İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

various positions   (çeşitli pozisyonlar)

In 2001–2006 he worked in various positions at the World Bank.

From 1983 to 1990, Yadav served at various positions in the party.

He served in various positions in Spain, Puerto Rico and Hispaniola.

defensive positions   (savunma pozisyonları)

The Texans retreat to their final defensive positions.

Some were constructed in important defensive positions.

1/7th Cavalry then dug in to night defensive positions.

leadership positions   (liderlik pozisyonları)

Buttars served in various Republican Party leadership positions.

Wassenaar has held key leadership positions at Airware, New Relic and VMware.

Jones held other numerous ancillary leadership positions apart from his Gulf Oil concern.

held positions

He held positions there until his retirement in 1978.

He also held positions with a number of external bodies.

Previously he has held positions in Singapore, Dubai and WAAPA.

positions within   (içindeki pozisyonlar)

He has served in multiple positions within the Federalist Society.

Button subsequently reclaimed those positions within the opening laps.

Both serve at different positions within the family group of companies.

other positions   (diğer pozisyonlar)

Among other positions in the LDS Church, Rosenberg has served as a bishop.

Among other positions in Spain, he held that of auditor general of the galleys.

Predominantly a left back, Tierney could play in other positions, such as centre-back.

different positions   (farklı pozisyonlar)

Accordingly, in 2002-2004 he got different positions.

Both serve at different positions within the family group of companies.

The four fingers of the left hand can each be used in two different positions.

government positions   (hükümet pozisyonları)

Now, many Maieratani control government positions in the city.

Black Hand members held important army and government positions.

From 1934 to 1937 he held various government positions in the province of Punjab.

several positions   (birkaç pozisyon)

He worked in several positions (Barclays Bank, Retco.

He entered the civil service and had several positions.

In this capacity he held several positions.

senior positions

The law banned women from senior positions (e.g.

In October 2018, Air Italy announced 3 appointments to senior positions.

He served in senior positions with the National Home Furnishings Association.

political positions

He had no political positions during that time.

His political positions were those of a moderate progressive.

In August 2014 he unexpectedly resigned from all political positions.

positions including

She held many positions including associate dean and department chair.

He had to resign a series of positions including his role as Non-executive Chairman of GMAC.

He later held various legal positions including Recorder of Coventry, Worcester, Ludlow, and Shrewsbury.

held various positions

From 1368 to 1377, he held various positions at the court in Prague.

Salcedo has held various positions in USSF, FIFA, and Major League Soccer.

In order to fund her own education, she held various positions at Itochu and J.

up positions

Varro then returned to the command of his troops, taking up positions at Apulia.

The leaders of the uprising declared a full alert; the fighting groups took up positions.

The paratroopers arrived in Derry on the morning of the march and took up positions in the city.

administrative positions   (idari pozisyonlar)

At various times, he has held several administrative positions in IIT, Guwahati as well.

There are numerous administrative positions among the clergy that carry additional titles.

McGraw would remain at CSU for more than 40 years in various coaching and administrative positions.

enemy positions

As a result, airstrikes were ordered against enemy positions.

Here too, the British lacked intelligence about enemy positions.

They are used to strike enemy positions by the Chadian Air Force, but one was shot down by rebels.

management positions

She also held management positions at IBM.

Sixty of those graduates had moved into management positions across the network.

In business he worked in senior management positions for Qantas and the Hilton Hotel Group.

important positions   (önemli pozisyonlar)

He also held important positions in several workers' unions in the state.

However, he never again held any important positions in the party structure.

French personnel trained the Mauritanian army and took up important positions in the economy.

pole positions   (kutup pozisyonları)

It took 15 out of a possible 19 pole positions.

The car took 18 of the 19 pole positions and won 12 races.

Currently he has 19 career wins along with 11 pole positions.

key positions   (anahtar pozisyonlar)

After the war, Zakharov held a number of key positions in the army.

He streamlined the MCC administration and recruited new people to key positions.

German troops arrived around mid-September occupying the key positions of Istria.

teaching positions

He held several teaching positions in both London and Rome.

Returning to Canada, he held different teaching positions at the Séminaire.

Although these were mainly teaching positions there was some research activity.

all positions

In Ionic, the shift took place in all positions.

Female officers are admitted in almost all positions.

In Doric and Aeolic, long alpha is preserved in all positions.

positions during

Roy held four ambassador positions during his career.

He had no political positions during that time.

He served in many leading positions during the movement.

number of positions   (pozisyon sayısı)

Outside of his university, he held a number of positions.

There are always the same number of positions on either side of the open transactions.

