İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

entered politics   (siyasete girdi)

Bell left ICE in 1990, and later entered politics.

He also entered politics for a time in the 1980s.

Melchior entered politics with the Meimad party in 1995.

local politics   (yerel politika)

She was also active in local politics in Gentofte.

Ward became involved in local politics very quickly.

He was also active in state and local politics.

entering politics   (siyasete girmek)

Before entering politics, she worked as a teacher.

He was a School teacher before entering politics.

Nanguzgambo and Associates before entering politics.

involved in politics   (siyasete karışmak)

He was involved in politics in his university days.

Adampour was involved in politics from an early age.

Since 2014 he has been actively involved in politics.

national politics   (ulusal politika)

Stilwell's involvement in national politics began in July 1878.

This helped previous territorial elites remain within national politics.

Such state and national politics are creating conditions for language endangerment.

retired from politics   (siyasetten emekli)

He also retired from politics in the same year.

He retired from politics at the 2011 general election.

active in politics

He then became active in politics as well as art.

Leading figures in the Network are active in politics.

In 1920, when he was 18, he became active in politics.

international politics

He was also active in national and international politics.

He has published widely on international politics, empire, art, and design.

Switzerland has long been known for its neutrality in international politics.

state politics   (devlet politikası)

Shad serve a peculiar symbolic role in Virginia state politics.

Smith was a farmer and businessman before entering state politics.

A Republican, Pitcairn was quite active in local and state politics.

active politics

She left the UP for active politics in June 2015.

Sichone was also very much into active politics.

He did not seek a return to active politics after 1986.

party politics

The group operates outside political parties and party politics.

Throughout her life, Whaley was active in Democratic party politics.

Jagan was a founding member of the PPP and was very active in party politics.

federal politics   (federal politika)

After graduating he began a career in federal politics.

He then turned to federal politics, and won riding of Winnipeg—St.

He has not attempted to re-enter provincial or federal politics since then.

interest in politics

However, he failed, and lost his interest in politics.

After 1880 Harrison began to lose interest in politics.

Around the same time, he began to pursue an interest in politics.

before entering politics

He was a School teacher before entering politics.

Nanguzgambo and Associates before entering politics.

He was a Cabinet maker before entering politics.

provincial politics

In 1996, Kwan entered provincial politics.

He has not sought a return to provincial politics since this time.

She has not sought a return to provincial politics since this time.

career in politics

Munro left Runrig in 1997 to pursue a career in politics.

Ionescu ended his career in politics with the National Liberal Party.

Nichols left the district attorney's office to pursue a career in politics.

electoral politics

Juba's first forays into electoral politics were unsuccessful.

The SPMI engages in electoral politics and non-electoral activism.

She was a real estate broker and riverboat captain prior to her involvement in electoral politics.

politics during

Bistras first ventured into politics during the World War I.

Croly was drawn into presidential politics during the election of 1912.

Describing his politics during the 1980s, Elfman said, "I'm not a doomist.

left politics   (sol siyaset)

Later he left politics and worked as a priest.

He left politics after losing election in the fall of 1884.

Unlike Mushaima and al-Singace, Hussain left politics in 2005.

interested in politics

Until 1844, Scodnik was not interested in politics.

However, young Bonifacio was not particularly interested in politics.

After graduating from high school, Adams became interested in politics.

retirement from politics   (siyasetten emeklilik)

After his retirement from politics, Everett returned to the law.

Brown served as party leader until 13 April 2012, when he announced his retirement from politics.

Since then, he was elected local representative five times until his retirement from politics in 2014.

identity politics   (kimlik politikası)

She unpacks identity politics, access and stereotypes through this character.

Central to these movements were the issues of identity politics and structural inequality, features emerging from the Black Power movement.

The amendment was opposed by conservative delegates (such as Jim Bopp of Indiana, who termed such an amendment "identity politics") and was voted down.

leaving politics

He worked as a consultant after leaving politics.

After leaving politics he became a full-time lawyer.

He has worked as a consultant since leaving politics.

politics when   (siyaset ne zaman)

Munde got involved in politics when he met Pramod Mahajan, a friend and colleague in the college.

Kiat Lee started to be active in politics when he joined as a Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) member in 2003.

In 2001, Bautista returned to politics when he was elected as vice mayor and reelected in 2004 and 2007 respectively.

enter politics   (siyasete girmek)

He resigned both positions to enter politics in June 2011.

