İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

potential energy   (potansiyel enerji)

Every conservative force has a potential energy.

These rest states need not have equal potential energy.

For this purpose, interperticle potential energy is disregarded.

full potential   (tam potansiyel)

They have some good riffs but they seem to not be carried out to their full potential."

By embracing anxiety as inevitable, a person can use it to achieve his full potential in life.

This school was never allowed to develop to its full potential as it was soon destroyed by the Normans.

action potential   (Aksiyon potansiyeli)

which provided one of the earliest quantitative models of the action potential.

Using electromyography to record the muscle action potential of the larynx (i.e.

A dendritic spike is initiated in the same manner as that of an axonal action potential.

potential to yield   (verim potansiyeli)

The place has potential to yield information that will contribute to an understanding of Queensland's history.

great potential   (harika potansiyel)

The country has great potential for hydroelectric power.

The thinking prevailed that the prairies had great potential.

Now, with VfL, he has the chance to develop his great potential."

other potential   (diğer potansiyel)

Diagnosis involves ruling out other potential causes.

The other potential formula_30 is

It may only be diagnosed once all other potential serious causes are excluded.

potential threat   (potansiyel bir tehdit)

The main potential threat to the species is illegal collection.

The new position represented a significant potential threat to Grant.

Otho and Vitellius realized the potential threat posed by the Flavian faction.

membrane potential   (zar potansiyeli)

As more ions enter the cell, the membrane potential continues to rise.

This increased chloride ion influx hyperpolarizes the neuron's membrane potential.

In sum, they interfere with fundamental processes that regulate membrane potential.

place has potential   (mekanın potansiyeli var)

The place has potential to yield information that will contribute to an understanding of Queensland's history.

potential candidates   (potansiyel adaylar)

NIFTY Next 50 constituents are thus potential candidates for future inclusion in NIFTY 50.

CNTs are potential candidates for future via and wire material in nano-scale VLSI circuits.

He presented himself as one of the potential candidates in Somalia's 2012 presidential elections.

potential future   (potansiyel gelecek)

Usually this signals the end of the group until potential future reunions.

They achieved some decent results and Wesselink felt a potential future in this sport.

4 (27) [26]: In the dungeon Alexius introduces Ursel to Anna as a potential future husband.

potential customers   (potansiyel müşteriler)

These people are seen as potential customers and future independent employees.

The ultimate goal of sales promotions is to stimulate potential customers to action.

Suoh hand picks the members with variety of appeal in mind for their potential customers.

potential candidate   (potansiyel aday)

She was also rejected as a potential candidate for the London Assembly.

A potential candidate for the supernova remnant is the neutron star Geminga.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is therefore a potential candidate country for EU accession.

potential use   (potansiyel kullanım)

Boron nitride has potential use in nanotechnology.

There is more potential use of CLOS for Common Lisp.

A potential use for quadrangular algebras is to analyze two open questions.

potential new   (potansiyel yeni)

as a potential new member.

In 1987, a television pilot for a potential new "Saint" TV series was broadcast on CBS.

In the unaired WB pilot episode for a potential new series, Victoria Winters was played by Marley Shelton.

potential buyers   (Potansiyel Alıcılar)

According to Straczynski, the first meeting with potential buyers was with Netflix.

Further, potential buyers would be exposed to the name and product when traveling to other countries.

They disguise themselves as potential buyers of their house and, in the end, they get it back on Holi.

high potential   (yüksek potansiyel)

They accept a trade-off against the high potential for disastrous eruptions.

The C2C model shows high potential for reducing the financial cost of industrial systems.

They have a very high potential for abuse and have one of the highest addiction rates for all drugs.

potential impact   (potansiyel etki)

This program especially targets children under age six for maximal potential impact.

Their emergence in the sixteenth century hints at a potential impact of Persian designs.

One anonymous SAP member likened the potential impact of the study to the Goldstone Report.

number of potential   (potansiyel sayısı)

There are a number of potential concerns in this regard.

