position he held   (彼の位置)

It was a position he held on three separate occasions.

He became SMH's first CEO, position he held until 1991.

A position he held from 2015 until his resignation in 2016.

held the position   (ポジションを保持しました)

He held the position until his retirement in 2006.

He held the position of chief consulting surgeon.

He held the position for ten years and one month.

pole position   (ポールポジション)

No points are awarded for pole position or fastest lap.

Q3 will see the top ten drivers fight for pole position.

() (results in bold indicate pole position)

same position   (同じ位置)

Later in Phuket they reached the same position.

Neathery had last served in the same position for Drake.

new position   (新しいポジション)

In his new position, Kelly earned $172,100 a year.

Johnson then left WBCN to assume a new position at WGBH.

He assumed his new position in January 2018.

coaching position

Church took over the coaching position in the fall for the rest of the season.

Stack left Eastleigh in September 2018 to take a coaching position with Watford.

In 1967, Bob Ward returned to his alma mater to take the head coaching position.

accepted a position

In June 2003 Scoble accepted a position at Microsoft.

Braman had accepted a position in the Nixon administration.

She then accepted a position at The Scripps Research Institute.

took a position

He then took a position at the Council on Foreign Relations.

In 2017, he took a position at Colliers International in London.

He left JPL in fall of 1990 and took a position at Pomona College.

position within

This helped him elevate his position within the party.

He resigned from his position within the institute in 1932.

This indicates his special position within the Church political structure.

held this position   (この位置を保持しました)

She held this position until she retired in 1988.

Creedon held this position from 1995 until 2013.

He held this position for two and a half years.

second position

Tony Kanaan quickly moved up to second position.

The auxiliary verb is still in second position.

Sporting finished better with second position.

teaching position   (指導職)

He obtained a teaching position in Lutsk in 1840.

From 1934 to 1936 he again held a teaching position.

Jacob then took a teaching position at Berklee.

held that position

He held that position for the 1966 and 1967 seasons.

He held that position through the 1995 season.

He held that position until his execution.

peak position   (ピーク位置)

14 LF-A recorded its peak position of 14th overall.

This was also the album's peak position on the chart.

The album debuted at its peak position at No.

defensive position

In the 1970s he was converted to defensive position.

By 1691, the Jacobites had adopted a defensive position.

There, they were ordered to take up a defensive position.

first position

His first position was as a kitchen boy in 1326.

Thus, Alexandrinus held the first position in the manuscript list.

Searle calls the first position "strong AI" and the latter "weak AI".

up a position

In 1917 Cabot took up a position in the Medical Reserve Corps for a year.

In Leek in 2000, he took up a position teaching Dutch to non-native speakers.

Alfred, in 893 or 894, took up a position from which he could observe both forces.

third position

China took third position after beating South Korea.

Jimmie Johnson finished in the third position.

Kelly was behind these two in third position.

starting position

The starting position for Pong Hau K'i is shown on the left.

In , Floyd earned a starting position in the Marlins' outfield.

Some advise to lower down to starting position slowly and with control.

up the position

She took up the position of assistant director of production.

She took up the position in June 2006 after returning from maternity leave.

In 1319, he was elected Bishop of Lincoln, but he did not take up the position.

resigned his position   (彼の地位を辞任した)

Zambrano resigned his position in November 2013.

In 1886, his father resigned his position as missionary.

A month later Turner resigned his position.

top position

The following week, it remained at the top position.

1 and holding the top position for six weeks.

In the top position, no pegs touch the string and all notes are flat.

head coaching position   (ヘッドコーチングポジション)

In 1967, Bob Ward returned to his alma mater to take the head coaching position.

Following the season, Miles departed for the head coaching position at Nebraska.

LaVar Ball also assumed the head coaching position for Vytautas during the tournament.

accepted the position

Despite this, he was offered the job, and in 2002 he accepted the position.

She accepted the position as Head of Foxcroft School in Middleburg, Virginia.

In 2013, Wood accepted the position of leader in the City of London Sinfonia.

current position

His current position is associate professor.

He assumed his current position in 2015.

It was later moved to its current position for health reasons.

hold the position

Ms. Carle was the first woman to hold the position.

She was the first woman to hold the position.

He was the first African American to hold the position.

took the position

Finally, he took the position of Vicar-General in 1935.

Zdzisław Podedworny soon took the position at Gornik Zabrze.

He Lian took the position of chief adviser of the committee.

assumed the position

In 2005 she assumed the position of Yavapai County Supervisor.

