İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

large portion   (büyük porsiyon)

Islands constitute a large portion of the world's surface.

FEMA was expected to cover a large portion of the expenses.

A large portion of the parish is barren.

small portion   (küçük porsiyon)

Only a small portion of the scheme was ever built.

It also included a small portion of Creek County.

A small portion of that is being grown organically.

southern portion   (güney kısmı)

Most of the southern portion of the state voted Democratic.

The southern portion of Highway 35 is also a RIRO expressway.

There is a small wading pool in the southern portion of the park.

northern portion   (kuzey kısmı)

Jackson Township is located in the northern portion of Ste.

Jackson Township was created in 1827 from the northern portion of Ste.

This transit-related area is the northern portion of the community area.

significant portion   (önemli bir kısmı)

A significant portion of the dialogue is in Lowland Scots.

Its southern part includes a significant portion of the Sahara.

A significant portion of residents are City of Chicago employees.

western portion   (batı kısmı)

It covers the western portion of Nias Island.

7 had the shortest distance to span on the western portion.

The Bulloo River flows through the western portion of the station.

eastern portion   (doğu kısmı)

from the eastern portion of pre-war Poland.

In 1934 Wright Junior College was built in the eastern portion.

The eastern portion by NNSI and NTCL from Churchill and Montreal.

central portion

The central portion of Northern Arizona has the Painted Desert.

Parkview is located in the central portion of Ashburn in Chicago.

The central portion of Broadway is sometimes called Mount Pleasant.

upper portion

The stem bears a membranous, whitish ring on its upper portion.

The upper portion of which contains intensely bioturbated limestone.

Its upper portion is level with the periphery of the penultimate whorl.

lower portion

Only the lower portion of the tower survives.

The lower portion of the waterfall is a good picnic spot.

The spire and lower portion of the body whorl are striate.

major portion   (büyük kısım)

The major portion of the plateau is reserve Forest.

The major portion of the collection is the so-called Anastasi collection.

Female writers constituted a major portion of notable Golden Age writers.

substantial portion   (önemli kısım)

A substantial portion of the structure was destroyed.

However, after shooting a substantial portion of the film, it was shelved.

The church is also said to own a substantial portion of the state of Hawaii.

remaining portion

But all the remaining portion is free for the visit.

The remaining portion was borrowed from a bank in Vienna.

The remaining portion of the highway to the park is unpaved.

southeastern portion   (güneydoğu kısmı)

The southeastern portion of the upland known as the Kalach Upland.

The facilities of IMTT are located at the southeastern portion of the hook.

At the southeastern portion of peninsula are located mountains Sosman and Kharuchu-Oba.

first portion

Also known as the DRP, this is the first portion of the reading section.

Doe 13 was a second B-52 in formation for the first portion of the flight.

The first portion was approved in 2011, with signage posted December 6, 2011.

main portion   (ana bölüm)

The headings in both are in red, the main portion in black.

The main portion of the house has a low pitch roof with classical cornices with returns.

Van Hook built the main portion of the present house soon after taking possession of the property.

northeastern portion   (kuzeydoğu kısmı)

The flooding also covered rice fields in the northeastern portion of the country.

The overflown waters temporarily closed a highway in the northeastern portion of the island.

Her state senate district included much of the northeastern portion of the congressional district.

southwestern portion   (güneybatı kısmı)

KXMA serves the southwestern portion of the Bismarck–Minot market.

SWCS is located in the southwestern portion of Franklin County in Columbus, Ohio.

The industrial Port Johnson area is located in the southwestern portion of Constable Hook.

only a portion   (sadece bir kısım)

By the late 1950s, only a portion of the mainstretch remained brick.

Eventually, all three British whalers left with only a portion of the cargo.

Cable television signals use only a portion of the bandwidth available over coaxial lines.

good portion

He lived there for a good portion of his later life.

A good portion of the park is accessible by automobile.

A good portion of their material are original compositions.

northwestern portion   (kuzeybatı kısmı)

Harriton, Pennsylvania Harriton is an informal designation given to the northwestern portion of Lower Merion Township, Pennsylvania.

Florence, Massachusetts Florence is a village in the northwestern portion of the city of Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts.

The northwestern portion of the mountain is known as Browne's Mountain and is a residential neighborhood just outside the Spokane city limits.

portion between

The portion between Duluth and Grand Portage is now MN 61.

The portion between 95 and 116 Streets has been dubbed "Avenue of Nations".

The portion between Yellowhead Trail and Manning Drive is part of Highway 15.

larger portion

The windows were larger and occupied a larger portion of the façades.

The larger portion of formula_1 is housed at the "Instituto di Papyrologia" (P. Mil.

