Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

private practice   (practica privada)

He returned to private practice from 1982 to 1992.

Steele was in private practice from 1988 to 1991.

She served in private practice from 1979 to 1994.

practice squad   (escuadrón de práctica)

On November 1, he was added to the practice squad.

He spent part of the season on the practice squad.

He was signed to the practice squad on September 2.

practice of law   (práctica del derecho)

He returned to the private practice of law in 1949.

Selden retired from the practice of law in 1879.

Clardy reentered the private practice of law in 1934.

common practice   (práctica común)

This approach became common practice later (e.g.

In Judaism, a common practice is to dress up on Purim.

Using a permanent marker pen is also a common practice.

law practice   (práctica legal)

Afterwards he resumed his law practice in Catskill.

Carswell returned to his law practice after the war.

After his studies he ran a law practice in Amsterdam.

medical practice   (práctica médica)

Integrated medical practice begins in second year.

Page continued his professional medical practice.

He then established a medical practice in Boston.

practice session   (sesión de practica)

Qualifying was held after the first practice session.

In 2005, a timed Friday night practice session was introduced.

Final practice session for Saturday was cancelled due to rain.

practice law   (practicar la ley)

He went on to practice law in Toronto for 28 years.

Baker moved to Georgia in the 1970s to practice law.

He then went to Council Bluffs, Iowa to practice law.

commenced practice   (comenzó la práctica)

He commenced practice in Capel-street, Dublin, in 1761.

He commenced practice in Utica, New York.

He commenced practice at Chatham and moved to Stafford in 1800.

legal practice   (practica legal)

He later left legal practice to become a priest.

He commenced a legal practice in Milledgeville.

He moved to Tombstone and opened a private legal practice.

resumed the practice   (reanudó la práctica)

He resumed the practice of law in Mauch Chunk.

Afterwards, he resumed the practice of law at Geneseo.

He resumed the practice of law in Gettysburg.

theory and practice   (teoría y práctica)

Population regulation in theory and practice.

Biological control in theory and practice.

Democracy has taken a number of forms, both in theory and practice.

best practice   (mejores prácticas)

He moved to Delhi in 2017 to have the best practice facilities.

A variety of usually simultaneous interventions represents best practice.

Copenhagen is recognised globally as an exemplar of best practice urban planning.

clinical practice   (Práctica clinica)

There are U.S. and European clinical practice guidelines for SIHD/SCAD.

Solid tumor samples obtained from clinical practice are highly heterogeneous.

He was the first physician to put thermometer measurements to clinical practice.

practice sessions   (sesiones de practica)

Three practice sessions were held over the course of the race weekend.

or for film-review or devotional times as a part of their practice sessions.

Three thirty-minute practice sessions are held, two on Friday and one on Saturday.

own practice   (práctica propia)

He established his own practice in Bergen in 1910.

Shortly afterward, he opened his own practice.

In 1958, Resnick established his own practice.

general practice   (práctica general)

Chen's career started as a medical doctor of general practice.

(This was the general practice.)

In general practice, most Malays omit the title "Bin" or "Binti" from their names.

standard practice   (práctica estándar)

His methods were adopted as standard practice.

At the time we were doing it, it was standard practice."

The Kocher manoeuvre is still a standard practice in orthopaedics.

architectural practice   (práctica arquitectónica)

In 1862 he established his own architectural practice.

In 1919, he returned to his architectural practice in Louisville.

In 1892, he established his own architectural practice in Worcester.

first practice   (primera practica)

Qualifying was held after the first practice session.

The first practice range is opened in Pinehurst, North Carolina.

Ty Dillon was the fastest in the first practice session with a time of 47.182 seconds and a speed of .

religious practice   (práctica religiosa)

In his religious practice he was a Baptist.

For Sikhs, dharma means the path of righteousness and proper religious practice.

Popular religious practice included ceremonies marking important transitions in life.

during practice   (durante la práctica)

On 5 January 2019, Azubuike injured his wrist during practice.

He was withdrawn during practice.

Nevertheless, Knight was accused of choking a player during practice.

continued to practice   (continuó practicando)

He continued to practice until his retirement in 1963.

Brown continued to practice medicine while coaching at Brown.

He moved to Barinas in late 1796 and continued to practice law.

practice medicine   (practicar medicina)

Maier then returned to Holstein to practice medicine.

