.

ranking points

The highest possible ranking points are 116,000.

From week 105 the ranking points are completely lost.

A player's ranking points for an event must be at least 1.2.

only points   (ポイントのみ)

Day said: Day in fact scored England's only points in the match.

Most nodes in 2009 had no BBS access, but only points, if anything.

The only points of the third quarter came from a 32-yard Indiana field goal.

earn points   (ポイントを獲得)

VP Skaters cannot earn points for their state.

Users check into television shows or movies to earn points and badges.

A driver can earn points from either 1 or 2 series in a calendar year.

main points   (要点)

The main points of the passage are as follows.

The DOTS strategy focuses on five main points of action.

Chinese dishes stress the three main points of appearance, smell, and taste.

points earned

The table below shows the corresponding points earned each week.

The season championship is determined by points earned in each tournament.

If a contender fell, they could start back up, but lost all points earned.

strong points

at one of the strong points encountered.

Each one is full of strong points and supported by valid reasoning.

He has listed his speed, strength, and finishing as his strong points.

fixed points

A derangement is a permutation of a set without fixed points.

The fixed points of τ correspond to the boundary points of Σ/τ.

The addition of fixed points and a driving arm make it a 6-bar linkage.

focal points   (フォーカルポイント)

Education is one of the focal points of the AAVS and its mission.

It was one of the focal points of Hindu-Muslim religious conflicts.

The holy temple of Saint George and the "Club Hellenique" are the focal points of the community.

points standings

He finished fifth in the final points standings.

The top 70 players in the points standings advanced to the BMW Championship.

He won at Nashville and at Talladega, finishing eighth in the points standings.

code points

Some code points (marked blue in the table) were reserved for national-specific usage.

Of these, the British/Pitman forms were accepted for encoding as characters at code points and .

In the following table characters are shown together with their corresponding Unicode code points.

level on points

Jersey finished level on points with Germany, with Jersey advancing with a better net run rate.

This season was the last in which goal average decided places for teams which were level on points.

Although they ended level on points with Benfica, they received two more bonus points than Benfica.

plot points   (プロットポイント)

"Banacek" borrowed elements of both characters and plot points.

Many plot points simply fade away.

Chuck-a-luck is featured in the lyrics to the theme song and in some plot points.

points above

They finished 17th, twelve points above the relegation places.

This heading is inextricably linked with the other points above.

Its elevation averages between , with its highest points above .

points off

VanVleet contributed 11 points off the bench.

The Hoyas scored 24 points off 19 turnovers during the game.

Coming to Spain, Thierry Neuville was forty-one points off the lead.

points total   (ポイント合計)

Awarded to players who tally highest points total during championships.

He again reached the 40-goal plateau in 1984–85, and had 92 points total.

They ended the game with 41 points total but did not take the $10,000 grand prize.

points before

Rankings and points before are as of 14 May 2018.

Rankings and points before are as of 7 May 2018.

points towards

But one day Victoria gets murdered and all the evidences points towards Shashank.

This evidence points towards the first known case of eusociality in a marine animal.

When she wakes up in the emergency room she points towards Karan's brother, Vimal who is arrested.

points race   (ポイントレース)

She also rode the women's points race but did not finish.

"After all events including points race."

Three drivers entered the 1970 Wilkes 400 in a very close points race.

final points

He finished fifth in the final points standings.

Each team then scored their final points in the third quarter.

In 2002, he won four races and two poles but dropped to ninth in the final points.

following points

The men seem to agree on the following points: 1.)

Working clockwise from the northwest, the following points are found on the island's coast.

The following points of interest lie in Abayita Ababiri or near the limits of the neighborhood:

points a game

He averaged 19 points a game.

In basketball, Stokley averaged 14 points a game and won All-District honors.

Her lifetime average of 18 points a game places her in the top 10 all-time list.

starting points

The trail has two main starting points.

This equivalence is one of the starting points of scheme theory.

There are two popular starting points for the traverse of the mountain.

points between

The objective is to obtain a best estimate of the voltages for the points between the electrodes.

By mathematical necessity, there must also be unstable equilibrium points between the stable points.

This was the highest scoring game in the history of the rivalry, with a total of 72 points between the teams.

zero points   (ゼロ点)

The player who achieves zero points first of all, wins the game.

The losing team gets zero points.

Last place received zero points.

tied on points

Sporting Cristal and Juan Aurich were tied on points at the end of the season.

If tied on points, the following criteria were used to determine the ranking: 1.

If two or more teams were tied on points, places were determined by goal difference.

points allowed

They finished 3rd in points allowed on the season.

The 14 points allowed came in Ohio State's only losses.

They were tied for 10th in fewest points allowed as well.

enough points

They did not have enough points to make it to the Olympic Games Beijing 2008.

His second-place finish in the final stage gave him enough points to finish just above Cavendish and Hushovd.

Harvick overcame a flat tire during the Phoenix race to secure enough points to make the Championship 4 at Homestead.

points when   (を指すとき)

It had a Nielsen rating of 5.6 points when it was broadcast in 1995.

This had a Nielsen rating of 5.4 points when it was broadcast in 1995.

