pop music   (ポップ・ミュージック)

Its content was German-speaking pop music programs.

I wanted to wrap sad words with pretty pop music.

"Boyracers" was supposed to feel like pop music.

pop culture   (ポップカルチャー)

1" has been used several times in pop culture:

She is described as an "80s pop culture icon of Turkey".

"It's one of our fondest, dearest pop culture memories."

pop singer   (ポップシンガー)

It features Australian pop singer Sophie Monk.

Sá married pop singer Teresa Villa-Lobos.

There, he was accompanied by Canadian pop singer Jann Arden.

pop band   (ポップバンド)

is a single by English indie pop band The Wombats.

They're more of a pop band, which is just fine."

Duna (band) Duna is a Russian pop band formed in 1987.

pop rock   (ポップロック)

Music is provided by Japanese pop rock band Funta.

magazine summarized the band's genre as pop rock.

She writes music primarily in the pop rock genre.

pop group

Wonderwall (band) Wonderwall is a German pop group.

The Australian pop group Bardot was named after her.

He fronts the 1990s indie pop group, Smudge (1991–present).

pop song

Newton wanted a swingy pop song like "Hello, Dolly!

"100 Grados" is a Latin, urban pop song with EDM beats.

This pop song has dance sonorities and joyful percussion.

pop songs

(American pop songs figure prominently in the film.)

It's pop songs but the lyrics are a bit deeper.

The album consists of pop songs but mainly of ballads.

indie pop   (インディーポップ)

is a single by English indie pop band The Wombats.

C-Sides C-Sides is an indie pop EP by Chris Garneau.

He played lead guitar in indie pop outfit "Cricket Spin".

pop star   (アイドル)

This was also pop star Cris Villonco's film debut.

Captain of The 100 is pop star Ronan Keating.

Idan Raichel is a pop star and household name in Israel.

pop punk   (ポップパンク)

"Fix Me" has been described as hard rock and pop punk.

"Astoria" has been described as funk, pop, and pop punk.

He has also been frontman for a few other pop punk bands.

pop charts

The single reached number two in the UK pop charts.

Thomas song from the top spot of "Billboard's" pop charts.

However, none of the singles made much of a dent in the pop charts.

power pop

Musically, "I Forgive You" is a pop rock and power pop song.

Bad Moves Bad Moves is a power pop band from Washington D.C..

The Records The Records were an English power pop band formed in 1978.

pop chart

She continued to make inroads on the pop chart as well.

20 on the "Billboard" pop chart, the Top 100.

It reached #8 on the U.S. pop chart in 1959.

pop and rock

Skoglund was fascinated by pop and rock music at a young.

Musically, "Beautiful Nightmare" is of the pop and rock genres.

is the third studio album by the Swedish pop and rock artist Magnus Uggla.

pop rock band

Music is provided by Japanese pop rock band Funta.

Jota Quest Jota Quest is a Brazilian pop rock band.

Zveri Zveri ("Beasts"; ) is a Russian pop rock band.

rock and pop

"Fix Me" has been described as hard rock and pop punk.

Music videos before 1986, featured primarily rock and pop musicians.

‘HIGHDIVE MUSIC’ – Focuses on club music, dance, soul, R&B and rock and pop.

pop album

The newspaper branded it "the worst pop album of 1993."

10 on the "Billboard" pop album charts helped by the No.

It also reached the top of the pop album chart in the United Kingdom.

pop duo   (ポップデュオ)

She is also currently a member of pop duo Neon & Nude.

Plate has also collaborated with German pop duo 2raumwohnung.

in China: Foreign Skies is a 1986 documentary film about the English pop duo Wham!

indie pop band

is a single by English indie pop band The Wombats.

Artichoke (band) Artichoke is an indie pop band in Los Angeles.

To celebrate, they announced their tour with indie pop band, COIN.

pop hit

It became a pop hit in both the U.S. (#46) and Canada (#45).

The title song is the cover of a Brigitte Bardot 1970 pop hit.

"All Alone Am I" became a top 10 pop hit in both the US and the UK.

pop art

The exhibition marked his West Coast debut of pop art.

Amazonian pop art grew self-taught.

I've never done a video that's actually felt like pop art when I was on the set.

pop up

Movie goers paid an additional fee for the pop up park.

However, inconsistencies quickly pop up.

