local politicians   (当地政客)

Also, there were few local politicians among the dead.

He photographed local politicians including Meade Esposito.

In 2006, local politicians proposed renaming some of the quays.

politicians such   (这样的政客)

Sentiments for expulsion existed among prominent Russian politicians such as Prince Kochubei.

Besides Naosuke, his victims included politicians such as Shimada Sakon, Ukyo Omokuni and Homma Seiichiro.

These were given out at political party conferences, and featured politicians such as Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

other politicians   (其他政客)

Golden denied nepotism, but was criticized by Michael Murphy, Susan Lerner, and other politicians for this action.

The theatre has been presented with honors and recognition from various members of Congress, state legislature, and other politicians.

Subsequently, criticism grew in the CSU, where other politicians had to scale back their ambitions after Stoiber's decision to stay in Bavaria.

prominent politicians

The opening ceremony, in January 1961, was attended by prominent politicians.

A number of celebrities and prominent politicians voiced anger over the incident.

A number of other prominent politicians and persons from Illinois are also buried at the cemetery.

opposition politicians

It encountered opposition from farmers, farming lobby groups and opposition politicians.

Georgian opposition politicians said that the incident needs to be thorough investigated.

Meanwhile, a number of opposition politicians accused the ruling Smer-SD party of indirect involvement.

many politicians

The decline of the Whig Party, which Clay had founded, had left many politicians looking for an identity.

He argues that many politicians cannot see beyond Stage One because they do not think beyond the next election.

Over the course of her career, Zaki danced for many politicians, including Anwar Sadat, Gamal Abdel Nasser and Richard Nixon.

leading politicians

Avellano has been commissioned to create public art in Manchester and Lancashire, and portraits of leading politicians in Gibraltar.

From 2008 on Kampus worked as the Social Democratic Party internal communication manager, counselling the party's leading politicians.

On 14 January 2008, two leading politicians in the Christian Democrats took a position against the party and started to support same-sex marriage.

politicians including

He photographed local politicians including Meade Esposito.

British politicians including Nick Clegg, Vince Cable and Eric Pickles expressed concerns about the campaign.

He became the acquaintance or friend of many rising officials and politicians including Eugène Étienne, future head of the parliamentary colonial group, and Paul Révoil, future governor-general of Algeria.

corrupt politicians

The protagonist is Miklos Bollok, a logging company owner who uses corrupt politicians to clear-fell the last remaining wilderness in Victoria, Australia.

In Germany, Indian stereotypes included bullock carts, beggars, sacred cows, corrupt politicians, and catastrophes before Bollywood and the IT industry transformed global perceptions of India.

The film tells the story about a strict IPS officer, Ragini (Ragini Dwivedi), who aims to rid the society of goons and corrupt politicians, and also ensure that women lead a safe and decent life.