İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

possibly due   (muhtemelen ödenmesi gereken)

Wood committed suicide, possibly due to a recurring elbow injury.

Toshimasu managed to tame the wild horse, possibly due to Toshimasu's own wild personality.

UFA showed an interest, but possibly due to financial difficulties, never made a sound film.

possibly because   (muhtemelen çünkü)

However, possibly because of a misunderstanding, fighting resumed.

Some galls may not be occupied, possibly because an egg was not laid or it did not hatch.

This rivalry happens possibly because of the fact that they are falling for the same girl.

possibly even   (muhtemelen)

It is contemporary and possibly even identical to, "Equus sivalensis".

In other cases, a third party might read, bill, and possibly even collect for the service.

The central scoria cone may be only a few thousand years old, possibly even of historical age.

not possibly   (muhtemelen değil)

"For where there is good there cannot possibly be evil.

The ship that cannot possibly go wrong.

In fact, if you came I should have to apply for leave as I could not possibly stop here".

possibly the most   (muhtemelen en çok)

This is possibly the most dangerous part of the race.

The European Union by contrast has possibly the most stringent GMO regulations in the world.

Zig and Zag, the first (and possibly the most famous), are ten-year-old alien twins from the planet Zog.

quite possibly

By the age of 29, he had performed in at least 35 plays, quite possibly many more.

They described it as "quite possibly one of the system's most ambitious designs yet."

David Levy, however, criticized this edition, saying that it could create "quite possibly false" traditions.

possibly the first

This is possibly the first European record of Halley's comet.

He was told that he was possibly the first person to do this in 2600 years.

Fulk and others this is possibly the first example of that line in English.

possibly other   (muhtemelen diğer)

The 285 HP engine had a racing cam and was only available to NASCAR and possibly other racers.

The larvae are gregarious and feed on "Solanum" species and possibly other members of the family Solanaceae.

She returned to Britain on 19 September 1831 with 1100 barrels of sperm oil, and possibly other cargo as well.

possibly more

Akebono faced a smaller, possibly more manageable, Musashi.

Jasper finds that the first day of his journey is possibly more than he bargained for.

Date of the last eruption is unknown but possibly more than 1 million years before present.

possibly related

They were possibly related to the Bavarian Counts Palatine.

Terentius Gentianus was married to Pomponia Paetina, who was possibly related to his colleague of 211.

The fact that there was no such regulation in British Columbia at the time possibly related to treaties.

possibly including

At the same time there were massacres of the Wiyot at other sites, possibly including Table Bluff.

Other sources quote Armenia's debt at $10.8 billion in September 2018, possibly including non-public debt too.

We believe that it is a combination of a variety of factors, possibly including mites, viruses and pesticides."

possibly as early

It was built possibly as early as 1765.

She was definitely the mistress of James IV during 1496–97, and possibly as early as 1495.

It is likely that the Dunhams leased the property before purchase, possibly as early as 1889.

possibly derived

It is possibly derived from the Germanic for 'place by the stream'.

“Belanda” itself was possibly derived from the Portuguese “Hollanda” (Holland).

The name "Basic" is possibly derived from the Mahican language, meaning "stone".

possibly the best

Central/East Asia is possibly the best example of large-scale intraplate deformation.

The music site Get into This called it possibly the best song on "Trout Mask Replica".

According to the Quietus “ Van Wissem is possibly the best known lute player in the western world.


It was acquired by the Crown – possibly compulsorily purchased – for the sum of £25.

It’s a unique record of Everton's history – possibly a history unparalleled by any other club.

A week later, separatists – possibly the ADF – raided Penda Mboko, Littoral Region, and injured three gendarmes.

possibly earlier

The next day, or possibly earlier on 21 August, "Satellite" captured the "Christianhaab".

The material was determined to be of Heavy Neolithic or possibly earlier Paleolithic origins.

The land was owned by the House of Borromeo of San Miniato in the 14th century and possibly earlier.

possibly extinct

It is now possibly extinct on the Canterbury Plains.

"O. sophistes" is possibly extinct in its type locality.

However, this species is now possibly extinct in the North Island.

possibly the only   (muhtemelen tek)

It is possibly the only surviving manuscript of the Greek Diatessaron, unless Papyrus 25 is also a witness to that work.

It specialises in feeding on the highly poisonous "Toxicoscordion venenosum" and is possibly the only bee that can tolerate its toxins.

This is possibly the only detail in which the cookbook has a relationship with historical information about any of the people named Apicius.

possibly through

Some prefer to lift as high as possibly through a full range of motion for each repetition.

Northampton, possibly through the influence of Cornish judge Sir Robert Tresilian, was confined at Tintagel.

Afterwards Mary Carleton wrote her own account, "The Case of Madam Mary Carleton", possibly through a ghostwriter.

possibly not

The episcopal see of Avenches may have been transferred to Lausanne by Marius, or possibly not before 610.

Sebastiano's artistic output reduced after taking the court role, though possibly not by as much as Vasari suggests.

For example, a circle and a line have always two intersection points (possibly not distinct) in the complex affine space.