Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

previously played   (jugado previamente)

They have previously played in the Western League.

It also previously played host to the Metro Lions.

He previously played for the Washington Nationals.

previously served   (previamente servido)

He previously served on Norwalk's Common Council.

He previously served as Bishop of Hradec Králové.

Ted Wood previously served as director of rugby.

previously known   (previamente conocido)

It was also previously known as "Canaseraga Lake".

It was previously known as "Melekess" (until 1972).

The theatre was previously known as Old Opera House.

previously worked   (previamente trabajado)

She had previously worked with the metal act Tool.

She previously worked in the cargo ship industry.

He previously worked for Raj TV and Kalaignar TV.

having previously   (habiendo previamente)

having previously played for Leicester Tigers and Cornish Pirates.

Academy, having previously played at the Blackburn Rovers Academy.

During 2017 mergers between CCGs began, having previously been forbidden.

previously held   (previamente celebrado)

Hank Aaron previously held the record set in 1976.

Bell's seat was previously held by Thomas Jefferson.

University convocations were also previously held here.

previously unreleased   (previamente inédito)

Tracks 3 and 8 were previously unreleased demos.

This release contains previously unreleased material.

The mixtape consisted of previously unreleased songs.

previously used   (previamente usado)

Crushed stems were previously used as a fish poison.

It was previously used in the United States and Europe.

(However, "Lissabon" was previously used in Norwegian).

previously released   (Publicado anteriormente)

They previously released "Blake & Rice" in 1987.

The EP also contains one previously released recording.

The third was previously released on "Ark of the Arqans".

years previously   (años antes)

Mattick's wife Jackie died about two years previously.

This beat the record of 16 years previously set by S0–2.

The original Café Derby was demolished years previously.

not previously   (no previamente)

She had not previously recorded "As Long As He Needs Me".

However, it had not previously competed at the top level.

He had not previously received an invitation from Israel.

previously appeared   (aparecido previamente)

She previously appeared in the show as Lisa Stansfield.

Tsui had previously appeared in the first two films in cameos.

Pittsburgh previously appeared in the Sun Bowl in 1975 and 1989.

previously unknown   (previamente desconocido)

Aditya Narayan plays Khan's previously unknown son.

The conquistadors brought previously unknown diseases.

ECM1 codes for a glycoprotein of previously unknown origin.

previously thought   (previamente pensado)

First, they learned that the herd moves much more than previously thought.

"M. brevicaudata" was previously thought to have been a member of "Monodelphis glirina".

It was previously thought to grow in north Queensland but the most recent survey did not find it.

previously published   (publicado anteriormente)

Five were previously published as noted here.

Portions of "Building Stories" were previously published.

TRAC was previously published as a set of conference proceedings.

previously owned   (previamente poseído)

It was previously owned by Heartland Publications.

It previously owned the Westin Hotels chain.

previously mentioned   (mencionado anteriormente)

As previously mentioned, pitch accenting can relate to focus.

The previously mentioned "wakhdáana" “eyeglasses” is one example.

The first, as previously mentioned, is if a player catches a ball.

previously recorded   (previamente grabado)

Nelson had previously recorded the song in 1964.

She had not previously recorded "As Long As He Needs Me".

The song was not previously recorded.

previously represented   (previamente representado)

He has previously represented England at under-17 level.

He previously represented Australia at U21 and U19 level.

Curtis and Parker had previously represented the electorate.

previously called   (previamente llamado)

It was also previously called "Byeokgandang" (벽간당).

The space was previously called Central Tavern.

It was previously called Ermelo- Veldwijk (1863-1952).

previously operated   (previamente operado)

XHTGM had previously operated as a pirate on 105.1 MHz.

The district previously operated Blume High School in Wapakoneta.

BA had previously operated a significant hub at Manchester Airport.

previously won   (previamente ganado)

Internacional previously won the competition in 2007.

McKinley had previously won the state four years earlier.

SCM had previously won in 2009, and 2010.

previously occupied   (previamente ocupado)

Farms had previously occupied the area.

In 1993, Montgomery Ward was added as an anchor in a spot previously occupied by Madigan's.

Constructed on previously occupied by a farm, it opened its doors to the public in June 2014.

previously only   (solo anteriormente)

The school had previously only accommodated students from grades 9 through 12.

Goldhaber's directing credits had previously only been shorts and student films.

It also features "Smile", previously only available via the Internet edition of "Awake".

previously competed   (compitió previamente)

He had previously competed for Team Japan in 2016.

