Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

poor health   (pobre salud)

In poor health, in 1576 he made a journey to Italy.

However, poor health may encourage him to leave.

For most of his life, Chopin was in poor health.

due to poor   (debido a pobres)

He was sacked in January 2013 due to poor results.

It was axed on 1 April 2013 due to poor ratings.

In 1999 the school was closed due to poor performance.

very poor   (muy pobre)

Victims reported living conditions to be very poor.

It was in very poor condition in September of 2018.

The airport had very poor operating conditions.

poor performance   (bajo rendimiento)

In 1999 the school was closed due to poor performance.

The poor performance continued in the Solidarity Cup as well.

After two years of poor performance, the Tiger funds closed in 2000.

poor condition   (condición pobre)

It was in very poor condition in September of 2018.

Casa Milà was in poor condition in the early 1980s.

Due to its age, it is overall in poor condition.

poor quality   (mala calidad)

A poor quality diet will curtail mohair development.

Coal in Italy was scarce and of poor quality.

There was too little land and the crop was poor quality.

poor people

It provides medicines to the poor people.

Health insurance policies for poor people covering all diseases.

poor people are travel by plane.

poor results

He was sacked in January 2013 due to poor results.

After a string of poor results, Tabb resigned in 2004.

He was sacked on 30 September 2013, due to poor results.

poor start

In early , the offense got off to a poor start.

After a poor start to 1928-9 he moved to inside-right.

poor family   (familia pobre)

David "JR" Garcia Jr. was born into a poor family.

Rajaiah was born in Siddipet, Medak, into a poor family.

Nguyễn Công Trứ was born into a poor family.

poor weather

The rest of the race was severely affected by poor weather conditions.

The poor weather also prevented an early morning search for the "Utah".

FijiFirst leader Frank Bainimarama blamed poor weather for the loss of votes.

poor state   (mal estado)

Currently, Fearnville Hall is in a very poor state of repair.

But by the 1970s, the church was in poor state of conservation.

Much of the church as well as the pharmacy now is in poor state.

poor sales

Due to poor sales, no further seasons were released.

After poor sales, the series was discontinued.

poor conditions

Many spent years in isolated and often poor conditions.

He also closed the Everett Tuberculosis Hospital due to poor conditions.

These German and Irish residents lived in poor conditions throughout the 1850s and ‘60s.

poor man

To a poor man has not got the right that he has had.

He assumes that Amba Prasad is a poor man and pays him.

A poor man's marriage will kill you early.

relatively poor   (relativamente pobre)

The German soil is relatively poor in raw materials.

He was dropped after the 2nd Test after a relatively poor series.

English is taught in high school, but the standard is relatively poor.

poor children

She does charity by giving presents to poor children.

He started a free nursery school for the poor children in Benaras.

The schools are designed to provide an education to poor children around the world.

poor reviews

It received poor reviews and was panned by critics.

It earned poor reviews and box office results.

Her acting in the film met with poor reviews.

poor form

This was also Nathan Astle's last match, retiring due to poor form.

It is a challenging exercise, as poor form or execution can cause serious injury.

England, now led once again by David Gower, suffered from injuries and poor form.

poor families

Electricity is a privilege unavailable to most poor families in Nepal.

The plot concerns several poor families living in the slums of 19th century London.

Children who are from poor families in Ghana are likely to find themselves on the streets.

because of poor   (por pobre)

These however, were closed two years after because of poor enrollment.

The MAX was discontinued months after its introduction because of poor sales in Japan.

However, he describes those critiques as coming across because of poor media reportage.

extremely poor

He found that the churches were extremely poor.

Some miners had extremely poor housing.

The remake got extremely poor reviews.

poor visibility   (pobre visibilidad)

Owing to poor visibility, the crew could not detect the obstructions on the runway.

Meanwhile, "Lützow" closed to within of the convoy, but due to poor visibility, she held her fire.

The equipment necessary for daytime flight is inadequate when flying at night or in poor visibility.

poor performances

On 8 September 2015, Dickov was dismissed as Doncaster manager due to poor performances.

Russell was sacked as a result of the team's poor performances and in came Billy Johnston.

Due to his poor performances he left FC Vaslui and joined the third division team Fortuna Brazi.

rich and poor   (Rico y pobre)

The theme of the song is the divide between rich and poor.

The gap between rich and poor is going to become colossal.

His rule was criticized for a growing disparity between rich and poor.

poor run

He was sacked on 6 September 2012, after a poor run of form.

After that result, however, Norwich entered a poor run of form.

He ended his poor run of form with a hat-trick in the 4–1 win over Nottingham Forest at Turf Moor.

too poor

However, the recording quality was deemed too poor to broadcast.

The finger-holds are too poor to hang on should the toes catch on each other.

They also stated that many American Samoans are too poor to afford "high-speed internet".

so poor   (tan pobre)

His conditioning had become so poor that he could barely trot around the bases.

The standard was so poor, that Sky Sports stopped broadcasting it halfway through.

poor ratings

It was axed on 1 April 2013 due to poor ratings.

However, "Rosie Live" did not return due to poor ratings.

