front porch   (前部ポーチ)

In all but a few cases there is some sort of front porch.

The front porch was added later, in 1937.

It has an original one-story front porch.

south porch   (サウスポーチ)

The 19th century south porch is in Neo-Norman style.

The south porch is gabled, with stone benches inside.

The south porch was added in the 19th century.

entrance porch   (玄関ポーチ)

The entrance porch dates from 1906–07.

Inside the main door is an entrance porch and a security door.

A gothic entrance porch was later (1815 to 1820) designed and added to the south front.

porch supported   (ポーチ対応)

It has a wood porch supported by Doric columns wrapping around two sides of the house.

It features a one-story shed-roofed wrap-around porch supported by 22 Doric order columns.

It has eight rooms and features a three-story bell tower and arched and pedimented porch supported by four columns.

wraparound porch   (ラップアラウンドポーチ)

The entire front facade features a wraparound porch.

It has a wraparound porch with Tuscan-style columns.

The house has a wraparound porch and was built around 1900.

porch was added

A Colonial Revival-style porch was added in 1925.

A one-story porch was added in the 20th century.

The south porch was added in the 19th century.

north porch

Above the outer doorway of the north porch is a niche.

The north porch was built in 1613.

The rebuilding and widening of the north aisle followed, along with the north porch.

porch extends

A single-story porch extends across its three-bay front facade, supported by square posts.

A one-story Tuscan-columned porch extends around the five outer sides of the polygonal portion.

The front porch extends across the entire front, its hip roof supported by fluted Doric columns.

entry porch   (玄関ポーチ)

This was a lowset building with a small entry porch.

At the north end is an entry porch and flagpole.

The "mukhamandapa" (entry porch) seems later addition.