He previously competed in the 2014 Red Bull Rookies Cup.

However, it had not previously competed at the top level.

previously made   (hecho previamente)

They had previously made "The Wanderer" (1974) together.

The same company had previously made "Sink The Bismarck!

A similar change was previously made to extend from three levels to four.

previously named   (previamente nombrado)

It was previously named PlayStation Motion Controller.

The beach was previously named Whiting Beach.

It was previously named "Helicobacter" sp.

previously considered   (previamente considerado)

This genus was previously considered to be monotypic.

The village was previously considered a neighbourhood of Vitsa.

Brain size was previously considered a major indicator of intelligence.

previously been used   (previamente utilizado)

A 1,078 engine had was previously been used in the F4 CC.

The technique had previously been used to isolate heavy isotopes of neon.

StarLink contains Cry9C, which had not previously been used in a GM crop.

previously married   (previamente casado)

She was previously married and has two children.

Fraser was previously married to Craig Venter.

Tolokonnikova was previously married to Pyotr Verzilov.

previously written   (previamente escrito)

She has previously written and published several short stories.

In reference to this poem Byron had previously written in ;English Bards:;

Tévoédjrè had previously written columns for one of these, "L'Aube Nouvelle".

previously hosted   (previamente alojado)

The venue had not previously hosted any edition of the Federation Cup.

Spectrum Center had previously hosted the tournament in 2008, 2011, and 2015.

The stadium previously hosted the beach soccer event at the 2015 European Games.

previously directed   (previamente dirigido)

Ferland previously directed episode 3, "Walk with Me".

Burton previously directed three episodes of "Enterprise" in the .

Roy previously directed a few short films with the writer Neel B Mitra.

previously announced   (anunciado previamente)

The previously announced expansion pack was cancelled.

He had previously announced his bid for the seat in March 2018.

Warid previously announced its merger with Mobilink in November 2015.

having previously played   (haber jugado previamente)

having previously played for Leicester Tigers and Cornish Pirates.

Academy, having previously played at the Blackburn Rovers Academy.

He played for Nottinghamshire 2003 to 2011, having previously played for Cornwall.

previously included   (previamente incluido)

This genus was previously included in the family "Trochidae".

It is similar to "E. nitens" and was previously included in that species.

This has previously included undertaking conservation work at Moseley Bog.

previously seen   (visto anteriormente)

The shoulder mesh is also coarser than that previously seen, resembling a perforated, solid material.

Much of the new material incorporates hip hop and R&B styles previously seen in Minaj's earlier mixtapes.

The VVT-i version also featured DIS in favor of the traditional distributor set-up previously seen on the 2JZ-GE.

previously unpublished   (previamente inédito)

There are also four previously unpublished stories.

It prints both established and previously unpublished writers.

previously unpublished) stories from Irish, European and International authors.

previously part   (previamente parte)

It was previously part of Axbridge Rural District.

The range was previously part of Pelham Bay Park.

It was previously part of the parish of Santa Luzia.

previously available   (previamente disponible)

Levoamphetamine was previously available as Cydril.

The CB1000C used the dual-range transmission previously available on the CB900C.

This show was previously available in excellent audience quality on the 'LA Friday' bootleg.

previously produced   (previamente producido)

ACP previously produced two other journals.

He had previously produced two similar paintings of in 1755.

This was a stark contrast to the 300-plus page catalog previously produced.

previously collaborated   (previamente colaborado)

(Scott, Scalan and Mayer previously collaborated on "Everyday Rapture".)

It featured Spanish singer Rocío Dúrcal, with whom Gabriel had previously collaborated.

Mitchell and Rockwell had previously collaborated on "Hairspray", "Catch Me If You Can" and "Legally Blonde".

previously performed   (previamente realizado)

Hume had previously performed Eden's appendectomy.

The song was previously performed in 2014 on WNYU Radio and Hampshire College.

He painted 100 works measuring 80 cm x 100 cm based on previously performed sketches.

previously stated   (previamente declarado)

It also forms the AGC voltage, as previously stated.

Like previously stated, sanitation is the best preventive for CRW.

She previously stated that she would felt proud of winning the award.

previously unreleased tracks   (pistas inéditas anteriormente)

It includes six previously unreleased tracks.

The album also features four previously unreleased tracks.