The PC version of the game received moderate to poor ratings.

poor financial   (pobre financiero)

The judgment was never collected because of the league's poor financial condition.

Monteverdi also resented his increasingly poor financial treatment by the Gonzagas.

However, the plan was foiled by the poor financial state of the companies involved.

poor showing

Goldwater's poor showing pulled down many supporters.

On January 22, 2008, after a poor showing Fred Thompson dropped out of the race.

However, they lost to Delhi Daredevils by 6 wickets after poor showing by the batsmen.

poor management

Robinson and Jones talked about the contract issues and poor management of En Vogue.

In 2010, she left En Vogue once again due to poor management and compensation of work.

Due to poor management, the team signed a number of over-paid and under-performing "stars".

poor countries

It also identifies heavily indebted poor countries.

Disparities of water are at the base of all inequalities in poor countries.

Rich and poor countries worldwide must urgently choose to tackle this problem.

poor season

Personnel issues also played their part in a poor season.

Méthélie also had a poor season personally.

A poor season spent fighting relegation resulted in a final position of 18th.

poor women

Among the poor women, silver replaces the gold.

This effect is even stronger for poor women.

Banerji and her husband made a shelter for homeless and poor women in their own house.

poor economic

Food insecurity has also been correlated with poor economic growth.

In 2011, prostitution was on the rise due to poor economic conditions.

May 2011 saw mass protests and strikes over the poor economic situation.

among the poor

"The Messiah is at the gates of Rome, sitting among the poor, the sick and wretched.

It occurred when the economy was stagnant and Chávez's approval ratings were falling even among the poor.

In the movement for infusing new spiritual life into the church services, especially among the poor, How was a great force.

suffered from poor   (sufrió de pobres)

Ekeberg suffered from poor health throughout his life.

Both shows suffered from poor ratings.

The film, like "Gates of Heaven", suffered from poor distribution.

poor whites   (pobres blancos)

In 2012, Bottomley published a popular version of his research on poor whites in South Africa.

Upper-class and middle-class white populations feared the empowerment of freedmen and poor whites.

The popular claim is that in Brazil, poor whites are considered black and wealthy blacks are considered white.

urban poor

After leaving Oxford, Rawnsley went to work among the urban poor in London.

Ninh and the "Lutteurs" "focused squarely on the plight of the urban poor, the workers and peasant labourers."

The participants in the demonstrations included workers, students, and the urban poor, living on the outskirts of Baghdad.

generally poor

Mobile reception is generally poor at Springbrook.

The film received generally poor reviews.

The quality of the railway infrastructure is generally poor.

poor reception

However, the film had a poor reception, described as "appallingly unfunny".

Despite the game's poor reception, a sequel called "" was released a year later.

The audience was made up of Soviet cultural officials who gave the work a poor reception.

poor living

Both families live in poverty and endure very poor living conditions.

In 1859, there were more than 23 million serfs in usually poor living conditions.

said the shantytown was meant to symbolize the poor living conditions of sweatshop workers.

poor relief   (pobre alivio)

This was considered an improvement on the Workhouse system of poor relief.

As one of the earliest advocates of poor relief, he played a major part in the Relief of the Poor Act of 1782.

In 1782, his name was given to the Relief of the Poor Act 1782 In 1787 Gilbert introduced another bill related to poor relief.

received poor

It received poor reviews and was panned by critics.

"Hot Milk and Pepper" received poor reviews.

The series received poor ratings and was canceled in the fall of 2002.

poor working

Honcharenko was born in a poor working family.

The "canuts" (silk workers) were subject to extremely poor working conditions.

The strikes were held over poor pay, poor working conditions, and lack of employee benefits.

many poor

Over time many poor non-refugees also settled in the camp.

Provisions which disenfranchised blacks resulted in excluding many poor Whites.

The area also drew many poor, disfranchised people who became subsistence farmers.

poor eyesight   (mala vista)

They have poor eyesight, but keen senses of hearing, smell, and touch.

His poor eyesight, however, prevented him from taking part in the South African War.

He tried to enlist in the military but was turned away because of his poor eyesight.

rural poor   (pobre rural)

Because of this, his main support base has been the rural poor.

Today she is remembered for her lyrics, which told of Thailand's rural poor.

He had followers amongst the rural poor, who began worshipping him as a saint.

help the poor

He uses the money to help the poor in his village, and provide them jobs.

Vasen also spent much of her time volunteering her services to help the poor Jewish community.

Everything is provided by the school to help the poor social and economic background of students.

poor law

This connects with the Victorian Era poor law policy.

The boundaries of the districts coincided with those of the boroughs and poor law unions.

It was originally created as an electoral division in the Thurles poor law union in North Tipperary.

poor attendance

Performance of the club then tailed off, accompanied by poor attendance and revenue.

Prior to Stouffer's purchase, the team was rumored to be relocated due to poor attendance.

poor farmers

Yu was a child of poor farmers in Geumsan county.

after he was lifetime was poor farmers.

There were mainly large haciendas and some scattered houses where poor farmers lived.

poor soil

The basin is characterized by poor soil, generally of Voltaian sandstone.

These were not very successful except in Bewbush because of the poor soil.

