political party   (政治団体)

However, FNB's life as a political party was short.

He does not align himself with any political party.

The new political party gained national support.

political parties   (政党)

INC, CPM, BJP etc are the major political parties.

Gradually, political parties used it to gain mileage.

Fifteen political parties are represented in Congress.

political science   (政治学)

in American history and political science in 1956.

Ambiguity is a powerful tool of political science.

in political science from Grinnell College in 1993.

political career   (政治的経歴)

Ellis began his political career as a Republican.

She started her political career by becoming the Sr.

McCallion began her political career in Streetsville.

political figure   (政治家)

He later became a political figure in Nova Scotia.

was a merchant and political figure in Nova Scotia.

was a political figure in Nova Scotia.

social and political   (社会的および政治的)

The newspaper was devoted to social and political reform.

His work also evolves around social and political issues.

One native described it as a social and political experiment.

political power   (政治権力)

The Chinese can use their political power: force.

However, in general, he had no real political power.

As a consequence, political power was less concentrated.

political activist   (政治活動家)

Prior to entering academia, he was a political activist.

Halima Ahmed Halima Ahmed () is a Somali political activist.

Stuart Syvret Stuart Syvret is a political activist in Jersey.

political and social   (政治的および社会的)

Its content deals with political and social issues.

A series of high-rating political and social shows (e.g.

There's a lot of political and social commentary going on.

political and economic   (政治的および経済的)

She started his political and economic career in 1950.

They had combined both political and economic interests.

As a result, a huge political and economic grow was achieved.

political prisoners   (政治犯)

ETA considers its prisoners political prisoners.

For a time it was used as a prison for political prisoners.

The plea was signed by 8 former political prisoners of USSR.

political system

His regime was dictatoral in its political system.

He also described to them the Israeli political system.

The Dominican Republic has a multi-party political system.

political leaders

Levy has close ties with Israeli political leaders.

In the West, political leaders have sometimes consulted astrologers.

She is known to be the first female literate political leaders in her community.

political life   (政治生活)

His political life did not end with his presidency.

It marked the end of her activity in political life.

After this de Chantemerle retired from political life.

political scientist   (政治学者)

She is married to the political scientist Herman Ruether.

Hjeltnes is married to Bernt Hagtvet, a political scientist.

For example, political scientist Steven Brams has an Erdős number of 2.

political situation   (政治的な状況)

However, he failed to read the political situation correctly.

Orwell stepped into a complex political situation in Catalonia.

Three years later however the political situation was transformed.

political issues   (政治的な問題)

His work also evolves around social and political issues.

Celebrities have used their actions to highlight political issues.

Steigerwald posts about political issues and Pittsburgh on his blog.

political views

Warrick had generally liberal political views.

In the 1980s, her political views shifted to the left.

Until then, his political views had been more conservative.

economic and political

(economic and political sciences, also as Dr. rer.

It works to improve their social, economic and political situation.

The late 19th century saw a period of economic and political upheaval.

political reasons

No restriction may be imposed for political reasons.

Ravindran was imprisoned many times for political reasons.

This move was undertaken largely for political reasons, i.e.

major political   (主要な政治)

The latter would remain his major political theme.

INC, CPM, BJP etc are the major political parties.

The announcement led to major political controversy.

new political

The new political party gained national support.

In 1997 he founded a new political party named MIGATO.

He co-launched a new political party Balochistan Awami Party (BAP).

political figures   (政治家)

The anger at federal political figures was palpable.

They target various political figures time and time again.

Dignitaries and political figures of both races sent their condolences.

political influence   (政治的影響)

However he completely lost his political influence.

Monks and temples began to gain political influence.

They held large fiefs, and retained great political influence.

political activities

The CCPOA is deeply involved in a variety of political activities.

In 1941, Ocak began to take part in political activities in Gaziantep.

Cook's political activities have largely been enabled by self-financing.

political economy   (政治経済学)

Babbage planned to lecture in 1831 on political economy.

He was made an adjunct professor of political economy in 1888.

degree in political economy in 1990.

other political   (その他の政治)

She also went to other political trainings.

No other political groups are legally allowed to organize.

