died prematurely

He died prematurely, victim of an unknown sickness.

Joseph Marchak died prematurely from cancer at the age of 64.

However, Scat Daddy died prematurely at the age of eleven in December 2015.

ended prematurely

However, the loan spell was ended prematurely on 9 February after just one appearance.

His career ended prematurely a few months later, when he suffered a serious knee injury.

Carter's stint at Perpignan, however, ended prematurely when he tore an Achilles tendon.

born prematurely

Eliana Martínez was born prematurely on September 15, 1981, in Puerto Rico.

When she was 14, she became pregnant but her son was born prematurely and he died shortly after birth.

Niebyl was born prematurely in 1942 in Montreal, Canada, due to high risks in her mother's pregnancy, who had already suffered five miscarriages.