Instead it contained 3 previously unreleased tracks by Distinctive.

previously taught   (previamente enseñado)

He also previously taught at Saint Mary's Academy.

She has also previously taught at the University of California, San Diego.

He previously taught at Baylor University and the University of Cincinnati.

previously described   (descrito previamente)

It appears to be unrelated to previously described species.

Several others had previously described cases, but "Horner's syndrome" is most prevalent.

This gives more flexibility than creating an SSH tunnel to a single port as previously described.

previously a member   (anteriormente miembro)

She was previously a member of the band Dead Disco.

He was previously a member of the Workers' Party (PT).

He was previously a member of Wiener's campaign committee.

previously established   (previamente establecido)

A monthly news website of the same name was previously established at .

It was founded by the Okgwa Foundation, which had previously established middle and high schools.

The trio had previously established Konectbus in 1999 before selling it to the Go-Ahead Group in March 2010.

previously existing   (previamente existente)

Revell ignored previously existing music from the franchise.

Below this league, three regional Landesligas were formed to replace the previously existing 2.

In contrast, a reversal (Walden inversion) of the previously existing stereochemistry is observed in the S2 mechanism.

previously belonged   (anteriormente pertenecía)

The photographs previously belonged to the Reverend George Vale Owen.

The area north of the Amur had previously belonged to Imperial China.

The Oslo Department premises that previously belonged rock club "So What".

previously aired   (emitido previamente)

Reruns previously aired on Fox Reality until this station closed.

"Cheers" then aired again in 2019 on Channel 4, which had previously aired the sitcom in 2002.

The programming consists of classic and archived series and programs previously aired on ABS-CBN.

record previously   (grabar previamente)

It broke a team record previously set in the 1983–84 season.

At 65 he became the oldest Ryder Cup captain; a record previously held by J.H.

Richey flew the same plane that Benjamin King had flown to break the record previously.

previously lived   (vivido anteriormente)

He had previously lived in Egg Harbor City, New Jersey.

Lawlor previously lived in Providence, RI.

She previously lived in New York, and later moved to London.

previously done   (previamente hecho)

Huff had previously done guitar work on Stephenson's solo albums.

It began to show many US programmes in peak viewing time, far more than it had previously done.

It was the second time that the British capital hosted the event, having previously done so in 1980.

previously unreleased songs   (canciones inéditas anteriormente)

The mixtape consisted of previously unreleased songs.

It also featured several previously unreleased songs.

It consists of previously unreleased songs and remixes.

previously located   (previamente ubicado)

It was previously located in Durham, North Carolina.

The center was previously located in Thomaston, Maine.

It was previously located at Vélizy – Villacoublay Air Base (BA 107).

never previously   (nunca antes)

Lucas had never previously been knocked out.

He had never previously been depicted as a foe of Conan.

It had never previously been that way.

previously believed   (previamente creído)

This evidence demonstrates a more complex and significant history at the fort than previously believed.

After Hirohito's death, there are historians who say that Hirohito wielded more power than previously believed.

It was previously believed that the town was founded by German-speaking settlers from Austria in the 15th century.

previously coached   (previamente entrenado)

Petrie previously coached the Ice Dogs in 2014.

He had previously coached there in 2016.

Rubio had previously coached Richar Abril, who had recently lost a close decision to Prescott.

previously been part   (previamente sido parte)

The area had previously been part of West Monmouthshire.

It had previously been part of a two-MP electoral division in County Durham.

The state was created in 1998, the territory having previously been part of the Federal District.

having previously served   (habiendo servido previamente)

Numerous passages in the "Iliad" also mention Athena having previously served as the patron of Diomedes's father Tydeus.

In 2014, he was elected for a two-year term as national treasurer of the ICSA, having previously served as its secretary.

He was sworn into office on December 18, 2017, having previously served as a Puisne Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada.

previously set   (previamente establecido)

This beat the record of 16 years previously set by S0–2.

It broke a team record previously set in the 1983–84 season.

Their final record of 22–12 tied a franchise best, previously set in 2010.

used previously   (usado previamente)

Chopped up mussel flesh has been used previously in Japan.

Unlike the horn condoms used previously, these leather condoms covered the entire penis.

The term was also used previously in the 1999 video game "" as the name of a strip club.

all previously   (todo previamente)

Nearly all previously built F3's received the same upgrades by 1955.

These five half-siblings of Edward were all previously mentioned in the will of Richard Lake.

