Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

foreign powers

Piracy and attacks from hostile foreign powers were a constant threat.

Struggles in the region lead to Persian antagonism to both foreign powers.

The Nemuro Peninsula has become occupied by foreign powers during the various wars.

separation of powers   (separación de poderes)

This provides some measure of separation of powers.

This militates against the separation of powers.

Enjoying self-rule, they practiced separation of powers.

magical powers

Therefore, he is gifted with extreme magical powers.

The stone is believed to have magical powers.

This made Marcia realize that he had extreme magical powers.

supernatural powers   (poderes sobrenaturales)

Some types of cloth were imbued with supernatural powers.

He seems to exhibit supernatural powers.

Strangers have crashed on an island with supernatural powers.

colonial powers

Spain and Britain were the only colonial powers left.

She had been removed by the French colonial powers in 1897.

Second, all the colonial powers were significantly weakened by World War II.

great powers   (grandes poderes)

Among the region's great powers, Edom was held in low regard.

This caused the pope to be recognized by all the great powers.

Then, God sent a man in his androgynous body, endowed him with great powers.

executive powers   (poderes ejecutivos)

He retained the ability to exercise executive powers on his own initiative alone.

However, it is the Commission that currently holds executive powers over the European Union.

The Chief Minister is the head of government and is vested with most of the executive powers.

special powers

(Saruman did acquire another staff, but it had no special powers.)

TRIDY has special powers that he uses to help BONZZO when he is in trouble.

Twins were considered divinities, having special powers over rain and crops.

new powers

As a successor body, the EHRC's new powers are not dramatic.

After adjusting to her new powers, Himeno is able to defeat the larva.

The Police were given new powers to question people about their immigration status.

psychic powers

When Sisko gets home, he seems to have psychic powers.

Bella has a human ability that shielded her from psychic powers.

While he is trying to escape, he discovers he has psychic powers.

other powers   (otros poderes)

She has a number of other powers, some of which she has demonstrated.

For the next quarter century, Poland was often a pawn in Russia's campaigns against other powers.

The Parliament also has other powers of general supervision, mainly granted by the Maastricht Treaty.

legislative powers

The Shura Council's legislative powers were limited.

The Estates of Aruba has legislative powers.

The two legislative powers of the OLP are directives and regulations.

major powers   (grandes potencias)

Britain and Austria were the only major powers to remain at war with France.

Baku's growing importance as a major energy hub remained in sight of the major powers.

Austria-Hungary was a multinational state and one of Europe's major powers at the time.

superhuman powers   (poderes sobrehumanos)

Seth Voelker possesses no actual superhuman powers.

Currently, North possesses no superhuman powers.

Rachel Leighton is an athletic woman with no superhuman powers.

healing powers   (poderes curativos)

Stratton suggested music had healing powers.

It has been reputed to be the fountain of youth sought by Ponce de Leon with healing powers.

An ancient well at Llanbedr-y-Cennin, ‘’ (‘Peter’s Well’) was believed to have healing powers.

police powers

These are augmented by two locally engaged Special Members who have police powers.

They go through basic training and have [sometimes limited] police powers while on duty.

The Australian Federal Police can appoint Special Members who do not have full police powers.

running powers

The Caledonian Railway was permitted to retain running powers.

The A&GR would have running powers over the section of the B&GlosR to reach the collieries.

Parliament had granted the NBR running powers over large parts of the northern section of the Caledonian Railway, in order to encourage competition.

full powers

McDowell, though, insisted that the inquiry would have full powers.

The date of starting up the disputative full powers: November 27, 2014.

powers and duties   (poderes y deberes)

Being Zeus' favorite children, they were given more powers and duties.

Provision was made for the division of powers and duties between the federal and territorial governments.

The body has its powers and duties according to the Regimental Structure approved by Decree 7.9744, April 1, 2013.

powers such

Other foreign powers such as the United States were also considering the possibility of annexing Fiji.

After 1700 British continental policy was to contain expansion by competing powers such as France and Spain.

Similar to the rest of Latin America, Saint-Domingue was built up by Roman Catholic European powers such as the Spanish and the French.

same powers

It is revealed that the Sentry and the Void have the same powers as Molecule Man.

A New York agency has many of the same powers as a branch, except in the case of deposits.

She has almost the same powers in the matters of the guest house as her husband, but she scarcely uses them.

use his powers

Reverend Jondular (William L. Baker) is a witch doctor who helps Spanner use his powers.

He attempted to use his powers for evil, but was stopped by Connor Hawke, the second Green Arrow.

Kistur asked Little Sky to join the gang so they could use his powers to plunder other dimensions.

limited powers

They have limited powers, authorised by the Garda Commissioner.

In some areas, the appellate court has limited powers of review.

