portrait painter   (肖像画家)

Romero de Torres was essentially a portrait painter.

He married portrait painter Marjorie Thompson in 1928.

He was also known as a portrait painter.

portrait painting   (肖像画)

He earned a livelihood by portrait painting.

Pourbus is known primarily for his religious and portrait painting.

Devastated, he quits portrait painting and goes on a long road trip.

painted a portrait   (肖像画を描いた)

He painted a portrait of Matt Kenseth for Roush Racing.

The sitter sometimes painted a portrait of Grafly in exchange.

He painted a portrait of the Prince of Wales in 1883 while staying in London.

portrait artist   (肖像画家)

He successfully pursued a career as a portrait artist.

Browne is now an accomplished portrait artist.

In 1957, Darling married the portrait artist Marjory Adams.

portrait was painted   (肖像画が描かれました)

His portrait was painted by William Orpen.

The portrait was painted by the Adelaide artist Ms Avril Thomas.

Lady Wray's portrait was painted in 1767 by Sir Joshua Reynolds.

portrait photographer

She began making portraits of friends, which led to an emerging career as a portrait photographer.

Pat Sturn Pat Sturn (October 1910 – March 15, 2011) was a Romanian-born Canadian portrait photographer.

Meeting and marrying Dorothea Lange, a portrait photographer from the East, had a great influence on his art.

portrait painted

Jessie had her portrait painted by John Irvine.

In that spirit, he had his portrait painted in Albanian costume.

He had his portrait painted by film director and painter Gus Van Sant.

portrait busts

He also created a large number statuettes and portrait busts.

In the department of portrait busts Grafly stands unrivalled in his generation.

He produced portrait busts of Emerson, John A. Andrew, and Junius Brutus Booth.

group portrait

However, it was clearly not the group portrait the Imperial War Museum had commissioned, and the Museum refused to accept it.

An early example is his 1730 group portrait of "The Wollaston Family", on loan to the New Walk Museum in Leicester since 1943.

Under his reign his wife Louisa was thought to have had the real power, and thus Goya placed her at the center of the group portrait.

paint a portrait

She was commissioned to paint a portrait of Kaiser Franz.

The play opens as an envoy from China arrives to paint a portrait of the emperor.

The local Nazi Party headquarters commissioned him to paint a portrait of Hitler.