Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

previous year   (año anterior)

After upsetting the previous year's runner-up No.

Turnout fell modestly to 33.9% on the previous year.

This represents a 6% increase from the previous year.

previous season   (temporada anterior)

They matched their previous season's output of 5–9.

CA Bastia was the previous season's club champions.

Both teams had been promoted the previous season.

previous years   (años pasados)

The two teams promoted from the previous years I.F.C.

Unlike in previous years, the 1969 match was much closer.

For Surrey, Hobbs was as successful as in previous years.

previous album   (album anterior)

", Lowe's previous album of television theme songs.

's previous album "Maya", which debuted at number 21 in 2010.

The album follows Hopkins's companion previous album, "Immunity".

previous record   (récord anterior)

In August 2010, Koxa had reached a previous record.

The previous record was 14,938 meters (49,009 feet).

This time bested the previous record of 45.39 seconds.

previous day

Anti-tank fire was lighter than the previous day.

It was estimated to have originated the previous day.

7-ranked North Carolina the previous day.

previous albums   (álbumes anteriores)

Sebastian performed songs from previous albums as well as new songs.

However, unlike previous albums, the singer is smiling in these photos.

's previous albums, incorporating elements of Reggaeton and Latino music.

previous work   (trabajo previo)

Fauré's previous work in the genre, the Piano Quartet No.

The album is much more pop-oriented than Hackett's previous work.

In contrast to previous work, it consists of sixteen short pieces.

during the previous

This was prompted by Laois's poor results during the previous few seasons.

Severe floods during the previous winters foreshadowed the fall of the city.

Elisabeth Sladen had renewed her contract to play Sarah during the previous season.

previous week

That was down from $1.70 trillion in the previous week.

The housemate evicted the previous week joins the hosting panel.

His health had deteriorated after he suffered a fall the previous week.

previous episode

After finishing the previous episode, "Helen Keller!

The episode was down in viewership from the previous episode.

The episode saw a decrease in viewership from the previous episode.

previous seasons

The format remains largely unchanged from previous seasons.

As for all the previous seasons, new hosts were introduced.

ET, unlike July 1 from previous seasons.

previous games

The Guard Breaks from previous games can now be done at any time.

Gameplay in "Guitar Hero 5" is similar to previous games in the series.

As with the three previous games, "Zero Hour" features a multiplayer mode.

previous election   (elección previa)

The previous election had been on 15 December 2005.

The results for the previous election were:

The previous election was held in 2014.

previous marriage   (matrimonio anterior)

She has a daughter, Lucy, from a previous marriage.

Left has two children from his previous marriage.

A daughter from a previous marriage predeceased him.

all previous

Rechoosing these skills is possible, but all previous progress is then lost.

Most Mages follow the Captal, who has the knowledge of all previous Captals.

From 2006 onwards, results are Live+SD; all previous years are live viewing.

previous game

In subsequent games, the winners of the previous game serve first.

After the first game, the winner of the previous game starts first.

His twin Brother, Louis, made his début in the previous game v Leeds Rhinos.

previous night

They found it near the place of her apparition in the previous night.

He met secretly with Mary at the house; the last time on the previous night.

This was likely due to poor field conditions caused by the previous night's rain.

previous film   (película anterior)

A previous film on Fitch's play appeared in 1916.

Like his previous film, it received universal critical acclaim.

The director followed the same approach in his previous film "Jodi".

previous releases   (Lanzamientos Anteriores)

The music took an experimental approach than the previous releases.

This was met with less acclaim than either of his previous releases.

It features a more hard rock-based sound than his previous releases.

previous month   (mes anterior)

He coached his final game after being fired the previous month.

The nightclub's fire safety license had run out the previous month.

previous single

Like the band's previous single, "Bear Cage", it was a non-album track.

Just like Halliwell's previous single, the success for the song was limited.

The single features an acoustic version of Noll's previous single "Now I Run".

previous series

They were situated in the base camp used in previous series.

Staff from the previous series are working on the production.

"I usually played as wealthy contravida in my previous series.

previous experience

Many players join with little or no previous experience in rugby.

The design was based on previous experience with the bathyscaphe "FNRS-2".