The controversy continued to pop up on occasion in the 2010s.

pop artist

He is the father of production designer Sean Haworth and pop artist Jann Haworth.

Honey (EP) Honey is the first EP by American pop artist and producer Brother Sundance.

Quin is also said to have ghost-written the thesis of her then-partner, pop artist Billy Apple.

pop stars

Burgess said: "Disc jockeys were attracting as many groupies as pop stars.

Herbert followed up with _6.5 Special (1958)_with all the pop stars of the period.

In the area of Western music, there are several pop stars, among them Remo Fernandes (born 1953).

pop sound

The song has a pop sound and was written by Jamie Houston.

Her music mixes world pop sound with traditional Turkish sounds.

The song has a pop sound and was written by Ray Cham and Rawnna M. Barnes.

pop punk band

Allister Allister is an American pop punk band from Chicago, Illinois.

Quit (band) Quit is a pop punk band from Miami, Florida, formed in 1988.

All Time Low (disambiguation) All Time Low is an American pop punk band.

pop ballad   (ポップバラード)

"Too Much" is a pop ballad with influences of R&B.

"Bring On the Rain" is a mid-tempo country pop ballad.

The song is a country pop ballad about the pain of a break-up.

mainstream pop

Rap also began to surface in Canadian mainstream pop in the early 1990s.

Compared to many other countries, the instrument is very popular in mainstream pop music.

This album saw Paige return to mainstream pop and a move away from her previous two themed albums.

pop artists

Successful Chinese pop artists from other countries (e.g.

which was the first visit to China by Western pop artists.

Some popular pop artists in Taiwan include Leehom Wang, Jay Chou, Jolin Tsai, and David Tao.

contemporary pop

He also plays contemporary pop and electronic music festivals like SXSW Festival.

It's dance floor jam, but it's also stuffed with trite contemporary pop conventions.

It hosts numerous renowned church choirs, folklore groups and contemporary pop musicians.

pop hits

The new image was for the new format of pop hits and rock and roll.

Just hits – huge pop hits."

Often Canadian records of this period were simply covers of pop hits, and rhythm and blues oldies.

pop singles

8 on the "Billboard" pop singles chart.

The single peaked at #16 on the "Billboard" pop singles chart.

30 on the U.S. pop singles chart.

teen pop   (ティーンポップ)

Spears was credited with leading the revival of teen pop.

It is also shown in the teen pop compilation album, "Disney Girlz Rock".

The music style of Now United is mainly teen pop, contemporary R&B, and dance-pop.

dream pop   (ドリームポップ)

Vök Vök are an Icelandic dream pop and indietronic band from Reykjavík.

It draws influence from many musical genres including jazz and dream pop.

The album has been praised for its unique combination of dream pop and strong beats.

country pop   (カントリーポップ)

"Bring On the Rain" is a mid-tempo country pop ballad.

The song is a country pop ballad about the pain of a break-up.

"You Belong with Me" is a country pop song with a length of three minutes and 52 seconds.

pop record   (ポップレコード)

The pop record featured the emerging rap artist MC Hammer.

I never thought, 'Let's make a pop record' or "Let's make a folk record.'

An example of this is Mirrors (1979), which is primarily a power pop record.

pop radio

The song has appeared on several major pop radio stations.

The song was a large success on pop radio, becoming their third No.

This version had been used for the song's music video and pop radio release.

bubblegum pop   (バブルガムポップ)

musical style was mainly bubblegum pop, as it was the trend at the time.

rock lick or the bubblegum pop hook", "Bleed Like Me" "strikes a depressingly dated note".

And I was tired of being compared to Debbie Gibson and all of this bubblegum pop all the time."

more pop

A lot of the bands here used to be good until they turned to more pop rock.

Jean-Claude Olivier of Trackmasters said that Blaque was more pop in comparison to TLC.

Petridis felt that "the world could use more pop music as imaginative as "Sweetener"s highlights."

pop singers

With the foundation from early age and impressive performing style, she was expected to be one of the top pop singers of Ho Chi Minh City.

These hit songs made him a favorite of middle-of-the-road pop singers like Tony Bennett, Tom Jones, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Dionne Warwick, and Andy Williams.

The French title Master série is used to brand the more traditional line with a strong focus on European pop singers, which are frequently issued in multiple volumes.

pop albums

It also reached number 66 on the pop albums chart.

43 on the "Billboard" pop albums chart and No.

