postgraduate studies   (大学院研究)

He did further postgraduate studies in Paris and London.

The college offers courses from pre-school to postgraduate studies.

He then undertook postgraduate studies at Dundee gaining a PhD in 1932.

undergraduate and postgraduate   (学部および大学院)

It offers a number of undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

The department offers undergraduate and postgraduate education.

The Faculty actively continues undergraduate and postgraduate education.

postgraduate students   (大学院生)

Now V.S.Sobkin is scientific head of Theses of 8 postgraduate students.

It caters for postgraduate students in medicine and other related fields.

Canon Prof. Preston (1948-1963), though now it houses postgraduate students.

postgraduate courses   (大学院のコース)

In 1936, Clark attended two six-month postgraduate courses.

The colleges offers 8 undergraduate and 7 postgraduate courses.

The colleges offers 15 undergraduate and seven postgraduate courses.

postgraduate degree   (大学院の学位)

He was awarded the postgraduate degree M Chir in 1931.

The faculty offers postgraduate degree programmes from M.A.

She is a postgraduate degree holder from the Rabindra Bharati University.

postgraduate diploma   (大学院の卒業証書)

She gained a postgraduate diploma in Journalism.

In 2003, a Konkani postgraduate diploma course was proposed.

He then did a postgraduate diploma in Aeronautical Engineering.

postgraduate study

He was supported by the Hackett Fellowship for postgraduate study.

In 1989 she enrolled in full-time postgraduate study at Rostov State University.

After postgraduate study at Northwestern University in 1920, Hunt resumed his practice in Lander.

postgraduate degrees

Individuals may have to do a second degree or postgraduate degrees."

Faculty of Management Studies offers first-level and postgraduate degrees.

At the same institution, she completed postgraduate degrees in Biochemistry.

postgraduate research

Storr produced his postgraduate research on kangaroos.

He has supervised over 25 students in postgraduate research, and 9 postdoctoral fellows.

He remained at King's to undertake postgraduate research, and completed his Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in 1969.

postgraduate work   (大学院の仕事)

Alexander did postgraduate work at New York Polyclinic.

He also did postgraduate work at American, French, and British universities.

in 1929 after doing postgraduate work in Norway and abroad in Denmark, England, Vienna and the U.S.

postgraduate education

The department offers undergraduate and postgraduate education.

In 1899, she moved to Washington, D.C. for postgraduate education.

Danube University Krems has specialized in postgraduate education.

postgraduate programs

It offers a number of undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

He attended postgraduate programs in computer auditing, management and personal coaching.

It also offers two-year postgraduate programs that lead to the awarding of Master of Technology (M.

postgraduate training

In 1897, Vasen enrolled in postgraduate training in obstetrics in Philadelphia.

At present this college extends facility for postgraduate training in all the 21 broad specialties.

He then soon moved to France and just after 9 months to Ireland, where he continued his postgraduate training.

postgraduate course

The postgraduate course (MCom) was started in 1988.

In January 1941 he entered the postgraduate course of Moscow Power Engineering Institute.

In 2002 the specialized MA Transport Management was launched, a two-year postgraduate course.

postgraduate level

Finally he did the postgraduate level at Central University of Venezuela.

Here are brief descriptions of some of them: Almost all educational programmes in biostatistics are at postgraduate level.

Biochemistry – The Biochemistry Department was started in 1993 at a postgraduate level and became a separate department in 2002.

postgraduate programmes

The postgraduate programmes have statutory tuition fees.

The intake of students to these postgraduate programmes is 15 each.

The university offers dozens of graduate and postgraduate programmes.

postgraduate student   (大学院生)

In 1954, she registered as a postgraduate student at the Warburg Institute, London.

Haddad commenced further study as a postgraduate student at the University of Tasmania.

She is also a postgraduate student in astrophysics at the Institute of Astronomy Cambridge, researching FU Orionis.