None of the women had formal musical training or previous experience in bands.

previous works

At the time he destroyed all of his previous works.

Her previous works continued to be published.

Like his previous works though, "On the Corner" was experimental.

previous generation

The previous generation remains on sale as the Business Edition.

Changes from the previous generation include the use of an all-aluminium monocoque body.

The styling is less conservative and more pronounced compared to the previous generation.

previous films

This film features scenes shown in his previous films.

Like Pick's previous films, "New Year's Eve" does not use intertitles.

Like the previous films, the original film's logo is used for the main title.

previous versions

Other schemes appeared in the previous versions of Windows.

All songs from previous versions were re-rated on the new scale.

This helps to keep backwards compatibility with previous versions of DirectX.

no previous

The organization had no previous formal logo.

Many players join with little or no previous experience in rugby.

Lieutenant Colonel Andrew W. Brown had no previous military experience.

previous round   (ronda anterior)

The 16 winners from the previous round entered this round.

This round featured the four winners from the previous round.

This round featured the eight winners from the previous round.

previous decade   (década anterior)

Capra had become "disconnected from an American culture that had changed" during the previous decade.

This was her first single of the 1970s after a highly successful string of singles the previous decade.

The 2010s has generally continued the box-office success of superhero films seen in the previous decade.

previous owner

The previous owner had not filed for license renewal in 2005.

He tries to contact the car's previous owner but is unable to do so.

The next owner had to work with the previous owner to reinstate the authorization.

previous singles

(The Knock Out)" alongside previous singles "You Got Me" and "Damage."

Island stated that "Top Secret" was different from their previous singles.

Espósito performed the song as well as her previous singles "Tu Novia" and "Una Na".

replaced the previous

TRNSMT replaced the previous Scottish festival T in the Park.

It replaced the previous free version.

The second generation model replaced the previous model in 2005.

previous two years

She had been a finalist the previous two years.

The irony is that the young actress was under contract to MGM for the previous two years.

Coach Dick Jauron stated that the shoulder had been bothering Evans for the previous two years.

previous band

Former Bassist Charlie Dennis re-joined his previous band Nerf Herder.

The band formed as Screaming King Trigger, from a previous band called Scoop.

We Shot the Moon formed after Jones's previous band, Waking Ashland, broke up.

previous relationship

He had a daughter from a previous relationship.

John also has a daughter from a previous relationship.

He has third grown child from a previous relationship.

previous version

Numerous fans had derisively called the previous version a "parakeet".

When the new version appears to work, it is written over the previous version.

The suffix "of All Russia" was transformed from the previous version "(Tsar) of All Rus'".

previous edition

Teams who had not participate in the previous edition were in Pot 4.

The previous edition was played in a group staged round robin format.

Marathón was seeking for revenge as they had lost the previous edition.

previous editions

The growth that had already been noticed in previous editions, continued.

APP-6C modified some symbol frames from previous editions of the standard.

Groening wrote an introduction to the book, as he had for the previous editions.

previous two seasons

The format for the 2018–19 competition was the same as the previous two seasons.

Arbroath had narrowly missed out on promotion in each of the previous two seasons.

His chance came after recording 224 points in the SJHL over the previous two seasons.

won the previous

They have won the previous three championship games.

ČSSD won the previous elections in 2008 in all regions.

The player who won the previous trick leads to the next trick.

previous century   (siglo anterior)

The finds of the previous century had included Roman coins.

It is a mid-eighteenth century salute to the musical traditions of the previous century.

Immigration in the 20th century differed significantly from that of the previous century.

previous studio

Includes previous studio and live sessions plus raw material.

Some songs already appeared on her previous studio albums released in the 1990s.

previous generations

No indicator light appears in the instrument cluster, unlike previous generations.

Unlike previous generations, it was designed in the US and is manufactured in Lincoln, Alabama.

This made appeal to the Pope more attractive and easier to obtain than in previous generations.

compared to previous

Heavy rain helped curtail demonstrations compared to previous days.

The engine had been extensively re-worked compared to previous models.

In 2015, the population was 523 (27% up compared to previous census in 2010).

previous name

A "kommune" by the previous name existed 1970–2006.

The city's previous name was restored on 15 January 2009.

