Фразы и примеры предложений

power plant   (электростанция)

The power plant could also receive power from TVA.

Afterwards, the power plant will be decommissioned.

A Small hydro power plant is situated on the creek.

power station   (электростанция)

The power station was designed to burn slack coal.

A power station is located adjacent to the refinery.

The technology is being piloted at a UK power station.

nuclear power   (атомная энергия)

It is a development of the RBMK nuclear power reactor.

India's nuclear power plant development began in 1964.

There are no nuclear power plants in Namibia.

power plants   (электростанции)

The first gas, water, and power plants were built.

In 1951, their power plants were converted to oil.

There is a programme to build hydro power plants.

political power   (политическая власть)

The Chinese can use their political power: force.

However, in general, he had no real political power.

As a consequence, political power was less concentrated.

power supply   (источник питания)

Prior to this, power supply was generated locally.

Unlike the ZX Printer, it had a separate power supply.

Rod Holt designed the Apple II's power supply.

power generation   (выработка энергии)

The state is a pioneer nationwide in solar power generation.

PEDC plans for a third coal-fired power generation facility.

Biomass made up 7.0% of Germany's power generation mix in 2017.

power stations

There are three grid-ready thermal power stations.

It is also one of the power stations for the trolleys.

These include both hydroelectric and thermal power stations.

came to power

In 846 CE, King Pyinbya (r. 846–886) came to power.

His eldest son, Govinda II came to power after him.

They came to power only once, between 1906 and 1910.

hydroelectric power   (гидроэлектростанция)

The dams would be used to produce hydroelectric power.

The country has great potential for hydroelectric power.

It impounds the North Platte River for hydroelectric power.

electric power   (электроэнергия)

Both offer electric power and natural gas supply.

Using a solar roof, solar cells can provide electric power.

Data source of values (electric power generated) is IEA/OECD.

power output   (выходная мощность)

The power output of the turbo version increased to .

The continuous power output was 590 hp (434 kW).

Maximum power output was maintained at at 7,800 rpm.

solar power   (солнечная энергия)

He envisions electricity generated with solar power.

These are potentially suitable for solar power.

Much of the state is sunny, and could produce solar power.

more power

Still at , it produced more power across the range.

He was a strong supporter of giving more power to the King.

Over time the Qing government exerted more power over Korea.

electrical power   (электроэнергия)

All the caves were fitted with electrical power.

The electrical power consumption is 400 kW.

2, providing electrical power to the Tacoma Power system.

wind power   (сила ветра)

Alberta has 1491 megawatts of wind power capacity.

For example, Biolan operates its own wind power plant.

Production of wind power does not release any pollutants.

power lines   (линии электропередач)

Deaths occur when aircraft crash into power lines.

Two people were electrocuted by downed power lines.

Downed trees blocked roads and disrupted power lines.

power struggle   (борьба за власть)

Around 1520, the power struggle broke into civil war.

A power struggle followed Mao's death in 1976.

The power struggle between Agrippina and her son had begun.

balance of power   (баланс сил)

He has overturned the balance of power in Europe.

The Liberals now held the balance of power in the Commons.

Tenmu attempted to keep a balance of power among his sons.

took power

The FSN took power from the communist authorities.

The Whites took power first and expelled the Blacks.

However, in September, a new military junta took power.

nuclear power plant   (атомная электростанция)

India's nuclear power plant development began in 1964.

The MKER-1500 was also proposed for the Leningrad nuclear power plant.

Godzilla attacks the Ihama nuclear power plant in Shizuoka Prefecture.

own power

The stern section was able to get to Adak under her own power.

Each island generates its own power.

Testing of trains under their own power commenced in October 2017.

rise to power   (приход к власти)

Rome's rise to power brought its population to one million.

Rommel, as other Wehrmacht officers, welcomed the Nazi rise to power.

Already before Stalin's rise to power, the situation changed, however.

power source

The power source would be solar arrays and batteries.

The flower cart he pulls conceals the computer and power source.

The WJ-5A1 turboprop engine was chosen as the Y-7's power source.

low power

His first flight was successful, even at low power.

AGS radar is typically a medium or low power radar.

Many systems use low power laser design, e.g.

full power

With the Phra Sisin gone, Prasatthong was in full power.

It can exploit the Atari's full power.

A mechanical lock-up is engaged before increasing to full power.

power forward   (сила вперед)

Listed at , he played as a power forward and center.

Standing at , he plays at the power forward position.

