İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

posted online   (çevrimiçi yayınlandı)

On June 11, a mysterious poster was posted online.

Standard defamation laws apply to content posted online.

By April 2008 two songs off this album were posted online.

then posted   (sonra yayınladı)

They were then posted to a base in West Kirby, Merseyside.

The 14th was then posted to the West Indies, Canada and Malta.

In 1913 he was then posted to St. James's Academy in Brooklyn.

posted a video   (bir video gönderdi)

posted a video of the incident on YouTube.

He later posted a video on Linkedin explaining the situation.

In April 2015, JacksGap posted a video called "What Do You Believe In?"

team posted   (ekip gönderildi)

The team posted its best shooting night of the season by going 32 for 53.

They continued their strong run into June where the team posted an 8–4 record.

Dropped following the 1984 season, football returned in 2008 and the team posted a 4-6 record.

band posted

Three days later, the band posted a studio update video.

The band posted the official sampler for "Bodyparts" online on September 4, 2012.

On 2 March 2018, the band posted a video which revealed the song's title and release details.

later posted

He later posted the same video on social media and YouTube.

He later posted a video on Linkedin explaining the situation.

Worldstar later posted the video for his song “Warum” as well.

posted a record   (bir kayıt gönderdi)

He posted a record of 113–182 in ten seasons.

The Cowboys posted a record of 16–10 during those seasons.

He posted a record of 49–29–3 in his nine seasons at Boston College.

video posted   (video gönderildi)

The first video posted was "Intro to Philology ;-)" on 7 March 2007.

The couple shared their engagement in a video posted to Lazzarato's YouTube channel.

The Iran Liberation Front claimed responsibility for the attack through a video posted on YouTube.

when he posted   (yayınladığında)

Garland's best season came in 1976 when he posted a win–loss record of 20–7.

He dropped to sixteenth in the standings the next year when he posted just one top-ten.

He had the most liked tweet in the world for 2018 when he posted the "In My Feelings Challenge".

video was posted

A day later, a lyric video was posted online for the song.

A behind-the-scenes video was posted online the following day.

A lyric video was posted online for "For Baltimore" on the same day.

posted a message   (bir mesaj gönderdi)

Anderson later posted a message on her website indicating that they were reconciling.

On July 25, 2009, Gooden posted a message on his Twitter page that said "Dallas Here I Come!!!"

At about 16:00, the embassy posted a message on "Twitter" that read: "1) Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

posted speed

Much of the highway has a posted speed limit of .

The posted speed limit is .

Both passenger cars and heavy vehicles regularly exceed the posted speed limit of 50 km/h.

before being posted

The videos were reviewed for content based on the terms of service before being posted to the site.

Biggs then served in the Battle of Crete, before being posted to the Admiralty as Deputy Naval Assistant to the Second Sea Lord (1942–44).

He spent five years in Mhow before being posted to a unit on counter-insurgency operations in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K), where he served in 1986-87.

posted a picture   (bir resim gönderdi)

On April 14, Lovato posted a picture of her on the set.

On July 8, 2012, posted a picture with the caption "September 2012".

Game posted a picture on his Twitter showing the word bone structured with cannabis.

posted a photo   (bir fotoğraf gönderdi)

posted a photo of her in the studio in November 2011, on TwitPic.

In April 2016, Shinee member Key posted a photo on Instagram of a KakaoTalk group chat of full of foreign fans.

Later, they posted a photo to their social media platforms from the studio with Vig, confirming his involvement.

website and posted

The policy must be available on the school's website and posted in every classroom.