Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

foreign policy   (la política exterior)

She is known for her hawkish foreign policy views.

The President sets the tone for all foreign policy.

Elizabeth's foreign policy was largely defensive.

public policy   (política pública)

She earned a degree in public policy at Stanford in 1994.

Rankin also advised BC NDP Opposition Leaders on public policy.

in public policy and administration.

economic policy   (política económica)

IMF positively evaluated government's economic policy.

Some have said that China pursues a mercantilist economic policy.

However, he had not yet gone beyond the mere critique of economic policy.

government policy   (política gubernamental)

The private press often carries criticism of government policy.

He was willing to break with a government policy of inaction on the issue.

Notwithstanding, economics legitimately has a role in informing government policy.

monetary policy   (la política monetaria)

Soft monetary policy is a policy aimed at limiting inflation.

It also studies effects of monetary policy and fiscal policy.

The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) sets monetary policy.

policy makers

She is interested in how scientists can engage with policy makers.

IYI are often policy makers, academics, journalists, and media pundits.

On the other hand, policy makers face the struggle on allowance allocations.

policy issues

He was again mainly involved in colonial and foreign policy issues.

There is a raft of NGOs in Germany that engage foreign policy issues.

It is a contributor to policy issues at a national and international level.

new policy

His allocated task was to carry out a new policy in the Indies.

Under the new policy, if the No.

In 2006 he launched the new policy Vision For Change and it became government policy.

social policy   (politica social)

These programs also advocated changes in social policy.

There she was first youth and social policy spokeswoman for the SPD group.

Strain’s research focuses on labor economics, public finance, and social policy.

insurance policy   (póliza de seguros)

It's an insurance policy for the worst possible outcome.

He carries a US$20-million insurance policy.

His widow claimed under his life insurance policy as executrix.

policy towards

His policy towards the Phagmodrupa was one of confrontation.

It was not limited to the Nazi policy towards Poland's artistic heritage.

It also advocates what it calls a more balanced US policy towards the Middle East.

health policy   (política de salud)

An increase in these years is one of the EU's health policy goals.

In 2018 she was named the 4th most influential person in Swedish health policy.

She deals with such issues as the environment, education, health policy and gender issues.

energy policy

She publishes intensively on nuclear and energy policy.

Therefore, market trends depend on Chinese energy policy.

"Energiewende" designates a significant change in energy policy.

national policy   (policia Nacional)

However, with both parties this has never been official national policy.

In the 1950s, the pursuit of "enosis" became a part of the Greek national policy.

As chairman, she organized public hearings on national policy concerns for older women.

policy development   (desarrollo de políticas)

The main policy development was Henry's taking full control of the Church of England.

Political parties and the state perceive caste as an important factor for mobilization of people and policy development.

Membership is not required to participate in ARIN's policy development process or to apply for Internet number resources.

fiscal policy

State spending is part of the state's fiscal policy.

Danish fiscal policy is generally considered healthy.

policy decisions

He was not involved in any major policy decisions.

All policy decisions are implemented by the Executive Committee.

Science is not autonomous and research requires funding which policy decisions come into play.

immigration policy   (política de inmigración)

In accordance with its immigration policy, Croatia is trying to entice emigrants to return.

In accordance with its immigration policy, Croatia is also trying to entice emigrants to return.

The scandal also prompted a wider debate about British immigration policy and Home Office practice.

education policy

Her parliamentary work focused on education policy.

Education policy analysis is the scholarly study of education policy.

Issues in education policy also address problems within higher education.

policy making

Other applications include marketing and policy making.

Because of this interpretation, the AFp is well suited for the public policy making.

Ogata also criticised the fact that women with children were rarely consulted in policy making.

official policy

It had been an official policy, however, since 1876.

Enlisting former slaves became official policy.

The government's official policy is one of nonalignment.

wellness policy   (política de bienestar)

1771 et seq) "shall establish a local school wellness policy by School Year 2006."

Most districts identified the superintendent and school foodservice director as responsible for ensuring local wellness policy implementation.

The legislation placed the responsibility of developing a wellness policy at the local level so the individual needs of each district can be addressed.

environmental policy

Initially, EU environmental policy focused on Europe.

To that end, an ambitious environmental policy has been set.

This includes environmental policy and safety and social aspects.

security policy

Zegart is a leading national expert on the United States Intelligence Community and national security policy.

