Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

police officer   (Oficial de policía)

Survivor Albert Leos later became a police officer.

Sneha plays the tough police officer in this movie.

Golden is a retired New York City police officer.

police officers   (oficiales de policía)

The fraud is investigated by two police officers.

Two police officers and two journalists were injured.

They soon met with twelve club-wielding police officers.

police station   (estación de policía)

He's currently working at Grenland police station.

This block is served by Kalimpong police station.

Pindrajora police station is located at Pindrajora.

police force   (fuerza policial)

He subsequently joined the police force in Detroit.

He resigned from the city police force in June 1869.

In 1933 Blobel joined the police force in Düsseldorf.

local police   (Policía Local)

People noting him often phoned their local police.

The local police force is Durham Constabulary.

The local police force is Cleveland Police.

police forces

is one of the national police forces of Italy.

Later police forces began to model the US departments.

Indian police forces use "Known Dacoit" (K.D.)

police department   (Departamento de Policia)

Nick's contact at the police department was Sgt.

"Paradise PD" follows "a small-town police department.

Brody takes Dana to the police department to report it.

police chief   (jefe de policia)

The current police chief is Bradley S. Osgood.

This was cleared by Swedish police chief Sten Lindstrom.

He underwent police chief training in Stockholm in 1966.

secret police   (policía secreta)

Plain-clothed secret police worked inside Spanish universities.

Tichý himself has been interrogated many times by the secret police since 1995.

Wahl betrayed Porter to Rapture's secret police to keep the Thinker for himself.

military police

The Coast Battalion trains navy and military police NCOs.

He is shot dead by military police.

He served in a military police battalion and was deployed to Iraq.

police stations

142 FIRs were recorded in various police stations.

Bally & Liluah police stations serve this block.

Jaigaon and Kalchini police stations serve this block.

police brutality   (brutalidad policial)

Some newspapers reported "police brutality".

It also touches on police brutality.

While living in Chicago, Willer was the victim of police brutality.

state police   (policía Estatal)

They are helicoptered out by state police aviation.

A state police official joined the group to mediate.

O'Hara was arrested by state police at his penthouse at Narragansett Park.

police investigation   (investigación policial)

The police investigation was concluded in May 1975.

The police investigation was finished on August 7, 2007.

The rumours said that the bank was under police investigation.

police departments

It is, however, still issued to some of the police departments.

The fire and police departments soon arrive and discover the show.

Some police departments use pickup trucks with cages for animal control units.

police arrested   (la policía arrestada)

The police arrested 81 persons in connection with rioting.

Sydney police arrested her on 8 September.

The police arrested him for the illegal disposal of a corpse.

police detective   (detective policial)

She lives in Chicago, working as a police detective.

A ranting, disturbed police detective, Lt.

His father is a police detective in Suffolk County, New York.

chief of police   (jefe de policía)

It is likely he is now simply the chief of police.

The current chief of police is Nick Metz.

The chief of police is portrayed by .

police car

During the demonstration, one police car was damaged.

She watches as he is bundled away into a waiting police car.

There are several types of police car.

police arrive   (llega la policia)

In the past, the police arrive and search for her.

Jennifer and the police arrive and investigate.

Angelo, Geno, and the police arrive and save Frankie.

police custody   (custodia policial)

At least three prisoners died in police custody in 2011.

She was later taken into police custody.

He died hours later in police custody.

riot police   (la policía antidisturbios)

Five riot police were killed.

Sometimes riot police or other forms of law enforcement become involved.

Young demonstrators clashed with riot police and attacked government property.

police drama

Later that year, she was cast in the short-lived police drama "Nakia".

He also played Detective Sergeant Ray Lloyd in police drama "Murder Prevention".

(刑警2人组) is a Singaporean police drama which aired in 2006 on MediaCorp Channel 8.

police commissioner   (comisionado de policia)

A police commissioner ensures that prompt justice is done.

⁠] you will not have the backing of the New York police commissioner."

Lee is related to former police commissioner Eddie Hui through marriage.

former police

Most ministers had been former police officials.

The list also includes former police stations ("politikamre").

He is also a former police officer.

police headquarters

Part of the British police headquarters is still standing.

A little digging at police headquarters brings up the rest of the truth.

In 2012, Ms. Muntemba went back to police headquarters as Commissioner Operationers.

police report   (reporte policial)

The police report stated that she refused a blood test.

Lisa and her mother, Siti Amirah Ahmad lodged a police report.

The official police report states that Kirpa committed suicide.

police inspector   (inspector policia)

Anand appears and reveals he is a police inspector.

A female police inspector arrives with her force.

Finally, they get help of one police inspector Iqbal.

police procedural   (procedimiento policial)

A popular subgenre is the police procedural.

Only one, "The Face of the Crime", was a police procedural.

