praised the film   (映画を賞賛した)

Critics praised the film and Monroe's performance.

Critics praised the film for its realistic narration.

Maleeha Mengal of Dunya News praised the film.

praised the game   (ゲームを賞賛した)

Meanwhile "Micro" praised the game's sense of humour.

Jeux Video praised the game's beauty and interactivity.

All three magazines praised the game's music.

praised the album   (アルバムを賞賛した)

Critics praised the album's clean, minimalist sound.

Some reviewers praised the album's use of collaborators.

He also praised the album's production.

highly praised

It has been highly praised in the years since.

The series was highly praised by critics and fans alike.

Lead single "Como Duele" was highly praised.

widely praised   (広く賞賛される)

Across India, the military raid was widely praised.

Phelan's calm and confident manner was widely praised.

Laurie's performance in the role has been widely praised.

praised the song

He, however praised the song "Koi Umeed (Western)".

Music Canada praised the song, stating that Ciara was "back."

She further praised the song, calling it "rousing and effective".

praised by critics

The graphics and animation were praised by critics.

Cast performances were also praised by critics.

The series was highly praised by critics and fans alike.

praised the book

A third reviewer praised the book's "engaging characters."

One magazine praised the book for being "quiet and beautiful".

"The Australian" praised the book, calling it "warm and uplifting".

critics praised

Some critics praised the changes made from the film.

Contemporary critics praised de Vere as a poet and a playwright.

Many critics praised Chapman's innings as one of the best ever played.

praised the episode

Many praised the episode's humor and the dynamic between Jim and Pam, and Jim and Dwight.

Club in 2008, praised the episode for containing moments that were concise, funny, and character defining.

Alan Sepinwall from Uproxx praised the episode, but complained about uneven pacing of the episode and season in general.

praised the performances

but praised the performances of Ajith and Suresh Gopi.

He praised the performances, and termed Ranaut as solid.

He praised the performances in the film, including the supporting cast.

particularly praised   (特に賞賛)

The novel was particularly praised for its language.

Director Marhoul was particularly praised.

Molly Barnewitz of Comicsverse particularly praised Rook’s characterization.

generally praised

Critics generally praised the game's use of cel-shading.

The literary quality of his retellings is generally praised.

Reviews on Broadway were mixed, although the cast was generally praised.

praised the novel   (小説を賞賛した)

Dorothy L. Sayers publicly praised the novel.

Poet Carl Sandburg praised the novel's "strange midnight dignity."

The jury praised the novel's "technical artistry, glowing prose and intimate exposure of loss".

performance was praised   (パフォーマンスは賞賛されました)

His performance was praised by critics and enhanced his reputation.

Her performance was praised in the "Los Angeles Times" and "Variety".

Sairam played dual roles in the film and his performance was praised by the critics.

magazine praised

The magazine praised Firebird's work on the port.

"Life" magazine praised Steiger's "endless versatility."

One magazine praised the book for being "quiet and beautiful".

critically praised

The game's audio was also critically praised.

Once again, Surya's performance was critically praised.

She has been critically praised for her design and characterization.

praised the work   (仕事を称賛)

Andjar Asmara praised the work in "Doenia Film", especially its acting.

After being published anonymously, both Emily Dickinson and Nathaniel Hawthorne praised the work.

Reviews were assuming Kant was the author when Kant cleared the confusion and openly praised the work and author.

praised the show   (ショーを賞賛した)

Critics praised the show's female-focused portrayal of trauma, desire, and friendship.

Jackson's showmanship was commended by critics, who also praised the show's theatrics and pyrotechnics.

Noel Asiñas of The Journal praised the show's action stunts, said that "Indio's stunts are well-choreographed.

praised the graphics

"Meristation" praised the graphics and sound as "novel".

IGN praised the graphics but panned the length of the game.

Despite the criticism, some praised the graphics in the game.

praised the band

Sam Radojcin of "Loud", praised the band's unique take on the progressive genre, and claimed they had potential.

Absolute Punk reviewer Dre Berringer praised the band's return to a more aggressive sound and called it their best album to date.

In its review of the single, "Trouser Press" praised the band for "tackl[ing] disco and com[ing] away with more than a shred of dignity."

praised the series

Mayor Bill de Blasio praised the series and its unique mission.

"Ender's Game" writer, novelist, critic, playwright, and poet Orson Scott Card also praised the series.

"Publishers Weekly" has mostly praised the series, but has stated that the "would-be witticisms [begin] to grate" in "Once Burned".

praised the performance   (パフォーマンスを称賛)

However he praised the performance of both leading performers.

Ahmed Nadheem from "Haveeru" praised the performance of Saeed.

The Socialist Party's MEP Joe Higgins praised the performance of the No campaign.

both praised

Brahms's first symphony was, at times, both praised and derided as "Beethoven's Tenth".

Its mixture of styles was both praised as "sheer diversity" and criticised as having a "hotch-potch feel".

Booklist and the School Library Journal both praised the book, with Booklist saying that "Shine" "provides a lot to think about".

reviewers praised

Some reviewers praised the album's use of collaborators.

Not all reviewers praised the film.

In general reviewers praised the effectiveness of the Omni-Phase balancer system.

praised both

A review in "The Daily Graphic" praised both siblings.

Lake himself praised both ships, particularly their periscopes.

The Times praised both for running positive, issue-based campaigns and for their ability to serve the community.

often praised   (しばしば賞賛される)

Franklin is often praised for her "massive voice".

The films featured actors whose performances were often praised by critics.

In match reports, he was often praised for playing with passion and courage.

later praised

This innings was later praised as one of his finest.

Neumann later praised Hull's performance.

Milton later praised Barberini, steering away from theological subjects.

praised the production

Bertrand Guyard of "Le Figaro" praised the production and cast in 2013.

Will Chase of "" praised the production "driven by The Jacka’s ear for a diverse range of beats.

She also praised the production of Paul Worley and Ed Seay, notably Lonnie Wilson's drum fills and Joe Chemay's bass guitar.

review praised

"Hexus" disliked the clunky interface, though the review praised the game's graphics.

"" review praised how the game took elements from other series and executed them well.

The review praised the photography of Oliver Marsh and the acting by Henry Walthall and Alice Lake.

reviewer praised

A third reviewer praised the book's "engaging characters."

However, the reviewer praised all three leads, singling Van Heflin out as "outstanding".

The anonymous reviewer praised the "fairly inspired" plot gimmick involving hunt for Bond's own head.