The Summit added three schools, IPFW, North Dakota State, and South Dakota State, all previously Division I independents.

previously run   (ejecutado previamente)

Bollay had previously run the Navy's turbojet development.

The home was previously run by the Wyndham Housing Association.

Phillip was the entrepreneur having previously run a clothing business in Australia.

previously worked together   (previamente trabajado juntos)

The two previously worked together on "Wheel of Fortune".

Hawkins and Adams had previously worked together at Coventry.

The two had previously worked together on a film 11 years earlier.

previously met   (previamente conocido)

The two previously met at Invicta FC 28 in March 2018.

Davis had previously met Chenier went he was touring in Canada.

The lower school (K–6) previously met at Saint John’s Episcopal Church.

previously not   (anteriormente no)

Grebowicz had previously not sung since she was a child.

Ferdinand and Isabella had previously not been intent on conquering all of Granada.

It made provisions in two areas which were previously not permitted by the Education Act 1944.

previously reported   (previamente reportado)

This feature had not been previously reported with this type of amyloidosis.

arabiensis", close to the area where we previously reported pyrethroid-resistance in the vector "An.

He had previously reported on organized tax fraud involving businesspeople close to the ruling Smer-SD party.

previously featured   (previamente presentado)

A human-machine character was previously featured in "Terminator Salvation".

This sketch was previously featured in Lewis-Smith's contributions to "TV Hell".

A similar sketch was previously featured in Lewis-Smith's contributions to "TV Hell".

previously received   (previamente recibido)

He had not previously received an invitation from Israel.

Only Maurice Tate had previously received a similar honour.

He had previously received in 1994 the ASA's DuBois-Johnson-Frazier Award.

previously placed   (previamente colocado)

This species was previously placed in the genus Tieghemia.

Most species were previously placed in the genus "Eilema".

months previously   (meses antes)

David himself, now 31, is in New Hampshire, having moved there eighteen months previously.

According to "GameSpot", the lead producer of the game had left Treasure a few months previously.

Since that 1–0 defeat at Boghead six months previously, United had scored 17 goals against Dumbarton in 3 games.

previously existed   (existió previamente)

There previously existed another, located in Glyn-Gaer housing estate.

An unsigned state route named SR 161J previously existed in Licking County.

Avicenna created new scientific vocabulary that had not previously existed in Persian.

previously unreleased material   (material previamente inédito)

This release contains previously unreleased material.

"Roots & Culture" (1999) mixed Macka B's hits with previously unreleased material.

It features B-sides, previously unreleased material, EP tracks, remixes, and live tracks.

previously unseen   (nunca antes visto)

During this adventure, Nyssa also displays a previously unseen psychic ability when she is contacted by the Xeraphin.

This version, designed in a sitcom format, used re-edited scenes from the main program, along with previously unseen footage.

In a teaser, a previously unseen character would approach the Falcon, usually in comic fashion, and signal the title and locale of his next movie.

previously lost   (previamente perdido)

She had previously lost to Olsen in the 2002 election.

She had previously lost two races for the New York City Council.

(The company had previously lost the clipper in Dublin Bay in 1854.)

previously managed   (previamente administrado)

He previously managed clubs including DSV Leoben.

Taylor had previously managed Hendrie for England under-21s.

O'Dowd previously managed his local club Skryne to success in 2004.

record previously held   (registro previamente mantenido)

At 65 he became the oldest Ryder Cup captain; a record previously held by J.H.

With this song, La India became the Latino woman with the most-ever number ones, a record previously held by Gloria Estefan.

Shortly into the 2006–07 season, Lehtonen broke the Atlanta Thrashers shutout streak record previously held by Michael Garnett.

previously developed   (previamente desarrollado)

Roth had previously developed areas elsewhere in Queens, Brooklyn, and Long Island.

Papyrus, consisting of David Kaemmer and Omar Khudari, previously developed "", released in 1989.

Albee had previously developed Nokomis and built its first luxury hotel, known as the Pollyanna Inn.

previously classified   (previamente clasificado)

CMT was previously classified as a subtype of muscular dystrophy.

Note that many algae previously classified in Chlorophyta are placed here in Streptophyta.

The living capybaras and their extinct relatives were previously classified in their own family Hydrochoeridae.

previously assigned   (previamente asignado)

Both were previously assigned to "Monotherium", but Dewaele et al.

The call letters KAGH were previously assigned to an AM station in Pasadena, California.

