İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

poorly received   (yetersiz alındı)

This version was poorly received by critics.

The film was poorly received, commercially and critically.

performed poorly   (kötü performans)

However the film performed poorly at the box office.

It performed poorly in 2012 assembly elections.

The film performed poorly at the box office.

poorly understood   (çok az anladım, çok az anlamak)

The mechanism is complex and poorly understood.

As yet, the etiology of this condition remains poorly understood.

The cause of the various cicatricial alopecias is poorly understood.

poorly known   (az bilinen)

It was much longer than the poorly known "Trossulus".

Their reproductive habits are poorly known.

"Elymus texensis" is a recently discovered and poorly known species.

very poorly   (çok kötü)

The team played very poorly, generally losing in blowouts.

Laccase is also able to oxidize peptide bound tyrosine, but very poorly.

Given its rarity and secretive nature it is a very poorly known species.

sold poorly

The game was controversial and sold poorly.

The album sold poorly, possibly as a result of poor advertising.

The Model 16 sold poorly.

fared poorly   (kötü gitti)

It also fared poorly in Austria and Switzerland.

"Gentlemen Marry Brunettes" fared poorly at the box office.

The film fared poorly in cinemas, and made a loss of $270,000.

poorly defined

Partial remission is characterized by the presence of poorly defined residual symptoms.

The term "alcoholism" is commonly used amongst laypeople, but the word is poorly defined.

Initially tracking westward, the depression turned towards the north, though it remained poorly defined.

poorly trained

Overall the military is poorly trained and equipped.

However many of the Kuruc soldiers were poorly trained.

Spain had a large army but it was poorly trained and poorly equipped.

poorly preserved

The largest was too poorly preserved for definite interpretation.

Originally, this humerus was part of a poorly preserved partial skeleton that was not collected.

Meanwhile, many of the original Constructivist buildings are poorly preserved or in danger of imminent demolition.

poorly developed

Agromarketing is poorly developed in India.

Further north, it becomes poorly developed with erratic grades.

The Russian economy was quite weak, with poorly developed industry.

poorly maintained

Since it was opened, the facilities have been poorly maintained.

Kanakatte has several historic temples, which are poorly maintained.

The Rainbow Centre was in a row of buildings that was poorly maintained by the landlord.

poorly documented

Old Norse religious practises are poorly documented.

The earliest history of the accordion in Russia is poorly documented.

His reign is poorly documented.

poorly equipped

Government forces were poorly equipped and unprepared for the war.

The TDF reservist is comparably poorly equipped for modern warfare.

Spain had a large army but it was poorly trained and poorly equipped.

poorly drained   (zayıf drene)

Gleysols and peat bogs occupy poorly drained areas.

The bottom is poorly drained and about in width.

The dominant soil is Esquon clay, a poorly drained vertisol.

did poorly

In school he did poorly at math but well at English.

The series did poorly and was canceled after only one season.

The film received mass critical acclaim, but did poorly at the box office.

poorly designed   (Zayıf tasarlanmış)

Fish are a common victim in the loss of habitat due to poorly designed crossing structures.

A tension may arise when there are positive unintended outcomes that occur when a programme is poorly designed.

France had a poorly designed taxation system, whereby tax farmers kept much of the money, and the treasury was always short.

so poorly

The products were so poorly received they remain a topic of derision to this day.

Initially, the Bundt pan sold so poorly that Nordic Ware considered discontinuing it.

The IUCN currently lists "Euryoryzomys emmonsae" as "Data Deficient" because it is so poorly known.

poorly armed   (zayıf silahlı)

The brigade left Texas poorly armed and many men had no weapons at all.

Many clan levies, however, would have remained relatively poorly armed.

The Kafirs were poorly armed as compared to Afghans and numbered only 60,000.

poorly organized

The Quitus were militarily weak, and formed only a small, poorly organized kingdom.

During the 2003 provincial election the party lacked funds and were poorly organized.

At the convention the opposition was poorly organized, but Farley had packed the galleries.

poorly written

They also reported that one of the three CAPCO funds had taken advantage of the poorly written legislation.

Microsoft indicated that the wording of their license was poorly written due to an oversight by a junior Microsoft employee.

Most critics felt that the screenplay was poorly written, not funny and the dramatic material was unconvincing and unbelievable.

poorly paid   (düşük ücretli)

The police were poorly paid, trained, and equipped in 2011.

His men were poorly paid.

Many of the residents worked on local pastoral stations, generally poorly paid.