İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

parish priest   (bölge papazı)

He then assumed the post as its first parish priest.

Ronald Pytel was a parish priest at the church.

From 1902 until 1920 he was a parish priest in Čadca.

ordained a priest   (bir rahip atadı)

He was ordained a priest on June 7, 1879 in Naples.

Alemany was ordained a priest on March 11, 1837.

On December 14, 1941, he was ordained a priest.

ordained priest   (atanmış rahip)

He was ordained priest on April 21, 1974 in Rome.

He was ordained priest in Hamar Cathedral on 19.12.

He had become an ordained priest only one day earlier.

high priest   (Başrahip)

Aaron becomes the first hereditary high priest.

Like his father, Alexander also served as the high priest.

The king in this scheme served not only as a high priest but as a god of the grove.

become a priest   (rahip olmak)

He later left legal practice to become a priest.

Was it, like, collect twelve crisp packets and become a priest?"

It was while at St. Edmund's that he decided to become a priest.

became a priest

In later life, he became a priest and finally bishop of Cyzicus.

At least one of them became a priest and was ordained by Henson.

Stroiffi became a priest in 1647.

local priest

In 1518, Velbert became a benefice with a local priest.

She runs outside in search of the local priest to bless the house.

They are aided by local priest Father Delgado and Detective Brigid O'Reilly.

priest named

"Papageorgiou", the "son of a priest named George".

Desiderius appointed as his representative a priest named Waldipert.

Also in 2013, Whitehall lent his voice to the Disney animated film "Frozen" as a troll priest named Gothi.

chief priest   (baş rahip)

Hari is the fifth son of the chief priest at Kōdenji, a family temple in the former Saga Domain.

Until the monk Tenkai became the chief priest of Kita-in, Naka-in played a key role in Muryoju-ji.

This is the lighting of the pongala hearth (called Pandarayaduppu) placed inside the temple by the chief priest.

first priest

Stephen Badin, the first priest ordained in the US.

The first priest was Petrus Antonius Kelleners.

Juan de Florencia serving as its first priest.

assistant priest

Dooley was an assistant priest at St. Mary's Basilica, Invercargill and at Gore.

Another assistant priest at SFZC was Dainin Katagiri-roshi, who served there from 1969 to 1971.

Ratiu was an assistant priest at St. Mary Immaculate Church in Plainfield, Illinois (1975-1982).

priest in charge

In that year he became priest in charge at Gulargambone.

He was priest in charge at St Martin, Bradford then vicar of Menston.

He was also the priest in charge of Trinity Anglican Church in Evansville, Indiana.

cardinal priest   (kardinal rahip)

Pope Pius IV made him a cardinal priest in the consistory of 12 March 1565.