İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

prepare students   (öğrencileri hazırla)

In addition, it must prepare students to succeed at the college level.

Curriculum was then expanded to prepare students to become broadcasters.

Knuth wanted the book to prepare students for doing original, creative research.

order to prepare   (hazırlamak için sipariş)

Supposedly, he would play at least one game before a battle in order to prepare himself.

In order to prepare the locomotive for its 1851 trial run, Page went over $6000 into debt.

After his return from Bucharest, the artist continued to work in order to prepare another show.

used to prepare   (hazırlanırdı)

It is a powerful nucleophile that can be used to prepare methylthioethers.

It is used to prepare curries such as "hulee, palya, majjigay-hulee", and so on.

At this stage, the compost can be used to prepare fields or other planting areas.

time to prepare   (hazırlama zamanı)

This gave David critical time to prepare his own troops for the battle.

And it gave me a bit of time to prepare for a lot of things as well, so there was no stress.

It was discovered, and once the city had been warned, it had enough time to prepare for an attack.

began to prepare   (hazırlanmaya başladı)

Columbia began to prepare to release the album before Christmas.

In 2015, they began to prepare material for their fifth studio album.

“Young girls began to prepare for the event of the first childbirth at an early age.

help prepare

Speech and language therapy can help prepare for later language.

The mission results will also help prepare for human exploration.

Asanas that help prepare for Tāḍāsana include Adho Mukha Svanasana and Uttanasana.

helped prepare

The company helped prepare Oregon beer drinkers for the arrival of microbrewing.

Nunberg, along with Stone, helped prepare Trump for the first Republican debate, on August 6, 2015.

She assisted with photo shoots and helped prepare mock-ups for the 2012 womenswear and menswear collections.

better prepare   (daha iyi hazırlan)

The classes that follow this methodology better prepare students for lessons and projects.

Ski & Snowboard adopted virtual reality technology to better prepare its olympic team for the Pyeongchang games.

Playing rules match High School and College playing rules to better prepare players for the next level of competition.

designed to prepare

ELARA was designed to prepare students in the field of urban planning and design.

It was designed to prepare men for the ministry and to supply education for lay members.

"Aljira Emerge" is an annual program that is designed to prepare artists for the marketplace.

prepare themselves

He then tells Kate and Paul to prepare themselves for the worst.

Many were educated to prepare themselves for life in the royal court.

The sisters accept and go off to prepare themselves ("Je serai charmante".)