This episode received Nielsen ratings of 6.2 points when it premiered.

entry points   (エントリーポイント)

The park can be accessed via the following entry points:

It provides access to many of the entry points in the BWCAW.

The Bille town has five basic entry points (all creeks), viz.

points throughout

He played three games and scored a grand total of 10 points throughout the 2001 season.

Vendors, which sell weapons and ammo, are situated at strategic points throughout levels.

Bathrooms serve as save points throughout the game and are the safest parts of the house.

control points   (制御点)

The majority of control points are equipped with remote control, power-operated switches.

Finally the internal control point formula_8is derived from the previously calculated control points asformula_9

In the endgame, a new enemy faction named the Black Tusk retakes all the control points players had previously liberated.

points based

Ties divide points based on the total of both places.

Teams are awarded group points based on match performances.

Players won points based on each color.

evidence points   (証拠ポイント)

Most evidence points to "Gigantopithecus" being a herbivore.

Jane is arrested but soon cleared and the evidence points to Sydney.

As a result, evidence points to an accidental death due to drug abuse.

reference points

Some systems use predefined training sequences to provide reference points for the adaptation process.

These degrees of aperture plus the front-back distinction define 8 reference points on a mixture of articulatory and auditory criteria.

Thermometers are calibrated in various temperature scales that historically have used various reference points and thermometric substances for definition.

fewest points

Team Asia had the fewest points and was eliminated.

the winner is the player with the fewest points.

They were tied for 10th in fewest points allowed as well.

hit points

The real ones then stand as hit points.

When a playable character loses all hit points, he or she faints.

They all have outrageously high attack and hit points but are vulnerable to priests.

points difference

They did however finish with the highest points difference.

The title was won by Swinton on points difference ahead of Salford.

Hill finished 7th and missed out on the playoffs by points difference.

projectile points   (発射点)

Artifacts include projectile points and chipped stone.

Pottery fragments, projectile points, and other artifacts found at the site date it to 900-1300.

Items found at the site include Avonlea projectile points and sherds of ceramics and Mortlach wares.

most points scored   (ほとんどの得点)

It was the most points scored in Packers postseason history.

Bernard’s offense at Raines in ’97 led the FHSAA in total offense and most points scored.

UConn's 17 points were a Motor City Bowl-record for most points scored in a first quarter.

penalty points

The pair with the lowest number of penalty points was victorious.

Teams were given penalty points for minor technical infringements.

The issuing of penalty points is not subject to reprimands being issued as a pre-requisite.

awarded points

The 40 best runners in each event were awarded points.

Riders were awarded points for finishing in the top ten in a stage.

In the 2001 season, only the sixteen best teams were awarded points.

additional points

No additional points were awarded.

The following additional points of interest lie within or near the town of Pader:

Further development is underway to extend the service to multiple additional points south.

points for each

The bonus points for each match are retained if the match is completed.

Twelve contestants took part to a simple round-robin tournament, earning two points for each win.

between two points

Distance, formula_1 is calculated between two points, formula_2 and formula_3.

Changes in the MCI reflect changes in monetary conditions between two points in time.

The book alternates between two points of view: Art meeting Linda in London, and Art in the asylum.

points available   (利用可能なポイント)

The maximum number of action points available varies with each recipe.

The number of points available is announced at the beginning of each round.

The points available for each stage finish were determined by the stage's type.

vantage points   (有利な点)

Both located in South Parish, these were the only high vantage points in the area.

Views are afforded to, from and across the mining landscape from a range of vantage points.

The images have both Cubism's multiple vantage points and Futurism's representation of a figure over time.

points lead   (ポイントリード)

James Hylton would lose his points lead to Richard Petty after this race.

When the fall Phoenix race was shortened due to rain, Harvick retook the points lead.

Johnson finished 13th and Kenseth came home 20th, allowing Johnson to take the points lead.

crossing points

Often, additional border crossing points are created to carry only local border traffic.

The current bridges at these crossing points were constructed in 1955 and 2012 respectively.

The main crossing points are the northern Erez Crossing into Israel and the southern Rafah Crossing into Egypt.

points tally   (ポイント集計)

"Scores and results list France's points tally first."

"Scores and results list Australia's points tally first."

Each rider's points tally is displayed on a small screen next to the laser blaster.

just two points   (わずか2点)

Wexford came storming back to win the game by just two points.

Bayern, however, finished bottom of their group with just two points.

Should Mouton go on to hold off Röhrl, she would reduce Röhrl's lead in the championship to just two points.

turning points

It also outlines major turning points and "operations" in their history.

Bash at the Beach marked three major turning points during Hulk Hogan's career.

Two major events were turning points in the earlier history of the Gulf Coast region.

strategic points

Often they are at key strategic points.

Caution and the importance of strategic points are the chief features of his system.

Vendors, which sell weapons and ammo, are situated at strategic points throughout levels.

end points

The end points on either end alternate in a staggered pattern.

Most aftershocks occurred between these end points, in a zone 140 km long and about 50 km wide.

Axons in the central nervous system (CNS) typically show multiple telodendria, with many synaptic end points.