Residents were previously assigned to Ryan Middle School (at the current BCM Ryan location).

previously provided   (proporcionado previamente)

Briggs had previously provided Dalek and other alien voices for Big Finish Productions audio plays, and continues to do so.

Ward, who had previously provided her voice as Wonder Woman in the final season of the "Super Friends", which was called "".

Some witnesses failed to appear, and others who had previously provided incriminating statements to police withdrew them at trial.

previously issued   (emitido previamente)

A soundtrack release for the film with original music by Aimee Mann was previously issued in 1999.

"Box" contains some differences between its contents and the previously issued versions of each album.

In some countries prohibition to leave may take the form of revocation of a previously issued passport.

previously created   (creado previamente)

The team had previously created Smok Wawelski in 1987.

He started singing the chorus previously created on the top of the riff.

The drift in the valleys, appears to be as left by the glacier in the previously created valleys.

previously been known   (previamente conocido)

It had previously been known as "Pterostylis" sp.

It had previously been known as "Livistona" sp.

previously identified   (previamente identificado)

It had been previously identified at Heidelberg as in 1920, and as in 1930.

The State Department had previously identified embassy and personnel security as a major challenge in its budget and priorities report.

In 2012, researchers compared the previous year's data with limited current-year data to see whether previously identified problems persisted.

previously taken   (previamente tomado)

He had previously taken a sketch show to the Fringe called "Comic Abuse".

Modu also reoccupied all the lands previously taken by the Qin general Meng Tian.

He had previously taken one wicket for 39 runs during the first New Zealand innings.

what was previously   (lo que era anteriormente)

This worship hall is now visited through what was previously a carved room.

The boulevard of Sabana Grande was built on what was previously known as Abraham Lincoln Avenue.

This effectively replaced what was previously known as Especially for Youth, offered through BYU.

previously spent   (gastado previamente)

Kelly had previously spent four seasons playing in Australia and planned to return in 1968.

Having previously spent time on loan in their youth team, in June 2012 he signed for Barnet.

Snyder had previously spent time in Kyoto to study at the First Zen Institute at Daitoku-ji Monastery.

previously given   (dado previamente)

Admission was previously given to people who had collectible "Riverbend Pins".

He had previously given seminar-level classes at the ASE and several private universities.

This follows the method previously given by Philip K. Dick in his novel "Martian Time-Slip".

previously housed   (previamente alojado)

This building previously housed a railway depot.

The premises has previously housed the bars Woodstock og Frøken Nielsen.

In 1982, a new fire station could be moved into, so that the previously housed separately vehicles were now available in one place.

previously agreed   (previamente acordado)

The informer and his two sons left the building as previously agreed.

The band had previously agreed not to go on stage, and the show was suspended by the management of the club.

KCEB had previously agreed to go off the air after selling its spectrum in the 2017 broadcast incentive auction.

days previously   (días antes)

It was overshadowed by the rival "Bloody Sunday", shown eight days previously by ITV.

He had played for Cardiff in a pre-season friendly at Griffin Park two days previously.

"U-367" sank after striking a mine on 16 March 1945 which had been laid by the three days previously.

previously ran   (previamente corrió)

He previously ran for governor in 2002, but lost to Republican Jim Douglas.

He previously ran for President of U.S. Soccer in 1984, but lost to Werner Fricker.

The "Desiro" trains replace the outdated passenger trains that previously ran on the line.

mentioned previously   (previamente mencionado)

As mentioned previously, francium is expected to be an exception.

Following is the text of the original song from The Jacobite Relics of Scotland mentioned previously.

As mentioned previously, the term "faculty" in BrE refers more to a collection of related academic departments.

previously found   (encontrado previamente)

Until the Mal’ta find, Venus figurines were previously found only in Europe.

CON1 and CON2 number had been previously found to correlate to grey matter volume in another study.

Some wasps, such as "Polistes fuscatus", commonly return to locations where they previously found prey to forage.

previously offered   (previamente ofrecido)

Subjects offered: Subjects previously offered:

The school previously offered Advanced Placement Art, Biology, and History as well.

Fender had previously offered a short-lived American Series version in the mid-1990s.

having previously worked   (haber trabajado previamente)

Padbury is now retired and lives in France, having previously worked as a theatrical agent.

took over at his father's request in 1994, aged just 19 and having previously worked on the bar and cloakroom.

Puttock is a friend of Oliver's and having previously worked for Oliver in England, is in charge of establishing the restaurant, Fifteen Melbourne.