He was licensed to practice medicine in the province in 1830.

Brown continued to practice medicine while coaching at Brown.

entered private practice   (práctica privada ingresada)

He entered private practice in Portland, Oregon.

He entered private practice in Frankfort from 1931 to 1946.

After graduating law school, King entered private practice.

put into practice   (poner en práctica)

However, it was not always put into practice.

Some of the Bruce Report initiatives were put into practice; others were not.

Such was the theory which Schweitzer sought to put into practice in his own life.

admitted to practice   (admitió practicar)

She is admitted to practice law in New Jersey.

He was later admitted to practice in Boston.

He is admitted to practice law in Texas, Washington DC, Michigan and West Virginia.

not practice   (no practicar)

The Maldives does not practice Sharia Law.

Callies did not practice her character's death with Riggs.

Quakers and the Salvation Army do not practice water baptism at all.

good practice   (buena práctica)

But with good practice, one can actually perform one.

It is good practice to treat the two cases separately.

It is good practice that other road users give the cycling fans priority.

continued the practice   (continuó la práctica)

He retired from public life because of ill health, but continued the practice of law.

Ayer took over the firm and with another employee, Rolland Lamping, continued the practice.

He continued the practice of law in Kansas City, Kansas, until his death there on September 11, 1926.

practice facility   (facilidad de práctica)

The practice facility would be , the team offices and the sports medicine clinic .

On May 2, 2009, the Dallas Cowboys' practice facility collapsed during a wind storm.

It also has been used as a practice facility for the Stockton Lightning minor Arena League football team.

practice of using   (práctica de usar)

The practice of using the aircraft registration as a callsign was instigated.

The practice of using more saturated colors than the official cloth is not new.

This is due to the Orthodox practice of using icons rather than statues in church.

first practice session   (primera sesión de práctica)

Qualifying was held after the first practice session.

Ty Dillon was the fastest in the first practice session with a time of 47.182 seconds and a speed of .

Kyle Busch was the fastest in the first practice session with a time of 50.865 seconds and a speed of .

final practice   (práctica final)

Mark Winterbottom set the fastest time in the final practice session, held on Saturday morning.

Kyle Busch was the fastest in the final practice session with a time of 51.550 seconds and a speed of .

Kurt Busch was the fastest in the final practice session with a time of 76.163 seconds and a speed of .

practice of medicine   (practica de medicina)

He retired from the practice of medicine in 1894.

He resumed the practice of medicine in Milledgeville, Georgia.

He was very experienced both in the theory and practice of medicine.

private law practice   (práctica de derecho privado)

He returned to private law practice from 1970 to 1972.

In 1943, Perry returned to private law practice in Wheaton.

Outside of Richmond, Gilbert works in a private law practice.

practice before   (practicar antes)

In 1962, Domengeaux was admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court.

Dao is a lawyer licensed to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, DC.

He was admitted to practice before the bar of the Supreme Court of New Jersey on May 8, 1775.

free practice   (práctica libre)

A qualifying session is held after the last free practice session.

However, after the Wednesday free practice session, the ACO rejected Peugeot's protest.

Riders have to be provided with at least one 30-minute free practice season, which will be timed.

up practice   (práctica)

Patterson set up practice in Sydney.

He returned to Nova Scotia in 1845 and set up practice in Halifax.

He set up practice in Southport.

target practice   (Objetivo de práctica)

Kites were also used for anti-aircraft target practice.

Regular target practice took place at the Fort Needham range.

They also practised their aim by shooting ducks for target practice.

professional practice   (practica profesional)

As of July 2012, only six states do not have existing legislation to regulate the professional practice of TCM.

Fellowship status is offered to members after an extra period of appropriate experience in professional practice.

The training should enable the supervisee to develop the competences needed by a psychologist in professional practice.

practice among   (practicar entre)

A common practice among professional mermaids is environmental and individualist advocacy.

It was general practice among unmarried girls to extend their labia minora by constant manipulation.

Thus, "that the same person should hold many offices, which is a favorite practice among the Carthaginians."

usual practice   (práctica habitual)

This is the usual practice in typesetting.

A coronial inquiry was held, as is the usual practice in Australia.

They had only been tested on rodents, as was usual practice at the time.

practice roster   (lista de práctica)

On June 20, 2016, Mincy was signed to the Montreal Alouettes' practice roster.