Yun specializes in international security policy and foreign affairs, particularly East Asia and North Korea.

Richard Kugler Richard L. Kugler is an American thinker and writer on U.S. national security policy and defense strategy.

policy changes

But Chernenko's short time in office did bring some significant policy changes.

This enabled him to persuade his MPs to support a substantial set of policy changes.

Saeed leans towards the conservative side, and no dramatic policy changes were expected from him.

policy regarding

Other conflicting reports about the Egyptian policy regarding blocking.

Subsequently, the MAC announced its Eight Noes" policy regarding exchanges with China.

According to Josephus the Romans had an active policy regarding the retrieval of hidden treasure.

policy advisor   (consejero político)

In 1995 she was a senior policy advisor in the Clinton Administration.

Sikharulidze was moved to the post of President's foreign policy advisor.

Avik Roy Avik Roy (; Bengali: অভীক রায়) is an American journalist and policy advisor.

state policy   (política estatal)

His speeches are "not the growth of truth, of nature, and feeling, but of state policy, of art, and practice."

The assembled functionaries were told that the Nazi state policy was "the extermination of the Jewish people" as such.

Chaired by the Prime Minister, it is responsible for carrying out state policy, managing the state budget, and maintaining law and order.

domestic policy   (política doméstica)

Afghan Foreign Minister Mahmud Tarzi was a follower of Atatürk's domestic policy.

Andropov's domestic policy leaned heavily towards restoring discipline and order to Soviet society.

In domestic policy, the White Senate's main goal was to return the political right to power in Finland.

policy toward   (política hacia)

Would it regard U.S. policy toward Afghanistan any less critically?

The White House responded to the shift in policy toward the US as welcome.

Elizabeth's first policy toward Scotland was to oppose the French presence there.

policy change

The risks of this policy change put the two men at odds.

With this policy change, a song could chart based on digital downloads alone.

The Soviets mounted a public relations campaign against the Western policy change.

policy research

The Center employs fellows to conduct policy research.

After leaving UBS in 2011, he founded HKGolden50, a small policy research organisation.

To this, its role was to conduct a wide range of economic and policy research for the federal government.

adopted a policy

With the defeat in 1864, Denmark had adopted a policy of neutrality.

His government adopted a policy of ambiguity regarding atomic bomb programs.

Klaus-Peter Friedrich wrote that "most [Poles] adopted a policy of wait-and-see...

drug policy

1989, but through his lawyer challenged the legality of the CBA's drug policy.

He continued to write and give presentations on policing and drug policy up to his death.

Maher has strong opinions on US drug policy, advocating for the legalization of marijuana.

trade policy

He focused on matters of development aid and trade policy.

He has also handled DFID engagement in Iraq and on trade policy.

TFTC also plans a variety of educational events around trade policy.

policy analysis

Education policy analysis is the scholarly study of education policy.

It is focused on national and international security issues; military analysis, systems, and strategies; intelligence matters; and space policy analysis.

Founded in 1995, AVAC uses public education, policy analysis, advocacy and Community Mobilization to accelerate a comprehensive response to the epidemic.

policy against   (política contra)

The Turkic Khaganate had special policy against Chinese assimilation policy.

Bernstorff conceded that the Ottoman policy against the Armenians was one of exterminating the race.

Phi Delta Theta has a strict policy against hazing and does not tolerate chapters who violate the policy.

tax policy

Chen advised Romney on tax policy.

Maugham had advised the Labour Party on tax policy under Ed Miliband.

The development of the economy depends on the tax policy implemented in the country.

policy implementation   (implementación de políticas)

Costs must therefore be carefully weighed before policy implementation.

In this capacity, he is in charge of monetary policy implementation and investment of the Bank of Finland’s financial assets.

Most districts identified the superintendent and school foodservice director as responsible for ensuring local wellness policy implementation.

policy recommendations   (recomendaciones de política)

During the seminar the economists set out their ideas and policy recommendations.

However, neither observation led to formal policy recommendations to forestall such an attack.

Lastly, a Final Report was published in June, 2015 by DTPS providing its policy recommendations.

policy during

Foreign policy during Vargas years was marked by the antecedents and World War II.

He provided support for and influenced the economic policy during the fascist regime.

