local populations   (地元の人々)

These color patterns vary widely among different regional and local populations.

Cultural factors are also relevant, as local populations tend to be heterogeneous.

Additionally, there are small local populations of Malaysian Indians and Eurasians.

human populations   (人間の人口)

The Asian elephant lives in areas with some of the highest human populations.

The primary use of game theory is to describe and model how human populations behave.

It is believed that human populations retreated south to warmer regions near the Mediterranean.

large populations   (大人口)

Today, large populations of European descent are found on every continent.

It often grows with large populations of other "Microtis" orchids but only flowers after fire.

A large eruption would not affect large populations; only three people are located within 10 km.

indigenous populations

Out of Chiapas' 111 municipios, ninety-nine have significant indigenous populations.

, Belize still struggles to recognize indigenous populations and their respective rights.

Affairs with the indigenous populations were regulated through regular meetings ("vergaderingen").

small populations

There are also small populations in Japan, New Zealand, and Australia.

There were small populations of Greek-speaking Muslims and Turkish-speaking Greek Orthodox.

Both Woodlands and Warren are unincorporated areas with small populations below 100 of R.M.

isolated populations   (孤立した集団)

There are also isolated populations in southern China west through Yunnan.

The Blue Mountains doubletail grows in isolated populations in the Blue Mountains.

Remaining populations survive in isolated populations, mostly in headwater streams above natural downstream barriers.

other populations   (他の集団)

The status of other populations is less well known.

It has not been described in any other populations.

wild populations

Transgenic trees have been suggested as a way to confer resistance to pathogens in wild populations.

As most seahorses enter trade as bycatch, imposing export quotas would achieve next to nothing for wild populations.

It also removes fish from the open ocean that have not had a chance to spawn yet, which affects the wild populations.

fish populations

Evidence for cultural transmission has also been shown in wild fish populations.

The tensions from the declining fish populations in the 1940s had begun to boil over.

Forage fish populations are very vulnerable when faced with modern fishing equipment.

native populations

This has led to large numbers being illegally caught in the wild to the detriment of native populations.

22 municipalities have indigenous populations over 90%, and 36 municipalities have native populations exceeding 50%.

Like in the rest of Mexico, Christianity was introduced to the native populations of Chiapas by the Spanish conquistadors.

different populations

In different populations worldwide, MPS-VI made up between 2 and 18.5% of all MPS disorders.

Imagine a DNA sequence which has very few polymorphisms in its alleles across different populations.

Places with different mortality rates had different populations and productivity levels around the world.

between populations

in agricultural species), or differences between populations.

Gene flow is the exchange of genes between populations and between species.

vulnerable populations   (脆弱な集団)

Hilbert has a history of street practice, bearing witness for peace, and continues his community service with vulnerable populations.

Occupational hazards may be exacerbated in settings with fewer worker protection policies in place, disproportionately affecting vulnerable populations.

In 2017, Stanford Law School awarded Butler the Miles L. Rubin Public Interest Award for her work in "justice and social change in the lives of vulnerable populations."

significant populations   (かなりの人口)

Large cities have significant populations of both groups.

It has significant populations of birds, including swans and ducks.

However, other orbital families exist with significant populations, including the near-Earth objects.

civilian populations

He emphasized the needs of America's allies, both those under arms and the civilian populations, for American produce.

However, reports on the Marne taxis had a real effect in boosting the morale of French Army, and its civilian populations.

The Turkish forces massacred civilian populations, the principal places being Panagurishte, Perushtitza, Bratzigovo, and Batak (see Batak massacre).

minority populations

An exchange of minority populations between the two countries was proposed.

Green space access is related to health inequality for minority populations.

The medical students then became interested in reaching out to underserved minority populations.

student populations   (学生人口)

In Pennsylvania, 80% of school districts serve student populations under 5,000, and 40% serve less than 2,000.

In Pennsylvania, 80% of the school districts serve student populations under 5,000, and 40% serve less than 2,000.

However, traditional statistics of income and poverty can be misleading when applied to cities with high student populations, such as Columbia.

rural populations   (農村人口)

Waves of epidemics wiped out large rural populations.

As suburban and rural populations grew New Jersey's traffic circles became outdated.

Therefore, most of the urban and rural populations were limited to lower-class occupations.

bird populations

Many bird populations migrate long distances twice a year.

The location of the IBA along the Allegheny Front also contributes to the diverse bird populations.

The snakes decimated the native bird populations of the island, which were unaccustomed to predators.

immigrant populations

Its iron mills and immigrant populations inspired the setting of Life in the Iron Mills.

Chicago has one of the largest Eastern European/Slavic immigrant populations in the nation.

Additionally, many Arab countries in the Persian Gulf have sizable non-Arab immigrant populations (10–30%).

urban populations

The administrative boundaries were in fact not suitable for defining rural and urban populations.

Lara and Yaracuy are the states with the largest urban populations in the region, followed by Falcón.

China's gender imbalance is further increased by the One Child Policy, although applicable only in most urban populations.

breeding populations

Many bird species have established breeding populations in areas to which they have been introduced by humans.

The heaths have strong breeding populations of whinchat ("Saxicola rubetra") and stonechat ("Saxicola torquata").

The islands have high natural values, notably breeding populations of seabirds, marine turtles and coral cay vegetation.

largest populations

It contains Vermont's largest populations of pitch pine, rhodora, and chain fern, a state-threatened species.

The largest populations are in Russia with 120,000, the United States with 32,500, and Canada with around 25,000.

Colombia has the world's largest populations of internally displaced persons (IDPs), estimated to be up to 4.9 million people.