On September 18, 2019 Mincy was signed to the Toronto Argonauts' practice roster.

Brikowski was signed to the Montreal Alouettes's practice roster on August 30, 2015.

began to practice   (comenzó a practicar)

At the age of seven he began to practice judo.

Anderson began to practice as a barrister.

After arriving in Dubuque, he began to practice law there.

set up practice   (establecer práctica)

Patterson set up practice in Sydney.

He returned to Nova Scotia in 1845 and set up practice in Halifax.

He set up practice in Southport.

second practice   (segunda práctica)

In the second practice session, Biffle was quickest with a time of 30.629 seconds.

A second practice was held on Friday, with Greg Biffle leading the pack with a time of 28.867.

Kyle Larson was the fastest in the second practice session with a time of 14.874 seconds and a speed of .

spiritual practice   (practica espiritual)

To attain "moksha", "sādhana" or spiritual practice is necessary.

Ayahuasca is used largely as a treasured aid to spiritual practice.

"Tapovan" then translates as "forest of austerities or spiritual practice".

license to practice   (licencia para practicar)

In 2008, Diaz`s license to practice law had been suspended.

can obtain a license to practice medicine in the United States.

Faiello held neither a medical degree nor a license to practice medicine.

art practice   (practica de arte)

The artist started her visual art practice with painting medium in her teens.

He set out to demystify contemporary art, in his art practice and his teaching.

Viti's art practice has focused on narratives of body and HIV and resulting sexual subcultures.

practice known   (práctica conocida)

In a Sufi practice known as "dhikr Allah" (lit.

The Senator's struggles have been attributed to a practice known as “clearance“.

Jack Egan, the CBL fought the discriminatory real estate practice known as "contract selling."

final practice session   (sesión de práctica final)

Mark Winterbottom set the fastest time in the final practice session, held on Saturday morning.

Kyle Busch was the fastest in the final practice session with a time of 51.550 seconds and a speed of .

Kurt Busch was the fastest in the final practice session with a time of 76.163 seconds and a speed of .

artistic practice   (practica artistica)

Nevertheless, Burck continued his artistic practice, including portraiture.

In addition to her artistic practice, Harmel has worked as an art critic and educator.

Throughout much of history, drawing was regarded as the foundation for artistic practice.

practice rooms   (salas de práctica)

It has 132 practice rooms and 8 performance spaces.

The building of the stadium are 17 practice rooms for various sports.

Backstage are several practice rooms, and the percussion, tuba, and bass studios.

licensed to practice   (licencia para practicar)

He was licensed to practice medicine in the province in 1830.

In 1847, he was licensed to practice medicine and entered practice at Yamachiche.

Dao is a lawyer licensed to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, DC.

spring practice   (práctica de primavera)

As a sophomore, he was moved to linebacker during spring practice.

Meyer returned to coach the Gators in spring practice in March 2010.

Kempthorn first played with the Wolverines during 1947 spring practice.

practice during   (practicar durante)

It was observed in practice during 2011.

Taking a 1-day lent is a strict practice during the Goods Friday celebrations.

The Trainee License is required for our students to practice during their externships.

practice continued   (práctica continuada)

It is not known how long the Nisan 14 practice continued.

The practice continued, however.

The practice continued to work on commissions in small towns across Maine.

traditional practice   (practica tradicional)

Mamea brought an end to the traditional practice of cannibalism on her islands.

Breast ironing, a traditional practice that is prevalent in Cameroon, may affect girls' health.

This is a traditional practice that ensures that variety is retained within the traditional landraces.

batting practice   (práctica de bateo)

All 30 teams are wearing new batting practice caps.

He was a good batting practice hitter—that's about it.

Ruth suited up, but stayed on the bench during batting practice.

began the practice   (comenzó la práctica)

In 1883, he began the practice of architecture.

He began the practice of law in Norwich.

Gartrell passed the state bar in 1842 and began the practice of law in Washington.

normal practice   (practica normal)

In normal practice, this will be the same way up as they will be in use.

Hence, normal practice is to provide an auxiliary drive for use during power cuts.

The use of split headphones was the normal practice for general search and commitments, i.e.

second practice session   (segunda sesión de práctica)

In the second practice session, Biffle was quickest with a time of 30.629 seconds.

Kyle Larson was the fastest in the second practice session with a time of 14.874 seconds and a speed of .

