most popular   (最も人気のある)

This was the most popular way of securing hygiene.

The name was most popular during the 17th century.

The most popular prepaid debit card is "Postepay".

very popular   (大人気)

Gallery wrap is a very popular way to display art.

This makes fried durian consumption very popular.

The poem became very popular even before his death.

became popular   (人気になった)

Later the Little magazine movement became popular.

As a result, the phrase "Gum Time" became popular.

Some became popular, only to drop into obscurity.

more popular   (より人気)

Many more popular routes are bolted for top rope.

One of the more popular mopeds by Sparta was the MA 50.

Far more popular was "Bedknobs and Broomsticks" (1971).

popular vote   (人気投票)

The crest was selected, by popular vote, in 1958.

He is elected by popular vote to a seven-year term.

The plaque was erected following a popular vote.

popular music

Choro is a very popular music instrumental style.

The second was a wave of popular music, such as jazz.

See also the List of double bassists in popular music.

popular culture   (大衆文化)

This version passed into Breton popular culture.

The paintings are influenced by popular culture.

Some depictions of Huang in popular culture include:

popular among

He was incredibly popular among Iranian fighters.

Lumbini Quiz is very popular among the students.

In the 1950s Jazz became popular among students.

became a popular

The song became a popular Irish nationalist anthem.

It became a popular instrument after about 1910.

Calcata became a popular site for pilgrimage.

popular tourist   (人気の観光客)

The beaches are also a popular tourist attraction.

One of Dresden's most popular tourist attractions.

Today Kannan Devan Hills is a popular tourist spot.

popular songs

He has also featured in a number of popular songs.

Chaplin's compositions produced three popular songs.

The song was one of the Kennedys' early popular songs.

so popular

In China, however, credit cards are not so popular.

He thanked Leon Lai for making his songs so popular.

But it was exactly Bernes's performance that made it so popular.

become popular   (人気が出る)

Protein kinases have become popular drug targets.

Many of his poems have become popular folk songs.

Snow kiting has also become popular in recent years.

popular song

Whispering (song) "Whispering" is a popular song.

It takes its title from a popular song of the same name.

", a popular song from the Great Depression.

popular party

The most popular party was the PS which received 71 or 35.9% of the vote.

The most popular party was the PS which received 29 or 33.3% of the vote.

The most popular party was the PS which received 360 or 24.3% of the vote.

extremely popular   (非常に人気)

From 1907 to 1940, the group was extremely popular.

Her visits proved extremely popular with pupils.

He was extremely popular, and has stayed ever since.

most popular party   (最も人気のあるパーティー)

The most popular party was the PS which received 71 or 35.9% of the vote.

The most popular party was the PS which received 29 or 33.3% of the vote.

The most popular party was the PS which received 360 or 24.3% of the vote.

popular parties

The next two most popular parties were the SPS (15.7%), the FDP (11.3%).

The two most popular parties in Spain have different views on the subject.

The next three most popular parties were the CVP (26%), the FDP (9.5%) and the SP (9%).

most popular parties   (最も人気のあるパーティー)

The next two most popular parties were the SPS (15.7%), the FDP (11.3%).

The two most popular parties in Spain have different views on the subject.

The next three most popular parties were the CVP (26%), the FDP (9.5%) and the SP (9%).

popular destination   (人気の目的地)

The islands are a popular destination for tourists.

The beach is a popular destination for tourists.

The area is a popular destination for rock climbers.

increasingly popular   (人気が高まっている)

It is increasingly popular by other groups of people.

Mashup videos are increasingly popular online.

In the 1990s, fat feminism became increasingly popular.

became very popular

The poem became very popular even before his death.

In 1928, Edgar Chahine became very popular in France.

With the movie Kadgam, Prudhviraj became very popular.

popular support   (人気のサポート)

Deng also received a great deal of popular support.

Guadalajara, who had been chosen for their popular support.

The government had popular support and the support of the army.

popular during

The name was most popular during the 17th century.

It was popular during the 18th and 19th centuries.

the head's of bulls, became popular during LM.

become a popular   (人気になる)

Fort Monroe has become a popular historical site.

It has since become a popular topic on social media.

Tayvallich has become a popular sailing centre.

other popular   (他の人気)

Manet depicted other popular activities in his work.

Other fanzines support Warhammer and other popular rules sets.

Himes also presided over the exodus of other popular stars on the club.

popular sport   (人気のスポーツ)

Football is the most popular sport in the region.

