İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

prevented from doing   (yapması engellendi)

Kirk and Spock attempt to disconnect the device but are prevented from doing so by an unseen force.

The remaining attackers tried to escape to the Gaza Strip, but were prevented from doing so by Egyptian army forces.

An Agence France-Presse trying to work in Mullaitivu District on 18 November 2013 were prevented from doing so by the military.

injury prevented   (yaralanma önlendi)

The injury prevented Onions from playing most of the English cricket season.

He played most of the tournament as a batsman as injury prevented him from bowling.

He missed just one match, when injury prevented him facing Leeds United in October.

prevented further   (daha fazla önlendi)

Darkness prevented further developments.

A large-scale rebellion in Ukraine prevented further Soviet advances.

Prompt action by personnel who moved aircraft away from the burning Sabre prevented further loss.

not prevented   (engellenmedi)

If not prevented, hearing loss can be managed through assistive devices and communication strategies.

The four pillars policy, however, has not prevented the four major banks from acquiring smaller competitors.

This impossibility has not prevented others from articulating a version of his principles as the basis for explorations of their own.