best practices   (ベストプラクティス)

Most ERP systems incorporate best practices.

It is one of the models for best practices in online course delivery.

It describes best practices for states to limit solitary confinement.

religious practices   (宗教的慣習)

The 1980s brought several changes in women's religious practices.

They have the same costumes, beliefs and religious practices as the Bambaras.

In some cases, religious practices that Muslims found repugnant were allowed.

business practices   (ビジネス慣行)

In the 1990s Sotheby's and Christie's colluded on auction commissions and other business practices.

It offers a Charter in Business Development that focuses on ethical business practices and standards.

Ultimately, poor management and business practices forced Chrysler and General Motors into bankruptcy.

management practices

Techniques and technologies to treat such water are known as best management practices (BMPs).

The soil management practices required to maintain soil tilth are a function of the type of soil.

If best management practices are followed, short-term impacts on the aquatic biology are minimal.

practices such

It prohibited unfair labor practices such as discrimination against union members.

They argued that practices such as divorce were absolutely not condoned by Hinduism.

The company has received criticism for allegedly engaging in practices such as robocalls.

cultural practices

Neologisms stabilize as English is made to adapt to local sociopolitical and cultural practices.

While both sides have the same predominant religion, social and cultural practices differ greatly.

This book looks at, analyzes, and raises questions regarding racial culture and cultural practices.

beliefs and practices   (信念と実践)

Their beliefs and practices were often referred to as "Bolshevism".

This contained details of the fundamental beliefs and practices of Islam.

Religion - as for all Datooga - are traditional animist beliefs and practices.

agricultural practices

Current agricultural practices lead to carbon loss from soils.

As agricultural practices spread, so did tame and domesticated cats.

Poppy One of the iconic agricultural practices of Afyon is the cultivation of poppy.

such practices

People widely believe in witchcraft, and the government outlaws such practices.

The practical use of the "bangmu" gradually diminished as a result of such practices.

Several chapters and verses from the Quran were revealed which banned such practices.

farming practices

Traditional farming practices are a way of life here.

Alternative farming practices (e.g.

It represents a well preserved example of farming practices in western Lane County.

policies and practices

Like the German Empire, that of Austria-Hungary frequently employed liberal economic policies and practices.

As in the German Empire, the Austro-Hungarian Empire frequently used liberal economic policies and practices.

The magazine included articles that questioned FAO's policies and practices in forestry, fisheries, aquaculture, and pest control.

traditional practices

Kuriakose seeks to achieve sustainable architecture through vernacular and traditional practices.

Despite this, most Muslims on the island still adhere to the traditional practices of Sunni Islam.

He suggests a crucial link between traditional practices and beliefs, and recent scientific advances.

medical practices   (医療行為)

They did not record their medical practices in writing like Soranus or Galen.

Cockburn's work is both a strongly worded critique of conventional medical practices of that time (e.g.

In 1994, hoping to prevent doctors from emigrating, the Iraqi government encouraged private medical practices.

sexual practices

Types of anal sex can also be a part of lesbian sexual practices.

Eugénie is instructed on the pleasures of various sexual practices and she proves to be a fast learner.

With regard to lesbian sexual practices, anal sex includes fingering, use of a dildo or other sex toys, or anilingus.

corrupt practices   (不正行為)

Tobji also reported a number of other alleged corrupt practices.

The shocked Anand Babu argues with his father over his corrupt practices.

The main purpose of Gujarat ACB is to eliminate corrupt practices from Gujarat Government.

spiritual practices

MDMA has been used as an adjunct to New Age spiritual practices.

Shuddhananda suffered from ill health owing to the spiritual practices and hard work.

Here he continued his spiritual practices and also worked on the biography of Vivekananda.

social practices   (社会的慣行)

The overall perspective is that of the transformation of the body through gendered social practices.

Derivatively, the adjective "continental" refers to the social practices or fashion of continental Europe.

Human culture exists as a social environment made up by traditions, norms, rules written or unwritten, and social practices.

labor practices

In Austria, efficient labor practices led to a similar period of economic growth.

It prohibited unfair labor practices such as discrimination against union members.

Contractualization is one of the most controversial labor practices in the Philippines.

discriminatory practices

Drum makers have used their trade and success as a means to advocate for an end to discriminatory practices against their class.

The "cofradía" was established in 1832 in response to the racially discriminatory practices of the Catholic Church in the Philippines.

In addition, Aceh officially enforces Sharia law and is notorious for its discriminatory practices towards religious and sexual minorities.

hiring practices   (雇用慣行)

The experiment provides convincing evidence of implicit discrimination in hiring practices.

It was regarded as the most forceful plan thus far to guarantee fair hiring practices in construction jobs.

It also mandated that these federal contractors ensure equal employment opportunity in their hiring practices.

trade practices

The company was involved in a series of lawsuits for "deceptive trade practices".

This timely documentary exposes profound issues such as genocide and unfair trade practices with the West.

Among the unfair trade practices asserted by the Trump administration is the theft of U.S. intellectual property (IP).

practices within

She asked awkward questions about secret practices within the industry.

The agreements strengthen protection against abusive water withdrawal practices within the Great Lakes basin.

Indeed, the definition of an experiment itself has changed in responses to changing norms and practices within particular fields of study.

burial practices   (埋葬)

Many services are also held in the Vietnamese burial practices.

This reflects, to a large extent, the change in burial practices during this time.

Servant and donkey burials are recognized as remarkable burial practices of Tell el-Dab’a.

other practices   (他の慣行)

The Basotho rite of passage ritual, unlike other practices in Africa, does not involve procedures which remove parts of the female genital organ.

He initiated the use of smoke detectors, sprinklers, positive air pressure and other practices which are now prescribed by law for new buildings.

As part of this mandate of allowing other practices, however, the Islamic Republic does not allow Sunni mosques in areas where Sunnis are not the demographic majority.