In the 1940s the police procedural evolved as a new style of detective fiction.

police found

The same day police found a suspected mass grave.

During a search, police found a set of keys, including a shaved key.

Permitted by Lim to search his flat, the police found traces of blood.

national police   (policia nacional)

The Carabineros are the national police of Chile.

is one of the national police forces of Italy.

In September, he was named the leader of the national police.

call the police   (llama a la policía)

She threatened to call the police, and he strangled her.

She weeps and call the police, and eventually falls asleep.

The Cat Lady witnesses this and begs Mike to call the police.

police service

He joined the police service before becoming an actor.

Perera retired from the police service on 29 November 1993.

His exemplary police service is well remembered in the Western region.

military and police

Port officials, military and police officers live there.

Control the military and police; 2.

By October 2018, the military and police had lost at least 175 servicemen.

told police

"He really popped me," the victim told police.

“I thought he sounded exasperated,” Dunville told police.

She told police her father was responsible.

police raid   (redada policial)

Due to a police raid in 1962, the krewe dissolved.

Osipova claims the heroin had been planted in a police raid.

They were only released after a police raid on their employer's land.

when the police   (cuando la policia)

The incident occurred when the police raided the apartment.

The incident was resolved when the police stormed the plane.

Six were arrested while others fled when the police arrived.

police arrived

The police arrived in time to free Nancy and Terry.

Six were arrested while others fled when the police arrived.

When the police arrived, shots were exchanged with the gunmen.

police units

They are also used for recreational trail riding and in mounted police units.

At times, however, the frontier wars did see the involvement of British soldiers and later mounted police units.

The Assault Guards were special police units created by the Spanish Republic in 1931 to deal with urban violence.

police protection   (protección policial)

Pediese received police protection.

In the past, we refused him police protection on several occasions.

The parade received substantial police protection, and no anti-gay violence was reported.

police and fire   (policía y bomberos)

The township operates police and fire departments.

He developed police and fire alarm systems for the city.

Vokal had been an outspoken critic of the Omaha police and fire pension system.

police cars

Terms for police cars include area car and patrol car.

In 2016 they received new police cars.

In the United States, police cars are frequently Black and white.

police presence

There would also be an increased police presence.

There is a constant police presence outside the embassy.

A police presence was maintained on the site until 1903.

when police   (cuando la policia)

The protest became violent when police tried to suppress it.

He was semi-conscious when police found him on the grass near his vehicle.

Indeed, Tweed was arrested in Spain when police identified him from Nast's cartoons.

police services

In most Canadian police services the rank of inspector is the first above that of staff sergeant.

The rank is not used in the German police services; there the equivalent of inspector is "Kommissar".

Funerals specifically for fallen members of fire or police services are common in United States and Canada.

special police

Soviet and Russian OMON special police and Russian naval infantry wear a black beret.

A special police division at Luxembourg – Findel Airport is directly responsible for border control.

Led by police vice president Václav Kučera, a special police team called Metyl coordinated the investigations.

calls the police

The woman calls the police, who search the house.

She immediately calls the police, who charge him.

Finally convinced their danger, Luc calls the police.

police and military

This area is restricted for police and military use only.

The resistance was suppressed by police and military power.

A large police and military manhunt was launched to find them.

called the police

He chased Frey, caught him, and called the police.

The neighbour called the police, who arrived at 1:04 pm.

His family called the police and an investigation began.

police work   (trabajo policial)

Modern police work follows the same pattern.

Due to its alert nature, the dog is also used in police work.

In her approach to police work Mishti has proven to be a nosey neighbour.

police officials

Most ministers had been former police officials.

She had also contacted numerous police officials, especially K.K.

While NSG commandos, Mumbai police officials, hotel staffers, etc.

municipal police

The municipal police have several theories.

Four members of the JJGAV were arrested by the municipal police.

APD is one of the largest municipal police department in Colorado.

new police

Work on new police house started in October 1893.

In 2016 they received new police cars.

In 1921, the church was joined by a new police station and a courthouse.

city police

He resigned from the city police force in June 1869.

Among the first incident's dead were six members of the city police and the brother of an ex-mayor.

Military schools, city police departments, and the United States military all ordered uniform cloth from the mill.

own police

The town has its own police force.

Gangtok does not have its own police commissionerate like other major cities in India.

Catalonia has its own police force, the (officially called ), whose origins date back to the 18th century.

police did

Seattle police did not charge the motorist.

Berkeley police did not make any arrests in the incident.

However, the police did no more in interfering the clearance.

other police   (otra policia)

After hours of waiting, Stan and the other police leave.

Cassese along with other police was against civilians within the CCRB.

The uniform of the force is similar to that of other police forces in the UK.

police during

He was tortured by police during that time.

Though arrested by police during this operation, she was released and fled to France.