Many times he refused when he was persuaded to enter politics.

It was during this period that Babbage tried to enter politics.

domestic politics   (iç politikalar)

Chait usually writes about domestic politics and policy.

His interest in American domestic politics continued to grow.

In domestic politics, foreign policy is not usually a central issue.

municipal politics

Bradley then turned his eyes to municipal politics.

Samuel Hunter Adams retired from municipal politics in 1923.

He was involved in municipal politics particularly in the City of Lévis.

internal politics

On 10 September 2019, she resigned from the party, citing petty internal politics.

Hope imposed censorship of newspapers in the Presidency and reporting on internal politics was suppressed.

After Ms. Besant's death in 1933 Ms. Jinarajadasa became more involved in the internal politics of theosophists.

radical politics

He also discussed radical politics in the book.

Whilst in London, Franklin became involved in radical politics.

At this point in his life he decided that he needed to be more involved in radical politics.

politics and culture

The politics and culture of France, meanwhile, were in upheaval.

It uses a four-domain model - economics, ecology, politics and culture.

He is a well-known controversial figure in Latvian politics and culture.

student politics   (öğrenci politikası)

While in college, he became active in student politics.

Within 2 years, he was deeply involved in student politics.

Gangapadhyay was attracted towards student politics while studying in college.

history and politics

She uses irony, wit and humour to interrogate Irish history and politics.

In 1982 he became professor of history and politics at York University in Toronto.

Since 1986 specialized in the history and politics of polar research in Antarctica.

returned to politics

He did not returned to politics after this time.

In 1995, he returned to politics.

He returned to politics after 1964 as a member of Justice Party (AP).

culture and politics

Matthew Gray has noted that conspiracy theories are a prevalent feature of Arab culture and politics.

His diary has survived, providing useful information about Elizabethan culture and politics in Wales.

Magazines may also carry articles on topics including cars, humor, science, computers, culture and politics.

involvement in politics   (siyasete katılım)

Besides their singing careers, both Sinatra and Kobzon used their popularity towards an active involvement in politics.

Jay-Z expounds on his relationship with Barack Obama and his involvement in politics, as well as his thoughts on the Hurricane Katrina.

Due to his involvement in politics, he has also written some papers on the connections among mathematics, politics, elections and scientific reasoning.

politics and economics

He attended Oundle School and Trinity College, Oxford, where he read Philosophy, politics and economics.

Müller was distinguished as a writer not only on politics and economics, but on literature and aesthetics.

She then moved to Christchurch to study international politics and economics at the University of Canterbury.

retiring from politics   (siyasetten emekli olmak)

After retiring from politics, he operated a consulting business.

After retiring from politics in 1975, he moved to North Battleford.

After retiring from politics in 1986, he established a consulting business.

religion and politics   (din ve politika)

She shared both his religion and politics.

Kurumpilavu is balanced in cast and religion and politics and peaceful region.

Shishakli launched a brutal campaign to defame the Druzes for their religion and politics.

partisan politics   (partizan politikası)

He soon backed out of partisan politics.

Elections are non-partisan, but partisan politics do tend to play a role in the elections.

Unlike 501(c)(3) organizations, 501(c)(4) organizations can participate in partisan politics.

politics through

She first became active in politics through antifascist demonstrations.

He first became involved in politics through the Otamatea County Council, to which he won election in 1905.

In this sense, the publication of Solzhenitsyn's story was an almost unheard of instance of free, unrestrained discussion of politics through literature.

world politics

His research interests concern world politics and Asia.

Influenced by world politics, it encouraged American investment and imports.

He is a professor of world politics at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland.

politics and society

It publishes a large number of editorial cartoon, on politics and society.

Especially the criticism of politics and society played a major role for al-Ghalayini.

Brown's main interests are around the development of politics and society in China from 1949 onwards.

retire from politics   (siyasetten çekilmek)

Partisan bickering there led him to retire from politics.

Ar-Rubai had to retire from politics.

In 2001 it was announced that he would retire from politics and not seek reelection.

politics and government   (Siyaset ve hükümet)

After this convention, Tracy withdrew from politics and government.

Following democratic reforms, "La Prensa" continued to report on politics and government corruption.

A native of New York City, Duer was a member of a family long prominent in New York politics and government.

role in politics   (siyasetteki rolü)

Pierre's family played a key role in politics itself.

She continued to play a role in politics.

However, she continued to play an active role in politics, governing the region of Serres until 1365.