İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

basic principles   (temel prensipler)

Administrative law in Germany follows three basic principles.

He wrote, "Historicism is one of the basic principles of the Marxist method.

It was the basic principles, not the details, that were causing the problems.

fundamental principles   (temel prensipler)

They differ mostly in the emphasis of the "cari vastus" (four fundamental principles)

The 1940 resolution was considered by many to be a betrayal of its fundamental principles.

There are several approaches to this which are all based upon these fundamental principles.

general principles   (Genel İlkeler)

The general principles of records management apply to records in any format.

The inflammatory symptoms are to be treated on general principles, as are the nervous ones.

The book also set forth a number of general principles, many of which are still valid today.

design principles

The design principles are differentiation and adaptation.

Wu's design principles derive from traditional Chinese painting.

Depending on the frequency range specified different design principles must be used.

same principles   (aynı prensipler)

These use the same principles as a gas refrigerator.

The Z5 used the same principles as the Z4, but was six times faster.

Design of footbridges normally follows the same principles as for other bridges.

guiding principles   (rehber ilkeler)

One of the guiding principles for such systems is the maximum entropy production principle.

One of the guiding principles for these systems is the principle of maximum entropy production.

The four values that became the movement's guiding principles were not formalized, but JVs lived by them.

democratic principles   (demokratik ilkeler)

Schumacher denies the democratic principles of science.

The United States Army, perhaps conscious of the founding fathers' democratic principles, was sparing with its medals.

The California Freedom Coalition has participated in many rallies throughout the state that promote democratic principles.

core principles

Thus, the core principles of the convention were, but not not limited the following:

"Iyanla: Fix My Life" is "Intervention" and daytime talk distilled to core principles.

Computacenter has committed itself to the 10 core principles of United Nations Global Compact.

first principles

Lippmann therefore sees attempts to restore first principles or traditional values as both quixotic and counterproductive.

The AIMS method makes it possible to describe photochemistry from first principles molecular dynamics, with no empirical parameters.

The good confession has to demonstrate a basic understanding of the main elements – "first principles" – of the faith of the community.

moral principles

Jews and Christians accept as valid and binding many of the same moral principles taught in the Torah.

However, Marx did have a theory of the evolution of moral principles in relation to specific economic systems.

In rule utilitarianism, the principle of utility determines the validity of rules of conduct (moral principles).

set of principles

The problem is that that presupposes a set of principles we don't actually hold.

He goes on to claim that there must be someone or something behind such a universal set of principles.

The aim is to get all end users/retailers of gold to adhere to set of principles that encourage sustainable mining.

main principles   (Ana ilkeler)

There are four main principles of self-affirmation theory.

The Trustees searched for a man that would carry on the campus's two main principles.

In this disposal the main principles for small and medium-sized enterprises are indicated.

scientific principles

The expansion of scientific principles of pharmacology is still on-going today.

But Mead was a patient man, employing scientific principles and keeping detailed and careful notes.

He also organised for the first time the valuation of industrial businesses on scientific principles.

legal principles

The Ultra Trust legal entity is created with these legal principles: 1.

For the purpose of the drama, some of the relevant legal principles are simplified.

Shari'a provides the legal principles upon which the law and legal procedure are based.

ethical principles   (etik ilkeler)

Artemis was symbolic of ethical principles of hunting and wildlife management.

Macroethics deals with large-scale issues, often in relation to ethical principles or normative rules to guide action.

It introduced ten ethical principles regarding human experimentation, the first of which requires informed consent from human subjects.

founding principles   (kuruluş ilkeleri)

Geometric installations visualize the founding principles of democracy, law and humanism.

The co-ed fraternity takes the Six Paramitas of Mahayana Buddhism as the founding principles of the fraternity.

Venture tried to return to its founding principles as an upscale discounter and remodeled most of its 90+ stores.

following principles

The committee of five members is formed with the following principles.

With respect to its applicability to protecting the financial security of judges' salaries, the following principles were stated:

The main doctrine consists of the following principles: The size and structure of the Djibouti Armed Forces is continually evolving.

key principles

All FARG computational models share certain key principles, including: FARG models also have an overarching philosophy that all cognition is built from the making of analogies.

The objective of procurement supervision is to ensure the implementation of the key principles of procurement legislation, such as openness and non-discrimination, in procurement.

Her articles examine a range of topics including skill sets for recent college graduates, Peter Drucker’s five key principles and the impact of sustainable development goals on business practice.