He assumed the position of Nuklo's therapist, under the name I.S.

Roy Romer assumed the position.

position when   (時の位置)

She offers to renegotiate his position when Durant returns.

The switch lever returned to a neutral position when released.

He lost any desire or position when my assistant lieutenant died.

highest position

opponents to finish in the highest position possible.

It was the highest position of Nesmith's solo career.

His highest position was Archbishop from 1991 to 2002.

official position

The denomination also has no official position on homosexuality.

Yunlu was implicated in the case and stripped of official position.

He was stripped of his official position and forced into house arrest.

fourth position

In the hexagonal, the club ended in the fourth position.

There are two types of fourth position: "open" and "closed".

This time they reached the semi finals finishing in fourth position.

strategic position

The Doberdò area has a crucial strategic position.

The strategic position of the NLA units gave them an overview of the town.

The strategic position of Ghod Khind (Horse Pass) was chosen for the defence.

position during

Toman is removed from his position during 1948 coup d'état.

The CPR was in a powerful position during the First World War.

Shah Rukh was never promoted beyond this position during his father's lifetime.

prominent position

Information Secretary is a prominent position in the federal government.

Due to its prominent position, the polygon is visible from all directions.

The station site is in a prominent position on the main road leading to Woolacombe.

political position

Viên's political position remained unstable, however.

That, Sir, shows the real political position of New Zealand."

The stronger political position of Scotland in relation to England was another.

original position

However, she was never given back her original position.

Although the bomb is dislodged from its original position, it fails to explode.

The reconstruction also placed the structure at right angles to its original position.

financial position   (財務状態)

"Scallywag's" financial position never recovered.

The financial position gradually improved.

Alice was in a tough financial position.

leadership position   (指導的地位)

WFE, IOMA and FIA surveys endorse NSE's leadership position.

It was not a formal leadership position.

position between

They held a position between monks and secular canons.

He had also served in the latter position between 2002 and 2004.

The frigates and corvette took a position between the battle line and the shore.

dominant position   (支配的な地位)

It has a dominant position in South America.

Atatürk, then the President, occupied a dominant position in this political system.

Meanwhile, Microsoft gained an increasingly dominant position in the browser market.

regular position

However he lost regular position in summer 2009.

His regular position was as an inside forward.

His regular position was full-back, centre or fly-half.

left his position

He left his position as Russia coach in June 2016.

However, he left his position after two weeks.

On 29 June 2015, Hiddink left his position.

forward position   (フォワードポジション)

Standing at , he plays at the power forward position.

She wore the number 54 at the forward position.

Standing at , she plays at the power forward position.

strong position

At the time of negotiations, China was in a strong position.

I think I am in a strong position because I accomplished my goals."

That night, the Union army established a strong position on Malvern Hill.

holding the position

He again served as vice-chancellor, holding the position until his death.

Stram was the team's longest-tenured head coach, holding the position from 1960 to 1974.

In April 2019, Osman resigned as Johor Menteri Besar after 11 months holding the position.

offered a position

Ackerman was eventually offered a position at Greatermans head office in Johannesburg.

Lair was offered a position with the Archives, but chose to follow a career as a lawyer.

Berger started his career at Procter & Gamble in 1960 before being offered a position by Heinz in 1964.

final position

pus`on, bag`o), in the final position of words (e.g.

It can never occur in final position following a schwa.

In Wahgi, consonants are aspirated only when they are in final position.

holds the position

He holds the position of Parliamentary Secretary.

He holds the position of Senior Managing Director at Temasek.

He also concurrently holds the position of Advisor to the Royal Court.

position she held

Nancy Faust became the White Sox organist in 1970, a position she held for 40 years.

She was later promoted to deputy chair, and then to chair, a position she held from 1943 to 1978.

In 1949 she became Director of Studies for Mathematics at Girton, a position she held until 1969.

offered the position

Brewer, and Taft offered the position to Hughes.

He was several times offered the position of bishop, but always refused.

In January 2018, Sifakis returned to OFI, being offered the position of general manager.

guard position

He could also play at the shooting guard position.

Standing at , he plays the shooting guard position.

Standing at , she plays at the point guard position.

central position

With its central position in Europe, Germany is an important transportation hub.

Not surprisingly, in Cyril's eschatological analysis, Jerusalem holds a central position.

The Earth's central position had been interpreted as being in the "lowest and filthiest parts".

take a position

In 1912, Ames moved to London to take a position with a firm in the city.