These are governed by the member municipalities and have only limited powers.

powers granted

Demogoblin is a demonic being, with numerous supernatural powers granted by magic.

In turn, taking advantage of broad rulemaking powers granted in , the Department simply adopted the entire MUTCD by reference at .

The federal courts are courts of limited jurisdiction, meaning that they only exercise powers granted to them by the Constitution and federal laws.

uses his powers

This is the most times he uses his powers in the movies.

He uses his powers to get revenge on Caulder and his Doom Patrol.

He uses his powers to spread falsehoods to provoke humanity into conflict and war.

all the powers

He was a monster for size—a perfect whale of a saurian, gray in color—and by all the powers, he was a genuine crocodile!

The Vice President, in the performance of his duties, has all the powers that the Constitution confers on the President of the Republic.

Spider-Woman has all the powers of Spider-Man (superhuman strength, speed, and agility, the ability to stick to surfaces and a spider-sense that warns them of danger).

emergency powers   (poderes de emergencia)

There was no provision for local emergency powers.

All emergency powers were retained by the Governor.

The Council was provided emergency powers in the event of enemy attack.

judicial powers

They do not constitute a court as they do not have judicial powers.

This gave him important judicial powers along with his executive and legislative ones.

Cuba's judicial powers and courts remained legally based on the codes of the Spanish government.

powers and functions

Westminster has the powers and functions of a London borough council.

The local authority derives its powers and functions from the London Government Act 1963 and subsequent legislation.

192 and Administrative Code of 1987 have set the objectives which will serve as the bases for policy formation, and have defined the powers and functions of the DENR.

world powers

However, he does not classify any of these states as world powers.

From now on, visions haunt her, and the secondary world powers are after her.

International radio broadcasting came into wide-ranging use by world powers seeking cultural integration of their empires.

political powers

Nevertheless, it was a recognition of the political powers of the Lithuanian nobles.

The lawful, civil, and political powers of the citizen of UPR starts from 20 years of age.

These political powers are said to be influenced by Satan and his demons in opposition to God's kingdom.

powers between

The constitution defined a division of powers between the central government and the provinces.

Constitutions vary extensively as to the degree of separation of powers between these branches.

Ashevak's work, "Coming and Going of the Shaman" (1973) represents the transformation of powers between two "angakuit".

extraordinary powers   (poderes extraordinarios)

They are the ordinary family with extraordinary powers!

In the 1990s, He Zuoxiu was particularly active in his criticism of "extraordinary powers."

He carried with him a decree from Toledo dated November 4, 1525 granting him the extraordinary powers.

magic powers

Dinara frees him by her magic powers from his love sufferings.

He produced gold in the king's treasury using his magic powers.

They encounter a strange man, who turns out to have magic powers.

western powers   (potencias occidentales)

The western powers were allied with the Soviet Union.

In the 19th century the empire was internally restive and externally threatened by western powers.

Subsequent military defeats and unequal treaties with other western powers continued even after the fall of the Qing dynasty.

mental powers

Nature seems to have done more for his corporeal than mental powers.

Magneto brings her to Xavier and asks him to use his mental powers to help her.

Xavier uses his mental powers to break her out of her catatonia and the two fall in love.

powers during

The Nemuro Peninsula has become occupied by foreign powers during the various wars.

The president has vast powers in creating and dissolving state powers during times of emergency.

Some of the tunes...do not look all that promising but Sassy was near the peak of her powers during this era.

more powers

Being Zeus' favorite children, they were given more powers and duties.

Exponentiation by squaring may also be used to calculate the product of 2 or more powers.

Eventually the British government granted Australians more and more powers to govern themselves.

all powers

These are all powers of two, and furthermore are small multiples of 2, or 1024.

EU member states retain all powers not explicitly handed to the European Union.

The Act devolves all powers except over matter it specifies as reserved matters.

additional powers

The Regulators were also given additional powers beyond the ability to arrest and hold suspects.

The Government of India also contemplates conferring additional powers under the Customs Act of 1962.

There were also some troubles in Dacia Inferior which required the granting of additional powers to the procurator governor and the dispatch of additional soldiers to the province.

own powers

In religious Taoism, Lao Tsu is venerated as a saint with his own powers.

The true Gog removes his powers from Williams, killing him, and reclaiming all of his own powers.

Austen puts her readers in a position where they have to exercise their own powers of observation and judgement.

super powers

A pilot develops super powers after being struck by lightning.

This gives Lois super powers after she reaches her adopted world.

Vas has said that Mishti's "smarts are like her super powers, she's very savvy."

powers and responsibilities

Israel shall continue to exercise powers and responsibilities not so transferred.

The PA temporarily executed some powers and responsibilities until the establishment of the Council.

Until 1996 councillors shadowed the regional and district councils and planned for the transfer of powers and responsibilities.