order of precedence   (優先順位)

The order of precedence of the laws applicable to the SE is clarified.

It is ranked fifth in the order of precedence in the Norwegian honours system.

He was placed first in order of precedence over Walter Leveson, his brother-in-law.

take precedence   (優先する)

Fair use rights take precedence over the author's interest.

If there is a tie in points, goals take precedence over assists.

Languages in paged ROM cartridges would take precedence over BASIC.

takes precedence   (優先する)

It takes precedence over all other postnominals and medals.

The only time his vote takes precedence is in the case of a tied vote in the Tie Break.

The speaker also takes precedence over all people in Ghana except the President of Ghana and the Vice President.

took precedence   (優先した)

After the war's end, work there took precedence.

The music immediately took precedence over everything else in their lives.

Although the Nock locks were recognised as being superior, the need for standardisation took precedence.