painted portraits

Vigée Le Brun painted portraits of many of the nobility.

He painted portraits of many well-known persons of the time.

She also painted portraits of Joseph Howard MP and Sir Ralph Littler, KC.

series of portraits

Sauter produced a series of portraits for the Schott family.

Her artistic work includes a series of portraits of famous people without makeup.

In September, Sergey Bermenev took a series of portraits of the Hollywood star Al Pacino.

painting portraits

At 14, he was painting portraits for $5 apiece.

By the time she was in her early teens, Élisabeth was painting portraits professionally.

In the 1960s Mastin traveled the American Southwest, painting portraits of Native Americans.

many portraits

He painted many portraits.

Since that time there have been many portraits of Confucius as the ideal philosopher.

She also painted still lifes and many portraits, as well as many religious paintings.

several portraits

While there, he painted several portraits of Benjamin Franklin.

There are several portraits of him made by his artist friends, such as Dardel.

During this time he painted several portraits of notable figures in the region.

paint portraits

In the 1880s, von Herkomer had travelled to America twice to paint portraits and to give lectures.

His cousin, John Hollins, moved to London to paint portraits and became an associate of the Royal Academy.

In 1979, he started his project "Swakalbela" "(my own time)" where he planned to paint portraits of 100 of his contemporaries.