Miriam finds a number of potential allies in her travels.

Some measures of vector control include: A number of potential vaccines are currently being tested.

potential to become   (olma potansiyeli)

He believed the boiler house had the potential to become a similar project.

The review predicted that this film had potential to become a "cult" or "classic" film in future.

The crew could not tell where it was coming from, and the issue had the potential to become serious.

potential benefits   (potansiyel faydalar)

Again, a more detailed study is needed to determine the potential benefits of white-eye pollination.

Chelation is not recommended for people with ASD since the associated risks outweigh any potential benefits.

Traits that function as fitness indicators are those revealing potential benefits rooted in genetic qualities.

potential threats   (potansiyel tehditler)

It may face potential threats from overexploitation and degradation of its habitat.

Future potential threats are chemicals such as rodenticides, predation by domestic dogs and diseases.

More research needs to be done to understand the value of the reserve and the potential threats it faces.

chemical potential   (kimyasal potansiyel)

(where "μ" is the standard chemical potential).

where "μ" is in this case a partial molar Gibbs energy, a chemical potential.

The chemical potential of a reagent A is a function of the activity, {A} of that reagent.

electric potential   (elektrik potansiyeli)

The SI unit of electric potential is named in his honour as the volt.

The electric potential arising between two such solutions is called the Donnan potential.

In classical electrodynamics, electric fields are described as electric potential and electric current.

many potential   (birçok potansiyel)

S-layers have many potential biotechnology applications.

The period in which the decline occurred had a great many potential culprits.

Curve448 is constructed such that it avoids many potential implementation pitfalls.

saw the potential   (potansiyeli gördüm)

He was very generous and saw the potential in others.

As early as the 1970s, he saw the potential in personal computers.

Later, he saw the potential in his native Konkani language, which became his lifelong work.

potential difference   (potansiyel fark)

A potential difference of 1 volt causes an electron to gain an amount of energy (i.e., ).

The potential difference mentioned for batteries and cells is usually the open-circuit voltage.

1 Ω is the resistance that will produce a potential difference of one volt in response to a current of one amp.

potential risk   (potansiyel risk)

Class I devices present the lowest potential risk and do not require a licence.

There has been little talk of the potential risk of increased promiscuity ("z'nut").

This can potentially exaggerate the relation between a potential risk factor and the disease.

potential applications   (potansiyel uygulamalar)

Dendrimers have potential applications in sensors.

This expands potential applications for phytases.

The potential applications of the technology could be even broader.

potential investors   (potansiyel yatırımcılar)

Commitment of funding from potential investors was being sought.

Once this intelligence has been gathered, the agent will formally market the deal to potential investors.

This canal has never been built in part because of political instability, which scared off potential investors.

potential source   (potansiyel kaynak)

The consumption of the human placenta is a potential source of infection.

Another potential source of error was a Lorentz force arising from power leads.

Sweet sorghum is another potential source of ethanol, and is suitable for growing in dryland conditions.

gravitational potential   (yer çekimsel potansiyel)

(Correspondingly, the system's gravitational potential energy density also varies with altitude.)

This is a result of stored gravitational potential energy seeking a path of release over friction.

At its highest points the kinetic energy is zero and the gravitational potential energy is at maximum.

economic potential   (ekonomik potansiyel)

A chemist named Angelo Mariani who read Mantegazza's paper became immediately intrigued with coca and its economic potential.

The city's huge economic potential is in the strategic geographical location being close to Zagreb, Belgrade, Budapest and Vienna.

It nevertheless concluded that the islands made a net contribution to the British economy and had economic potential for development.

commercial potential   (ticari potansiyel)

Unlike Durand, Demets saw commercial potential in the amusing novelty of the "Préludes".

They've got to find the balance between his commercial potential and his contribution to the community.

One of the first CD markets was devoted to reissuing popular music whose commercial potential was already proven.

potential predators   (potansiyel avcılar)

Several potential predators are known, being almost exclusively avian raptors.

This camouflage protects them against potential predators that may be lurking in the water.

