during pregnancy   (妊娠中の)

It appears to be relatively safe during pregnancy.

Use during pregnancy may result in harm to the baby.

Use during pregnancy can cause harm to the baby.

teenage pregnancy   (十代の妊娠)

"Teen Vogue" faced backlash from the media, who accused them of glorifying teenage pregnancy.

She also narrated the 2006 UTV documentary series "Teenage Kicks" on the subject of teenage pregnancy.

Concerning teenage pregnancy its more common among them and other Pacific Islanders than other groups.

pregnancy test   (妊娠検査)

Maxine tries the pregnancy test, which reveals positive.

A pregnancy test should be done prior to starting treatment.

Maxine buys a pregnancy test which is seen by Sienna who tells Warren.

teen pregnancy   (十代の妊娠)

Schwarzenegger’s state has witnessed a dramatic percentage decline in teen pregnancy rates.

Her writings also address issues facing African Americans, such as teen pregnancy, as well as broader concerns related to Third World inequities.

More recently, research shows that religion has slowed down the rates of teen marriage and teen pregnancy rate since 1991, a reversal of earlier trends.

ectopic pregnancy   (子宮外妊娠)

In 1946 he married Mary, who had an ectopic pregnancy five months later.

It is named for gynecologist Thomas Stephen Cullen (1869–1953), who first described the sign in ruptured ectopic pregnancy in 1916.

The infection can spread to the upper genital tract in women, causing pelvic inflammatory disease, which may result in future infertility or ectopic pregnancy.