Palliser's Triangle consisted of poor soil and was arid and uninhabitable.

poor treatment   (mal trato)

Those hospitalized in Egypt also alleged poor treatment in Egyptian hospitals.

When she confronts her best friend Trina about her poor treatment of her boyfriend, Trina begins to get angry.

Her writing criticised the Quaker's management and their motives and noted of their poor treatment of John Pennyman.

poor living conditions

Both families live in poverty and endure very poor living conditions.

In 1859, there were more than 23 million serfs in usually poor living conditions.

said the shantytown was meant to symbolize the poor living conditions of sweatshop workers.

poor weather conditions

The rest of the race was severely affected by poor weather conditions.

Passage was hampered by poor weather conditions, but the convoy did not come under attack.

However, due to very poor weather conditions, the start was moved to Spondigna and the stage was shortened to .

poor prognosis

People who suffer from neurotmesis often face a poor prognosis.

After another haemorrhage, Anna called the doctors, who gave a poor prognosis.

All four had a poor prognosis with death expected within a few days and all four survived surgery.

poor soils

The sector is plagued by erratic rainfall and poor soils.

"A. mearnsii" does not grow well on very dry and poor soils.

It is in the main a region of poor soils and unreliable rainfall.

poor reputation

The mine had a poor reputation with the saying ″on boiling mine payday″, meaning never.

Faced with high maintenance costs and a poor reputation, Alcatraz closed on March 21, 1963.

Tandon motorcycles suffered from a poor reputation as regards design, materials and build quality, enjoying only limited popularity.

working poor

would put the working poor making University of Colorado apparel out of work.

Seeing his dedication for helping the working poor, the Chief Minister (Gummadi Venkateswara Rao) asks him to enter politics.

The RSA is intended to offset the loss of certain social benefits when resuming employment and provides additional income to the working poor.

poor working conditions

The "canuts" (silk workers) were subject to extremely poor working conditions.

The strikes were held over poor pay, poor working conditions, and lack of employee benefits.

Many young people resort to such poor working conditions to earn work experience in the tough job market.

poor water

The original source region has since become an area of carr with poor water quality.

After leading a crusade against Denver's poor water service, she was recruited to run for office.

There were several typhoid epidemics during the late 19th century due to poor water quality further downstream.

result of poor

The album sold poorly, possibly as a result of poor advertising.

During the late 1990s, teachers and students started to become sick as a result of poor air quality.

In many cases it is simply the result of poor engineering along highways where it is a regular occurrence.

poor maintenance

The crash of Flight 4146 was blamed on poor maintenance.

The fire was blamed on poor maintenance and outdated equipment.

A USMC investigation concluded that poor maintenance caused the engine malfunction.

poor and needy

Additionally it gives out scholarship's to poor and needy students.

This day, in some communities, also marks a day when the poor and needy are offered food in memory of the dead.

Granitz and his family were philanthropists as they often aided poor and needy, organizing charity fundraisers.

poor record   (pobre registro)

Tyrannicides have a poor record of achieving their intended outcome.

Wales had a poor record against Scotland having won only 18 games up to that point, with Scotland successful in 60.

England have a notoriously poor record at The Gabba, and have only won two test matches at the ground since the end of the Second World War.

poor students

Gave scholarships to deserving and poor students.

It supported twenty-four poor students of the diocese.

In Copenhagen he lived in Regentzen, a building for poor students.

very poor condition   (muy mal estado)

It was in very poor condition in September of 2018.

The connecting road between Balishwar and Serandi is of very poor condition.

Small streams in dairy farming areas were identified as being in very poor condition.

poor sanitation   (mala sanidad)

However, the buildings offered poor sanitation.

When she was eight, Ethel contracted erysipelas, a disease associated with poor sanitation.

Inadequate food, overcrowding, poor sanitation, and inadequate medical care were pervasive.

received poor reviews

It received poor reviews and was panned by critics.

"Hot Milk and Pepper" received poor reviews.

Despite the good sales, the series thus far has received poor reviews.

rather poor

The engraved impressions are generally rather poor.

He had four sons and two daughters, but was rather poor.

Violet's father has recently died and left his wife and daughter rather poor.

poor communities

He also initiated the "Invitation to Law Program" for teaching law at elementary schools and high schools, particularly at poor communities.

From this embassy, Givens launched the Poor People’s Development Foundation (PPDF), which sought to help poor communities develop cooperatives.

Jesuit Volunteer Corps The Jesuit Volunteer Corps (JVC) is an organization of lay volunteers who volunteer one year or more to community service with poor communities.

poor relationship

As Costas stated on Ken Burns' "Baseball", he had a very poor relationship with his father.

Despite his reputation in the NYPD, Ruditsky had a poor relationship with the Los Angeles Police Department.

As Tsesarevich—and then as Tsar—Alexander had an extremely poor relationship with his brother Grand Duke Vladimir.

poor drainage

Most commonly in residences, elevated relative humidity is produced by poor drainage systems.

"C. rigida" grows to 4 metres high and is found in shady, damp forest areas with poor drainage.

With their own flax crop ruined by rain and poor drainage, Alex and Peter help harvest a neighbouring farmer's crop.