Football is the most popular sport in Costa Rica.

Cricket is the most popular sport in Afghanistan.

many popular

The battle was the subject of many popular prints.

There are many popular tourist attractions in the Outback.

Tandlianwala has many popular sports like cricket, football and volleyball.

highly popular

The LG Cookie became highly popular in the market.

It is a highly popular fish in the aquarium trade.

Korean cuisine is highly popular and available everywhere.

particularly popular   (特に人気がある)

Gloucester Cathedral has been particularly popular.

A particularly popular dance was the fox-trot.

Yang rou chuan or lamb kebabs, is particularly popular.

popular belief   (一般的な信念)

The popular belief is that she was bitten by an asp.

A popular belief is that this tree leads to prosperity.

Contrary to popular belief, the company did not go bankrupt.

quite popular   (大人気)

Newspapers are quite popular in the Czech Republic.

Swimming is a quite popular sport in the Faroe Islands.

Nicotine gums were already quite popular with consumers.

especially popular   (特に人気)

Her "Fūko to Yūrei" series is especially popular.

It is especially popular around the Christmas season.

"Three Men in a Boat" was especially popular.

remained popular

The story remained popular well into the late 1930s.

The royal touch remained popular into the 18th century.

Although "Action" remained popular, its days were numbered.

proved popular

The film was shown at Cannes in 1978 and proved popular.

Miniature versions were made by Corgi and proved popular.

This proved popular, and gave the couple a sizable income.

popular television

Burkina produces popular television series such as "Les Bobodiouf".

Her fourth novel, "The Brown Girls", was adapted as a popular television mini-series.

His younger brother Harman Singha is also an actor, VJ and popular television personality.

less popular   (人気が低い)

This recapture is much less popular than 4...dxc6.

At the time, Fox Sports focused on less popular sports.

Some of these changes were less popular.

popular tourist destination   (人気の観光地)

The metropolis is a popular tourist destination.

Tremadog is an increasingly popular tourist destination.

It is a popular tourist destination in Abbottabad District.

popular science

Jan Żabiński authored approximately 60 popular science books.

In 2011 Hinde began the popular science blog "Mammals Suck ...

From his scientific work he published many books, some in a popular science style.

popular name

In English, its popular name is The Hand.

It was the most popular name for girls in Australia in 2013.

Its popular name comes from Tammany Hall boss William M. Tweed.

widely popular   (広く人気)

This was the first widely popular all-nude musical.

The film was widely popular with audiences of its time.

Electrical experiments were widely popular from around 1770.

immensely popular   (絶大な人気)

Today, high school baseball in particular is immensely popular there.

The Hilsa is the national fish and immensely popular across Bangladesh.

It proved immensely popular.

several popular

He is the author of several popular textbooks.

Fiji has several popular tourism destinations.

He is the author of several popular works on astronomy.

not popular

The flag was not popular, however, with few liking its appearance.

"Gold Eagle Guy" was not popular with audiences and had a short run.

Pullman cars were run on some trains from 1921, but were not popular.

most popular songs   (最も人気のある曲)

Dusty's wife Joy McKean penned several of his most popular songs.

In Russia, "Ooh La La in L.A." remains one of the band's most popular songs.

The quartet performed jazz arrangements of some of Elton John's most popular songs.

hugely popular   (大人気)

May is a hugely popular character.

They were not only hugely popular but affected international ideas.

popular place   (人気の場所)

They are also a "popular place for a lunchtime picnic."

Sentry Island is a popular place for fishing and hunting.

Today the pier is a popular place for sea anglers and walkers.

still popular   (まだ人気)

Slide rules are still popular among aircraft personnel.

These two usages are still popular with the railfan community.

They are still popular in France, where they are called "confit".

made popular

 The song was also made popular by Shirley Bassey.

(The song was subsequently made popular by Les Paul and Mary Ford in the 1950s.)

Costume jewelry was also made popular by various designers in the mid-20th century.

became more popular

His albums also became more popular.

As they became more popular, they were then manufactured in GRP.

However, the site only became more popular at around 1100 to 1200 AD.

popular amongst

Such sites can also be popular amongst photographers.

He was equally popular amongst students and faculty alike.

It is also popular amongst college students, as a party drug.

very popular among

Lumbini Quiz is very popular among the students.

It is very popular among devotees of Hayagrīva.