To select the committee members, a young boy was asked to take out as many leaves as the number of positions available.

executive positions   (yönetici pozisyonları)

Keith Gottfried served in senior executive positions with the company from 2000 to 2004.

From 1996 to 2000 Scozzafava served in various executive positions at the Campbell Soup Company.

In addition to coaching, Guelker held various executive positions at the local and national levels.

positions around   (etrafındaki pozisyonlar)

Finally, the French guns swept the Chinese positions around the Western Forts.

The PAVN kept up artillery and mortar fire on Marine positions around the base.

Five Iranian bombers were intercepted trying to attack the Soviet positions around Jolfa.

staff positions   (personel pozisyonları)

Hugo held several staff positions within the United States House of Representatives.

The DJs are all volunteers, and the staff positions are filled by students of the college.

He has also held staff positions at National Geographic Magazine and The Huffington Post"."

gun positions

T=The entrance was defended by two machine gun positions and a grenade launcher.

However, a rifle platoon began knocking out the Japanese gun positions one by one.

After knocking out the six machine gun positions, the Marines faced the 47 mm gun cave.

high positions

Some Kurdish tribal leaders were given high positions.

Dougherty was diversified in her hiring, placing more women in high positions.

these men hold high positions in religious cults and often have more than one wife.

both positions

He was replaced by Fu Anping () in both positions.

He held both positions until approximately 1786.

Krämer describes both positions as irrelevant.

positions of power

He put his father Yuan Ji and his brothers into positions of power, and they were just as corrupt.

Once he was removed from positions of power, Nasution developed into a political opponent of the New Order Regime.

positions along

On 31 October, the destroyer "Bodryy" shelled German positions along the coastline.

He took this car to the inaugural title with four victories and pole positions along the way.

In the positions along the Narva River, the Estonian 1st Division repelled 7th Red Army attacks.

held the positions

He also held the positions of Foreign Minister and Ambassador to the United States.

He also held the positions of vice-rector of the seminary (1974–1977), director of the university residence "Ntra.

They were reputed as a powerful caste in the colonial era, who held the positions of Mudaliyars and Kanakkapillais.

positions such

These efforts advocate positions such as:

There are positions such as babysitters, kitchen help, logistics and office staff.

She worked her way up to higher positions such as, chemist to civil engineer to Chief Chemist.

academic positions

Simon has since held a variety of academic positions.

Tiruchelvam held several academic positions in Sri Lanka and the USA.

He holds academic positions from multiple South African universities.

variety of positions

After his military service, Johnson held a variety of positions.

She held variety of positions at the College including Vice-Mistress from 1966 to 1969.

He played a variety of positions on the basketball court from center to shooting guard.

forward positions   (ileri pozisyonlar)

Žukauskas plays both the Power forward and small forward positions.

Standing at , he plays the power forward and small forward positions.

Targets were often soldiers bringing up food or water to forward positions.

many positions

Throughout his career, he has held many positions.

Professor Grover assumed many positions at Rollins.

He played as many positions in midfielder position.

positions near   (yakın konumlar)

On June 14, Urban's company attacked German positions near Renouf, France.

The defenders attempted a sortie against the French positions near the hornwork, but it was repulsed.

On 25 August it withdrew to the west towards the River Meuse and new positions near Damvillers and Consenvoye.

held several positions   (birkaç pozisyonda bulundu)

In this capacity he held several positions.

He held several positions in Meghalaya.

Andrews has held several positions in the Free Software community:

chart positions

scope="col" colspan="10" | Peak chart positions !

scope="col" colspan="3" | Peak chart positions !

The peak chart positions refer to "Billboard's" "Blues Albums" chart.

following positions

He worked with the Swire Group (since 1976) in the following positions.

He has held the following positions: He died in Houston, United States on August 5, 1998.

The defending players are placed in the following positions: The attacking players change roles as the game progresses.

ministerial positions   (bakanlık pozisyonları)

He had held ministerial positions and military offices.

These were ministerial positions but not full cabinet portfolios.

He also served thrice in ministerial positions and was elected to parliament in 1946.

took up positions

The leaders of the uprising declared a full alert; the fighting groups took up positions.

The paratroopers arrived in Derry on the morning of the march and took up positions in the city.

On 7 April 1916, I Anzac Corps took up positions in a quiet sector south of Armentières, known as the "Nursery".

prominent positions

Certain other prominent positions have emerged, some of which are sector-specific.

Many Jews who came during the 18th and 19th centuries achieved prominent positions in Colombian society.

At that time, he began using the nickname "Xiaoping" and occupied prominent positions in the party apparatus.

positions held

Ethiopia was to withdraw to positions held before the outbreak of hostilities in May 1998.