Neutrality was the central element of Cambodian foreign policy during the 1950s and 1960s.

policy adviser   (asesor de políticas)

The Labor Party selected indigenous policy adviser Karl Hampton as its candidate.

Huang served in the presidential administration of Chen Shui-bian as a national policy adviser.

He was a foreign policy adviser to Sarah Palin during John McCain's 2008 presidential campaign.

editorial policy

"Nation Review" editorial policy was egalitarian and anti-establishment.

Hamling's editorial policy was consciously slanted against intellectualism.

The newspaper said it has a "long standing editorial policy" of not publishing women's images.

pursued a policy

Tiberius had pursued a policy of scorched earth to starve the Pannonians.

Franco initially pursued a policy of autarky, cutting off almost all international trade.

In so doing the Pope pursued a policy of spiritual resistance to Nazi ideology and racism.

policy analyst   (analista de políticas)

Tucker was also a policy analyst with the Center for Economic and Policy Research.

Meanwhile, Miller also served as policy analyst for Colorado governor Bill Ritter.

She was a regulatory policy analyst in the Office of Management and Budget from 1998 to 2000.

life insurance policy   (póliza de seguro de vida)

His widow claimed under his life insurance policy as executrix.

Rickey's Dodgers stock was held on margin and he had fully levered life insurance policy.

Falcke owned the first mortgage on the life insurance policy of the Duchess de Beaufremont.

policy initiatives   (iniciativas de política)

Unlike policy initiatives by previous first ladies (such as Michelle Obama's Let's Move!

The organization also leads national public policy initiatives and international public health programs.

He also advocated faith-based policy initiatives by the federal government based upon Judeo-Christian values.

policy areas

Some of the organisation's policy areas are summarised as follows (2006):

The ordinary legislative procedure, applies to nearly all EU policy areas.

She worked in social policy areas, and was an amateur pianist and a patron of the arts.

policy matters

The "Interagency GPS Executive Board (IGEB)" oversaw GPS policy matters from 1996 to 2004.

On other foreign policy matters, the party "supports a nuclear-free Israel and Middle East".

He attended the House of Lords regularly and spoke frequently on foreign policy matters as a cross-bencher.

policy of not

The committee has a policy of not using artificial or fictional languages for its problems.

Ruairi is not breathing and due to the hospital's policy of not intervening before 24 weeks, he dies.

The two schools have never played each other, due to the University of Arkansas's policy of not playing intrastate games.

policy debate

Diem's request launched a policy debate in the White House and the State and Defense Departments.

He helped bring the issues of the national debt and the national deficit into the national policy debate.

She has published widely in leading academic journals and writes regular op-eds and contributions to the public policy debate.

general policy   (Política general)

The Board of Governors sets general policy for the State System.

At the end of the 1970s, the general policy of welcoming journalists into areas of guerrillas control changed.

France supported the Dutch Republic during the Eighty Years War with Spain, as part of a general policy of opposing Habsburg power.

policy statement   (declaración de política)

The ideas expressed in the policy statement had a significant influence on the party in the years to come.

Often the pegging conducted by central banks is pretty discrete and not disclosed in any formal policy statement.

In 1962, the ACLU published a policy statement condemning in-school prayers, observation of religious holidays, and Bible reading.

major policy   (política principal)

He was not involved in any major policy decisions.

The questions can concern anything from a major policy issue to a specific constituent's problem.

generally joins other African and developing country states in consensus positions on major policy issues.

development policy   (política de desarrollo)

2005: Third letter of development policy.

The development policy of Germany is an independent area of foreign policy.

Sub-Saharan Africa is the priority region for France's public development policy.

international policy

She regularly attends international policy fora, including the Bilderberg Group.

Roman–Parthian relations dominated international policy in the classical near east.

Besides the emerging international policy of the European Union, the international influence of the EU is also felt through enlargement.

science policy

Elzinga has written on science policy from both a conceptual-critical and a practical point of view.

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research is responsible for implementing science policy.

The regulatory framework has evolved since 2006 till date when the country's first science policy was prepared.

language policy

The language policy in Friesland is preservation.

He participated in the debates on federalism and language policy.

The school follows the three-language formula as per the language policy.

educational policy

And he developed the educational policy for his campaign.

After her career as mayor, Humphrey worked in educational policy at the state level.

