press conference   (記者会見)

A split-screen press conference took place on July 3.

They never attended the press conference.

During a press conference held on Monday 18 September, Det.

press release   (プレスリリース)

No agent, press release, or any other intermediary.

See the press release and Gartner's view for details.

The game was announced in a press release on 10/09/98.

printing press   (印刷機)

Piyali is a nurse, while Arnab runs a printing press.

There have been numerous improvements in the printing press.

Still, the printing press remained the main source of revenues.

press coverage   (マスコミ報道)

The interview gained considerable press coverage.

Tsang received much press coverage for her creation:

The press coverage was summarised in English.

press secretary   (報道官)

Gabriel's mother was Collor's press secretary.

He was a deputy press secretary to Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani.

Averin has been Eduard Limonov's official press secretary since 2002.

local press

The incident generated controversy in the local press.

As early as 1881, the idea had been discussed in the local press.

The local press however reported that the opera "earned a deserved success.

press releases

1768 press releases were published in 2010 and 1589 in 2011.

Nabi issued press releases announcing the start of these trials.

The number of Commission press releases shows a decreasing trend.

held a press

Around this time, Lamb held a press conference on the building plans.

On October 18, 2008, FEG held a press conference to promote the event.

On 23 February, MTV held a press conference about this year's entrant.

press box

The press box will be wired for digital access.

The press box was then added to the top of the 600 Club.

Outside the press box, the stands were not entirely empty.

press reports   (プレスレポート)

Australian press reports suggested it could be held in Vietnam.

80 were killed and more than 150 injured according to press reports.

According to press reports, the door to the closet was kept unlocked.

music press

The specialist music press were generally positive.

"X" received mixed reviews from the German music press.

"Aftermath" received highly favourable reviews in the music press.

national press   (全国報道)

The national press ("El País", "El Mundo", "ABC", etc.)

Regular contributions to the national press.

This legislation was widely reported in the national press.

press freedom

The Constitution of Georgia protects press freedom.

Ghanaian press freedom was restored in 1992.

"Academia Caţavencu" have been long-time press freedom advocates.

issued a press

Then we issued a press release saying that an unnamed rider had been found positive in the Tour.

Project soon issued a press statement, stating that the singer had been "suspended indefinitely".

In response, the MDDEFP issued a press release soliciting the port's assistance with its investigation.

press conferences   (記者会見)

Two more press conferences were held in Tokyo and Hong Kong.

Now, he is constantly bombarded with interviews and press conferences.

Instead of shunning the media, Orser chose to have daily press conferences.

international press

Her disappearance generated a large amount of national and international press coverage.

The news programming includes much footage from the international press, especially the Israeli.

The book has received international press and has been reviewed by media outlets around the world.

told the press

Sir Henry Bolte told the press:"Look at this rabbel, this is the Labor Party.

His mother told the press her son would be buried in his Birkenstock sandals.

Saavedra told the press that he would not resign before the censorship request.

small press

As of 2018, it continues to exist as a small press.

During the 1970s the "small press" culture grew and diversified.

Issues one through six were released as a small press magazine, or zine.

bench press   (ベンチプレス)

Reed set a Texas Tech record in 2008 with a 625-pound bench press.

He also did 10 repetitions of incline bench press with 520 lb (236 kg).

It is one of the three powerlifting exercises, along with the squat and bench press.

press statement

In a press statement, Followill said, ""Coming together just worked.

In a press statement, Followill said of recording the debut EP, "Coming together just worked.

Project soon issued a press statement, stating that the singer had been "suspended indefinitely".

press attention   (注意を押します)

The painting did not win a prize and received little press attention.

It was a big success, and Chaplin received considerable press attention.

In November 1994, Old Ebbitt Grill reopened its oyster bar to much press attention.

press charges

Abedin refused to press charges against her parents.

The limo driver did not press charges.

Jackson declined to press charges.

during a press

He also meets Walden during a press conference at Andrews Air Force Base.

On March 18, Boisclair said during a press briefing, "I have closed this file.

She announced it during a press conference, joined by a statement signed by several Argentine actresses.

popular press

(Up to this point, the popular press had ignored stealth).

The popular press embraced him and his photo appeared in many magazines.

Arens' book gained attention from the popular press soon after its publication.

first press

Both the first press and regular versions contain a CD with sixteen tracks.

At 5am on Saturday 5 February 1870, its first press telegram was transmitted.

Both versions had a first press which included a slipcase and one of two photobooks.

official press

The official press night for the new cast took place 28 February.

An official press release indicates that police arrested 31 people.

Averin has been Eduard Limonov's official press secretary since 2002.

free press   (フリープレス)

In 2018, to expand the free press in Ethiopia, Abiy invited exiled media outlets to return.