Joey Logano was the fastest in the second practice session with a time of 22.858 seconds and a speed of .

performance practice   (práctica de desempeño)

It is a rich resource for research in contemporary performance practice.

In recent years she has been involved in performance practice, and also plays the fortepiano.

Giulio Caccini's book "Le Nuove Musiche" was significant in performance practice technique instruction at the time.

current practice   (practica actual)

Her current practice cross-references dance performance and media.

The current practice reflects a more Catholic, and less Latinized, ecclesiology.

In current practice, ed is rarely used interactively, but does find use in some shell scripts.

practice areas   (Areas de práctica)

These practice areas have been influential in all aspects of New York City's legal arenas over the years.

The tour event at English Turn went by many names: The venue offers chipping and putting practice areas.

More recently Harbottle & Lewis has also built specialist practice areas in electronic commerce and interactive entertainment.

practice field   (campo de práctica)

Taft Stadium was completed in 1986 for the school's football program, replacing a makeshift, hole-ridden practice field.

Until 2018, Don Floyd stadium was used primarily as a practice field, which brought much criticism from Midlothian citizens.

Outdoors, the band practices either on the football practice field, or Dacotah Field, which in 2017 was updated with brand new field turf.

study and practice   (estudiar y practicar)

He soon went to Milan to study and practice his craft.

She continued to study and practice art for the rest of her life.

Many enthusiasts emerged to form groups to study and practice Dianetics.

although in practice   (aunque en la práctica)

They may also air a very limited amount of common programming, although in practice this privilege is rarely used.

The term Franco-Saskatchewanian may also be used on occasion, although in practice it is rare due to its length and unwieldiness.

In principle, the term "borough" designates a self-governing walled town, although in practice, official use of the term varies widely.

used in practice   (utilizado en la práctica)

They are typically used in practice settings.

A factor of safety of 1.5 for static conditions is commonly used in practice.

Personalized medicine is already being used in practice in the oncology field.

practice when   (practicar cuando)

Lockwood ended that practice when he decided to move westward to the new state of Illinois.

Prince Henry the Navigator of Portugal recorded this practice when he occupied Ceuta in 1415.

Some ENT specialists occasionally use cocaine within the practice when performing procedures such as nasal cauterization.

did not practice   (no practico)

Callies did not practice her character's death with Riggs.

They also likely did not practice polygamy until after adopting agriculture.

They comprised client groups to the Maasai and did not practice cattle pastoralism.

policy and practice   (política y práctica)

The reports provide a critique of law, policy and practice in Scotland.

APHL convenes leading national forums on public health laboratory science, policy and practice.

There is strong emphasis in current Australian policy and practice to keep children with their families wherever possible.

dental practice   (practica dental)

Fox built up a private dental practice in London.

They divorced and Lesley later worked as a dental practice assistant.

Her only other means of income was to open a dental practice in Nome.

private legal practice   (práctica legal privada)

He moved to Tombstone and opened a private legal practice.

During this time, Miller also maintained a private legal practice.

Following the war, Stilwell returned to his private legal practice.

actual practice   (práctica actual)

In actual practice, astrologers seem to ignore partial aspects.

However, ācāra was the law that was conveyed in actual practice.

Even though a problem may be computationally solvable in principle, in actual practice it may not be that simple.

modern practice   (practica moderna)

The modern practice of bloodletting is through leeching.

It is relatively a modern practice that developed in the 20th century.

In modern practice, the phrase "amount of charge" is used instead of "quantity of charge".

practice their religion   (practicar su religión)

Non-Muslim foreigners must practice their religion in private.

In 1603, the Jewish received permission to practice their religion.

Jacko also represented Muslims seeking to practice their religion while in prison.

business practice   (Práctica de negocios)

As a business practice, fan-funded music is not without its criticism.

Mueller Water Products and its subsidiaries view Sustainability as an integral business practice.

In this case, an established installed base is essential to ensure sustainable business practice.

scope of practice   (alcance de la práctica)

The scope of practice is defined by the Ministry of Health that has a regulated code of conduct.

The scope of practice is limited to that which the law allows for specific education and experience, and specific demonstrated competency.

Within the scope of practice, however, all judgment and treatment decisions fall to the paramedic, as in the Autonomous Practitioner model.

began practice   (comenzó a practicar)

He was admitted to the bar about 1812 and began practice in Penn Yan.