Cayuga Lake is very popular among recreational boaters.

popular throughout

It remains popular throughout Turkey to this day.

It was popular throughout its run and gained high ratings.

This story remained popular throughout the fifteenth century.

popular series

One of NFL Films' most popular series is "Hard Knocks".

The most popular series are "Bernard Palissy" or "Pic Vert".

It was also Cartoon Network's most popular series among boys ages 2–11.

most popular sport   (最も人気のあるスポーツ)

Football is the most popular sport in the region.

Football is the most popular sport in Costa Rica.

Cricket is the most popular sport in Afghanistan.

popular choice

BCPL was thus a popular choice for bootstrapping a system.

It is a popular choice for cottage houses and mountain homes.

Another popular choice is Widor's Toccata from "Symphony for Organ No.

popular form

A very popular form of such art was "Pardeh Khani".

A popular form of BASE jumping is wingsuit BASE jumping.

The Jatra is the most popular form of Bengali folk theatre.

another popular   (別の人気)

Futsal is another popular sport in Azerbaijan.

Basketball is another popular sport in Macau.

Nature watching is another popular activity.

popular tourist attraction   (人気の観光名所)

The beaches are also a popular tourist attraction.

The Buddha is a popular tourist attraction today.

Namdaemun is a popular tourist attraction.

popular media

The song has been used in popular media as well.

This was referred to in popular media as a supermoon.

The FBI has been frequently depicted in popular media since the 1930s.

popular radio

He also hosted several popular radio shows broadcast nationally.

became a nationwide hit and was aired on Israel's popular radio stations.

His songs can often be heard on popular radio stations across Yorubaland.

becoming popular

Dr. Miller's school was becoming popular with each passing day.

Ben Nevis is becoming popular with ski mountaineers and boarders.

Smoking a tobacco-molasses shisha is now becoming popular amongst the youth in India.

popular success

The concerto was Elgar's last great popular success.

The film was released in May 2014 to popular success.

The work was a popular success.

popular demand   (人気のある需要)

Ultimately driven from his district by popular demand.

Due to popular demand, a fifth city (Nanchang) was added.

Even so, Blarney reappeared after a few weeks, by popular demand.

popular sports

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the state.

At the time, Fox Sports focused on less popular sports.

They include: Football is one of the most popular sports.

popular local

His father was Grigor Parlichev - a popular local educator.

Similarly, popular local dances are North Indian dances, especially Kathak.

Later that night, he appeared on "Hy Gardner Calling", a popular local TV show.

second most popular   (二番目に人気のある)

It is the second most popular magazine in Spain after "Pronto".

He was the second most popular candidate in the election with 80,772 votes.

Rand's "Atlas Shrugged" was the second most popular choice, after the Bible.

remains popular

It remains popular throughout Turkey to this day.

It remains popular with climbers, especially in winter.

The pantomime version remains popular today.

popular figure   (人気フィギュア)

The Golem is a popular figure in the Czech Republic.

A popular figure, he was re-elected six times during his tenure.

Heinz was a popular figure around the Nürburgring until his death.

popular works

It was one of the most popular works of the 1850s.

The album became one of his most popular works.

Today, the song remains one of his most popular works.

number of popular   (人気の数)

He has also featured in a number of popular songs.

He also wrote the lyrics to a number of popular songs.

A number of popular stories deal with the rearing of dragons.

popular children

Velhagen & Klasing was also dominant in popular children's literature.

"Shōnen Sekai" was one of the most popular children's magazines of its day.

"Gul Phul" is a popular children's magazine which was edited by author Akber Jiskani.

popular film   (人気の映画)

He also had a lot of popular film songs in Telugu.

He ghost-writes for a popular film lyricist.

It was the second-most popular film of the year in Britain.

popular character

Div (giant) is another popular character.

The show was an instant hit and Phoebe became a popular character.

May is a hugely popular character.

popular book

It was a popular book and required a second edition within three months.

His most popular book, "My Road to Opera", is an anecdote-filled autobiography.

It was his most popular book with sixteen editions printed over a period of thirty-five years.

became so popular

It became so popular that it was moved to the big stage in January 2009.

The number became so popular that it would serve as the title to a later Temple film of the same name.

Achi's practice became so popular that she has been included in other lineages, such as the Karma Kagyu.

popular artists

The venue also hosts occasional concerts by popular artists.

The song enjoyed mainstream success as well as remixes by popular artists.