He is a 6'9" (2.06 m), 268 lb (122 kg) power forward.

seized power   (захваченная власть)

During her first reign the Soga clan seized power.

He seized power for a brief period in 1818–1819.

In February 1948 the Communists seized power.

military power

Also, military power was firmly in Russian hands.

The resistance was suppressed by police and military power.

Prussia was one country attempting to amass military power.

power consumption   (потребляемая мощность)

This can significantly reduce power consumption.

The electrical power consumption is 400 kW.

EDR can provide a lower power consumption through a reduced duty cycle.

nuclear power plants

There are no nuclear power plants in Namibia.

The future of fantastical nuclear power plants is then explained.

It is decommissioning Isar 1 and Unterweser nuclear power plants.

great power   (большая сила)

The year 1885 will decide her fate as a great power.

It also gave the NA great power.

Such holdings gave it great power over the governments of small countries.

executive power   (исполнительная власть)

The President and the Government wield executive power.

The executive power is called "Prefeitura".

The real executive power rests with the Chief Minister and the cabinet.

high power

Holmium and thulium are used in very high power movie lighting models.

Carbon arc lamps operate at high power and produce high intensity white light.

YAG lasers can operate at high power and are used for drilling and cutting metal.

lost power

Over 100,000 people lost power from the nor'easter.

In the city of Kagoshima, 100 households lost power.

Gálvez remained in the city after he lost power.

purchasing power   (покупательная способность)

(i.e., converted into Dutch purchasing power).

GDP: purchasing power parity – $537 million (2007 est.)

GDP: purchasing power parity - $277 million (2002 est.)

thermal power   (тепловая мощность)

There are three grid-ready thermal power stations.

These include both hydroelectric and thermal power stations.

English Station English Station is an abandoned thermal power plant.

power outages

New Caledonia faced power outages and heavy rains.

The power outages and roadblocks were cleared by then.

Guests have reported power outages within the hotel grounds.

no power

With no power, the audience became restless and nervous.

We had no power to decide our own good, our own welfare.

Over such the second death has no power."

without power

Some areas were without power for nine days.

Nearly 11,000 households were left without power in Amakusa.

In Okinawa, Rammasun left about 10,000 houses without power.

power metal

Highlord Highlord is an Italian power metal band formed in 1996.

Sabaton discography Sabaton is a power metal band from Falun, Sweden.

He is one of the founders of the symphonic power metal band Rhapsody of Fire.

maximum power

I.e., the maximum power may not be available.

It can transfer a maximum power of 1300 MVA.

The maximum power was 100 bhp at 6000 rpm.

water power

The Mousam River provided water power for industry.

The first power plants used water power or coal.

The mill was built to perform farm chores with water power.

air power

He secured the deployment of army air power in the Guadalcanal campaign.

However, lacking armour and air power, the Iranians could not stop the enemy.

Goulter researches and teaches on air power, intelligence and counter-insurgency studies.

radiated power   (излучаемая мощность)

The effective radiated power is 17 kW.

Its effective radiated power is 98,000 watts (including beam tilt).

KKFR broadcasts at 98.3 MHz with an effective radiated power of 41 kW.

power pop

Musically, "I Forgive You" is a pop rock and power pop song.

Bad Moves Bad Moves is a power pop band from Washington D.C..

The Records The Records were an English power pop band formed in 1978.

power system

The power system exploits the "calorico-electrico-ether."

He developed a number of power system design improvements.

This was called a "power soak" which is a power system test only with no movement.

power grid   (Энергосистема)

NTE owns the power grid in the entire county.

Then the generated power is fed back into the power grid.

An electric power grid is almost never brought down intentionally.

power line

This power line serves one major purpose.

An overhead power line is one example of a transmission line.

It is fed by a 2.1-kilometer overhead radio frequency power line.

real power

Negations continued with Shahrbaraz being the real power.

Despite all this, the CPPCC is a body without any real power.

They maintained Richard as a figurehead with little real power.

new power

The taxes on this new power station enriched the municipal finances.

Power station design consists of the design of new power plant systems.

The following newspaper quote details the proposed switch on of the new power scheme.

power play   (силовая игра)

Messier scored later on a power play to put the Rangers up 3–1.

They may only use their power play when they are on Sting or Claw.

Before the challenge, Livvi decided to use her power play, "Head Start".

power through   (сила через)

Consumers also gain power through online shopping.

They assert their power through their position and connections.