Poisonous species often use bright colouring to warn potential predators of their toxicity.

potential problems   (potansiyel problemler)

Color codes do present some potential problems.

JDEM has recognized several potential problems of the SNAP project:

Much more work is needed here to define the extent of the potential problems.

potential conflict   (potansiyel çatışma)

Hubbell pleaded guilty to one charge of failing to disclose a potential conflict of interest from ten years earlier.

This potential conflict relates to the design of the helmet used in the situation to which each of the parties most frequently responds.

The DoD also does not believe the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Terrorists could be applied to a potential conflict with Iran.

archaeological potential   (arkeolojik potansiyel)

The archaeological potential was also reported as being high at that time.

Historical records indicate that this former cemetery site has high archaeological potential.

There is also excellent archaeological potential in the park and cemetery for evidence of early burials.

potential risks   (potansiyel risk)

Therefore, potential risks of side effects and effectiveness depend on the type of antibiotic administered.

The development of genetic engineering technology led to concerns in the scientific community about potential risks.

Given the potential risks surrounding the procedure, cerebral biopsy is indicated only if other diagnostic approaches (e.g.

several potential   (birkaç potansiyel)

Price indices have several potential uses.

JDEM has recognized several potential problems of the SNAP project:

There are several potential signs that a person may be suffering from compulsive overeating.

all potential   (tüm potansiyel)

The program is open to all potential students.

Things such as calibration errors, stray light, and incorrect settings, are all potential issues.

As all potential voters are also consumers, consumer protection has a clear political significance.

potential to cause   (sebep olma potansiyeli)

Lost source accidents have the potential to cause a considerable loss of human life.

Widow maker A widow maker is something that has the potential to cause sudden loss of life.

This discrepancy between the ideals of the ERG and the ideals of other employees has the potential to cause rifts.

potential danger   (potansiyel tehlike)

This is another potential danger to the sangai habitat.

The wind effects also created potential danger for the cast and crew.

Another potential danger is the UV production of ozone, which can be harmful to one's health.

identify potential   (potansiyeli belirlemek)

Her appearance is the first time the Watchers' Council has been shown to identify potential Slayers.

A reflexivity journal is often used to identify potential codes that were not initially pertinent to the study.

He became an expert in the study of indicator minerals to identify potential strikes, the key to his later success.

considered a potential   (potansiyel olarak kabul edildi)

Algae is being considered a potential solution for world hunger problem.

In 2008, Madigan was considered a potential candidate for Governor of Illinois or the United States Senate.

Serving on the House Naval Affairs Committee, Izac was considered a potential candidate for greater positions of power.

growth potential   (büyüme potansiyeli)

The index identifies emerging nations that have strong growth potential based on energy reserves and GDP.

The F2 is designed as a supplement to the Fennek and is intended to provide a maximum of mobility, protection and growth potential.

Reflecting the growth potential built into the original 767 design, the wings, engines, and most systems were largely unchanged on the 767-300.

against potential   (potansiyele karşı)

This camouflage protects them against potential predators that may be lurking in the water.

Some researchers argue that field experiments are a better guard against potential bias and biased estimators.

In most cases, the dunes are important in protecting the land against potential ravages by storm waves from the sea.

potential health   (potansiyel sağlık)

The opinion of major health organizations on the practice of circumcision varies due to its potential health benefits.

Through this, PUB puts in place plans to tackle and mitigate potential health and safety hazards that might affect their employees.

The WHO states that "A large number of studies have been performed over the last two decades to assess whether mobile phones pose a potential health risk.

potential sites   (potansiyel siteler)

EERI performs risk assessments on earthquake potential sites around the world.

Further leaked documents suggested that Labour were deciding on potential sites based on political preference.

For more than two years, NASA planners considered a collection of 30 potential sites for the first crewed landing.

more potential   (daha fazla potansiyel)

There is more potential use of CLOS for Common Lisp.

User charge remains to be more potential area of finance than a reality now.