He was also involved in recording two of Decca's most popular artists: Vera Lynn and Mantovani.

popular attraction   (人気のアトラクション)

Whale-watching is a popular attraction for tourists.

Mzymta is a floatable river, and the popular attraction is rafting.

A splash fountain, Moscow's second, has become a popular attraction.

popular books

Gesell’s popular books spread his ideas beyond academia.

He also authored several popular books on history and culture.

He wrote the popular books "" and "."

became popular among

In the 1950s Jazz became popular among students.

The work eventually became popular among amateur light opera groups.

It was formulated by Dan Duchaine, and quickly became popular among bodybuilders.

popular films

It was one of the most popular films in Britain in 1959.

It shows popular films, series, and entertainment shows.

It became one of Arliss' most popular films.

popular enough

The decorated paper became popular enough to be sold on its own.

None proved popular enough to last.

Still, the book was popular enough to be reprinted in a second edition.

popular press

(Up to this point, the popular press had ignored stealth).

The popular press embraced him and his photo appeared in many magazines.

Arens' book gained attention from the popular press soon after its publication.

popular because   (人気があるため)

This design is popular because of its economy and speed.

He was popular because he was medieval.

He was popular because his weather predictions were funny and somewhat cryptic.

popular location

Columbus was also a popular location for labor organizations.

These granite monoliths are a popular location with rock climbers.

The Coppersmith Hills is a popular location for Big Foot sightings.

popular characters

He is one of the author's most popular characters.

Santer also reintroduced past and popular characters to the programme.

Critics have deemed Carmella as one of the series' most popular characters.

popular singer

She was a sister of popular singer Blanche Ring.

He became a very popular singer throughout Latin America.

Elsa is a popular singer and songwriter.

popular spot

Ponmudi is also a popular spot for backpacking and trekking.

It is a popular spot for morning walks for the local residents.

It sells a variety of handicrafts and is a popular spot for tourists and locals.

become very popular   (非常に人気になる)

Along with some other excerpts, the "Romance" movement has since become very popular.

Total immersion Spanish language schools have become very popular in Latin America and Spain.

Electronic Purse Cards (called Chipknip) were introduced in 1996, but have never become very popular.

popular uprising   (人気の反乱)

A popular uprising restored parliamentary democracy in 1991.

This provoked a massive popular uprising in the hitherto-quiet city.

The dominion was highly unpopular, and in 1689 Andros was arrested in a popular uprising.

popular with tourists

The site is popular with tourists, especially Swedes.

The Sahlenburg beach is popular with tourists.

The railway became popular with tourists.

popular venue   (人気の会場)

Al Deira beach is a popular venue for surfers.

It became a popular venue for games, circuses and similar public events.

AVAM is also a popular venue for weddings, hosting over 70 weddings annually.

become more popular   (もっと人気になる)

The Sex-positive feminism movement has become more popular in current times.

Despite the conservative ideas prevalent in India, bikinis have become more popular.

Recently another type of opener, known as the jackshaft opener, has become more popular.

popular show   (人気ショー)

It remained Fox's most popular show other than "American Idol".

The film was repeated in 1973 and was the 12th most popular show of the week.

Wantilan Luau is a popular show scheduled 6:00 every Saturday, and is popular for its festive food and cultural dancing.

popular game

Sports: Cricket is the popular game followed/played.

To date it remains the least popular game of the series.

In Japan, dice were used to play a popular game called sugoroku.

popular video

One of the most popular video games featuring Sudoku is "".

VR-specific and VR versions of popular video games have been released.

The most popular video sharing site, YouTube, was founded in February 2005.

popular opinion

He never tried to appeal to popular opinion in cases.

to remain in power despite popular opinion in favor of removal.

Despite mounting pressure, popular opinion stayed with the Templars.

remains a popular

While this remains a popular legend, the story is not true.

Blood type remains a popular form of divination from physiology.

It remains a popular song in the Gap Band's repertoire to this day.

most popular tourist   (最も人気のある観光客)

One of Dresden's most popular tourist attractions.

Summer and spring seasons are the most popular tourist seasons.

Scuba diving is the most popular tourist activity in the Maldives.

popular work   (人気作品)

Deb's most popular work related with Women of The Tagore Household.

It remains the franchise's most popular work outside Japan until today. ""

Nevin's most popular work was "The Mystical Presence," a study of the doctrine of the Lord's Supper.