It realizes a complex philosophical, sociological and historical approach to studies of educational policy.

senior policy   (política senior)

In 1995 she was a senior policy advisor in the Clinton Administration.

Later he worked as a senior policy analyst for economic policy at the Center for American Progress, under Gene Sperling.

Eventually she served as the senior policy analyst for agriculture in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.

policy goals

An increase in these years is one of the EU's health policy goals.

Municipal utilities, on the other hand, also focused on the pursuit of other policy goals, which can result in higher electricity costs.

These are power-giving treaties which set broad policy goals and establish institutions with the necessary legal powers to implement those goals.

defence policy   (política de defensa)

The CFSP pillar became a natural basis for a further deepening of EU defence policy cooperation.

This was compounded by a defence policy of the Howard Government that sought to maximise the tooth-to-tail ratio.

Finland was considered a cooperative model state, and Finland did not oppose proposals for a common EU defence policy.

change in policy

Yet with the change in Viceroy came a change in policy.

This change in policy was not confirmed by Chick-fil-A officials.

This change in policy has not been confirmed by Chick-fil-A officials.

party policy

In 2016, Scheer supported the removal of "traditional definition of marriage" from the conservative party policy book.

At the Liberal biennial convention in March, delegates overwhelmingly approved same-sex marriage as a matter of party policy.

The Scottish National Party decided not to contest the election, even though it was party policy to contest all Scottish by-elections.

policy of neutrality   (política de neutralidad)

With the defeat in 1864, Denmark had adopted a policy of neutrality.

Following World War II, Denmark ended its two-hundred-year-long policy of neutrality.

Finland joined the United Nations in 1955 and adopted an official policy of neutrality.

cultural policy

A liberal cultural policy dominated during the post-war period.

This cultural policy was relaxed over time, most notably during the late 1960s and early 1970s.

She has been active as an arts administrator in the field of cultural policy and cultural diplomacy for over 30 years.

military policy

Confederate military policy innovated to slow the invaders, but at heavy cost to the Southern infrastructure.

Mehlman supported the repeal of the "Don't ask, don't tell" military policy introduced during President Bill Clinton's tenure.

Men granted land were conscripted for military service for a fixed period each year, a military policy known as the "Fubing system".

board policy

Eligibility to participate is set in school board policy.

Eligibility to participate is determined by school board policy.

policy positions

Previously, he served in senior foreign policy positions under Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W.

Ryan's non-fiscal policy positions were subject to additional national attention with his 2012 race for Vice President.

TFTC was instrumental in getting specific information on the presidential candidates' trade policy positions during the 2008 election through questionnaires.

public policy issues   (cuestiones de política pública)

ACRA is the industry voice on public policy issues facing the car rental industry.

His most recent book, "The economists' voice: Top economists take on today's problems" (2008), is a series of essays on the application of economics to public policy issues.

This three-day conference provides an opportunity for thirty emerging leaders of all ages from JACL and OCA National to learn about current national public policy issues facing the Asian American community.

agricultural policy

Another cause of hunger is related to agricultural policy.

In agricultural policy terms, this region is considered to be a less favored area (LFA).

With agricultural policy success in wheat, India's Green Revolution technology spread to rice.

research and policy

Her additional research and policy advocacy work focuses on sexual harassment in science and academia.

It is an independent, non-profit academic institution which is involved in basic research and policy advice.

Georghiou is active in research and policy advice in the fields of research and innovation policy, foresight, and evaluation.

policy and practice   (política y práctica)

The reports provide a critique of law, policy and practice in Scotland.

APHL convenes leading national forums on public health laboratory science, policy and practice.

There is strong emphasis in current Australian policy and practice to keep children with their families wherever possible.

privacy policy

As a result, any corporate privacy policy related to e-commerce activity may be subject to enforcement by the FTC.

Hammonds did not inform Smith of this second search, violating the Faculty of Arts and Sciences' email privacy policy.

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences privacy policy requires members to be "notified at the earliest possible opportunity."

policy proposals

In Greece, its core 7 legislative policy proposals are:

His late start left him with relatively few detailed policy proposals.

His early policy proposals included a pilot of universal baby boxes like those used in Finland and Scotland.

policy objectives

Hence, all three of the policy objectives mentioned above cannot be pursued simultaneously.

With the end of the Cold War, however, Denmark has been supportive of U.S. policy objectives in the Alliance.