"A free press can’t operate or be effective unless it can offer readers comment as well as news.

Frank Stanton was generally praised for his "passionate and courageous commitment to a free press."

press reported

Some members of the press reported that Dunn had been scapegoated.

On 15 July, the press reported that CP would appeal the legal order.

The press reported: "Her vivacity was much applauded and her songs were encored."

press officer

Franco's press officer was next to her in the back seat and was injured, but survived.

He also served as a press officer to Labour leader Neil Kinnock during the 1987 general election.

In 1912 he was appointed press officer to the High Commission in London where he performed useful service.

press conference held   (記者会見が開催されました)

During a press conference held on Monday 18 September, Det.

During a press conference held inside the Pentagon at 18:42, Rumsfeld announced, "The Pentagon's functioning.

In a press conference held the day after English's resignation, Bridges announced his candidacy for the leadership of the party.

mainstream press

"Polyester" received some good reviews from the mainstream press.

In the mainstream press, Victor Godinez of "The Dallas Morning News" called the game "a blast to play."

"The Man-Eating Myth" was widely reviewed in academic journals and also attracted attention from mainstream press.

continued to press

The Franks continued to press forward against the emir.

I really do not see the signal," and most of his forces continued to press home the attack.

14 was sent off, but despite the numerical disadvantage, they continued to press their attack.

not press

The limo driver did not press charges.

It did not press charges.

Matt later informs him that Paul will not press charges and Ajay learns Priya spoke to him.

negative press

Her selection garnered negative press in her home country.

The attack brought the town negative press coverage worldwide.

The 2011 Man Booker Prize attracted a great deal of negative press.

press agent

was the reply from what turned out to be Bogart's press agent.

When I hit the seat, I turn to the press agent: 'You're fired.'

He hired a press agent "and what do you know – I got nominated."

joint press

A joint press conference by the Belgian and French Prime Ministers will follow.

The new name of the arena, Scottrade Center, was revealed in a joint press conference.

Schramm and Jones held a joint press conference at Texas Stadium announcing the induction.

foreign press

The Zimbabwean press at times has strained relations with foreign press and governments.

Diplomats, United Nations employees and foreign press reporters are exempt from this requirement.

These units both terrified the Rif and captured the imagination of the foreign press with their conspicuous courage and brutality.

press corps

The celebration was also covered widely in newspapers and radio by a 27-member press corps.

However, following the global downturn, the press corps in Brussels shrunk by a third by 2010.

In spite of this, Crowley measured the press corps as giving Clinton "strikingly positive coverage".

press office

From 1921-1922 Virza worked as a director of Latvian press office in Paris.

Its printing offices are located in Baghdad and its press office in Sulaymaniyah.

He also completed an internship at the press office of the SPD presidium in Berlin.

press briefing   (記者会見)

On March 18, Boisclair said during a press briefing, "I have closed this file.

He delivered his last press briefing of the Obama administration on January 17, 2017.

She attended her last press briefing on December 14, 2017, a few months before her death.

press and public   (プレスと公開)

Allen was treated sympathetically by press and public.

Dorothea Melis was responsible for press and public relations.

Both Yourlance Richards herself and her run, proved popular with press and public.

press agency   (報道機関)

He worked in a press agency before travelling to Brazil, where he collaborated on the new capital Brasilia.

He joined with Franz Jung to launch "Wirtschaftskorrespondenz", a press agency with its focus on business news.

The French Resistance created its own clandestine press agency, the (Information and Documentation Agency) (AID).

tabloid press   (タブロイドプレス)

Most of the faked photos actually came from the tabloid press.

and "Gustave Eiffel Has Gone Mad: He Has Been Confined in an Asylum" appeared in the tabloid press.

Her criticisms were widely reported in the tabloid press as ammunition in its existing hostility towards the BBC.

new press

The new press ended the need to produce hot-lead cast type.

A new press room was built in its place.

The new press also allowed the paper to print photographs in color.

underground press

He was also involved in the underground press.

The "Narodnovoltsy" managed to set up a new underground press in the period and conducted propaganda work among university students.

Alternative newspapers represent the more commercialized and mainstream evolution of the underground press associated with the 1960s counterculture.

press release announcing

The official press release announcing his death referred to Vila as a "bandit".

In the press release announcing the findings and sanctions, Cricket Australia summarised the review process.

On May 30, 2018 Netflix published a press release announcing the program had been renewed for a second season.

official press release

An official press release indicates that police arrested 31 people.

The official press release announcing his death referred to Vila as a "bandit".

An official press release via Lambgoat states that this album is the first time the band has ever really had production on a recording.