Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

preferred habitat   (hábitat preferido)

The preferred habitat of "A. tilburyi" is desert.

Their preferred habitat is fairly open country.

Its preferred habitat is near ponds or streams.

preferred method   (metodo preferido)

The preferred method will depend on local conditions.

Loping became the preferred method of movement.

Hunting was the preferred method of protein consumption.

preferred stock   (acciones preferentes)

The basic forms used in most mezzanine financings are subordinated notes and preferred stock.

The post-money valuation formula does not take into account the special features of preferred stock.

By March 31, 2009 four banks out of over five hundred had returned their preferred stock obligations.

preferred candidate

For the 34% who prefer B, A continues to be their least preferred candidate.

In fact he was reported to be the preferred candidate of the local Conservatives.

In an election, sincere voting is formally choosing the voter's most preferred candidate.

often preferred   (a menudo preferido)

These families often preferred to rent upscale apartments.

Triptans are therefore often preferred treatment in migraine.

Fruit flies are often preferred over other animals due to their short life cycle and low maintenance requirements.

preferred to use

The Gulidjan preferred to use the house as a windbreak.

Many wealthy suitors preferred to use a gold coin for this presentation.

British intelligence services normally preferred to use locals for such work.

generally preferred

Instead, the term bullet resistant is generally preferred.

For most other applications FPGAs are generally preferred.

(Flamsteed numbers are generally preferred to Bayer designations with "Roman" letters.)

preferred position

His preferred position is on the wing.

His preferred position was left-back.

His preferred position is left back.

preferred choice

Eckenfelder's preferred choice of subject emerged early on.

His brother was not his father’s preferred choice as his successor.

preferred not

As a result, she preferred not to contact them after they left her care.

was a local club hit in Cologne, although Becker himself preferred not to dance.

Atheists accounted for 2.5% of the population and 5.49% were non-affiliated believers, while 13.79% preferred not to answer.

most preferred   (Más preferido)

In many festivals, fafda is the most preferred snack.

The most preferred of these kinds is a branch or walking stick.

After arbitration, a moot is the most preferred mediation style.

became the preferred

Loping became the preferred method of movement.

From 1735, Elmina became the preferred spot to trade slaves.

Reindeer became the preferred vehicle on the expanses of Eurasia.

preferred option

In problem 1, people preferred option A with a rate of 74% over option B with 26%.

Due to these limitation vehicles on belts have been the preferred option in Antarctica.

In problem 2, people preferred option D with a rate of 58% over option C with a rate of 42%.

preferred to stay   (prefirió quedarse)

Most preferred to stay loyal to the exiled Bourbons.

Costilla Sánchez was an evasive capo who preferred to stay low-profile.

Both players preferred to stay at the baseline with Chang being more defensive-minded.

preferred to remain   (prefirió permanecer)

He wanted to work with Moskvina while Petrova preferred to remain with their old coaches.

Much like Athena and Hestia, Artemis preferred to remain a maiden and is sworn never to marry.

The story retains its title despite the feeling of its author, as he preferred to remain consistent.