Between 718 and 723, Charles secured his power through a series of victories.

power and influence

As a result, al-Jundi's power and influence rapidly declined.

He set about extending his power and influence with unexpected ambition.

During his reign, he extended Tarabay power and influence to Sanjak Nablus.

power supplies

These two cells have separated power supplies.

Commodore power supplies often failed before expected.

Much of the country remains without reliable power supplies.

effective radiated power   (эффективная излучаемая мощность)

The effective radiated power is 17 kW.

Its effective radiated power is 98,000 watts (including beam tilt).

KKFR broadcasts at 98.3 MHz with an effective radiated power of 41 kW.

power base

Prem's plan was successful and allowed him to consolidate his power base.

The new government quickly suppressed the opposition, and secured their power base.

Stalin used the office of General Secretary to create a strong power base for himself.

power during

The kingdom was a significant regional power during the Middle Ages.

Arlo cameras are designed to use low power during normal "scan" mode.

The Papacy reached the height of its power during the High Middle Ages.

economic power

The economic power of the LDS Church is discussed.

Little Village also boasts its economic power in Chicago.

The rulers also lost their economic power.

abuse of power

Those involved called the raids an "abuse of power."

Use of Technology widely reduced scope for the abuse of power.

Goldoni had a dislike for arrogance, intolerance and the abuse of power.

motive power

The suggested motive power was either manual or hydraulic.

The motive power depot was closed in 1965.

These two units make the motive power on the current system.

returned to power

Kérékou returned to power after winning the 1996 vote.

(Chu eventually returned to power in 653.)

Elections were held in December and Modi returned to power.

much power

Men in these situations would not have much power to interfere.

Others fear that Express Entry gives too much power to politicians and bureaucrats.

Passing too much power through the coil can cause it to overheat (see ohmic heating).

legislative power

A unicameral parliament ("") holds legislative power.

One aspect of federal jurisdiction is the extent of legislative power.

Federal legislative power is vested in both the government and parliament.

engine power

It had a larger body, better handling and more engine power.

This was done using high engine power in order to disperse the fog.

The Omni-Phase balance system consumed some engine power to operate.

power steering   (усилитель руля)

An electric power steering rack with a 14.3:1 gear ratio is used.

Cruise control, power steering, and air conditioning were optional.

These machines have mechanical power steering similar to a large truck.

steam power

The steam power house was and was a wooden building.

During the 19th century, navies began to use steam power for their fleets.

The operation of the mill was greatly expanded in 1880 with the installation of steam power.

power series

More advanced applications include power series and Fourier series.

The path integral for the interacting action is then a power series of corrections to the free action.

Thus holomorphy combines the notion of weak holomorphy with the convergence of the power series expansion.

power transmission   (передача энергии)

It is now the basic belt for power transmission.

The system was restored to full power transmission capacity by 1998.

A ribbed belt is a power transmission belt featuring lengthwise grooves.

used to power

Solar energy is partially used to power the building.

They were used to power telegraphs in the 19th century.

Both cryogens have been used to power cars.

power systems

Portable power systems that use fuel cells can be used in the leisure sector (i.e.

One of the fundamental foundations of modern society is the electrical power systems.

Ensol Systems Inc. is an integrator of portable power systems, using the SFC Energy DMFC.

power within

They had power within the household and partially within court.

The result was increased centralization of power within the party .

These may used for backup generation or as a prime source of power within isolated villages.

state power   (государственная власть)

No art owes quite as much to state power as French painting does.

The detainment was originally on the ground for "inciting subversion of state power".

The French Republic continued this Roman symbol to represent state power, justice, and unity.

higher power

Work then turned to developing higher power and operating frequencies.

There are also IR Spectrometers that require higher power to run a cooling system.

• Believing that individual human joys and sorrows do not matter to a higher power.

power between

The struggles for power between kings and popes shaped the western world.

Also present was a struggle for power between the king and some of the nobility.

In other word, Balance of power between states opts for decentralization of power.

power to make   (сила сделать)

This verse suggests that God has the power to make angels.

Section 4 deals with power to make rules.

Dodge is delighted and does everything in his power to make her happy.

seizure of power   (захват власти)

Heartfield was forced to flee in 1933 after the Nazi seizure of power in Germany.

In 1934, after the Fascist seizure of power in Austria, Deutsch moved to Zürich, Switzerland.

After the seizure of power by the Nazis he was dismissed as a lecturer at the Leipzig Academy.

power metal band

Highlord Highlord is an Italian power metal band formed in 1996.

