Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

order to preserve   (para preservar)

The reason for their defection was in order to preserve their status and wealth.

This now becomes clear that this is a selfish act in order to preserve their genes.

In order to preserve their culture, customs, and identity, the Padaung fled to Thailand.

nature preserve   (preservar la naturaleza)

This section was dedicated as a nature preserve.

It is located inside an area designated as a nature preserve.

Dr. Tracey is the director of East Africa's animal hospital and nature preserve.

help preserve   (ayudar a preservar)

This was intended to help preserve Native culture.

Proper records management can help preserve this feature of records.

The ferrule can also help preserve the hermetic seal of the luting cement.

efforts to preserve   (esfuerzos para preservar)

Gabon is also noted for efforts to preserve the natural environment.

They play a role in efforts to preserve Circassian tradition and culture in the diaspora.

He is occasionally involved in efforts to preserve the Atlantic salmon in northeastern North America.

effort to preserve   (esfuerzo por preservar)

Abo has made a great effort to preserve the memory of her late husband.

Recently there was an effort to preserve a strain found on an island off the coast of South Carolina.

This change was part of a service-wide effort to preserve the lineage of the Air Force's most honored wings.

attempt to preserve   (intento de preservar)

In an attempt to preserve his political influence, Pridi resigned on August 21, 1946.

A new attempt to preserve a sense of ethnic Rumaiic identity started in the mid-1980s.

The Chinese afterward played down those events in an attempt to preserve their commercial interests.

preserve and promote   (preservar y promover)

The center aims to preserve and promote Palestinian embroidery, art and folklore.

During the Depression era, the Folklore Project was created to preserve and promote the Oneida language.

Efforts have been made across the world to preserve and promote the training and coaching legacy left by Lydiard.

wanted to preserve

Although the Kremlin wanted to preserve socialism in its satellites, the decision was not to intervene.

He also lacked the authority to abolish football and was, in fact, actually a fan of the sport and wanted to preserve it.

Bradman thus wanted to preserve his two first-choice pacemen for a vigorous attack on the English batsmen every 55 overs.

protect and preserve

The park's designating by-law was subsequently amended in 1996 to protect and preserve the Majors' clubhouse.

The Albanians had poor or often no schools or other institutions in place to protect and preserve their cultural heritage.

The area has been awarded Conservation Area status, a legal protection against development to protect and preserve the Victorian architecture.