The Meridian Center for Cultural Diplomacy (MCCD) was created in 2014 to use visual and performing arts to achieve U.S foreign policy objectives.

defense policy

"The New York Times" called her a "defense policy wonk".

It eschewed foreign and defense policy.

European integration also involves foreign and defense policy that is aligned with NATO.

policy framework

The Stabilisation and Association Process (SAP) is the EU's policy framework.

It defines a policy framework to foster the sound worldwide management of chemicals.

The political declaration and the policy framework document became a stable basis for the Northern Dimension as from 2007.

federal policy   (política federal)

Use shifted from a “playing games” stance to an “evaluate the impact of federal policy” stance.

Environmental justice groups can engage the community to impact local state and federal policy.

Cormack was subsequently recruited to the federal policy committee, at the urging of Robert Menzies and Richard Casey.

school board policy   (política de la junta escolar)

Eligibility to participate is set in school board policy.

Eligibility to participate is determined by school board policy.

s policy

The editors chastised Roosevelt for an attack on Wilson’s policy in Mexico.

Yi Le is sent to the countryside as part of the Communist Party’s policy of re-education.

Herndon was suspended the first four games of the 2019 season for violating the NFL’s policy and program on substances of abuse.

s policy

The editors chastised Roosevelt for an attack on Wilson’s policy in Mexico.

Yi Le is sent to the countryside as part of the Communist Party’s policy of re-education.

Herndon was suspended the first four games of the 2019 season for violating the NFL’s policy and program on substances of abuse.

policy think   (pensar en política)

In 1979, he joined the global policy think tank RAND Corporation.

He is the Chair of the Policy Network Foundation, a policy think tank.

He also headed Moon Jae-in's policy think tank during the 2017 South Korean presidential election.

foreign policy issues

He was again mainly involved in colonial and foreign policy issues.

There is a raft of NGOs in Germany that engage foreign policy issues.

Turkish Prime-Minister İsmet İnönü was very conscious of foreign policy issues.

colonial policy

After the duel Le Chatelier lost influence in colonial policy.

He was involved in discussions on the budget, public education, colonial policy and state railways.

Ostensibly, Spanish colonial policy was designed to protect native peoples, who were wards of the state and church.

climate policy   (política climática)

Morrison won the 2019 election with an unchanged climate policy.

Nonetheless, the government also gets very little credit for its climate policy.

His son Roger A. Pielke Jr. is a political scientist and works in the field of climate policy.

policy experts

Indian policy experts hoped to expedite assimilation of Native Americans to the larger American society, which was becoming urban.

Her work on the document and the inter-agency process that preceded it were well-received by foreign policy experts across the political spectrum.

Both American media, policy experts and President Obama contrasted the allegedly insufficient and "mild" Egyptian reaction with the Libyan reaction, which they praised.

law and policy

In 2009, Selig began teaching as an adjunct professor of sports law and policy at Marquette University Law School.

These attitudes not only influenced drug law and policy but also led to increased violence against African Americans.

In addition, Dr. Howard is a board-certified occupational physician and has written numerous papers on occupational health law and policy.

policy reform   (reforma política)

The organization's executive director, Liz Baxter, has advocated for health policy reform to members of the Oregon Legislative Assembly.

He championed social causes like opposing opium smoking, promoting Chinese vernacular education, legislating against polygamy and pressing for immigration policy reform.

Haddad has also served as President of the Tasmanian branch of the Fabian Society, a left wing think tank researching progressive political ideas and public policy reform.

admissions policy

This admissions policy replaced the previous one for admissions starting in 2020.

It had an enrollment of 1,550 pupils in 2017, with a comprehensive admissions policy.

However, the OU accepted its first 25,000 students in 1971, adopting a radical open admissions policy.

policy through

The President of Chile is the commander in chief of the military, and formulates policy through the Minister of Defence.

The Town Council sets policy through the enactment of ordinances and resolutions, which must be signed or vetoed by the Mayor.

The President of Colombia is the military's commander in chief, and helps formulate defense policy through the Ministry of National Defence, which is in charge of day-to-day operations.

policy think tank   (think tank de políticas)

In 1979, he joined the global policy think tank RAND Corporation.

He is the Chair of the Policy Network Foundation, a policy think tank.

He also headed Moon Jae-in's policy think tank during the 2017 South Korean presidential election.