She noted they tried to persuade her to take a position behind the scenes.

He moved to Los Angeles to take a position in film marketing with Seineger & Associates.

similar position

"Narborough" was found in a similar position nearby.

Solomon Schechter espoused a similar position.

Many scholars have adopted a similar position.

fifth position

Along with his team, he finished in fifth position.

A fifth position, called "Ispettore Superiore S.U.P.S.

His rank fell in 2005 to fifth position with 1,123 votes.

social position   (社会的地位)

This is most common when one language has a higher social position (prestige).

The social position of mixed-race or "half-caste" individuals varied over time.

But the behavior of these creations determined the social position of their descendants.

position against   (反対の位置)

The book takes a position against laws and actions against LGBTQ rights.

It has a strong position against censorship and in favor of network neutrality.

FDN has also been politically active, taking a strong position against the HADOPI law.

chart position

It achieved their highest chart position yet, reaching No.

1 chart position in the UK that April.

In terms of peak chart position, this was Fish's third most successful single.

last position   (最後の位置)

This was the last position he would ever hold.

His last position is as a Chief Police Officer of Kuala Lumpur.

At the contests' final stage, the song ended up in the last position.

field position

Both Crimson Tide touchdowns were set up after Cougar turnovers gave them good field position.

If the fullback couldn't give the kicker good field position, he didn't stand a chance on his try.

Titans receiver Isaac Byrd's 16-yard punt return gave the Titans good field position at the Bills' 45-yard line.

high position

Prominent Qarakhanids such as Mahmud Kashghari hold a high position among modern Uyghurs.

The animal crawls with the shell in a very high position and not much bent to the right side.

Authorities suspected that Swe was targeted because of his high position in the local administration.

number one position   (ナンバーワンポジション)

The video reached the number one position on the GAC countdown in early December.

The winner would be in the number one position to challenge champion Jorge Linares.

"Don't Lose Your Hucklebuck Shoes" returned the band to the number one position later in 1965.

position before

Prior to this point Jones had never played the guard position before.

However, some vice-chancellors expressed support for UCU's position before the strike.

The position before the 2013 general election was known as the Vice-President of Kenya.

league position

They completed the 20th century with the highest average league position.

The club's best league position was second at the end of the 2012-2013 season.

Having guided them to a respectable league position, Stavrum was hired by his old team Molde.

position of number   (番号の位置)

The following week, it jumped to a peak position of number 18.

The next week it rose up two spots to the position of number 8.

The album reached a peak position of number five on the UK Albums Chart.

faculty position

In January 1978, Harrison accepted a faculty position at UCSF.

In 2005 she returned to the University of Sydney with a faculty position.

A new faculty position was created: "mussar mashgiach" (teacher of ethics).

each position

He saw all that he did and each position he took as an expression of his spiritual beliefs.

Also, each position to the left represents a value ten times larger than the position to the right.

In the "min-max differential" (or "MMD"), for each position (pixel) selects the highest or the lowest.

position among

Fire station 8 occupies a special position among the Munich fire stations.

A sixth-century date for Obadiah is a "near consensus" position among scholars.

During their inaugural 2017-18 season, the team occupied the 8th position among 8 teams.

former position

He re-joined defensive coordinator Dan Quinn, his former position coach with the 49ers.

The former position has been called "philosophical realism", and the latter "nominalism".

He returns for a time in "Summer Lightning", while Hugo Carmody occupies his former position.

held a position

He held a position of financial crimes investigator.

They held a position between monks and secular canons.

It held a position on BBC Radio 1's A-List.

position as head   (頭としての位置)

Rothmaler was soon appointed to a position as head of department.

On November 26, 2016, Strong was fired from his position as head coach.

He resigned from his position as head coach at the conclusion of the season.

sixth position

Mouton finished in a disappointing sixth position.

With 92 points, he came in sixth position.

Kostić received the sixth position on its electoral list in Belgrade.

lost his position

Steve Chia lost his position as a non-constituency MP.

However he lost his position behind Kenta Shimizu in 2006.

The election results meant that Klein lost his position as Senate co-leader.

leading position

UCAS has the leading position in English teaching and researching in China.

Ericsson claims a leading position in charging and billing, serving 1.6 billion people.

SMEs have a leading position in the provision of economic growth and employment in Azerbaijan.

own position

The information is then processed by the receivers to derive their own position, velocity and time.

(It can also be used for estimating one's own position based on observations of multiple emitters).

