national pride   (国家威信)

The NCF also promotes "strong national pride in America".

They are often a source of national pride.

In Russia, the Kalashnikov is a tremendous source of national pride.

gay pride   (ゲイプライド)

There is no such thing as gay pride or anything like that.

Copenhagen Pride is a gay pride festival taking place every year in August.

Police dubbed the killer the "Rainbow Maniac", a reference to the gay pride flag.

pride parade   (プライドパレード)

Like last year, the pride parade took place without any violent incidents.

In 1993, she was the grand marshal of the first pride parade in Queens, New York.

The Romanian Orthodox Church issued a statement against the pride parade on 7 June.

great pride   (誇り)

It is a matter of great pride to the inhabitants.

“And I take great pride in that kind of work.

He took great pride in helping assistant coaches advance their careers.

takes pride   (誇りに思う)

Italy takes pride in their football stadiums and have some of the most well-known in the world.

The Mouldheel Clan practices blood and bone magic and takes pride in its members' scrying skills.

The museum's founder, Rebecca Alban Hoffberger, takes pride in the fact that AVAM is "pretty un-museumy".

source of pride

Her story became a source of pride to her descendants.

Wilson later spoke of the incident as a source of pride: "I believe ...

Her political career has been a source of pride in Israel's Georgian community.

took pride

He took pride in the concept of designing for the future.

Regardless, these were all points that Milton later took pride in.

Later in life she took pride in being descended from a long line of British ancestors.

take pride

The first - never anticipate; second - take pride in my profession.

The locals people take pride in the way these festivals are celebrated.

The locals people take pride in the way these festivals are celebrated with joy and happiness.

sense of pride

The artist explained to "i-D magazine" that "there's a sense of pride in how people display themselves.

As he experiences his first success, Odo tries to resist bonding with Mora, who, when he taught Odo, experienced the same sense of pride Odo now feels.

He tried appealing to an individual's sense of pride, gave better blankets and clothing to the "most deserving", and motivated his slaves with cash rewards.

civic pride

It expresses the unknown author's sense of civic pride.

Later the design was adopted by the town council as a symbol of civic pride.

Winston-Salem's citizens and politicians suffered a blow to their civic pride because the merged company would be based in Charlotte.