XXX Corps attacked the southern positions held by the 7th Naval Brigade and 388th Rifle Division.

The following is a list of positions held both in the kitchen and dining rooms brigades in France:

new positions

To aid economic development, the governor asked for creation of several new positions.

At dusk, German aircraft appeared and an accurate bombardment began on the new positions.

An animated anagram displays the letters of a word or phrase moving into their new positions.

official positions

Thackeray did not hold any official positions, and he was never formally elected as the leader of his party.

Regardless of official positions, since AA's inception, most members have believed alcoholism to be a disease.

The Glorious Revolution of 1688 brought him back to prominence, and he held official positions from 1692 to 1715.

faculty positions

He held faculty positions at Princeton University, Indiana University, and Ohio State University.

Harper quickly assumed a series of faculty positions, including ones at Denison University and Yale University.

They married when she was teaching at Yale, and they both accepted faculty positions at UC Berkeley and moved there.

positions include

Administration positions include 12 men and 24 women.

Appointments and positions include: He also continues to work as a consultant for Griffins Lawyers.

Other modern conservative positions include opposition to big government and opposition to environmentalism.

starting positions

There are also different starting positions.

In phase 4, the three formulas return to their starting positions .

For 2013, the top 36 starting positions were set by qualifying speed.

top positions

Karmal appointed several non-communists to top positions.

and both Eustathius and Athanasius held top positions in the church.

Members of the community have attained top positions in Israeli politics and public service.

artillery positions   (topçu mevzileri)

The United Nations Protection Force quickly returned fire and eliminated the artillery positions.

While the inundations were slowly but steadily taking effect the RAF bombed German artillery positions.

The "Luftwaffe" helped repel the offensive by heavily attacking Soviet artillery positions and defensive lines.

visiting positions

as well as visiting positions at Harvard Business School.

From there, he went to visiting positions in Oxford and Ghent University.

He was invited to visiting positions in Berlin, Bonn, Strasbourg, and Rio de Janeiro.

coaching positions

Five of its six coaching positions were filled.

He later held coaching positions at Marquette and Chicago State University.

However, Ferentz has publicly declined any interest in other coaching positions, opting to stay at Iowa.

ten positions

In its second week, the song fell ten positions to number 21 on the Hot 100.

Points were awarded for the top ten positions in each race on the following basis:

Gordon, Hamlin, Kyle Busch, Johnson, and Keselowski completed the first ten positions.

positions of authority   (yetki pozisyonları)

Court eunuchs could rise to positions of authority in the Empire.

Their clients include men in positions of authority, such as a judge.

Deans of Women were trail blazers as women in positions of authority.

positions before

Zakharov held a number of high-ranking positions before World War II even began.

He served in several important state legislative and judicial positions before serving in the U.S. Senate.

He held numerous assistant coaching positions before becoming head coach at the University of Louisville in 2010.

relative positions   (göreceli pozisyonlar)

The relative positions of these tracks cause the steps to form a staircase as they move out from under the comb plate.

The pharmacophore model for these receptors ligands is qualitative and defines the relative positions of important groups.

They argue that it was established at Creation, and thus is a firm, unalterable decree of God about the relative positions of men and women.

positions he held

Other positions he held include justice of the peace.

Other positions he held include member of the Dane County board.

Other positions he held include Treasurer of Lancaster, Wisconsin.

positions throughout

Like all other nominals in Tîrî, pronouns can occupy various positions throughout the clause (Osumi, 1995, p. 37).

Former Kuhn, Loeb employees remain in senior positions throughout Wall Street, and until recently, at Lehman Brothers.

Our alumni take significant positions throughout the world of arts as performers, composers, painters, writers, and educators.

rifle three positions

She won gold at the 50 m rifle three positions event at the 2016 Summer Olympics

He won a bronze medal in 50 metre rifle three positions at the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow.

He won a silver medal in 50 metre rifle three positions at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona.

leading positions

He served in many leading positions during the movement.

He worked in leading positions of several large enterprises.

She has reached leading positions in major international competitions.

multiple positions

She too has blazing speed, and can play in multiple positions.

While Edwards lost multiple positions, Kurt Busch came out on top.

He has served in multiple positions within the Federalist Society.

military positions

Thanom and Narong then resigned from their military positions.

These were ameliorated by new appointments to military positions.

It is significant that both the military positions are occupied by Kassites.

fortified positions

Its Syrian captain remembered : "It was one of our most fortified positions.

The al-Qaeda fighters withdrew to higher fortified positions and dug in for the battle.

