princely state   (王子様)

Vasantpur is a small princely state adjacent to India.

It became a separate princely state in the 17th century.

Earlier this area was a part of Mayurbhanj princely state.

princely states

Keonjhar was one of the Indian princely states.

After the merger of princely states into PEPSU the Patronage of State Govt.

Following Indian independence, merger of the princely states remained a major question.

princely family   (王子様)

The marriage sparked vehement protest from both the Reformed church and the princely family.

The Rusishvili were a princely family, "tavadi", in the eastern Georgian kingdom of Kakheti.

According to its own ancient legend, the Roman princely family of Massimo descends from Fabius Maximus.

princely title   (王位)

The rest would bear a princely title and the style of Serene Highness.

His princely title was inherited by his eldest grandson, Yongchang (永瑺).

Bishop Walderich lost all his secular powers but retained his princely title.