In 1955, Khrushchev achieved the demotion of Malenkov and secured his own position as Soviet leader.

coach position   (コーチポジション)

The Bonnies' head coach position is Jesse Fleming.

He was appointed to the Sevilla head coach position in November 2008.

The Banshees appointed Colin Branagh to fulfill the vacant head coach position.

important position

This was an important position, held in high regard by the society of the time.

He served at the important position of Secretary Petroleum from April 2017 till August 2018.

Geba has an important position within Kamakura and old stories tell how it was often a battleground.

position due

In 2008, he resigned from this position due to differences of opinion.

On September 6, 2001, Janiszewski resigned from his position due to corruption charges.

In 2013, McKeown gave up his tenured position due to his frustration with academic politics.

position near   (近くの位置)

That night, arrived and took position near "Minnesota", still hard aground.

From 14 August it began to move a position near Fresnes-en-Woëvre, then near Etain.

His cavalry was commanded by Netaji Palkar, and were placed in a forward position near the fort.

s position

By 05:15, enemy destroyers were closing "S-42"’s position.

The President’s position was abolished at Togliattiazot in May 2011.

This is because while X has squared off his position, Y’s position is still open.

left the position

However, he left the position after the 2010 season.

McClair left the position in July 2016.

Heinz left the position in March 2015.

take the position

Herring declined to take the position full-time.

(Belykh agreed to take the position.)

Curtius is of the opinion that he wished to be begged to take the position.

used his position

Key used his position as U.S. Attorney to suppress abolitionists.

Swingler used his position in Memphis's black community to advocate for civil rights.

He also used his position and experience to try to mislead his colleagues and to conceal evidence.

usual position   (通常の位置)

His usual position is either full-back or wing.

His usual position is either centre or wing.

Rikki Sheriffe's usual position is , or .

better position

However, Morazán had a better position and smashed the federal army.

In 2019, the college announced several changes to better position students for success.

Bach looked for a better position and found it as at the court of Leopold, Prince of Anhalt-Köthen.

permanent position   (常任)

Frank Moseley took over the permanent position in 1951.

In 1910 he achieved a permanent position in the Norwegian infantry.

In 2004 he was elevated to a permanent position on the Supreme Court of Appeal.

center position

Standing at , she plays at the center position.

Listed at and , he plays the center position.

He was 6'10 ft, 235 lbs and played the center position.

no position

The remaining Americans were scattered and in no position to fight.

He was ordered to stay in New York since he had no position in Canada.

Auchinleck ordered XIII Corps to provide support but they were in no position to do so.

retained his position

Dina Nath retained his position at the court during.

Kenny retained his position for the replay on 5 November 1989.

Benedict escorted his lord to the eastern province and retained his position of vice-chancellor.

such a position

This made him the first and only pharmacist to occupy such a position.

The equivocation such a position entailed was first refuted by Bonelli in 1751.

Born in Hong Kong, he was the oldest person to hold such a position in New York.

unique position

It was located in a unique position.

In textile art Hannah Ryggen (1894–1970) holds a unique position.

As a white woman, she was in a unique position to speak out against racial oppression.

standing position

The movement begins from a standing position.

He is classified as LW9-1 and competes in a standing position.

There, they fired an additional 10 shots in the standing position.

hold this position   (この位置を保持)

He is the first non-canonist to hold this position.

She was the first female to hold this position.

He the youngest person to hold this position as well.

present position   (現在位置)

It was erected in its present position in 1841.

It was installed in its present position in the early twentieth century.

It was later moved to its present position at the front of the north transept.

position because   (位置のため)

I think I am in a strong position because I accomplished my goals."

He was thereby put in a difficult position because of the flagrant breach of the truce.

In 1934 he resigned his position because he affronted the Hungarian nation with his ideas.

position through

He served in that position through the 1994 season.

He held that position through the 1995 season.

Weiner held the position through Issue 288.

back position   (バックポジション)

He played in the defensive left back position.

As a sophomore, Taylor won the starting running back position.

He made a total of 6 league appearances playing in the Left back position.

s position

By 05:15, enemy destroyers were closing "S-42"’s position.

The President’s position was abolished at Togliattiazot in May 2011.

This is because while X has squared off his position, Y’s position is still open.

position of head   (頭の位置)

Mantere was replaced in the position of head coach by Jim Fuyarchuk.

At the time, she was the first woman to occupy the position of head of cabinet.

Rousseau held her position of head coach of the Sparks until the summer of 1998.