A previous name for this unit was cycles per second (cps).

previous elections

This is in stark contrast to previous elections.

The previous elections took place on 3 May 2012.

Turnout here was much higher than previous elections.

replacing the previous   (reemplazando el anterior)

An index navigation screen was also introduced, replacing the previous BBCi Menu.

It opened in 1994, replacing the previous Port Melbourne site, but closed in 2017.

The majority of members elected were independents, replacing the previous Labour administration.

previous section

See the previous section for examples.

The protocol proceeds exactly as outlined in the previous section.

Each section was sunk next to the previous section and joined underwater.

previous ones

Its IEBus controller is simplified from previous ones.

The band added now three new demo tracks to the previous ones.

However, the album didn't have any hit song like the previous ones.

previous owners

The Old Bell Hotel has had many previous owners over the years.

The club's previous owners had failed to pay its debts to many local businesses.

The previous owners, the Lassotovitch, Hammond, Ligon, and Dorsey families are all related.

previous episodes

Also unlike the previous episodes it is not available for Linux or PS3.

Club gave the episode a B, preferring the four previous episodes over it.

Likewise, "Big Bang Night in Canada" also plays reruns of previous episodes.

previous efforts

Solis Doyle had survived three previous efforts to oust her.

Some of the material was more graphic than Michael's previous efforts with Wham!

The personnel differed from previous efforts, but Jimmy G's vocals still provide the sound's basis.

previous release

EPUB 3.0 supersedes the previous release 2.0.1.

It was a follow up to the previous release, "The Way It Used To Be".

Pompougnac's second studio mix, "Costes: La Suite" outsold his previous release.

previous records

As was the case on previous records, "Come Over When You’re Sober, Pt.

Unlike with previous records, Beach House took their time with the recording process of "7".

Yet, on this album as with previous records, Hammer would continue to call out other rappers who had dissed him.

previous models

The engine had been extensively re-worked compared to previous models.

A new frame was used that was lighter but more rigid than previous models.

The number of seats, however, is slightly lower than in the previous models.

previous club

in 2006 from his previous club Niroye Zamini F.C..

He was subsequently sold to previous club Leyton Orient.

In December of the same year, she returned her previous club.

previous studies

This aspect may have been largely underestimated by previous studies.

Their development has been benefited from previous studies with PI3K-selective inhibitors.

Applying to liberal adult education is possible for anyone without the requirements of previous studies.

previous government   (gobierno anterior)

It was formed on 21 March 2018, after the previous government was re-elected at the 2018 Tasmanian state election.

Her previous government cabinet minister appointments were: She moved with her husband to Surrey-Green Timbers area in 1990.

The previous government had the largest majority in the history of the state with a combined 113 seats out of the 166-seat Dáil Éireann.

previous attempts

The siege was far better organized than the previous attempts, however, and dragged on for 33 days.

Like Finnlines' previous attempts to enter the cruise business, the "Finnstar" proved to be largely unsuccessful.

Reeves and Baker completed a third and final draft that was "substantially toned down" in content from the previous attempts.

previous model   (modelo anterior)

It was also roughly one-third lighter than the previous model.

ft. from the previous model's 930 lb.

The second generation model replaced the previous model in 2005.

breaking the previous

Liang was 9 years, 111 days old at the time, breaking the previous record by about 2.5 months.

In Game 3, Ed Walsh struck out 12 Cubs, breaking the previous record of 11 set by Bill Dinneen in .

The team of 24 radio operators made more than 114,000 contacts, breaking the previous record of 75,000.

previous life   (vida anterior)

He adopts the girl and decides to leave his previous life of crime.

Tommy recovers, and realizes he is Joe Kelly and has a previous life.

Financial rand had a previous life, from January 1979 to February 1983.

previous summer

During the previous summer Craine had served on the "Mona".

5 the previous summer.

It mainly grows in swampy areas and only flowers after fires the previous summer.

previous decades

The nineties saw the fall of music and musicians from previous decades.

Oxy-acetylene welding was a popular welding process in previous decades.

It should not be confused with a homonym Greek magazine of previous decades.

beating the previous   (superando al anterior)

As a result, the group reached 7.127 GHz, beating the previous score of 6.7 GHz.