This proposal is resisted by all the other political parties.

political action   (政治的行動)

Most spending is done through political action committees.

The book had the pragmatic goal of studying Islam to inform political action.

He has mixed ratings from pro-choice and pro-life political action committees.

political opponents   (政敵)

Deng gradually outmaneuvered his political opponents.

His political opponents were supported by the United States.

Fidel Castro quickly purged political opponents from the administration.

political movement

He remained active among the Nkrumahist political movement in Ghana.

Galicianism Galicianism is a nationalist political movement in Galicia.

These came together as a political movement that called themselves "Patriots".

political and military

Htang Gam Shawng Htang Gam Shawng is a Kachin political and military leader.

Its political and military power came under the rule of the Duchicela blood-line.

Panamá did not participate because of the recent political and military incidents.

political rights

Not all the citizens in a janapada had political rights.

Articles 18-21 and 225 provide certain political rights.

Therefore, negroes are equal in political rights to whites.

political activity

She is foremost known for her political activity.

The political activity of Taimin lasted for 30 years.

political philosophy   (政治哲学)

He taught courses in political philosophy and American politics.

Bal Thackeray was inspired by his father's political philosophy.

Furthermore, dealt with philosophy, history, and political philosophy.

political leader   (政治指導者)

He was also a political leader in the community.

Santana is the wife of famous political leader Shailesh.

He was also a political leader, with the Estonian Greens.

political crisis   (政治危機)

Thai political crisis Thai political crisis may refer to:

The political crisis should be resolved by political means."

political organization

In 2005, Boumaaza co-founded the Belgian political organization, NEE.

This was the first Korean political organization in the United States.

It's bound to draw your attention to the problems of political organization".

degree in political

He graduated with a degree in political science.

degree in political economy in 1990.

Hevesi has a BA degree in political science from Queens College.

political office

Neither Ferguson had yet held political office.

He owned Hawa Bhaban, the political office of Khaleda Zia.

He has not sought a return to political office since this time.

political and cultural

), which outlined his political and cultural vision of Italy.

Other trends include outright absurdity, and political and cultural satire.

Since 1996, Yasser Khalil has covered political and cultural affairs in Egypt.

all political

4 there among all political parties.

The murder campaign included all political and racial undesirables.

In August 2014 he unexpectedly resigned from all political positions.

political history

The East Bay also has a rich political history.

Early reference to Bedfordshire's political history is scanty.

social and political history.

political activism   (政治活動)

Various sources have described Greenwald's political activism as left-wing.

Richards' parents were immersed in political activism from her early years on.

Nash's political activism can be found throughout her various field work projects.

political spectrum   (政治スペクトル)

The EFA broadly stands on the left-wing of the political spectrum.

It is regarded as a left-wing party within Iranian political spectrum.

Most scholars place fascism on the far right of the political spectrum.

political pressure   (政治的圧力)

Xi may also face domestic political pressure.

I will not bow to any political pressure.

Police and political pressure caused the organization to disband.

political climate   (政治情勢)

The political climate in Rwanda was volatile at the time.

In this unstable political climate David's work remained unfinished.

The song contains references to the current social and political climate.

political instability   (政治不安)

Shifting coalitions saw ten years of political instability.

Due to the political instability, he fled to Varna, Bulgaria.

The result was several years of great political instability and civil war.

political groups

Numerous regional political groups have since formed.

He also satirized student political groups.

No other political groups are legally allowed to organize.

political and religious

It was a time of considerable political and religious turmoil.

This would have been political and religious center of the community.

The mound served combined ceremonial, political and religious purposes.

cultural and political

The royals are considered cultural and political icons in Faridkot.

He was also a cultural and political commentator on WNYC, WADO, and other radio outlets.

Today, the Southern Basque Country within Spain enjoys an extensive cultural and political autonomy.

political events

Six days later however, military and political events changed.

This publication informed the public about political events in South Africa.

In any case the political events of 1848 meant the project came to a standstill.

political support   (政治的支援)

Emgann is believed to provide political support to the ARB.

Rumsfeld gradually lost political support and he resigned in late 2006.