14 on the US pop albums chart and No.

modern pop

His music mixes modern pop with Spanish music.

The company turns educational material to modern pop music.

K-pop is a genre of modern pop music that originates from South Korea.

pop single

as "the most radical pop single" of 1998.

"Billboard" also ranked as the 70th top pop single for 1981.

"Trouser Press" described "Godstar" as "a catchy pop single".

jazz and pop

"Backtrack" contains elements of soul, jazz and pop.

He plays several genres, well known with both jazz and pop music.

He mainly plays jazz and pop music and works with music in many context.

psychedelic pop

The Vals The Vals are a psychedelic pop band from Belfast, Northern Ireland.

It has been characterised as lounge pop, space pop, glam rock and psychedelic pop.

He is mostly associated with psychedelic pop, synthpop, indie rock, and new wave genres of music.

pop singles chart

8 on the "Billboard" pop singles chart.

The single peaked at #16 on the "Billboard" pop singles chart.

30 on the U.S. pop singles chart.

pop acts

"There were all these pop acts backstage at the concert," Duff explained.

were competing against pop rivals Culture Club and Duran Duran as one of Britain's biggest pop acts.

Kaire Vilgats is a backing vocalist for different Estonian pop acts, such as Anne Veski, Ivo Linna or Maarja.

power pop band

Bad Moves Bad Moves is a power pop band from Washington D.C..

The Records The Records were an English power pop band formed in 1978.

Milk 'N' Cookies Milk 'N' Cookies was a power pop band from Long Island, New York.

pop culture references

The Rally Monkey appears on the scoreboard in various movies or pop culture references that have been edited to include him.

Deacon has been known to challenge the traditional ideas of womenswear and often uses wild prints and pop culture references in his designs.

electronic pop

KittyWu Records KittyWu Records is a Singapore-based record label, specializing in shoegaze, instrumental rock and electronic pop.

Cross Rhythms' Tony Cummings said that "This time around they've developed their musical armoury with deep electronic pop rock sounds.

Swan was half of the electronic pop duo Ambisonic (alongside singer Jackie Joyce), who released one album, "Ecohero" on Nation Records in 1997.

pop musician

Maud Geffray Maud Geffray is a French pop musician.

Bendeniz Bendeniz (born Deniz Çelik; 25 July 1973) is a Swiss-Turkish pop musician who is well known in Turkey.

Matthew Sweet discography This is the solo discography for American alternative rock/power pop musician Matthew Sweet.

pop bands

As a composer, musician and producer he cooperated with many rock and pop bands and singers.

In most rock and pop bands and in jazz fusion groups, the bass role is filled by the electric bass.

The group eventually lost their mainstream following with the advent of the British pop bands of the 1960s.

pop tunes

Later, she joined up with her brothers Jimbo and Jack in a band singing pop tunes.

Featuring a mix of originals, standards, and pop tunes, the album revolves around Holmes' funky organ chops".

Mauboy's debut studio album "Been Waiting" (2008) was described as "a blend of electro beats, heartfelt pop tunes and R&B bass lines."

pop standards

Some tracks of the material are pop standards.

By analyzing their arrangements of pop standards, Brian educated himself on jazz harmony.

Initially the station employed an MOR format playing mostly pop standards and simulcast WVPO-AM.

pop groups

Sweetbox then toured the US, opening and playing with various American pop groups.

Adrienne has had success as a singer for pop groups 3LW and The Cheetah Girls, as well as an actress.

These terms came into use around 1970, and before that, many of the bands were classified as "pop groups".

best pop

named the album the best pop or rock album of 2018.

They're also the best pop team – per se – today.

8 for the best pop songs of 2018.

pop style

The song was turned down numerous times, first by Brenda Lee, who found the song "too Country" for her pop style.

In 2005 The Nutley Brass released "Fiend Club Lounge", an album of Misfits songs performed in an instrumental lounge and space age pop style.

The popularity of Chilliwack, for example, rose dramatically after the band turned from the experimental nature of its first few LPs to a mainstream pop style consistent with the US style.

traditional pop

"Stars" has been described as a "romantic song", which sees Mastin "heading back to more traditional pop".

Some of these hits fit in nicely with the ballads or what is now called the traditional pop format of many of his LPs at the time.

They were a mixed-race group of musicians who used traditional pop styles as well as reggae, Caribbean dance rhythms and African rhythms.