İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

popularly known

Webster was popularly known as the "Cowboy Mayor".

This figure is popularly known as "Goenda Shabor".

Guadalajara (popularly known as "Chivas") in 2002.

popularly called

The form makes it popularly called the "iron".

Ltd. popularly called as Yum Yum Noodles.

The eve of this day is popularly called "Demera" in Amharic – meaning "Bonfire".

popularly elected

These Regional Assemblies are popularly elected within each region.

Holt was the youngest person ever popularly elected to the U.S. Senate.

Senators are popularly elected and take office January 3 for a six-year term.

popularly referred

Kota is popularly referred to as "the coaching capital of India".

The guards are popularly referred to as "cammo dudes" by enthusiasts.

In Bhakthavathchalam street in Mambalam there is a playground popularly referred to as "Thambiah Reddy Ground".

more popularly

It is more popularly known amongst local divers as the "Japanese Invasion Wreck".

This was called the "cabinet du secret des postes", or more popularly the "cabinet noir".

He would later go on to found a more popularly oriented journal, "The Mathematical Diary".

more popularly known

It is more popularly known amongst local divers as the "Japanese Invasion Wreck".

It is part of the genus "Conus", more popularly known as cone snails, cone shells or cones.

The best known award is the Academy Award of Merit, more popularly known as the Oscar statuette.

popularly used

"Maile" is traditionally and still most popularly used in "lei".

Other terms such as GoK, GK and Serikali are popularly used to refer to the Kenyan government.

The letters' names are spelt out thus: Tree names were once popularly used to name the letters.

known popularly

He is known popularly as "İbo".

In Britain, however, the tree remains known popularly as "Wellingtonia".

Gulati, known popularly as "Lall", was born around 1896 in Shaipur, near Lahore, Punjab, India.

became popularly

In America a version of the penny dreadful became popularly known as a "dime novel".

Cheng became popularly associated with the Ting Hai effect, named after his character in the series.

Later its name was changed to "Bandar Aceh Darussalam", and then became popularly known as "Banda Aceh".