However, by this time, managerial and political support had evaporated.

political scene   (政治シーン)

Maumoon remains a strong independent voice in the political scene of Maldives.

With them, he deeply marks the local political scene since the end of the 1970s.

He has vowed to transform the Wafd Party into a key player in the Egyptian political scene.

political commentator   (政治評論家)

He is a frequent lecturer and political commentator.

He also acts as a political commentator for the station.

Yeh later became a political commentator.

military and political

Six days later however, military and political events changed.

She was also said to sell favors and military and political promotions.

Saw Mutu Say Poe Saw Mutu Say Poe is a Karen military and political leader.

political turmoil   (政治的混乱)

ruth weiss came from a climate of political turmoil.

The next 30 years were a period of political turmoil.

Galois lived during a time of political turmoil in France.

own political

In 1990, Shaheen formed her own political party Tehreek-e Masawat.

He started his own political party called Makkal Needhi Maiam in 2018.

His family's influence in Kaohsiung began with his own political career.

political process

The reason given was, 'That's the way the American political process works.'

One of the difficulties of making changes, however, is the political process itself.

Regardless, Ray vowed his investigation would have "no untoward effect on the political process."

political asylum   (政治亡命)

No statements about the desire to obtain political asylum.

Venckiene asked for political asylum in the United States in 2013.

The book was written in Cuba where Shakur currently has political asylum.

political control   (政治的支配)

What that means is bringing the police service under greater political control."

A small interlocking elite, known as the Family Compact took full political control.

She teases him as a "West Briton," that is, a supporter of English political control of Ireland.

various political

They target various political figures time and time again.

He condemned the politicising efforts of the media and various political parties.

There are occasional remote broadcasts to the site of news or to various political rallies.

local political   (地方政治)

She then went on to interview local political players.

In 2003, he became MNA Daniel Turp's local political advisor.

His grandfather had served in several local political offices.

political opposition

This plan was met with political opposition.

There was also political opposition.

Støre was specifically criticized for this by the political opposition.

political campaigns

Lindner donated to charitable causes and political campaigns.

He also worked in political campaigns to promote nationalism and leftist ideals.

In addition, political campaigns must be exempt from the aforementioned subjects.

due to political

However, ten months later he was banned from teaching due to political concerns.

The ruins remained in place for the following 23 years due to political fighting.

But the club withdrew from Kyrgyzstan League due to political unrest in April 2010.

no political

He had no political positions during that time.

Bierlein has no political affiliation.

Eisenhower maintained no political party affiliation during this time.

political affairs

From 1908 onwards he took part in political affairs.

He then became general director of political affairs in 1991.

Anderson was very active in local civic and political affairs.

political group

It has been the largest political group in the European Parliament since 1999.

Boyd and Blades went on to found the liberal political group MoveOn.org in 1998.

This was the first time that the liberals had acted as an independent political group.

national political   (国政)

STIP is not affiliated with a national political party.

His national political career began in 1957.

Their presence and status constitute a major national political issue.

important political

The term "African American" carries important political overtones.

In the early 1990s, republicanism became an important political issue.

North of the Maya Mountains, the most important political centre was Lamanai.

political theory   (政治理論)

It uses game theory to formalize political theory.

Ephorist political theory was, at its core, a liberal one.

("For Mormon theocratic political theory, see" Theodemocracy).

political leadership   (政治指導者)

Germany's new political leadership signed the Treaty of Versailles in 1919.

Dissent within the German high command and political leadership was exacerbated.

Gimbal is also open about looking for political leadership with his anti-society stance.

political prisoner   (政治犯)

They also assert that Tamaz is a political prisoner.

A (woman) political prisoner makes an "escape."

He has been described as a political prisoner.

religious and political

Tiatr today revolves around social, religious and political themes.

However, his social service, religious and political life began with Arya Samaj.

In Pakistan, prominent Sunni Barelvi religious and political organizations include:

political corruption   (政治腐敗)

is a song against corporate greed, political corruption, and racism.

It satirizes greed and political corruption in post-Civil War America.

The board was created in the wake of several political corruption scandals.

political agenda   (政治的議題)

He refused, alleging his already packed political agenda.

He was accused of using linguistics to promote a French nationalist political agenda.