The protest was non-violent and there was no hostile contact with the police during it.

police corruption   (corrupción policial)

Both investigated police corruption in Durango.

... During ... [2013,] there were reports of excessive force, police corruption, and impunity.

The case is often raised as an example of police corruption and the problems facing Thailand's justice system.

police constable   (agente de policía)

Upon his return, Wood made police constable.

C R Patil joined the Surat police in 1975 as a police constable.

The suspect was immediately shot dead by an accompanying police constable.

police academy   (Academia de policía)

He graduated from police academy in 1985 as the top student.

She was a colleague at the police academy Mishti and Zander attended.

Bodø is the location of the only police academy in Norway outside Oslo.

police raided

The incident occurred when the police raided the apartment.

Later, the police raided the brothel and arrested the three friends.

Convinced Goldman was involved in the plot, police raided her apartment.

police unit

About 70 members strong, it is organized along military lines, although officially a civilian police unit.

Most of these organizations have already been privatized, but are allowed to maintain an auxiliary police unit.

A special police unit called the "Tigers", who specialised in urban counter-guerrilla fighting, was also deployed.

police action   (acción policial)

The opposition Democratic Alliance criticised the police action.

The police action in this matter was widely criticized in the mainstream media.

The police action in Ljuboten coincided with the security forces' counter-offensive in Radusa.

senior police

He formerly served as a senior police officer.

The title of 'Inspector' is in the senior police officer category.

At the time of his arrest, he had the rank of senior police lieutenant.

against police   (contra la policia)

They participated in demonstrations against police brutality and housing discrimination.

The film also depicts their non-violent struggle against police brutality on the picket lines.

During the rally 15 armed members of the Black Panther Party held a street rally to protest against police brutality.

armed police   (Policia armada)

Such ships have an onboard escort of armed police.

On 12 February 2008, he appeared as an armed police inspector named Fraser in the ITV soap opera "Emmerdale".

In 2013, armed police descended on the mall after receiving a tip that fugitive Christopher Dorner was spotted in the mall.

police personnel   (personal policial)

In July Renault's headquarters in Boulogne-Billancourt were searched by 20 police personnel in relation to this case.

The camp management continued to be headed by Italian police personnel under the responsibility of the Ministry of the Interior.

Toward the middle of July, the NLA entered the Tetovo suburb of Drenovec, which was already emptied of army and police personnel.

undercover police   (policía encubierta)

In 1995, Hu starred as an undercover police officer in the film "No Way Back".

Phelan called the police after finding out that Anna was at the Red Rec, with undercover police searching for her.

The Sumac Centre was one of the many organisations that undercover police officer Mark Kennedy infiltrated, starting in 2003.

police reports

No police reports have been filed by the accusers.

Churchill opposed exaggerated claims and collected favorable police reports from key cities.

"Some of the evidence has basically been hidden within the police reports," Mæland concluded.

police powers

These are augmented by two locally engaged Special Members who have police powers.

They go through basic training and have [sometimes limited] police powers while on duty.

The Australian Federal Police can appoint Special Members who do not have full police powers.

arrested by police

All three were arrested by police about an hour later.

Weldy was later arrested by police.

However, he ends up getting arrested by police for causing a scene.

all police

This incident should not stereotype all police officers".

Taltala Women police station covers all police districts under the jurisdiction of the Central division, i.e.

police did not

Seattle police did not charge the motorist.

Berkeley police did not make any arrests in the incident.

Although threatened, Scottish police did not interrupt the show.

corrupt police   (policía corrupta)

Irma's assignments are set up by a corrupt police officer named "Sarge".

Dinah and Quentin are tasked to find the corrupt police officers in the department.

A mosquito from Transylvania finds its way to Seoul where it bites Na Do-yol, a corrupt police officer.

police agencies

Sometimes, police agencies use trucks equipped with cages for animal control.

It is responsible for managing the Macau public security and police agencies.

Postal Inspection Service and various state and local police agencies throughout the country.

police state   (estado policíaco)

A police state developed and freedoms were very limited.

He condemned "the inhuman communist police state tyranny, forced labor."

In practice, a police state was established, without any social control institutions.

security police

Mkhonto was detained and assaulted by the security police on several occasions.

During the September campaign, security police set up the first concentration camps for Poles.

Mhlauli then took the injured to a nearby clinic; this act was also opposed by the security police.

federal police   (policia Federal)

He used military and federal police power and stop money laundering and drug trafficking.

It was built in 1927 as a prison for petty thieves, and was managed by the federal police.

As a result of that shootout, Mexico replaced just under 350 federal police at the airport in August.

mounted police

It often served as mounted police until the middle of the 19th century.

Around 1897, Allan inherited a fortune and retired from the mounted police.