She threw a javelin 148 feet, 2 25/32 inches, beating the previous record holder by over five inches.

Little's team completed the swim in 19 hours and 6 minutes, beating the previous best by three hours.

previous evening

Speer arrived there the previous evening and accepted Todt's offer to fly with him to Berlin.

The three pilots had been drinking together at the Speak Easy restaurant the previous evening.

The previous evening, he had let the community know that his birthday party had been cancelled.

previous book

Dennett's previous book was "Consciousness Explained" (1991).

The story begins a few days after the events of the previous book, "The Dark Prophecy".

Their previous book, "S Is For Sunflower", won the Bill Martin, Jr. Picture Book Award in 2007.

previous installments

Nine of the characters from previous installments return in this game.

Spiner appeared in all previous installments of the three-story arc, while Burton only directed "The Augments".

George gains access to the Black Cat club, where he meets Duane (who he has met before in previous installments).

whose previous

He is replaced by Bobby Simone, a widower whose previous job was that of driver for the Police Commissioner.

Working on studio sets was a new experience for Rathborne, whose previous work had all been filmed on location.

Her new partner is Jason Walsh, whose previous partner was murdered the same night Shraeger was assigned to him.

previous two albums

However, West's previous two albums "Yeezus" and "The Life of Pablo" were heavily bootlegged.

is a radical departure from the style of the previous two albums "Revenge of the Mozabites" and "Wadada Magic".

Coolidge had contributed vocals to Kristofferson's previous two albums, including two duets on "Jesus Was a Capricorn".

previous position

Santana returned to his previous position as roving infield instructor in .

He moved to UCSD from a previous position at the University of California, Los Angeles, in 1962.

Three years later, Sun Hao recalled Lu Shi back to Jianye and restored him to his previous position and peerage.

all the previous

As for all the previous seasons, new hosts were introduced.

Also, all the previous comments are visible to each new user.

Unlike all the previous editions, it was a single match hosted at a neutral venue.

unlike the previous

Also unlike the previous episodes it is not available for Linux or PS3.

This version of Google Maps, unlike the previous version, featured turn-by-turn navigation.

This time her new album was sung mostly in Polish unlike the previous one "Love", sung mostly in English.

years previous

It was his first album since "Men'll Be Boys" two years previous.

This was due to him moving to Roma, rather than to Juventus two years previous.

Race distance was lengthened to 11 laps as opposed to 10 in the years previous.

unlike previous

However, unlike previous albums, the singer is smiling in these photos.

No indicator light appears in the instrument cluster, unlike previous generations.

They also held a concept from the beginning to make it unlike previous Treasure games.

several previous

Still, sales were higher than those of several previous competitions.

Kowalski accepts marijuana from her, despite refusing marijuana in several previous scenes.

(There have been several previous IBM COBOL compilers over the years, with different names.)

previous titles

At the league, the club broke the triumph's sequence of the three previous titles.

Like previous titles, "The Room: Old Sins" was developed using the Unity game engine.

The multiplayer mode present in previous titles, however, was scrapped during development.

previous best

He beat the previous best of 236 by Makin Salih.

Their previous best was winning the cup in 1976, by beating opponents Manchester United.

Dr. Karni Singh's Silver in 1962 was the previous best by an Indian in a World Championship meet.

previous incarnation

The previous incarnation WBU company of WBU titles were recognized in Europe.

They were not necessarily affiliated with the previous incarnation of Freeworld, or with Volcano or Rowdy Records.

Buckingham and Nicks joined the band on New Year's Eve 1974, within four weeks of the previous incarnation splitting.

previous occasions

The previous occasions when this occurred was 1990, 1978 and the 1971 Labour landslide.

Table tennis had appeared at the Summer Olympics on seven previous occasions beginning with the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul.

The band were able to work at any time of their choosing, whereas on previous occasions, the group had to work between 10 and 6.

previous location

The settlement was rebuilt further east from the previous location.

Not less but more some leaders have played key roles to shift this VDC from the previous location i.e.

In 2017, the Integrated Control Center moved from its previous location, the FW3, to the newly built FW4 in Schwabing.

previous three years

This followed rapid economic growth in the previous three years.

7), are remarkably similar in both design and concept to his drawing over the previous three years.

