well preserved   (よく保存されている)

An amphitheatre, less well preserved, also exists.

Bonampak is known for its well preserved murals.

The rood screen is 15th-century and not well preserved.

best preserved   (最もよく保存された)

The left end, in the south, is the best preserved.

The best preserved example in Germany is Brückenau.

The best preserved is that at Geddington.

still preserved   (まだ保存されている)

Some are still preserved in working order.

Bedford's corpse is the only one frozen before 1974 still preserved today.

An etched picture of the Holy Trinity is still preserved on one of the doors.

now preserved

It is now preserved at the Illinois Railway Museum.

Locomotive 41312 is now preserved on the Watercress Line.

The home is now preserved as the Frederick Douglass National Historic Site.

not preserved

Along the eastern side of the fortress is not preserved.

The needle apparatus was not preserved.

The hospital had not preserved life or educated the foundlings.

poorly preserved

The largest was too poorly preserved for definite interpretation.

Originally, this humerus was part of a poorly preserved partial skeleton that was not collected.

Meanwhile, many of the original Constructivist buildings are poorly preserved or in danger of imminent demolition.

preserved today

Four army flags of the 1863 design are preserved today.

It is preserved today only in Modern Standard Arabic and Ge'ez.

Out of numerous temporary hideouts, only one is preserved today.

oldest preserved

320 AD, is the oldest preserved clinker-built boat.

Thus its core forms one of the oldest preserved entrance buildings in Germany.

Brandaris is the oldest preserved tower specifically built as a lighthouse in the Netherlands.

not been preserved

But this work has not been preserved either.

"en bunden opgave"), and it has not been preserved in all verbs.

Fresh food is food which has not been preserved and has not spoiled yet.

partially preserved

It is half-closed, with partially preserved arches and doorways.

In the interior, the old stucco molding has been partially preserved.

In "Húsdrápa", partially preserved in the Prose Edda, he is said to ride a boar to Baldr's funeral.

only preserved   (保存のみ)

The only preserved bone of the pectoral girdle is the left scapula (shoulder blade).

His only preserved writings are some notes contained in manuscripts of Plato's dialogues.

The ninth row is only preserved on one wall, with an additional wall having been restored to that level.

better preserved

The other parts of the stele are much better preserved.

Axons are better preserved in ADEM lesions.

is better preserved in the Katuic languages, which Sidwell has specialized in.