In the end, the judges felt that Meri had more potential, and Malla was sent home.

list of potential   (potansiyel listesi)

Brody is to retrieve a list of potential attack targets from a safe in Estes' office.

The list of potential targets (such as bridges, viaducts, tunnels, railway junctions, etc.)

He was added to the Commander-in-Chief’s list of potential officers in February 1853, aged barely 16.

human potential   (insan potansiyeli)

Hoffer was influenced by his modest roots and working-class surroundings, seeing in it vast human potential.

The former are subject to the development of one's capacities and aspirations as human potential for pleasing, shaped by social interaction.

Kingston also comments that the appearance of Toole and the aerial ballet demonstrated that physical limitations do not limit human potential.

potential treatment   (potansiyel tedavi)

It also has been studied as a potential treatment for hepatitis C.

The usefulness of 5-ARIs for the potential treatment of acne is uncertain.

The first-in-human tests of a potential treatment are called Phase I studies.

potential victims   (potansiyel kurbanlar)

Upon review of the first inquiry, he concluded that there were "hundreds, not thousands" of potential victims."

It described the alleged abuse as being "on an unprecedented scale", and the number of potential victims as "staggering".

In "Hill v Chief Constable of West Yorkshire", it was decided that the police owed no general duty of care to potential victims of crime.

saw potential   (potansiyel gördü)

He saw potential in the collaboration, and encouraged them to write more.

SM Prime Holdings saw potential in the upscale northern sections of the city.

An emergency department physician by day, Heilman saw potential in angiography.

potential loss   (Potansiyel kayıp)

Above all, there was the potential loss of prestige and independence.

The total potential loss based on the markets at the time of the event was C$8.7 million.

Faced with the potential loss of a major affiliate, Oldenbroek stood down, but continued to work for the federation.

potential effects   (potansiyel etkiler)

The Electronic Frontier Foundation objected to Act's potential effects on civil liberties.

The Local Interstellar Cloud's potential effects on Earth are prevented by the solar wind and the Sun's magnetic field.

The potential effects of electromagnetic fields on human health vary widely depending on the frequency and intensity of the fields.

another potential   (başka bir potansiyel)

So Eli looks out for another potential partner.

This is another potential danger to the sangai habitat.

Hydrangeas are another potential pest, but their threat is less serious.

potential problem   (potansiyel problem)

Piston ring design has been identified as a potential problem.

The warning serves as a reminder to the driver of this potential problem.

Their consistency is a potential problem whenever multiple models and views are used.

avoid potential   (potansiyelden kaçınmak)

Nixon spoke out adroitly to avoid potential damage, but the matter permanently alienated the two candidates.

A sensible protocol for the use of such transmission flow control signals must be used, to avoid potential deadlock conditions, however.

Various concurrent computing techniques are used to avoid potential problems caused by multiple tasks attempting to access the same resource.

potential conflicts   (potansiyel çatışmalar)

However, Trump backtracked the hires several days later due to potential conflicts of interest.

The RWSL system uses complex algorithms to calculate future paths and predict potential conflicts.

Marketing ethics is also contested terrain, beyond the previously described issue of potential conflicts between profitability and other concerns.

potential damage   (potansiyel hasar)

This would require a range of at least 8,000 yards to escape potential damage from the underwater blast.

Nixon spoke out adroitly to avoid potential damage, but the matter permanently alienated the two candidates.

The vehicle would be protected from potential damage, because the charging station would not close its internal relay.

potential targets   (potansiyel hedefler)

The list of potential targets (such as bridges, viaducts, tunnels, railway junctions, etc.)

The increasing number of home automation devices such as the Nest thermostat are also potential targets.

The spotter's task was to observe (spot) the surrounding terrain and alert the sniper to potential targets.

potential role   (potansiyel rol)

This indicates a potential role in intracellular signaling.

The potential role of the pro-oxidant role of uric acid in (e.g.)

The potential role of sex hormones in the etiology of degenerative skeletal disorders is being discussed for both genders.