P&O stated that for the previous three years they had tried to do all they could to make the route profitable.

previous incarnations

The series was much more comedic and self-parodying than any of the previous incarnations.

The town has been represented by several previous incarnations in both senior and junior football.

It is also 74th national championship played by Serbian clubs inclusive of nation's previous incarnations as Yugoslavia and Serbia and Montenegro.

previous books

Two of his previous books included "Mastering Pac-Man" (1981) and "Score!

The collection sold more than twice as many copies as his previous books.

The Havenites start the war Honor had been struggling to prevent in the previous books.

previous resolutions

United Nations Security Council Resolution 1706 United Nations Security Council Resolution 1706, adopted on August 31, 2006, after recalling previous resolutions on the situation in Sudan, including resolutions 1556 (2004), 1564 (2005), 1574 (2004), 1590 (2004), 1591 (2005), 1593 (2004), 1663 (2006), 1665 (2006) and 1679 (2006), the Council expanded the mandate of the United Nations Mission in the Sudan (UNMIS) to include deployments in Darfur to enforce the Darfur Peace Agreement.

previous five years

During the previous five years, Cran's estates had a mortality rate of 9.2%.

St Mary's reported £1.93 million in debts in 2008, as well as losses in four of the previous five years.

The plan, which had been prepared over the previous five years, suggested three changes for the subway system.

died the previous

He replaced Billy Welu, who had died the previous year.

His wife died the previous year (1995) after a car accident.

However, after a day, she reveals that her father died the previous year.

based on previous

The design was based on previous experience with the bathyscaphe "FNRS-2".

For the initial disbursement, approximations were made based on previous elections.

A few unfinished scenes were finished using his notes and based on previous rehearsals.

surpassing the previous   (superando al anterior)

The victory was also Paternostro's 25th away league win, surpassing the previous record holder Shaw (24).

The two companies would have yearly sales of more than $36.4 billion, surpassing the previous largest brewer, London-based SABMiller.

There were a record 36 candidates in the race (surpassing the previous record of 33), including four of the five most recent presidents.

previous home   (casa anterior)

His previous home was in Highgate, North London.

After two months, she brought Sakhina from her previous home.

The current Smyrna Middle School building was the previous home of Smyrna High.

s previous

It turned out they were prize ships from Claver’s previous cruise which were then allowed into port.

This installation was Mputu’s first physical art piece, since all of Mputu’s previous work was digital.

In 1988, the Sweetwaters Game Reserve was opened by another of Ol Pejeta’s previous owners, Lonrho Africa.

previous building

The previous building, constructed in 1959 at N.E.

It replaced a previous building which was destroyed in a fire.

Boucher furthered that the concessions would outweigh the cost of dropping the $30 million claim over the previous building.

replace the previous

It was built to replace the previous stand which was gutted by a fire in the same year.

The cup would replace the previous trophy, Molloy Cup, which West Coast now held outright.

This restoration involved a new clock to replace the previous one dating from the early nineteenth century.

previous system

They modified the previous system to suit the specific needs of their language, Khuzdul.

Similar to the previous system of rates, the new system set tax levels on property value.

In 1930, the previous system was abolished in favor of the creation of the "GW Student Council".

previous centuries

In previous centuries, more upstream, the Donge was heavily used in the leather industry.

A number of periodic comets discovered in earlier decades or previous centuries are now lost comets.

Jews were accepted at the time, in contrast to the persecution by the Inquisition in previous centuries.

spent the previous

Having spent the previous week in London, Reedman flew into Lisbon Portela Airport on 15 September 1965.

He had spent the previous 10 years working for Gtldendal, first as an apprentice and later as an assistant.

By late November 1916, the battalion was in France, having spent the previous five months training in England.

many previous

The Old Bell Hotel has had many previous owners over the years.

Hermiæ irrisio gentilium philosophorum,’ with his own annotations and those of many previous scholars.

no encroachment of water disturbances on the measured kilometre by the quick turn-a-round, in many previous runs.

previous title   (título anterior)

Gameplay does not differ much from the previous title.

"Bust a Groove 2"'s gameplay is still the same from the previous title.

Muthukumar, which was released on 10 September 2007 under the film's previous title, "Tamil MA".