Sabaton discography Sabaton is a power metal band from Falun, Sweden.

He is one of the founders of the symphonic power metal band Rhapsody of Fire.

hydroelectric power station   (гидроэлектростанция)

There is a hydroelectric power station.

Nkhula A was the first major hydroelectric power station built in Malawi.

In 2004 the hydroelectric power station at the Töss River was modernized.

royal power   (королевская сила)

Later, however, the Angevins intervened and restored royal power.

In time, the Uí Ímair possessed royal power in the Irish Sea region for centuries.

Vassals of the King of Imereti, they revolted several times against the royal power.

power vacuum   (вакуум мощности)

There was widespread fear of a power vacuum.

At the war's end in August 1945, a power vacuum was created in Vietnam.

Sun Yat-sen died on 12 March 1925, creating a power vacuum in the Kuomintang.

power ballad   (силовая баллада)

The power ballad "Aún" includes a string arrangement by Edney.

"Lovebird" is a power ballad of three minutes and thirty seconds.

The power ballad "Sing for Me" tells how Aguilera was born to sing.

power unit

The power unit attaches to a track.

A third power car was added in 1939, the converted M-10001 power unit.

The power unit consists of two V12 AviaSmart piston engines of 412 hp each.

major power   (главная сила)

Kangju was clearly now a major power in its own right.

The priesthood became a major power in Assyrian society.

By the late 15th century, the Ottoman state had become a major power.

less power   (меньше энергии)

Nivelle had less power than his predecessor Joffre.

Vertical designs produce less power and are less common.

This results in reduced noise, vibration and less power loss.

power outage

In the opening scene during a power outage, a stunt actor did the gun play.

Strong winds caused a power outage in both Agnes Water and 1770 late on 5 February.

In 2014, Royal Canoe played through a power outage at the after-party at The Exchange.

enough power

The plant generates enough power for 63,000 homes.

""The stick I used earlier felt light and I didn’t get enough power.

This provides enough power for the Parasite to go on a murderous rampage.

power struggles   (борьба за власть)

Bidatsu's reign was marked by power struggles about Buddhism.

Politics and power struggles erupted between management and Geffen".

The Christian kingdoms were mainly focussed on their own internal power struggles.

seize power   (захватить власть)

That same year, Hitler felt strong enough to try to seize power in Munich.

During the Prem government, the Young Turks tried to seize power on 1 April 1981.

In Dahomeyan coups in 1963 and 1965, Alley urged General Christophe Soglo to seize power.

naval power

He was frustrated in building up naval power, lacking ports and sailors.

However, Friuli had to cope with the rising naval power of the Republic of Venice.

The naval campaign was a demonstration of the Chola naval power in the Indian Ocean.

power company   (энергетическая компания)

The economic loss to the power company was $25,000.

is a state-owned power company in Slovenia.

and then the Exelon power company.

power production

The power production in this plant was started in 1998.

Syvret voiced concerns over nuclear power production in France.

Construction began in 1929 and power production began in December 1930.

rose to power

Augusto Pinochet rose to power as a dictator.

It rose to power around the 10th century BC.

Decades before Hitler rose to power she had become a Lutheran.

increased power

May 2013: KAMA-FM has increased power to 10.5 kW.

The station increased power from 250 to 10,000 watts.

WPZS recently increased power to 10.5 kW and height to 154 meters.

all power

In the OFF position all power was removed from the CPU.

However, not all power lines follow the road.

Power, all power, surely is Thine!

power structure

As other Chinese political power structure.

"Napster was a huge threat to the power structure," Winter said.

"Iqtaʿat" were a central component of the Mamluk power structure.

greater power

Mounted men gave an impression of greater power and numbers.

Its greater power allowed an increase of () in the loaded weight.

The F9's greater power output, of course, cannot be seen from the outside.

growing power

They were also wary of Bhimsen's growing power.

Chu's growing power led its rival Jin to support Wu as a counter.

The growing power in world cycling, the United States, started to take notice.

wealth and power   (богатство и власть)

He was deft in extending the wealth and power of the family.

Hoping for wealth and power, Xiangyi pushes Yanzu into marrying her.

Alexander died in 1449, having greatly extended his family's landed wealth and power.

absolute power   (абсолютная сила)

They represented the monarchs' claim of absolute power.

The 2010 constitution grants the President almost absolute power.

Roman dictators were allocated absolute power during times of emergency.