The topic remained much on the political agenda in the North East of England and Scotland.

began his political

Ellis began his political career as a Republican.

Feeney began his political career in 1938.

Bulwer began his political career as a follower of Jeremy Bentham.

first political

The first political exiles were the rulers of Sumatra.

His first political party he joined was Venstre, a liberal party.

That February, Dick Gregory headlined Watson's first political fundraiser.

political force

The Glorious Revolution of 1688 made an end of it as a great political force.

The unions were an important political force in the fall of the Zhivkov regime.

By the end of the election in 1898, they proved to be a potent political force.

political satire   (政治風刺)

Adam Baldwin defended spreading the fake video, saying it was "political satire."

He is most known for being an outside political satire reporter on the "heute-show".

Gra.pl noted the game's humor contained a large amount of social and political satire.

conservative political   (保守的な政治)

Channell became a conservative political fundraiser in 1979.

She is a contributor to the conservative political website Politichicks.

The book became an important reference text in conservative political circles.

political movements

(See the section political movements.)

many political

She was claimed as a divine guardian by many political magistrates.

He subsequently shifted rightward on many political and social issues.

is said to have many political and social messages, focusing on the powerless.

political campaign   (政治キャンペーン)

She is also a member of its political campaign committee.

This is more than a political campaign.

The Old Court House has been a favored political campaign stop.

political position

Viên's political position remained unstable, however.

That, Sir, shows the real political position of New Zealand."

The stronger political position of Scotland in relation to England was another.

main political   (主な政治)

The main political unions are detailed below."

It was also the weakest of the three main political parties.

It was traditionally one of the three main political bodies of Hamburg.

political unrest   (政情不安)

Ethnic violence rose with the political unrest.

Tom departs for Africa, where he is killed during a time of political unrest.

But the club withdrew from Kyrgyzstan League due to political unrest in April 2010.

different political

Use of the exact motto is found in two quite different political groups.

Both candidates did run as independents but were supported by different political fractions.

During the Roman occupation, Sierra Suroeste belonged to several different political regions.

political positions

He had no political positions during that time.

His political positions were those of a moderate progressive.

In August 2014 he unexpectedly resigned from all political positions.

political debate   (政治討論)

It originated in the West German political debate of the late 1960s and 1970s.

Kabul University was a centre for political debate and activism during that time.

Bhatia said that the article does not get "embroiled in a heated political debate".

political activists

"The Bust Book" is a handbook for political activists and legal defendants.

It contains the remains of a local female civilian that was shot by Partisan political activists.

She spent her early childhood in the tightly knit Polish community of political activists in London.

professor of political

He was made an adjunct professor of political economy in 1888.

He is emeritus professor of political science in the University of Kent.

She married Alain Marsot, also an academic and professor of political science.

political reform   (政治改革)

The newspaper was devoted to social and political reform.

Thus, the political reform needed to include reducing inequalities.

Some of the pro-Beijing lists include political reform in their manifestos.

political violence

Seattle in this era saw a good bit of political violence.

Another episode of political violence occurred in August 1792.

Chad remains plagued by political violence and recurrent attempted coups d'état.

political status

Batasuna's political status was controversial.

The political status of Taiwan remains disputed to this day.

Historically, their political status was always distinct from the rest of India.

political ideology   (政治的イデオロギー)

The political ideology of the party is currently unknown.

In his late teens, Cole embarked on a study of American political ideology.

He has also researched the relationship between political ideology and intelligence.

major political parties   (主要政党)

INC, CPM, BJP etc are the major political parties.

TRS, BJP, INC are the major political parties in this area.

DMK, AIADMK, PMK are the major political parties in this area.

more political

The truth is probably more political.

The driving force behind agrarian reform was more political than economic.

Ranging from big romantic ballads to more political work, from pop to Arab classical music.

political institutions

The city's political institutions and the university were all handed over to the Huguenots.

This decision, however, did not mandate that the republic's political institutions would also move.

This economic growth is further expected to shape the political institutions in China in the future.

political beliefs   (政治的信念)

She describes her political beliefs as center-right.

Then he left because of his political beliefs.

His political beliefs have been described as libertarian.