The remaining larger portion, designed by Kevin Roche John Dinkeloo and Associates, was built in 1973.

portion of land   (arazi kısmı)

On 20 February 1856, he bought a portion of land on the town's outskirts.

It is now a four-star hotel owned by the Hall family continuing to occupy a small portion of land.

The remaining portion of land south of Washington Street was used for heavy industry that was rail dependent.

oldest portion

The oldest portion of the building was the central portion, built sometime in the 1850s.

The oldest portion has a frame of oak timbers, with heaving wooden planking forming its walls.

The oldest portion of this house, probably its western half, was built about 1735 by William Noyes.

largest portion

The brain makes up the largest portion of the CNS.

The largest portion of the refuge consists of Lake Lowell and its environs.

The age group from 30 to 44 forms the largest portion of the population (20%).

considerable portion

A considerable portion of the abbey is now in ruins.

For a considerable portion of his adult life he lived at 11 Stone Buildings, Lincoln's Inn, London.

The surface that it encompasses made it possible to house a considerable portion of the cities inhabitants.

middle portion

The two ends of the guiderails are elevated while the middle portion goes under the main airport taxiway.

Two pleckstrin-homology domains are located in the middle portion, giving XB130 its lipid-binding ability.

Tweed managed to hide in the middle portion of the island, aided by many locals in 11 different locations, until October 1942.

southwest portion

The southwest portion of the Arica Mountains lies within the Palen/McCoy Wilderness Area.

It is located at the southwest portion of the state, and has an area of 12,710.210 km² and the seat of mesoregion is in Assis.

Both lines arrived in BC but could not dislodge the CPR, which was firmly established in the southwest portion of the province.

front portion   (ön kısım)

The open-air front portion of the loggia contains a large fountain.

The muzzle is naked, the nose-leaf is lanceolate, with the front portion completely fused to the upper lip.

Business Cabin was placed in the front portion of the aircraft where all full Coach paying passenger will be seated.

rear portion

Both were a fastback shape, the rear portion not unlike the body.

The rear portion of the University of Adelaide's agriculturally dominated Waite Campus.

Italian salvage crews raised the boat's rear portion on 22 July and her front section on 21 November.

greater portion

The greater portion of the range lies within Naval Weapons Station Earle.

The railroad was practically a farmers' line, and the greater portion of the receipts were derived from the farmers.

On one occasion, while attempting to absorb a greater portion of his adversary's powers than previously, his body disintegrated for a period of time due to the pressure in his cells.

anterior portion

The anterior portion of the mesonotum bears a dull black mark.

The body of this species is bright orange while the head and anterior portion of the trunk are blue.

Respiratory filaments extend from the anterior portion of the egg body and can measure up to 3.21 times its length.

southernmost portion   (en güneydeki kısım)

The species occurs the southernmost portion of Florida.

A caravan site occupies much of the southernmost portion.

The hills comprise the southernmost portion of the Berkshires.

original portion

The original portion of the house is built of logs and is in plan.

The original portion of the house was restored by Norman Isham by 1895.

The original portion was rectangular, with one upstairs room over one downstairs room.

southeast portion

Saga City is located in the southeast portion of Saga Prefecture.

A swarm of several dikes occurs in the southeast portion of the Management Area.

The Staircase area is the main entry into the southeast portion of Olympic National Park.

portion of what

Following colonial rule, France annexed a large portion of what is now French Polynesia.

The Home Depot Westbury Square #578 hardware store is now located on a portion of what was Westbury Square.

One difficulty with Eckhart's Latin writings is that they clearly represent only a small portion of what he planned to write.

smaller portion   (daha küçük kısım)

Redcedar, douglas fir, hemlock, and larch make up a smaller portion of the chip furnish.

On that day, most of it was added to the City of Senneterre and a smaller portion to the City of Val-d'Or.

After we had done so, he shook his head in disbelief, still thinking that he had received the smaller portion.

northwest portion   (kuzeybatı kısmı)

It is also present in the northwest portion of the island of Sumatra.

Then, Tweed was sheltered on Antonio Artero's ranch on the northwest portion of the island.

New Brunswick Route 550 Route 550 is a long north-south secondary highway in the northwest portion of New Brunswick, Canada.

posterior portion

The posterior portion of "Terlinguachelys"' mandible for example has several elements that are reduced in later forms.

It has three photophores on the posterior portion of the abdomen and the males have a long tail which bears seven deeply embedded long and thin photophores.

The dentary is as long as deep, bearing a row of 7–8 conical teeth on the posterior portion, and there are upper and lower pharyngeal tooth plates bearing 9–11 and 7–9 teeth respectively.