They are also used for recreational trail riding and in mounted police units.

police vehicles

There were ambulances, police vehicles on the way.

61 private vehicles and 56 police vehicles were damaged or destroyed.

Other police vehicles may only have painted on or non-reflective markings.

first police

The first police station was opened in 1864 and the first school in 1868.

By this point, the first police officer to arrive had retreated behind her vehicle.

The building was constructed in the mid-1880s as Frederiksberg's first police station.

between police

He is known for his ground breaking studies of the relationships between police and society.

On July 31, a rally protesting the curfew resulted in a confrontation between police and civilians.

It was the first direct encounter between police and Maoists in the history of Kerala and no casualties were reported.

police training

With his Cadet Corps and police training, Orwell was quickly made a corporal.

A month later, he arrived at Rangoon and travelled to the police training school in Mandalay.

He was sent to Britain for advanced police training in 1952, 1956 and 1963 prior to becoming Commissioner.

against the police   (contra la policia)

He laid a charge against the police but this was never investigated.

Citizens have wanted participation in reviewing complaints against the police as early as the Progressive Era.

He vowed to settle cases with claimants who had ongoing litigation against the police for stop and frisk arrests.

killed by police

He was shot and killed by police on duty nearby.

Thomas fled the area but was later shot and killed by police.

He was then shot and killed by police.

former police officer

He is also a former police officer.

Baramoto, a former police officer, married a sister of Mobutu's first wife.

For, the murderer is none other than a former police officer, who inspired Sathyam to take the cop job.

police used

The police used clubs and fired shots to disperse the protest.

New South Wales police used the Silver Eagle vehicle-mounted unit.

The police used capsicum spray to push the protesters back from the consulate.

police sergeant   (Sargento de Policia)

He was striking a fallen police sergeant with the hammer when he was shot.

He appeared twice in NBC's Columbo playing a police sergeant in 1972 and 1973.

On August 29, three BLA members murdered San Francisco police sergeant John Victor Young at his police station.

police violence   (violencia policial)

This provision usually applies, apart from torture, to cases of severe police violence and poor conditions in detention.

Scored movies as diverse as the romantic comedy "The Woman of my Life", and the dark documentary "Boomerang", (about police violence.)

"The Guardian" reported at the end of 2016 that "police violence against Standing Rock protestors in North Dakota rose to extraordinary levels".

between the police

Violent scenes developed between the police and the protesters.

This leads to a cat and mouse chase between the police, Lt. Luther Jacoby (Harold J.

Further strikes followed in 1917 and 1919 amidst growing violence between the police and trade unions.

police when   (policía cuando)

Baez was taken to the hospital by the police when a dispatched ambulance by Sgt.

Jacqui stands by Theresa and hides the gun, before lying to police when they are questioned.

Doug narrowly escapes the police when his father is apprehended, and the latter dies in prison.

police were called

He refused to leave the theater, so the police were called.

Security and police were called, but no criminal charges were filed.

The police were called and a fight ensued resulting in eleven arrests.

provincial police

A few meters ahead, a special group of the provincial police, the GEO, killed one of the suspects and the two hostages.

During the Ulmanis dictatorship in Latvia 1934–1940, Arājs was a "low ranking provincial police officer" who, as a loyal administrator, dutifully "distanced himself officially from the Pērkonkrusts", the ultra-nationalist party in Latvia.

The uprising, also known as the Oka Crisis, was a 1990 confrontation between a group of Mohawk people (along with allied Native activists) and Quebec's provincial police force over the proposed construction of a golf course on territory that, according to local Mohawk people, had been sold illegally.

police began

Later, police began to investigate House's finances.

Then, police began piecing together the clues.

Following this, police began a murder investigation into the killings.

told the police

Luetgert told the police that she ran away with another man.

Brewer identified himself as "David Urey" and told the police he had no identification.

A man told the police of how Hedström had asked him if he wanted to help him with a crime.

several police

Riley was joined by county coroner J. R. Allen, and several police officers.

Sienna was working with several police officers, including Josh to catch Nico.

He served in several police departments in the South Bay region of San Diego County.

local police station   (estación de policía local)

In 2005 Albanians opened fire on the local police station.

He is held in the local police station.

Hemal traces down the culprit as Chamara and hands him over to the local police station.

police surveillance

Their meeting is monitored from a distance by police surveillance.

Between 1980 and 1986, Sakharov was kept under Soviet police surveillance.

Her house was therefore put under police surveillance while she had this job.

police escort

Despondent, Eadie slips her police escort and wanders alone on the beachfront, where she is murdered.

For his burial at sea a long motorcade of mourners, accompanied by a 30-man police escort, moved across town to Waikiki Beach.

He said that Riley had been found guilty of the "victimless" crime of conspiracy and the cost of bringing him back to London under police escort would be "exorbitant".