He began practice in New York City along with his brother George Curtis.

She returned to India where she began practice in 1958 on the original side of the Bombay High Court.

design practice   (práctica de diseño)

Beginning in 2017 Tetra Tech expanded its sustainable infrastructure design practice.

The magazine, started in 2011, is based in Chicago, Illinois and published by the design practice Could Be Architecture.

In 1874 the family moved back to the United Kingdom where William Curtis Brangwyn established a successful design practice.

practice became   (la práctica se convirtió)

Although refuted at first, the practice became widely accepted by orthodox Jews as well.

The practice became popular among the wider membership of the church in Britain and quickly spread.

Achi's practice became so popular that she has been included in other lineages, such as the Karma Kagyu.

widespread practice   (práctica generalizada)

The Cheka engaged in the widespread practice of torture.

Culvert style replacement is a widespread practice in stream restoration.

Cohen went on to help establish the widespread practice of nocturnal adoration.

commenced the practice   (comenzó la práctica)

He then commenced the practice of law in the winter of 1861.

He was admitted to the bar in 1875, and commenced the practice of law in Norristown.

In 1890, Davenport was admitted to the Luzerne County Bar, and in 1891 he commenced the practice of law.

research and practice   (investigación y práctica)

As a result of his work, he is an "internationally recognized leader in autism research and practice."

Dr. Puska is considered to have had a significant influence on Finnish public health research and practice for several decades.

It is an important reference for research and practice in exploratory programming, pedagogy, live performance and games programming.

against the practice   (en contra de la práctica)

>Other laws were directed against the practice of witchcraft by women.

Kelly's heirs opted to end the strip in 1975 as a form of protest against the practice.

Government crackdowns against the practice are thought to have been a factor in a failed military mutiny in May 2004.

gunnery practice   (práctica de artillería)

, engaged in gunnery practice in Chesapeake Bay, was sent to investigate.

She joined that squadron at Guantanamo Bay, and took part in gunnery practice with the destroyers.

Based at Norfolk, Virginia during the major portion of each year, she joined in gunnery practice in this area.

code of practice   (código de Prácticas)

The Franchise Association of New Zealand introduced a self-regulatory code of practice for its members in 1996.

A court may use a code of practice to establish what is reasonably practicable action to manage a specific risk.

A workplace inspector can refer to a code of practice when issuing an improvement or prohibition notice, and they may be admissible in court proceedings.

allowed to practice   (permitido practicar)

I was allowed to practice with the pros from time to time.

He was not allowed to practice or travel with the team for the Pinstripe Bowl.

To many of the prisoners' surprise, they were allowed to practice religion freely.

social practice   (práctica social)

Hellenistic generosity is a social practice where rich people help out poor ones.

Religion was a major contributor, since it was an important social practice that bound all Egyptians together.

Chloë Bass Chloë Bass (born 1984) is an American conceptual artist who works in performance and social practice.

during a practice   (durante una práctica)

In November 1987, Grinkov caught a blade on the ice during a practice session and dropped Gordeeva on her forehead.

Fred DeSarro was critically injured during a practice session at the Thompson International Speedway on October 8, 1978.

Mickens elected to return to school for his senior season, but suffered a left knee injury during a practice on November 20, 2008.

new practice   (nueva practica)

In New York, he closed his Freudian practice and opened a new practice based on mental imagery.

He incorporated a new practice in Oregon focusing on online media law in 2001, which is currently based in Tucson, Arizona.

To attract patients to his new practice, Fleming announced evening and Saturday morning hours to accommodate working people and students.

cultural practice   (práctica cultural)

To date, such examples are not considered to be part of a larger, unifying cultural practice.

She continues to play an integral role in the renewed visibility of landscape architecture as a cultural practice.

This means that cultural practice assigns value and assumed competence to people who have certain characteristics or features.

practice within   (practicar dentro de)

Fraud is a major unethical practice within businesses which should be paid special attention.

In previous years, she has built a mediation practice within the firm, which she had been with for 20 years.

Enterprise information security architecture is becoming a common practice within the financial institutions around the globe.

football practice   (práctica de fútbol)

Viking football practice takes place on campus at the Peter W. Stott Field.

During freshman football practice that year, the researchers collected and tested sweat samples.

Pat did not participate in 1996 spring football practice in order to compete on the lacrosse team.