thus preventing   (したがって防止)

Instead all trades are offset in a subsequent market thus preventing physical delivery.

Bart ended up preventing Max's and Helen's death, thus preventing this reality from happening.

Any wounds received while wearing the scabbard would not bleed at all, thus preventing the death of the wearer.

thereby preventing   (それにより防止)

Recombiners aim at removing hydrogen and thereby preventing explosions.

Terbinafine inhibits squalene epoxidase thereby preventing cell membrane formation.

This inhibits further cellular mRNA translation, thereby preventing viral protein synthesis.

aimed at preventing   (防止を目的とした)

One clause is aimed at preventing the racy image promoted by strip clubs.

This was aimed at preventing cults and stopping farmers from turning into priests.

Skokie immediately passed three ordinances aimed at preventing the group from meeting in Skokie.

preventing further

Secondary prevention is preventing further sequelae of already established disease.

This stops the growth of the fungus, effectively preventing further infection and/or invasion of host tissues

Typically, the obesity associated with ROHHAD is managed by preventing further weight gain as the child grows.