The Japanese remained in their fortified positions, ready to attack the American landing troops.

outfield positions

He played first base and all three outfield positions.

Alomar was able to play all infield and outfield positions.

He recorded a .975 fielding percentage playing at all three outfield positions.

policy positions

Previously, he served in senior foreign policy positions under Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W.

Ryan's non-fiscal policy positions were subject to additional national attention with his 2012 race for Vice President.

TFTC was instrumental in getting specific information on the presidential candidates' trade policy positions during the 2008 election through questionnaires.

cabinet positions   (kabin pozisyonları)

Despite receiving the most votes, CEDA was denied cabinet positions for nearly a year.

Babiš offered the party only four cabinet positions, and refused to give ČSSD the Ministry of the Interior.

However, its original reservations about a secular government influenced its decision to refuse cabinet positions.

took positions

As she had limited funds to support her education she took positions as a student demonstrator in zoology.

On 11 July the Crusaders took positions opposite the Blachernae palace on the northwest corner of the city.

These officers were joined within the hour by several SWAT team members, who also took positions around the restaurant.

managerial positions   (yönetici pozisyonları)

Khan held a number of managerial positions at Alfa Group starting in 1992.

Khan took on a number of managerial positions within the company as it expanded into new areas.

As a result of this on-field experience, minorities began to experience long-delayed gains in managerial positions within baseball.

respective positions

Allred, Stewart, and Beasley remained at their respective positions for over four decades.

Both Google and Perfect 10 seemed to have legitimate interests at stake and support for their respective positions.

The two sides continued the conflict, trying to better their respective positions in anticipation of new peace negotiations.

holding positions

In particular, Poles holding positions at the lowest levels of administration (village heads, commune heads, officials).

He later served in Paris and Brussels between 1920 and 1921, before holding positions in the Foreign Office between 1924 and 1930.

Vincent has had 37 years of experience in the newspaper industry, holding positions like stringer, reporter, editor, and publisher.

up defensive positions

Both sides took up defensive positions.

Many civilians fled their homes to escape the "invasion", while units of the Georgian Army took up defensive positions.

Having spotted Crozier's force, Gabriel Dumont ordered his men to set up defensive positions around the log cabin and lie in wait.

numerous positions

While at Heinz, Berger held numerous positions.

On campus, he demonstrated both his intellectual and leadership abilities, and rose to numerous positions.

The "railways" were for many years, the largest employer in NSW, with staff in all corners of the state in numerous positions.

command positions

However, many Tigrayan officers remained in command positions.

Cavalrymen dominated the higher command positions within the British Army during the war.

It was later expanded to 30 British officers in command positions, with a handful of Arab officers.

firing positions   (atış pozisyonları)

The turrets were disposed as two forward and two aft in superimposed firing positions.

The turrets were disposed as two forward and two aft in super imposed firing positions.

They marked off the channel for Farragut's deep draft men-of-war and located firing positions for Comdr.

public positions   (halka açık pozisyonlar)

Her adoptive father held several public positions in Mexico.

Federal ethics law prohibits public officials from using their public positions for private gain.

He held a number of public positions in Preston, serving as reeve, postmaster, and town councillor.

elected positions

She is among the French politicians who hold the most elected positions at different levels of government.

A total of 109 candidates vied for the 43 elected positions in the Northern Mariana Islands in the 2009 election.

He also served on the Common Council of Boston for eight years, and various elected positions in the city's correctional system.

positions included

His campaign positions included the intent to establish a Sixth Republic and preserve the environment.

These positions included membership of the Judicial Council of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Yugoslavia.

Despite his efforts, Socialist Party practice and positions included segregated locals in the South and racist positions on Asian immigration.

higher positions

Allan rose quickly in public service jobs to higher positions.

Despite this, Cao Teng often recommended Zhong Hao to higher positions.

During his tenure years he refused to leave his pupils for higher positions.

original positions

They are not in their original positions.

However, in general, the Filipinos were retreated to their original positions.

In March 2019 were installed the duplicates of the "Babies" on their original positions.

held senior positions

He later held senior positions for the City of Barcelona and Generalitat de Catalunya.

She has held senior positions at CosmoGIRL, Mademoiselle, Us Weekly, In Touch Weekly, and Glamour.

She later held senior positions at 20th Century Fox, Michael Jacobs Productions (Disney) and the Kushner-Locke Company.

same positions

By July, both armies were back in the same positions they had been two years prior.

Edge cubies must always end up in exactly the same positions they occupied in the initial set state before scrambling.

Dots are usually inlaid into the upper edge of the fretboard in the same positions, small enough to be visible only to the player.